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Book Review: Such is HER Life by Reecha Agarwal
 Ayushi A Nair  
 7 September 2018  

Book Title: Such Is Her LifeAuthor: Reecha AgarwalFormat: Paper Back Total Number of Pages: 184 pagesLanguage: EnglishPublisher: Fingerprint! PublishingPublishing Date: 1 April 2018ISBN-10: 938777953XISBN-13: 978-9387779532You know her as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law.But seldom as a woman . . .And maybe never as a human.Get ready . . . it’s time to unlearn and learn.A collection of musings that will have you reeling in a wave of emotion long after you are done reading, this powerhouse of work will make you smile, cry, go red in anger, nod your head in agreement and grasp the finer nuances of what it means to be her in today’s world.A SMALL BOOK OF BIG LEARNINGS.My TakeStarting from the cover is alluring the birds flying from a woman’s head represents the feeling of freedom that a women seeks. The title “Such Is Her Life” is different and interesting. As the title suggest it’s a collection of musings on women’s life.The author has beautifully crafted all the life of a woman right from the time she is in her mothers womb till the time of her death. Musing are written day to day life of female goes through she is raped, rape, child abuse, sexually, mentally, physically, gender discrimination, acid attack, killing, and many others. The best part about these musings was that they were relatable, each and every girl can feel but never truly express herself to people and the things around us. You will feel the magic of words. How a bunch of few words will move you and you happen to close the book and think about rights of women.Words. That they give voice to your inner most feelings.The words were simple and the language is lucid which eased the reading. Perfectly portrayed the feelings and narration was intresting. The first thing I did was to check out if the pages were pink too and guess what yes few pages are pink and poetic verses. It’s simply adorable.4.50 a.m.: She was born.4.51 a.m.: She was handed over an invisible moral code of conduct! Forgetting easily was a gift.A gift she wasn’t blessed with. Until yesterday, she was scared of ghosts.Today she is terrified of people. Life kept changing and she kept accepting it. Until the day she started questing. And that changed the game. Changed her life. they found her strange and weird.She found herself unconventional and unique. While everyone else left, it was her dad who shielded her through all the earthquakes of her life.Her dad, her only hero! She was thrilled to bits on seeing her grandchildren play around her.It was the first day of the month.The day when they visited her-visited her at the old age home.Looking forward to read more books by the author.Overall Ratings 5/5 StarsGrab the copy here- Amazon.in |Amazon.com|Amazon.co.ukAbout the AuthorReecha Agarwal Goyal holds an MBA in marketing and finance from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai. She has worked as a Wealth Manager in one of the reputed MNCs for six months before getting married in Delhi. Literature has always fascinated her and she has an undying passion for words. She believes that it is her kids, Aanya and Ayansh, who have brought out the writer in her. They make her see this world in a whole new light. Pink Musings is her first book and she desires to spend her entire life reading, writing and travelling.

Book Review: Perfect Imperfect by Ravi Bedi
 Ayushi A Nair  
 3 July 2018  

Book Title: Perfect ImperfectAuthor:Ravi BediFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 172 pagesLanguage: EnglishPublisher: Authors' Ink PublicationsPublishing Date: 2016ISBN-10: 938513759XISBN-13: 978-9385137594 'Minutes later, a door opened. The vision that appeared at the entrance turned me into a gravestone with the date of my death engraved on it. An invisible force gripped me, as the visible one removed a cigar from his mouth and greeted Samarth'Childhood sweethearts, Jimmy and Farah device a perfect plan to rob a famous jeweller to get rich quick, not realising that even the most perfect plan could have some imperfections. Will they succeed or end up in a bigger mess?With his penchant for surprising and confounding a reader, Ravi Bedi takes you on a roller-coaster ride through some interesting twists and turns in the tale that will keep you guessing till the very end.My TakeThe cover of the book is black with a hidden face of a girl and some jewels. The title of the book perfect and imperfect which caught my attention  and made me to give it a read. The cover and title is apt according to the plot.This is the story of the main protagonist Jimmy, Farah, Samarath and life revolves around them. Jimmy was working at Gokuldas  Jewlellers, he fly to Bombay with his boss  Samarath  Jain  for business deals and then he came to know the luxury life. Farah a common sales girl was the love of his life has always dreamed to live a happy life with lots of money. He plans to execute a robbery of his boss jewelry set in next trip with the help of Farah. They plan to interchange the suitcase which contains jewelry with duplicate Mr.Pillai’s suitcase with help of Farah. They both collect some money for the trip and items they need to buy. Farah goes Bombay two days before of Samarath, Jimmy’s arrival to looks like unplanned trip with the robbery she also visits her cousin and attends some interview.Will Farah and Jimmy be successful in their plan?Or Samarath will be able to find out the motive behind Jimmy?What will happen to Jimmy and Farah relation?To find out the answer read the book.Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader. The author has portrayed each and every character with utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story. Narration and characterization is done well. Pace of the story was steady and smooth. With every turning page the curiosity to read further keeps on increasing.I would like to recommend this book to all crime thriller lovers. Looking forward to read more books by the author.Overall Rating 4/5 StarAbout the Author Ravi Bedi did Chemical Engineering from Banaras Hindu University (1962), and joined the Indian Air Force more for the lure of its blue uniform than any patriotic fervor. But his heart was in the creative world, composing music being his first love. To quench his creative thirst, he became a self-taught painter with moderate success and, when his basement started filling up with all the trash (read paintings), he decided to become a writer. With his first novel, "Lovers' Rock" (published by Rupa Publications - 2014), he has earned a pass to join the club. Ravi Bedi loves his golf, enjoys his music, runs a hotel in town to put meat on the table, and lives with his wife in Jodhpur, India. Grab your copy here- Amazon.in 

3 Influential Latin American Books
 Sheyla Phillips  
 21 April 2020  

Over the years, Latin American authors have produced some of the most powerful and adored books in the world. They have even pioneered genres like magic realism, thus shaping the history of literature. These books are required to study in college and often students buy essay reviews on these books for good grades. If you enjoy reading, here are three remarkable books to explore:"One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia MarquezIn "One Hundred Years of Solitude," Garcia Marquez tells the story of the Buendia family. The father, Jose, founds a mythical town called Macondo, which begins its history as a quiet and isolated village. As the years progress, civil war reaches Macondo, and the government begins to change for the worse. When a banana plantation is established in Macondo, the town's final decline commences. Plantation workers protest against their inhumane treatment, but they are massacred by the military. The carnage is followed by five consecutive years of rain. The novel ends with a dark twist, as the family discovers that their past was predicted by an ancient prophecy."One Hundred Years of Solitude" is often considered the highlight of Garcia Marquez's writing career. This 1967 novel is the seminal work of a genre called magic realism. "One Hundred Years of Solitude" is famous for its colorful characters and heart-wrenching plot, as well as its metaphorical representation of Columbia."The Answer" by Sor Juana Ines de la CruzSor Juana Ines de la Cruz was a seventeenth century nun, poet, and academic. She resided near current-day Mexico City, which was under Spanish rule at the time. Juana began reading and writing at the precocious age of three. She taught herself Greek logic, Latin, and Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. Juana had such a passion for learning that she attempted to disguise herself as a man in an attempt to attend university. When her attempt proved unsuccessful, Juana joined the Order of Saint Jerome."The Answer" was Juana's response to religious officials who tried to silence her. In this unforgettable work, Juana defends a woman's right to study. (For this reason, Juana Ines de la Cruz is generally considered to be one of the world's earliest feminists.) "The Answer" is characterized by a rich vocabulary and a forceful writing style, and it is a must-read for anyone interested in gender studies and/or Latin American history."The Alchemist" by Paulo CoelhoThe main character in "The Alchemist" is Santiago, a young shepherd from Andalusia, Spain. At the beginning of the novel, Santiago meets with a gypsy woman to discuss his recurring dream. The gypsy explains that there is a treasure waiting for him in the Egyptian pyramids. Santiago then abandons his current life in pursuit of this mysterious treasure. During his journey, Santiago crosses paths with an old king who speaks to him about "Personal Legend," a concept symbolic of one's destiny. Later, Santiago meets a gorgeous Arabian woman named Fatima, who he falls madly in love with. Although Santiago proposes, Fatima refuses to marry him until he finds his treasure. Santiago continues on his journey. When Santiago protects a town from a violent attack, an alchemist invites him on a trip through the desert. Finally, Santiago reaches the pyramids, but he ultimately realizes that his treasure has been in Spain all along."The Alchemist" was originally written in Portuguese by its Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho. Coelho's work is one of the best-selling books of all time, and it has been translated into nearly 60 languages. The central theme of the novel is embodied in the quotation, "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it." Young adults may find this novel especially inspiring.

Book Review- Chakravyuh
 Shweta Kesari  
 6 April 2018  

Book Review- ChakravyuhI was greeted with some family drama and corporate stuff but was not impressed with the storyline, at the beginning, itself. Although I quite liked the way he expressed his thoughts, the excitement a good book should draw in the very beginning was missing.There are some events which one would like to read either from the first person or second person, but here the events unwrapped through third person's perspective. That part of the story didn't make much impact as it could make through first or second person's perspective.Such as the incident of Nikki and Varun!His observations on day-to-day episodes that he had inculcated to be a part of this book don't go with the flow of the story. There are some usual kinds of stuff he talked about, which we encounter in most of the stories. Thus, the content didn't sound appealing to me. The only hope I had in the journey was the Chakravyuh they are going to face. Tomy surprise, story-line ended on a good account, but what completely lacked is the participation of interesting and engaging events. It seemed like the incidents were written without much of a though, just the normal stuff anyone can think about. Especially, the conversation that takes part. Fine with the regular events, but he could have done more brainstorming while presenting the story before readers.Even if a writer is blessed with a good storyline and a soothing writing style, one thing I found lacking in most of the work I see these days is the participation of healthy events. Writers are unsure as to what to share with the readers. What could go well with the story, and what could make the journey an effortless ride, is a must thing to work on. Even broken incidents start to make sense when they are interesting. But, in this case, incidents are not fruitful enough to serve a flavourful story to the readers. In addition to that, There are some minor typos here and there like some missing letters, replacement of him with her which could be avoided.All I would like to say is, there are plenty of books in the market. If the reader spends his time, money and effort, he would expect the same from the work of the author. Jitendra definitely has a good plot with him, and he could do much more with this, all he needs to work upon is how to strategize healthy events.Rating: 2/5Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Book Review- Europa
 Shweta Kesari  
 6 April 2018  

Book Review EuropaThey say, Never Judge a book by its cover, I agree. However, the cover of the book is the first thing that forces me to know more about the book, moving towards the blurb and then the story. I think the designer could have done a lot more with the cover, as the story holds so many things to tell which can be illustrated on the cover so as to gather the crowd. I think a great story deserves a great cover. Well, in this case, something more creative would do a great good to reach to a few more audiences.'Europa' is the first book for me that took me to space. When I say this took me to space, then it literally took me. The minute yet balanced details that Hywel provided for his reader did a great job for me to be in the protagonist's shoes. I liked experiencing the time in space which I never did before. Plus that, the story that took place there didn't bring confusion for me, as I got familiar with the characters participating there pretty soon.The story is designed with great effort, could be easily noticed by the work he had put up in his book. I liked the way traced has been left in mid-way, and how it unfolded later on. There was always a drop of curiosity that pushed me further into the story. Also, Hywel has a way with words. It seemed like he expresses his thoughts with great ease, that it occurred effortlessly to the readers.I was all lost in the story but the only hiccup I had during the journey is remembering all the characters by their name and recognizing who is who. As the story is not limited to few characters, there are a good number of participants who participated in the story, and keeping note of all of them at the same time was a task, especially if you are not much familiar with the names. Most of them are English names, so it was quite difficult to keep hold of all of them. There were quick changes in the stories, from space to earth, then from present to past, at times I felt lost in a maze, created by the author himself. I was looking for more clarity so that I could be more involved in the story rather than pondering what is actually happening and how is it related.Rating: 4.3/5Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Book Review - The Leader
 Swapna Peri  
 17 March 2018  

Book Title: The LeaderAuthor : N.S.RaviAbout The Book:From the early 20th century, the then city Bombay now known as Mumbai, its economy was characterised by major textile mills, the base of India's growth in textile and garments industry. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over India were employed in working in the mills. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Mumbai-Thaneindustrial belt witnessed successive working class strikes and protests, with multiple trade unions competing for the allegiance of workers and political control. These primarily included famous political leaders from various Indian Political parties also.Dr. Dattatray Samant or Datta Samant), and popularly known as Doctorsaheb was the  trade union leader, who is most famous for leading 200–300 thousand textile mill workers in the city of Bombay now Mumbai on a year-long strike in 1982, which triggered the closure of most of the textile mills in the city.The book is based on this incident but based on timeline as in the year 82.. The author has made a great research and brought this story to his readers with a immense efforts. For this generation youngsters who are not aware of such incidents in the country from past, this book is like a reference.Such stories carry an impact which in real includes many unsolved conspiracies. These kind of stories make the readers attach to the real world while reading a fiction story. Kudos to the author.The title of the book ' The Leader ' is strong and gives an impression that the book must be about a person.The book cover is an image of an industry in black & white color and a lake's image in orange depicting pain.Superb and intense characterisation of the characters is observed.The narration is fantastic, simple yet effective.Simple and effective language is used.Final Verdict—A good read to know the lesser known facts and the book can be rated 3.8 out of 5

Fancy Nancy Book Review
 Philip Roger  
 21 October 2020  

Who can believe it’s October already. We are well into the school year despite COVID at our heels. COVID or not reading for young minds is essential. If not any other year this school year we should definitely immerse our children’s mind with reading materials. This is the time for creative thoughts and inspirations. It has been proven that if we introduce children to reading from the early years such as kindergarten it will help them to develop a love for books and they will go on to be avid readers.I will be looking at different level books through out the school year. Today I want to focus on early readers and the books I want to look at are the Fancy Nancy Series. Fancy Nancy series is age appropriate from 3 years and up. It is about a little girl who likes all things Fancy. She is very polite which means she is Canadian 😄. She is very chirpy and is always getting involved in exotic and interesting activities.Fancy Nancy likes to use big words because of course they sound fancy and she always give you simple form of the words as well as translate to French because French of course is such a fancy language. Children love to read Fancy Nancy as she gets into so many wild adventures and rediculous situations. Even thoug the book is loved by girls,boys can also read Them and enjoy the books and I would encourage parents to read it to both genders. This book is a big hit with children because of many reasons.It is fun and entertaining as the character is always getting into something. It  presents  the family as a cohesive unit. She is always looking to her parents for help or they are always involved in whatever she is doing.She has a younger sibling and a dog.Many children can relate to the characters life. She likes glitter and she likes to dress up which is a hit with many girls and even boys. Children in kindergarten are at the age where they will dress up in their parents clothes etc. Fancy Nancy series appeal to this side of their development as they try on shoes, scarves etc. This all makes it fun.My students have had many dress up sessions while listening to Fancy Nancy songs.The book also appeal to children’s artistic side. It will make them want to draw and colour and glue and paste as they try to come up with fancy artwork. The artwork illustration is not short of beautiful. It is colourful, it pulls you in and makes you want to see what is next. My Kindergarten students are always eager to go on to the next page as they cannot wait to see what the next illustration will be.You are never disappointed after reading a book in this series.If you are a parent or teacher they are many activities or a lesson that can be constructed after reading any of the books. And the best part is that for parents with older children the activity can be modified. There is always a vocabulary at the end which can be used to teach spelling or language arts.For French lovers you can use French words to teach simple vocabulary. You can have art activities based on the book or you can have a dress up session as the characters in the book or even a dance party. The fact is that there is never a dull moment with the Fancy Nancy series. I highly recommend this series for early learners. This should be apart of children’s book library. Parents remember that there is also the local library where you can borrow books. So do not feel pressure to go out and buy books if you cannot afford it. The library is a great source to get access to a variety of books.What is important is that we get our children to read. It is a great way to get them distracted from our crazy world right now but also feeding their minds. Reading is knowledge and Literacy is Power. Let’s get our children into reading now!Parents and Teachers if you have read Fancy Nancy let me know your thoughts and if you have a favourite one. 

Book Review-Mission NPA
 Ravi Yadav  
 22 May 2018  

आदरणीय श्री रमेश यादव जी का ये पहला कहानी संग्रह जब पहली बार हाथ में आया तो लगा कि ज़रूर कोई सेना का या किसी जुनूनी युवा दल का कोई मिशन होगा,जिसका नाम होगा ‘एन.पी.ए.’ किन्तु शुरुआत में ही समझ आ गया कि ये कुछ अलग तरह का मिशन है. एक ऐसा मिशन जो पाठकों को ऐसे जगत के भावनात्मक सफ़र पर लेकर जाता है, जिससे हर आम और ख़ास आदमी का वास्ता तो रोज़ पड़ता है लेकिन सिर्फ ऊपर-ऊपर से, यानी बैंकिंग जगत. डेस्क के इस पार खड़े हम, और डेस्क के उस पार के लोग...चेहरे पर मुस्कान और जुबान में मिश्री घोले सलीकेदार कपडे पहने हुए लोगों को हम समझ ही कितना पाते हैं कि उनका अंतर्जगत कैसा होता है, उनकी मुश्किलें, उनकी भावनाएं उनकी पीड़ाएं और मुस्कुराहटों के रंग हमसे कितने भिन्न हैं ? साहित्यकारों ने काफी अलग-अलग विषयों पर लिखा है किन्तु बैंकिंग जगत पर नहीं के बराबर लिखा गया है, ऐसा मेरा मानना है.      ‘ मिशन एन.पी.ए.’ की अधिकतर कहानियाँ उसी जगत से जुडी हुई हैं. कभी डेस्क के इस पार के मनोभावों को, तो कभी डेस्क के उस पार के मनोभावों को कागज़ पर बड़ी साफगोई के साथ उकेरा है. रमेश यादव जी की पहले भी मैंने एक दो कहानियाँ जैसे “राजू इंजिनियर” और “खेल बनाम साहित्य” हंस पत्रिका में पढ़ी ज़रूर थीं, लेकिन मैं उन्हें मूलरूप से एक स्थापित अनुवादक, कुशल बाल साहित्यकार, लोक साहित्यकार, कलाकार और एक जागरूक पत्रकार के तौर पर ही जानता था. मगर इस संकलन को पढ़ते हुए मुझे बार- बार ये महसूस हुआ कि वो एक बहुत ही मझे हुए और संवेदनशील कहानीकार भी हैं. कहानियों के बीच में उनके द्वारा दिए गए बिंब आपके मन में एक तस्वीर बनाने में कामयाब होते हैं और रमेश जी कहानी को आगे बढ़ाने के साथ-साथ बीच में कहानी के किसी नुक्कड़ पर दो पल रूककर जो आस -पास के माहौल या मन अम्बर पर हवाओं की तरह उठती गिरती भावनाओं का विवरण करते हैं वो आपको एहसास कराता है कि आप हर उस मोड़ पर स्वयं खड़े हैं, जहाँ ये कहानी करवटें ले रही है. जैसे- “ट्रेन देश के दक्षिणी क्षेत्र को पार करके उत्तरी क्षेत्र के सीमा में प्रवेश कर गयी थी, ताप के दिन, जलती दोपहरी, झुलसते सपने, प्लेटफोर्म पर आते जाते लोगों को मैं निहारने लगा. कुछ देर तक मौन होकर सब कुछ देखता रहा. सामने से चाय वाला आ रहा था उसे बुलाया और चाय की चुस्कियां लेते हुए अपनी सीट पर जाकर बैठ गया. सीटी बजी और लहराती हुई ट्रेन चल पड़ी” इत्यादि. मिशन एन.पी.ए. कहानी की ये शुरूआती पंक्तियाँ ही पूरा दृश्य खींच देती हैं. इसी तरह “राजू इंजिनियर” कहानी पढ़ते हुए हनुमान गली की गुमटी से लेकर, बैंक के अन्दर मिन्नतें करता, फूट- फूट कर रोता राजू और साहब वेणुगोपाल के हाव-भाव सब कुछ आपको अपनी आँखों के सामने घटता दिखाई देता है, मानो कोई चलचित्र चल रहा हो. “ राजू का धैर्य टूट गया, वहीं बैंक में सबके सामने रो पड़ा. उसकी चीख़ कातर थी. हाथ जोड़कर वो कह रहा था “साहब मेरी मदद कर दें...मैं बर्बाद हो जाऊंगा.. आप लोगों के भरोसे पर मैं इतने दिनों तक इंतज़ार करता रहा..मेरा बयाना डूब जायेगा सर... मैं सड़क पर आ जाऊंगा... अगर कहें तो मैं फर्जी पेपर भी बनवा लूँगा...आप लोगों को पार्टी भी दूंगा...मुझ पर रहम करें सर...”       अक्सर ये होता है कि हम जो पक्ष होते हैं उस पक्ष को सही साबित करने की कोशिश करते हैं और ये जताने की कोशिश करते हैं कि दूसरा पक्ष हमें समझ नहीं पा रहा, मगर रमेश जी ने खुद बैंकिंग प्रणाली का हिस्सा होते हुए बैंक के कर्मचारियों की मुश्किलों, मजबूरियों, अच्छाईयों के साथ-साथ बैंक में व्याप्त अव्यवस्था, अफसरशाही और ख़ामियों को भी बेबाकी और बिना किसी भेदभाव के साथ लिखा है. इन कहानियों की यही सच्ची पहचान है. साथ ही बैंक के ग्राहकों की सोच को भो बहुत ही इमानदारी से उकेरा है. जैसे शिवा फ्रूटवाला में एक तरफ बैंक मैनेजर शर्मा जी के चरित्र का मानवीय पहलू सामने आता है कि किस तरह वो एक छोटे मोटे धंधे वाले को सलाह और लोन देकर व्यापार का रास्ता दिखाते हैं तो दूसरी तरफ़ एक आम ग्राहक शिवा के चरित्र का सकारात्मक रूप दिखाई देता है कि वो जीवनभर उस एहसान के प्रति अपना सम्मान ज़ाहिर करने के लिए शर्मा जी को तलशता रहता है. रमेश जी ने बहुत ही करीने से कहानी के कैनवास पर भावनाओं के रंगों को बिखेरा है. बैंकिंग प्राणली के दायरों से बाहर निकल कर बीच में वो  “फैसला ज़िन्दगी का” और “सिक्के का दूसरा पहलू” जैसी प्यारी-सी कहानी भी लिखते हैं और फिर लौट कर “पानी रे पानी” और “ नई शाखा का उद्घाटन” में व्यंग्यात्मक शैली का प्रदर्शन करते हैं. “फैसला ज़िन्दगी का” आधुनिक परिवेश की बड़ी ही बेहतरीन कहानी है और युवा पीढी को एक नई सोच देती है. ‘ बिल्ला नम्बर 64 ’ भी लाइव घटना पर आधारित एक बेहतरीन कहानी है जो रोंगटे खड़ी कर देती है. इसी तरह पारिवारीक जीवन के ताने–बाने को बुनती ‘ एक ही थैले में आंसू और मुस्कान, ‘दादाजी’, ‘मुक्ति’ जैसी कहानियां संवेदनात्मक संदेश देती हैं. बदलते समय काल और परिवेश पर आधारित ये कहानियां मन को झकझोर कर रख देती हैं. इस दौर में डॉक्टरी पेशे और निजी अस्पतालों के लूट की पोल खोलती ‘मुक्ति’ कहानी पाठकों की आंखें खोलती हैं. खैर सभी कहानियों पर विस्तार से भाष्य करना संभव नहीं है, अत: आप सभी सुधी पाठक गण स्वयं इनसे रूबरू हों और अपनी कसौटी पर इन्हें परखें.      पत्रकारिता, अनुवाद और बाल साहित्य रचते- रचते अचानक कहानी संग्रह का प्रकाशन और पूरे संग्रह को एक से एक बेहतर ढांचे में ढालना उन्हें करीने से सजाना वाकई एक सराहनीय और स्वागत योग्य कदम है. मैं बैंक बहुत बार गया हूँ लेकिन हमेशा अपना नज़रिया ओढ़ कर, लेकिन इस कहानी संग्रह को पढने के बाद मैं इस बार जब बैंक जाऊंगा तो डेस्क के उस पार को भी रमेश यादव जी के नज़रिए से देखूँगा. श्री रमेश यादव को ‘ मिशन एन.पी.ए.’ के इस सफल मिशन के लिए हार्दिक बधाई और शुभकामनाएं और एक बेहतरीन कहानी संग्रह के प्रकाशन के साथ साहित्य जगत में बहुत कम समय में अपनी सशक्त पहचान बना चुके स्टोरी मिरर को भी साधुवाद. रवि यादव, मुंबई.  ( चर्चित कवि, अभिनेता, प्रोड्यूसर )  

Book Review-Mission NPA
 Rita Shukla  
 23 May 2018  

मानवीय संवेदनाओं के नवीन आयाम का बोध कराती कहानियां ।रमेश यादव जी एक सिद्धहस्त कथाकार हैं। उनके नवीनतम कथासंकलन ‘ मिशन एन.पी.ए.’ में मानवीय संवेदनाओं के नवीन आयाम का बोध होता है। जमीन से जुड़ी इन रचनाओं में कथ्य और शिल्प दोनों का सुंदर विन्यास देखा जा सकता है। बैंकिंग जगत और जीवन से जुड़ी ये कहानियां हिन्दी साहित्य जगत के लिए एक अनूठा प्रयास है जो काउंटर के इस पार और काउंटर के उस पार की दास्तां को बयां करती हैं। ऐसे कई प्रसंग इन कहानियों के माध्यम से प्रस्तुत होते हैं जो इंसानियत के रंगों में सराबोर होते हुए उखड़ने और उजड़ने की जद्दोजहद से गुजरती हैं। इस संग्रह की सभी कहानियां अलग–अलग परिवेश से गुजरती हुई कई नई चीजों का बोध कराती हैं और हमें यह सोचने पर मज़बूर करती हैं कि जिस व्यवस्था से लगभग हम रोज रूबरू होते हैं क्या उसकी ज़मीनी सच्चाई और हकीकत को हम जानते हैं या हम इसे जानने के लिए कितनी कोशिश करते हैं ? अनुज रमेश की हिंदी साहित्य में पैठ महज संयोग मात्र नहीं है। उन्होंने अपने दैनंदिन जीवन के अनुभवों को कलम की नोंक पर सहेजने की साधना की है। उनकी प्रत्येक कहानी मानवीय मूल्यों का दस्तावेज कही जा सकती है। एक मौलिक रचनाकार होने के नाते इंसानियत के दर्द को चेतना की अतल गहराई से समाज तक पहुँचाना उन्का मकसद है। इस पुस्तक के लोकार्पण समारोह को और इसके लोकप्रिय होने के लिए मैं अपनी समस्त शुभाशंसाएं देती हूँ और ईश्वर से प्रार्थना करती हूँ कि वे इसी प्रकार सृजन धर्म में जुटे रहे और शतायु हों।डॉ. ऋता शुक्ल. ( वरिष्ठ एवं प्रतिष्ठित साहित्यकार, कहानीकार – रांची )कहानी संग्रह– ‘ मिशन एन.पी.ए.’– कहानीकार– रमेश यादव, प्रकाशक– स्टोरी मिरर 

Book Review- Mission NPA
 Harish Naval  
 23 May 2018  

मिशन NPA यह शीर्षक है प्रखर कथाकार रमेश यादव के ताज़ा तारीं कहानी संकलन का ।किसी भी देश का तंत्र उसके अर्थ तन्त्र पर आधारित होता है ।अर्थ को विषय बना कर बहुत कम लिखा गया है ।रमेश यादव ने अपने बैंकिंग दीर्घ अनुभव और चिंतन के बल पर यह महत्वपूर्ण संकलन रचा है । इसमें सोलह कहानियाँ हैं जो अर्थ की सोलह कलाओं से समृद्ध हैं ।एन पी ए अब पहचाना बोध है ।ऋण न उतारे जाने और वसूल न हो सकने पर नान पर्फ़ोर्मिंग ऐसेट यानी एन पी ए घोषित होता है और......इसका लाभ (या कहें दुरुपयोग )लिया जाता है...अमरीका में इसकी वजह से कई बैंक अचेत हो गए थे...और उसकी अर्थ व्यवस्था डगमगा गई थी जिसे किसी भाँति ओबामा ने उभारा...भारत के तथाकथित कई बड़े आदमी ऋण लेकर चुकाते नहीं और अर्थव्यवस्था को पंगु किए रहते हैं ....ये कहानियाँ विरल कहानियाँ हैं ।इनमे बड़ी व्यंजक स्थितियाँ हैं...कथाकार ने सार्थक शब्द प्रयोग और ध्वनित अर्थ के बल पर इनकी सहित्यिकता क़ायम रखी है ।बैंक कर्मियों के जीवन के ख़ाकों को रमेश यादव ने बहुत सशक्त ढंग से उकेरा है ...हम सब बैंक जाते हैं किंतु उसके भीतर की संवेदनाओं स्थितियों को भाँप नहीं पाते ...कहानीकार ने हमें बैंक जगत के बाशिंदों से वास्तविक परिचय कराया है ।मैं अभिनंदन करता हूँ ऐसे मेधावी कहानीकार का जिसने हिंदी कहानी में एक नया आयाम जागृत किया ।                         डॉक्टर हरीश नवल              सम्पादक ‘गगनांचल’ नई दिल्ली 

Book Review- Reminiscinces Of Seeker
 Niyati Gogna  
 25 April 2018  

Reminiscences OF A Seeker: Dark Face Of A White World” by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar is a fascinating account of author’s true experiences with the spiritual world!The book is a true story fascinates and takes the readers into the dark and unbelievable world of mystics, spirituality and dark arts.The plot opens with author’s yearning for a true spiritual master, however, the author is plunged deep into the vortex of tantric powers, dark arts and paranormal world of sadhus and aghoris.His journey through the unforeseen, extraordinary circumstances intrigue the readers and glue the readers completely.The book deals with supernatural elements and incidents which seem unbelievable. To embark on this journey with the author, the readers need to believe, have faith in spiritualism.The author has flawlessly narrated the events, fascinating and thrilling the readers immensely. At times, certain parts got dragged a bit too much, but the overall suspense helped it get overshadowed.The book deals with powerful themes like a student-teacher relationship, it’s boundaries, the occult world of supernatural and dark arts, practiced by yogis and aghoris. The author talks about how the events pulled him into a world of drama, suspense, greed, betrayal, struggle, strength and HOPE. And most importantly, the strength and inspiration to get out of the dark world towards the light.The glossary provided at the end proved really helpful in understanding the book. Language is inspiring and lucid. Characterization is done well and is a true account, characters seemed to come to life.The title hints towards the mystical and spiritual account contained in the book, the cover is simple yet powerful and attractive. It connects with author’s journey from the dark world to the illuminated white world. Blurb is well written and concise.I would like to rate it as 4.0 out of 5.0.Overall, a gripping, real story of author’s pursuit of ultimate divine!

Book Review- Prisoned In Love
 Aarohy Kapoor  
 3 May 2018  

I picked up this thriller book and glad to have read it. Fully enjoyable and worth your time; this book will not disappoint you. More than romance I love crime and thriller books and this story gave me another reason to grow fond of this genre. This story was a different one from regular thriller stories and I enjoyed reading this book. This is not a complete thriller and suspense as it has an element of love in it.Starting with the cover of the book, it is lovely and eye-catching. It is appealing to the eyes of the readers and they get instantly curious to read the book. This is one of the main reasons behind me picking up this book. The title is also perfect for the storyThe protagonist Rayirth Kapoor was leading almost a near perfect life with an amazing job in the Bank of America, with a lovely wife and daughter. All was fine till the life turned like a nightmare for him. The insomnia and the after effects of it made this one a scary read at times. When you put yourself in the place of the protagonist, you might feel chills going down your spine. Undoubtedly the plot was mysterious but the sequence of events became predictable at times probably because I have seen quite a large number of crime and thriller series.This book would have been one of the best ones in this genre that I have read if it was free of errors. The printing and grammatical errors at frequent intervals broke my flow of reading at times. Otherwise this book can be completed in a single go without losing much interest. A must read for the ones who are fond of crime and thriller genre. Others can give it a read because undoubtedly it is a good book if you ignore the errors in it.Plot- 4 / 5Narration- 3.5 / 5Cover- 4 / 5Title- 4.5 / 5Overall- 4 / 5

Book Review : A Stoic's Diary
 Swapna Peri  
 24 March 2018  

What is Stoicism?Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy developed around 300 B.C. as a modification of Cynicism which teaches the development of self-control and courage by fighting destructive emotions. It is not just a set of beliefs but a way of life with practice and including the logic mostly. Soliloquy and a kind of meditation aimed at training one's attention to remain in the present moment is the main characteristic. No wonder it’s not more popular. No wonder the Stoic sage, in Western culture, has never obtained the popularity of the Zen master. Even though Stoicism is far more accessible, not only does it lack the exotic mystique of Eastern practice; it’s also regarded as a philosophy of merely breaking even while remaining determinedly impassive. What this attitude ignores is the promise proffered by Stoicism of lasting transcendence and imperturbable tranquility.It ignores gratitude, too. This is part of the tranquility, because it’s what makes the tranquility possible. Stoicism is, as much as anything, a philosophy of gratitude – and a gratitude, moreover, rugged enough to endure anything.About the book:The title of the book ' A Stoic's Diary '  is very  attention capturing and new. The book cover is very subtle and doesn't talk much about the book. The art of Stoicism is briefly yet illustratively and practically is explained in the book. The concept of mind maps and looking at a problem in different dimensions is observed as the main concept in the book. Self awareness, self help, will power and perseverance are explained in a beautiful manner. One of its kind of a book in the field of Stoicism. Kudos to the author.

Book Review- Prisoned in Love
 Sameera Baber  
 26 March 2018  

Book name: Prisoned in loveAuthor: Vaiibhav NigamPublisher: Story mirrorPrisoned in love is a crime thriller with flavor of twist tale of love and suspense by Vaiibhav Nigam.The title and dark background cover are attractive and suitable to the storyline.The blurb will arise the curiosity of readers.The author has done a great research work, breakout plan of Rayirth and details of state penitentiary is wow factor of the book and it shows hard work and dedication of author.The author has very well presented the book it will scare you and will leave you in tears at few places.The author has very well balanced between past and present. Every chapter ends with a twist that engrossed the reader till the end and makes remarkably a page-turner book.The simple and lucid language makes an interesting read for readers it seems like watching a movie.A few chapters story is drag and needs editing over punctuation because it is easily caught by readers.Still, there are few answered question that how Rayirth knows every minute details about the state penitentiary looking for an answer in next part as the author had written in the end that to be continued.I would recommend to every thriller  +       romance lover because these books stand up to mark for a crime thriller. Even romance lover can also crap these book, it will not let you down.The author has done a good job for his debut novel.Ratings:Title: 4/5Cover: 4/5Blurb: 3.8/5Narration: 3.9/5Overall story: 4/5©Baber Sameera

Book Review -Kansa Book One of The Killer Trilogy
 Murtaza Kuwarawala  
 13 April 2018  

Book Review: Kansa (Book 1 - The Killer Trilogy) by Prassant KevinSo, after a very disappointing start to February with Keepers of Kalachakra, I decided to pick this one up for a bit of light read. I was provided this book in exchange for an honest review and I would try my best to be as honest as possible. I chose this book for the sole reason that it did not promise any cheesy romance that Indian authors churn these days and the blurb provided quite an interesting read about a serial killer. Did the book live up to the expectation? Here is my take on it.Blurb (From Amazon):Over a span of ten years, he killed forty pregnant women and then vanished without a trace. After five years of silence, he is back again, seeking his next victim. Only one man can stop him - Professor Black. Maher was found unconscious in the middle of the highway and later, in the hospital, she revealed that she had escaped from a killer's house. All the details and patterns matched the serial killer 'Kansa,' who had disappeared five years ago after murdering forty pregnant women. ACP Saargi Desai was assigned to the case. She appealed to her department to bring back Professor Black to help her catch the killer. The Professor, who had a haunting past that had kept him away from the world of crime and investigation for several years, was not willing to take on this case. But the ACP managed to convince him to get on board just for this one last time. Soon after agreeing to help, the Professor realized that for the first time in his life, he had met his match. As he dug deeper into the case, everything got dirtier, the stakes went higher, and nothing was what it seemed.My Take on the Book:Imagine you are being provided a box of Bertie Bott's every flavor bean recommended by a friend and as soon as you take the first bite, you get a bad flavor. The same case happened with me while I was reading this book. Within the first 10 pages of the book, you realize the book was more of an essay rather than a thriller that was expected. Even though the plot was quite promising and had a huge potential, the book just did not live up to the expectation.What promised to be a brilliant plot falls flat due to bad editing, concurrent plot holes and inconsistency in characters. I could count almost three characters whose names changes in the course of the plot due to either spelling errors or the author took the liberty to change the name of the characters which were a synonym to the original name. What I would have preferred was if the author had taken the approach of a more dialogue-oriented story which would have added more clarity and thrill to the novel.Coming down to the characters, except for the main protagonist, none of the characters make any impact on the story. To avoid revealing any spoilers, I would just say, none of the characters did match up to their qualifications that were boasted in the book. Also, at many places, the main character would easily get his hands on things that are generally not quite accessible at many places and that added a few weird expressions on my face.There is always light at the end of the tunnel and since I have been talking quite negative about this book, let's also talk about some positives. Yes, as I mentioned earlier, the plot does seem promising and if the author ties up some of the loopholes, the novel works quite well. Also, since it is the first of the trilogy, there is a vast room for improvement in his future novels. The main protagonist does seem to be larger than life currently, but if this can be handled in future novels, it could just add to the betterment of the character and the novels. So go for it, if you want to read something interesting but where you don't have to put too much of your thinking cap on it. Also, for a person who is a fan of Bollywood Masala movies, this won't be a letdown.My Rating: 1/2 out of 5 (Hoping against hope, that the shortcomings are taken care in future novels)Book in Three Words: Thrilling. Glitched. Exaggerated.murtu.kool@gmail.com

Book Review:- Kansa (Book one of the killer trilogy)
 Hema Suresh Talreja  
 13 April 2018  

Book Name:- Kansa (Book one of the killer trilogy)Author Name:- Prassant KevinPublisher:- Inked Company PublishingBook Pages:- 398 pagesDescription:-“One of the best Thriller novels written by an Indian Author.”“‘Professor Black is India’s Jack Reacher.” “You Cannot escape this thriller.” “Breathtaking. Original. Spine-Chilling and a perfect start to the TRILOGY.” OVER A SPAN OF TEN YEARS, HE KILLED FORTY PREGNANT WOMEN AND THEN VANISHED WITHOUT A TRACE. AFTER FIVE YEARS OF SILENCE, HE IS BACK AGAIN, SEEKING HIS NEXT VICTIM. ONLY ONE MAN CAN STOP HIM – PROFESSOR BLACK. Maher was found unconscious in the middle of the highway and later, in the hospital, she revealed that she had escaped from a killer’s house. All the details and patterns matched the serial killer ‘Kansa,’ who had disappeared five years ago after murdering forty pregnant women. ACP Saargi Desai was assigned to the case. She appealed to her department to bring back Professor Black to help her catch the killer. The Professor, who had a haunting past that had kept him away from the world of crime and investigation for several years, was not willing to take on this case. But the ACP managed to convince him to get on board just for this one last time. Soon after agreeing to help, the Professor realized that for the first time in his life, he had met his match. As he dug deeper into the case, everything got dirtier, the stakes went higher, and nothing was what it seemed.Review:- Oh my my my!!!! What a book…hats off to the author… after a very very long time, I read a book which hooked me till d end and kept me wondering who the culprit was..I couldn’t guess it until the end..The story is written exceptionally well..it has that power which u need in a thriller fast paced book…as soon as I started this I knew I would love every bit of this book.. it is a book about a person who is called ‘kansa’ and who has killed more than 50 people including pregnant women, infants etc.. it all started when Maher met with a road accident and was admitted in the hospital where she revealed that she has escaped from a house where she was kept after kidnapping and also revealed that person was a killer.. ACP Saargi Desai is in charge of this case and after getting into this case she knew she needed help from someone who has vanished from this field years ago she insists commissioner and he agrees to her demands.. than professor comes into the picture he is a man who is alcoholic, aggressive, violent and has numbers of escorts girls as speed dials but he is the only person who can help them crack the case..While trying to solve the case the facts that are portrayed, the twists and turns, people dying, the overall concept was written by the author is brilliant… we can see love, betrayal, duty all in this book…cannot wait for the next book in the series now and I am damn sure it will also be the same…intriguing, thriller, ride of roller coaster all in one book…How do they get hold of Kansa is really worth reading..Overall Rating:- ★★★★★ Hema Suresh Talrejastylishangel28@yahoo.co.in

Book Review: SOLITUDE and other OBSESSIONS
 Shivangi Rawat  
 28 March 2018  

ReviewSOLITUDE and other OBSESSIONS is a thoughts and imagination treasury of Uma, Binod, Trupti, Shruti and Saurin. All the five poets have done an amazing work, they have compiled 73 poems in totals that reflect the emotions and feelings.A human mind is always preoccupied with various and numerous thoughts. From man to woman, boy to girl, minor to stripling every humankind is indulged with obsession, some people refrain but some they cant and become obsessed.Poems in the garner have a high and rich vocabulary, themes of the poem are multifarious. Poetry is something that has a power to control the mind, I was enjoying reading these poems on various topics, the book is full of awestruck and awesome pieces of poems of poets. Some of my personal favorite from this pile is Binod Panda's collection every poem has a story behind even years are mentioned, Life: With A smile amazing, Two to Tango, Who Am I, Send Me, Flute, The Light Princess, and In A Lap Of Death are few titles touched my soul.Title and cover both didn't make a place in my heart, but yes poems have left the print in my heart!Highly recommended to all the poetry lovers.4/5 startsBlurbWe are a species fueled by obsessions. Every human achievement, and every infamy, is the result of an obsession that tormented, possessed and consumed. This is a selection of poetry about solitude and other obsessions that have distracted, driven, destroyed and / or defined us. Spanning genres, styles, emotions, time & place, these works by a collective of 5 poets are a glimpse into the obsessions that have become us.All about the five Authors"Uma Sudhindra grew up in an army environment. After a decade-and-half of corporate life, she became an entrepreneur and has remained one. She loves books, music, travel & the Armed Forces. Her entrepreneurial venture Go Magic Trails reflects her passion for travel and experiencing the new & unique.She's co-founded I'm Every Woman, an NGO for women empowerment. Their flagship initiative, DURGA India, has worked tirelessly with communities, corporates & government to create safer spaces for women & children.Binod Kumar Panda is the classic mix of left-brain, right-brain. Gregarious and charming, he's an engineer and MBA with a hugely successful corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting career.His school and college years though were spent in the company of solitude and like-minded friends that resulted in thought provoking poetry.Trupti Kalamdani is a mechanical engineer by profession who investigates stresses developed on an aircraft body at work; while at home, releases her stress by penning down a few lines.Her tryst with poetry started during her school days, when she expressed her undying love for cricket in the form of a poem. Over the years, her limericks have grown into full bodied verses. A closet poet for years, she is finally out and exploring different platforms to share her work.Her poems have been published in literary journals like efiction India, Taj Mahal Review and Coffee Shop Poems. She is also a regular performer at ""Let Poetry Be"" events at Atta Galatta.Dr. Shruti Arabatti comes with a mature head over drooping arms and a mind ticking faster than an exploding bomb. Like her namesake, she is an orchestrated person living in a discordant cadence. She manages to hit all the right notes amidst all the gobbledygook yelping by her adorable preschooler.Saurin Desai's first love led to a roaring affair that's ongoing now since nearly 30 years. At the innocent age of 8 he met a comic book that whacked him on the head (pun intended) and he fell heels-over-head, literally (pun not intended).But being commitment-phobic, he had a couple of dalliances: with engineering, jobs & businesses, before succumbing to the seduction of the writer's life and giving up everything to become lazier than he ever was.About BookPaperback: 128 pagesPublisher: Notion Press,Language: English.

Book Review: Twisted by Shravya Gunipudi
 Ayushi A Nair  
 4 July 2018  

Book Title: TwistedAuthor: Shravya GunipudiFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 254Language: EnglishPublisher:Notion PressPublishing Date:  1 edition 2017ISBN-10: 1947349090ISBN-13: 978-1947349094It is weird that I still meet my mother almost every day.I am 35 years old. But that is not why it is weird.It is because nobody else has seen her since 18th September, 20 years ago.Because, that is the day she died.”Meet Ria, the charming woman with an edge. Her life is nearly perfect. Or so it seemed, until one fateful day an accident wipes out parts of her memory. Suddenly, she starts to experience strange visions involving repressed childhood memories which send shivers down her spine.A man called ‘Anuj’ whom she can’t remember.The sadness that led to her mother’s sudden death.Answers that her husband Jay refuses to share.Secrets begin to resurface and Ria is left with no option but to confront her own fears.Twisted is a tale of love, family and friendship, where bitter memories and shocking truths drive everyone to the point where they have to decide – Will the relationships crumble to dust or can love really conquer all?My TakeThe cover is attractive enough to catch attention. Tittle of the book Twisted gives the in that the plot will have lot’s of twist and turns. According to the plot its apt title.The plot is unique; the storyline is gripping as well as intriguing and the narrative takes the story forward flawlessly. The plot is strong and the author has been able to do full justice to it.This is the story of main protagonist Ria has a troubled childhood. After an accident, she lost her memory and not able to recognize any one from her family. Jay her husband supports Ria in her every good and bad time. To know more read the story to unfold the twist and turns in the book.The pace is perfect, neither slow nor too fast. It is steady and smooth. This novel is a perfect blend of love, friendship, emotion, hates, twist-n-turns revenge, psychological drama, and trust. Author has portrayed each and every character with utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story. The book have been portrayed in such a way, that any reader will be able to connect with the story and live the journey with them.The language is simple to follow which make it easier for the reader to connect to the characters in the stories and resonate with them.The characters are well developed and one can easily relate to their actions, reactions, mental agony, outbursts, etc. My favorite character of this book was Jay. It’s hard to find a such a loving husband in these days after knowing all the truth between Ria and Anuj then also he is caring and supporting Ria. Something very magical can happen when you read a good book. I felt that magic in me after reading this book. It makes me realize what true love is, as it demands nothing but just to be expressed.Overall, An engrossing read that’s capable of keeping the reader on edge till the very end.Kudos to the author for penning down this book.Looking forward to read more books by the author.Overall Ratings- 5/5 Stars.About the AuthorShravya Gunipudi, a 23 year old CA and CS, has been writing ever since the tender age of nine. Now, more than a decade since her first journey with the pen, she has won numerous prizes for her Articles, Short Stories and Poetry. She was a part of 19 Anthologies with a total of 17 published stories and was recognised as ‘Best Writer of the Year, 2013’ by yourstoryclub.com. She is also the editor of the project ‘The Book of Dreams’, by Numerique Publications. Recently, she was awarded ‘Best Author of the Year, 2016’ by salisonline.Shravya wishes to explore her passion both in Finance and Writing. It is her dream to merge her creative side with her analytical one. Writing, she believes, is the best form of expression that calms the mind and frees the soul. Her favourite quote is ‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about’.Her Debut Novel, ‘Turning Back Time’, is now available in stores! Grab the book here- Amazon.in Amazon.com

Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown
 Surender Negi  
 19 March 2018  

Rating: 4/5Dan Brown once replied on a question asked to him about "How much similar he feels when people compare him with Robert Langdon?" He simply replied that it's not alike because Robert is much more courageous and adventuress than him. (paraphrase)Dan Brown answer to Question (mention above).I think Dan is lying about that. I think he enjoys more than anyone and at least surf into excitement created by him for Robert Langdon. From the day, Dan discovers this symbologist, this men (Tom hank) is on run to uncover world biggest discovery and conspiracy through his exceptional intelligence and photographic memory.In this book also Robert never missed any chance to surprise readers with his sheer intelligence. I am the blind fan of Dan Brown. His all books give me goosebumps whenever I read them. Ironically, my busy schedule left me thirsty each night for reading more and more. So, Robert tries to answer humans most ancient questions through the help of his friend Edmond Kirsch who ironically killed by a Spanish admiral. From the point of the utter shock of that killing, the journey begins to know worlds most important question that can shake the whole world:-From where we come? Where we go? - Origin, Dan BrownPaul Gauguin - D'ou venons-nous [Image Credit: Wikipedia][/caption]Dan Brown new journey is a chase for the most philosophical questions of human existence. From primitive eras to till date, humans have spent their extensive energy for looking answer of their existence. Robert Langdon used is intellect to cracking the code which is part of unrealizing the discovery which only can give the answer to these question. Ambra Vidal [hot and spicy independent women] added into the plot to have the grip on the subject. Winston [Watson], an incredible AI helps Langdon to access information which can break the code and discover what is left behind the show made by that great futurist. Robert journey from Guggenheim Museum to Barcelona is filled with thrill. Chased by the cult killer, misunderstood by world media, framed by Spain highest authority and heavily emotional feeling for future queen of Spain, Langdon journey pushed him into a trail of forty-seven characters which can unreleased the discovery of Edmond Kirsch. Robert Langdon played by Tom Hank in The Davinci Code (movie) Source: Playbuzz[/caption]This particular password related to the dead Futurist most loved poem. Artificial Intelligence, Winston help Langdon to unearth various bind bending situations. Akbar love for the prince of Spain come to an end when a conspiracy website started to expose the link between Kirsch death and Palace of Spain. But most fearful way, Three most religious figure of the world come under a death cult which guided Spanish admiral to kill Kirsch also killed two of them mercifully. This confusion that who is actually behind the stoping kirsch presentation? What great discovery that Futurist and computer genius did which can threaten the Religous world? How krisch can answer the deep philosophical questions of human history? From where we come? And where we go?.Mind-bending description of artifacts, most controversial church of Catholic history and Moreover a startling and amused presentation which based on scientific data by the current scientist. A prediction which can change the way human think about themselves and the way they think about future will change for forever. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao (Spain) -  Source Wikimedia[/caption]Dan Brown, the way of thrilling his reader with complex art explanation and his passion for technology binds his reader till the end. His art of twisting the tale with unique tactics of waving the story around facts, art, and technology is ever appreciating.At last, it's a must-read book for the fan of thriller, mystery, and technology.

Book Review: Navarasa By Vinaya Patil
 Ayushi A Nair  
 31 July 2018  

Book Title: NAVARASAAuthor:Vinaya PatilFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 100Language: EnglishPublisher: HALF BAKED BEANPublishing Date: 4 June 2018ASIN: B07DHB2256Know your Rasa while you enjoy reading a story about it. From the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you fall in love to the spine chilling horror, this book has it all. Denials, acceptance, adventure, anger, humor, you will experience the different flavors when you read the nine (nava) rasa stories. A love story on kindle, a girl who hates to fly, a boy full of wonder, an adventurous and brave brother, an iron cored girl with goals, a loving Grand Pa and a story around his tea estate, a haughty landlord, a taxi ride and a woman’s struggle make up for a wide variety of reading.MY TAKEStarting from the cover of the book is simple and yet beautiful with nine different rasa emoji in red color background. The title of the book “Navarasa” Nava – nine and Rasa – emotions means nine emotions.The book is a collection of short stories based on nine navarasa. The nine emotions included in Navarasa are:-Shringara (love, devotion, beauty)Hasya (Joy, humor, sarcasm)Adbutha (wonder, mystery, curiosity),Veera (courage, confidence, pride),Shanta (peace, relaxation, calmness)Karuna (sadness, compassion, pity),Raudra (anger, irritation, violence),Bhayanaka (Horror, anxiety, worry),Bhibathsa (disgust, depression, self-pity)These are the emotions that humans show according to the situations. My love for you, Take Off, In the eyes of wonder, A Knock at the door, the damned bridge, Nancy’s Haven, A wash away story, girl in the back seat, when I wake up are some short stories author had penned down based on these emotions. Every page is loaded with emotions and twists.Grandpa Henry from Nancy’s Heaven was my favorite character in the book. Take Off! It’s one of the funniest stories in the book. The protagonist Manasi dislikes kids and hate flying. Manasi colleague Arunima inivited her to celebrate New Year Eve Party at Chennai. Aravind (Arunima’s brother) is also coming from US to attend the party so Manasi decides to use the opportunity to meet him. She had a crush on him. Arunima requests Manasi to take her darling daughter Shaina with her in the plane. Shaina was very naughty. The plane and airport journey in the book was amusing.Language is simple and lucid to read and connect with the story and being engaged throughout the story. The style of narration and the pace are perfect. The author has portrayed each and every character with utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story.Looking forward to read more works by the author.I’ll recommend this book to all readers.Overall Ratings 5/5 StarsGrab the book here Amazon.in | Amazon.com |About the AuthorVinaya Patil is a passionate IT professional who chose to write when she decided to take a break from her well established IT career. She resigned the much sought after Fortune 500 company to explore her creative side in writing and drafted her first book ‘One Life to Love’, a young adult fiction which was published by Rupa Publications in 2014.‘One Life to Love’ was very well received and been reviewed by various forums such as Bookgeeks, Asian Age, Aaj Tak and Women’s Era.    She has been interviewed by newspapers such as Deccan Chronicle and The Hindu. She was also interviewed on Bangalore Radio Fever 104 on Mad mornings. Vinaya also has had a stint with Theatre and worked with Theatre Groups such as Evam and Red Pill before she moved to US where she lived for two years. More recently Vinaya has been helping a start-up company and is the Head of its Operations.Vinaya is also an avid reader, spiritual follower and a random scribbler.You can stalk her @Facebook | Instagram |Twitter

snjha- baati poetry book ka review
 dr vandna Sharma  
 24 July 2019  

संझा -बातीपारुल तोमर                                                                     apn publication                                                                                         उत्तम नगर ,दिल्ली -५९                                                                                     मूल्य -२६० डॉ पारुल द्वारा रचित संझा -बाती पढ़ने का सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ। भारतीय संस्कृति में रची -बसी ,संवेदनाओं के सुरों से सुसज्जित पहली बारिश सी की यादों सी पारुल जी की कवितायेँ कहीं खनकती हैं कहीं सावन सा बरसती हैं।  संझा -बाती की सभी कविताएं एक जीवन को जीते हुए मानवता का सन्देश देती है। गाँव की मिटटी की खुशबू ,आत्मीय रिश्ते ,मिश्री सी घोलती ,ग्रामीण परिवेश की शब्दावली ,ऐसा लगता है आंखों के आगे कोई पिक्चर चल रही हो। चूँकि डॉ पारुल एक श्रेष्ट चित्रकार भी हैं अतः चित्रात्मकता उनके काव्य का विशिष्ट गुण है। हालांकि चित्र खींचने में कही -कहीं काव्य की लय गद्य का रूप लेती हुई प्रतीत होती है। प्रकृति प्रेमी पारुल जी कविताएं जड़ों से जुड़ी संस्कार को पोषती है। सहज -सरल बोधगम्य शैली पाठको के दिल को छू जाती है। कहीं -कहीं दर्शन ज्ञान भी चमत्कार उत्पन्न करता है। जो पारुल जी के विषयगत असीम ज्ञान व् असीमित शब्दावली को दर्शाता है। संग्रह में 'जब तुम आ जाते हो ', 'हम सावंली सी लड़कियां ', 'तुम ही तुम ', एक ऐसा ख्वाब रचाये ,'बेटी जब पीहर जाती है ', ईश्वर , 'मैं नायिका हूँ ', शक के अंकुर ', उसने कहा ,' बिखर रही हूँ मैं ', आदि समय ,समाज और संवेदनाओ को कैनवास पर उकेरती कविताएं हैं। पारुल जी की कविताओं में स्त्री विमर्श ,प्रकृति प्रेम ,मानवीय सम्बन्धो की ऊष्मा ,दलित -व् दबे कुचले वर्ग के लिए सहानुभूति ,मानवता ,सामाजिक सरोकारों से जुड़ी एक लय है जो पाठकों को अंत तक बांधे रखती है। पारुल जी का सकरात्मक नजरिया ,जीवन में आशावाद ,उनकी जिजीविषा ,उन्हें खास बनाती है। उसने कहा शीर्षक कविता किशोरावस्था पर लिखी अनेक रंगो को समेटती सुन्दर कविता है -"उसने कहा फूलो से खिलो वह हँसी बन खनक गयी "'तुम ही तुम ' रचना की निम्न पंक्तियाँ प्रेम से पूर्ण दाम्पत्य जीवन की सफलता को दर्शाती है -" हर शब्द में तुम ,हर भाव में तुम मैं सरगम चाहे कोई रचूं हर गीत में तुम ही तुम मुस्कराते हो "पारुल जी की शब्दावली व् लेखन शैली से जो माटी की खुशबु आती है ,मन को उसी समय में यत्र कराती ,गाँव का भोलापन याद दिलाती है -" पूस की फूस के छप्पर के नीचे बान की खुर्री खाट पर बैठकर राब को गुड़ में तब्दील होते देखकर नारंगी चाशनी में खदबदाते बुलबुलों के फूटने की आवाज़ पर लड़की मचलने लगी थी "संझा -बाती परम्परा का महत्व बताती ,मुझे भी मेरे गाँव की गलियों में ले गयी। आज की पीढ़ी क्या जाने संझा -बाती ,दीप और ढिबरी ,घर के आले और दलान। वैसे भी आजकल गाँव भी शहरीकरण की चपेट में आ गए हैं। वो गाँव का भोलापन बंद मकानों और शहरी सुविधाओं में कही खो गया है -दीप और ढिबरी जला जलाकर घर के मंदिर और आले में सजाते सुरमई सांझ से डरा सुना सा घर प्रकाश के अर्थ और संदर्भ पाकर खिल खिल हॅसने लगता "पारुल जी का स्त्री विमर्श गजब का है। सिर्फ आदर्शवादिता के नाम पर स्त्री का सदियों से शोषण होता आया है। आधुनिक नारी परम्पराओं के नाम पर सटी नहीं होती बल्कि संघर्ष करते हुए अपनी जमीं अपना आसमां पाना चाहती है।  मुझे प्रेम करना और निभाना दोनों ही बखूबी आता है मैं जीवन जीना जानती हूँ क्यूंकि मैं एक स्त्री हूँ 'नदी खुश रहती है ' में पारुल जी का दर्शन साफ़ झलकता है। स्वतंत्रता कभी कभी उच्श्रंखल हो जाती है,सीमाओं में रहकर ही अस्तित्व बना रहता है -किनारे कभी नहीं समझ पाए कोई दायरों में और पराधीनता में कैसे खुश रह सकता है वे अस्तित्व को लेकर आज भी अकुलाये हैं स्तब्ध हैं कि हमारी पहचान नदी से है या नदी हमसे है कुछ पंक्तिया मुझे बहुत अच्छी लगी जो निम्न हैं -" प्यार और विश्वास भी ज़रूरी होता है कभी -कभी जीतने के लिए किसी अपने को पाने के लिए "+++++++++++++++++जीत जाये हम जीवन संघर्ष तो कविता है सृष्टि की श्रेष्ठ करती शेष है तो कविता है +++++++++++++++++++++कभी -कभी कविता सुनने -बुनने और गढ़ने से कहीं अधिक कठिन हो जाता है खुद कविता का हिस्सा होना __-----------------------------------सुनो हे धरती पुत्र देवी मत बनाओ मुझे माँ ,बेटी ,बहन ,पत्नी ,और प्रेयसी रहने दो देवी पूजन और विसर्जन के लिए होती है देवी घर में हमेशा कोण रखता है भला और अंत में आओ फिर एक ऐसा ख्वाब रचाये भारतवर्ष को शीर्ष पर पहुंचाए। 

Book Review: Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu (Book 1) – Kevin Missal
 Kiran Kumar Adharapuram  
 27 March 2018  

Blurb:Born in the quiet village of Shambala, Kalki Hari, son of Vishnuyath and Sumati, has no idea about his heritage until he is pitted against tragedies and battles.Whisked into the province of Keekatpur, which is under the fist of Lord Kali, Kalki sees the ignominy of death trumping life all around him. He learns that he has been born to cleanse the world he lives in, for which he must journey to the North and learn the ways of Lord Vishnu’s Avatar; from an immortal who wields an axe. But trapped in the midst of betrayals, political intrigue and forces that seek to decimate him, will he be able to follow his destiny before the Kaliyug begins?My Review:Kalki – The tenth avatar of Shri Maha Vishnu, who is supposed to be take his form during Kaliyuga for samhara(killing) of Kali Purusha (Evil who sits in every person) as per mahapuranas. Inspired by these words author has taken readers into the world of mythological fantasy. Opening with a war after the deed between kali and Vedantta to acquire Keekatpur. Kali churns his evil with a motive of power. Somewhere in a remote village Shambala for the parents of Vishnuyath and Sumati, Kalki Hari takes his form(birth), who is not aware that his life has a purpose of “DUSHTA SHIKSHANA AND SHISHTA RAKSHANA” (Kill evil and Restore Dharma)Kalki who lives a happy and prosperous life in his village meets Kripacharya who explains the purpose of his birth/reincarnation. As destined he eventually meets the evil king kali in the process of creating an empire.Inspire of a slow beginning, the secret of the plot lies in the map which closely relates the characters and places without any impediments. Story is written in multiple viewpoint which makes you observant to every detail and keeps you on the edge and attentive to detail. Regardless the book is 400+ pages in length. The characters(tribes) are too many to remember, infact i referred the book back and forth to not to miss flow. Book is fast paced and always taking unpredictable twist and turns, sometimes it becomes as well.Kalki sets off on a battle to finish Adharm. Will he succeed in saving the world?The book is divided to two parts: Battle of Shambala & Rise of kali (My Favorite)I see many similarities with the actual mythological characters1. Sage Shuka (Parrot Head)2. Lakshmi (Godess)3. Arjan (Arjuna)4. Thakshak5. Vasuki and so on.Special mention to the Book Cover – “The BEST BOOK COVER” till date, The characters are excellently written and well placed in the story. The pace of the book is very good. Super fine paper quality.Remarkable effort of the young author in through research, I’m sure he would have referred to various scriptures and epics before bringing this book out. If you are a lover of fantasy and mythology, this book is highly recommended.This book carries almost all the aspects and breaking the myth of complex words when we take the mythological reference. Nothing in specific, I liked everything in this book. Hope unanswered questions are addressed in Satya Yoddha Kalki – The Eye of BrahmaPS: While I post this, I see the second book is taking its form. Cant wait more to read the next book in this series.Direct Link: https://www.amazon.in/Dharmayoddha-Kalki-Avatar-Vishnu-Book/dp/8193503309/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522175115&sr=8-1&keywords=kalki+by+kevin+missalRegardsKiran K Adharapuram

Book Review: The Author by Raj Siddhi
 Ayushi A Nair  
 7 July 2018  

Book Title: The Author Author: Raj Siddhi  Format: Paper Back  Total Number of Pages:  183  Language: English  Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers  Publishing Date: 11th Apr 2018  ASIN: B07C42K9KB‘The Author’ begins with the story of a published book which has been maintaining its position of being the ‘best-selling book’ for last few years, but no reader knows who the writer of this is. A press conference is convened to disclose the fact of its author. In addition, it will disclose the fact why the readers have been put in the dark so far in connection with the identity of the author. The MD of the Publication House is a young lady who narrates a story before introducing the author of the novel. The story begins with Bangala Sahib Gurudwara at Connaught Place, Delhi. It is 14th February, the Valentine Day. In the meantime, a boy falls fainted at the gate of Sacred Heart Church. Nobody but two attendants of the church, Mrs. David, and her blind granddaughter, bring him to the hospital for treatment. While the boy’s treatment is on, it is discovered that he has tried to commit suicide. The boy’s name is Samar. Samar is an orphan and in an orphanage, he was brought up under the tutelage of Mother Marry. Spring is his fast friend with whose help he succeeds in winning the heart of a voracious reader of novels, Sufi. The Author is the story of love, dreams, sacrifice and an unquenched thirst. It deals with a journey to being a promising author for the fulfillment of other’s dreams.My TakeThe cover is full with grey hints us that there is something mysterious in the story. The title The Author is apt for the plot. The plot is blend of emotions, love, friendship, scarifies, dreams, passion.This is the story of protagonist Samar. Samar and Spring is an orphan who was bought up with love and guidance of Mother Marry. They grew up like brothers. Later they started working in an restaurant. Samar meets Sufi. Sufi loves reading love story and want's to meet a real author. To impress her Samar tells a lie that he is an author. The friendship blooms into love. What happens after that to know more read the book.Language is simple and lucid to read and connect with the story and being engaged throughout the story. Pace is was slow. Narration was done well. I love the friendship and understanding between Samar and Spring.Ek jaddo jahad hui is jindagi se...jindagi ke khatirEk tarif hamne khud kee ki..ek jeet ki khatirEk sapne ko maine jinda rakha...jinda rahne ke khatirEk takraro hui sapnooo se...sapnooo ke khatirEk tohfa sapnaoo ne diya...apnoo ki khatirEk jaddo jahad hui is jindagi se...jindagi ke khatir.Every page is loaded with emotions and twists. The Hindi poetries in between the chapters that were included according to the situations are enough to touch readers’ heart.Overall ratings 3.5/5 StarsGrab the book here- Amazon.inAbout the AuthorRaj Siddhi, which is the pen name of Raju Kumar Dubey, is a very young writer and poet from a small town of Jharkhand, Giridih. Raj Siddhi has a good experience of staging theatres in Delhi. His underlying quality of composing poems on different aspects of the society isInstagram unique. He is a BA from Vinoba Bhave University. He loves travelling to hill stations and coastal areas. He also loves watching Bollywood films. ‘The Author’ is his debut fiction, which was originally penned in Hindi. Later, the work was translated and edited by Mr. Ashish Anandam. The best way to contact Raj Siddhi is through Facebook.You can also write to him at rajsiddhi91@gmail.com Facebook |Instagram 

Book Review: Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
 Surender Negi  
 19 March 2018  

Digital Fortress by Dan BrownMy Rating: 3 out of 5NSA Command center (Source: www.nsa.org)[/caption] Mission StatementThe National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) leads the U.S. Government in cryptology that encompasses both Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Information Assurance (IA) products and services, and enables Computer Network Operations (CNO) in order to gain a decision advantage for the Nation and our allies under all circumstances.  NSA Seal (Source: www.nsa.org)[/caption] National Security Agency ex-employee put this institution under hostage and he chose individual privacy right before national security. NSA has done the great job for United state security which is in the reflection of their tagline for this institution:  Defending our Nation. Securing the Future. NSA has done the great job for United state security which is in the reflection of their tagline for this institution:  Defending our Nation. Securing the Future. Dan Brown novel give the opportunity to glimpse us inside this mega-institutions which work for the cyber-security of United state of America. Irrespective of Dan brown critics, who had given this novel a big thumb down. I think this novel survive my expectation. This cannot be equated with The DaVinci Code, Origin,  Angle, and Demons, The Lost Symbol, Inferno and Deception Point. Susan Fleischer, the young and dynamic cryptographer with his professor boyfriend David Backer had a bad morning. While His boyfriend flew to Spain, she had been called by His boss (Deputy Director of NSA) for resolving some sort of the problem in their office. She had crossed checked the issue with his boss and with great astonishment she learns that NSA has been facing problem for their extension. 2 Billion dollar machine which was created for breaking every code by brutal force technique and had maximum time consume for a code is three hours is unable to break a code for more than 15 hours.This put her as cryptography chief and his boss into a position where they need to break the code. This code can be broke by Pass Key which has only available with The Original code maker or his friend with allies NDKOTHA . Even trying hard luck with this machine Susan and his boss failed to get any luck on this code So, they decided to trace NDKOTHA . The plot of novel run around another side where David (Susan Boyfriend) fail to get Ring of original code breaker (Who has been killed by NSA or Any other party is suspense to Read). From the Spanish Police station to Santa Cruz church, David has to run for the ring without knowing that the people he was speaking silently being terminated by a deaf Killer who works for NSA. Killer only waiting for the opportunity after David get back the ring which has pass-key. Finally, Devid obtains that pass key but within a second he understands that he has been chased by someone. Then start a chase by NSA Killer and Devid.  Spain Sunday Mass[/caption] On the Other side of the world, Things being changed from bad to worst. Susan failed to chase NDKOTHA because her tracer is being aborted by one of his colleagues. But an unfortunate turn of event, her friend is also killed. Things jumped from one mystery to second and at last the national databank come to the risk. Director of NSA involves into this circus. Susan also lost Dupety Director in an accident and chase concentrate into Devid Passkey decipher and the National threat to Databank. What happens next? is an exciting read.Digital Fortress is a technical thriller which creates astonish amazement though its shape and turning plot which can amuse readers. Although, I am impressed by Dan Brown way of writing this novel has done a bit less compared to Robert Langdon series. I can say that David Becker is an early version of Robert Langdon.  Dan Brown (Source: Google Play)[/caption] This fast-paced novel has been increasingly great for me as I turned the page more and more.Happy Reading !!

Book Review: Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri
 Ayushi A Nair  
 1 September 2018  

Book Title: Seductive AffairAuthor:Rishabh PuriFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 184Language: EnglishPublisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors;Publishing Date: 10 July 2018ISBN-10: 9387022277ISBN-13: 978-9387022270Prisha Khatri is a regular college graduate, focused on her career, desperate to finally move out of her parents’ house and freshly dumped by her successful fiancé. When she lands a job at a prestigious media house, she’s glad to have something to take her mind off her heartbreak. What she doesn’t expect is to be landed on a business trip with a famously fiery reporter Rajesh Lagheri. He’s travelling to a business conference for a story and doesn’t seem impressed by her involvement. But as soon as they’re out of the office, things change and it becomes clear that there is more to Rajesh’s trip than meets the eye. As Prisha is drawn into the story he’s trying to hide from their editor, their hunt for the story grows more intense and she finds herself growing closer to Rajesh. As their chemistry threatens to overwhelm them and Prisha is pulled deeper into the Seductive Affair, she must decide what matters most to her matters of the head or of the heart.My TakeStarting from the cover and title is enchanting. I expected it to be a dark romance thriller but it's a simple love story based on career and love. The title is misleading there is no seduction in the plot. The book is a bag of emotions, love, hate, relationship, passion, separation, trust, bond, joy, happiness, family, relationships, life, sadness, betrayal and many more. This is the story about main protagonist Prisha Khatri. Prisha getting ready for the first day of her dream job and remembering her past where her ex-fiance Aditya ditched her because she wanted to work and he wanted a wife who will sit at home, cook, raise children and take care of them. Breakup with her ex-fiance due to his insecurity, she is all set to enter corporate world, her dream job. She joins The Chronicles as in one of the leading newspapers of the country. She is attracted to Rajesh a senior reporter. Rajesh and Prisha travels for a businesses  conference in Mumbai where they find themselves getting close to each other while covering a story for their article. To find out more read the book.Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader. I have read the author's previous work i have much expectation from this book too but i'm disappointed this time. Plot becomes predictable sometimes. The story is faced. Narration was simple and okey. The characters are good but could not able to connect with them. A few typographical errors here and there need to be rectified. If the edit was done properly, the story would have sounded much much better.I'll recommend this book to beginners for a light read.  Overall Ratings 2/5 StarsGrab the book here- Amazon.in Amazon.com Amazon.co.ukAbout the AuthorRishabh Puri is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a flair for writing. Contributing to his family business since the age of 18, he makes his home in Lagos, Nigeria and Dubai, UAE. He has previously authored the bestselling novel Inside the Heart of Hope.

Book Review: The Wild Cat By Taanya Sarma
 Ayushi A Nair  
 13 June 2018  

Book Title: The Wild CatAuthor: Taanya SarmaFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 328Language: EnglishPublisher: Invincible PublishersPublishing Date: 21 December 2017ISBN-10: 9387328139ISBN-13: 978-9387328136Based on true events, this erotic thriller novel tells the tale of a young, naive woman named Tanya who enters the online dating and chat world. Her first foray into this digital realm initially proves to be bland and disappointing; however, sex, suspense, power struggles and attempted murder soon unfold. These unwelcome adventures interfere with her business and her sanity as she aspires to live up to her deceased parent’s standards.A conman named Sam ensnares Aaron, a handsome investment banker, into his ploy and uses him as a pawn to lure women into doing things they normally wouldn’t do. Sam then exposes their personal information as well as their images, sometimes in the act of cyber sex, and posts them on a very successful porn website that he owns. Tanya’s encounter with these two men evolves into a long, winding road, with each turn bringing irreparable changes in her life.Enraged by the deceit and the unconscionable behavior of these men, Tanya turns whistleblower and vows to assist the FBI in shutting down the dating app and porn site – and she won’t stop until the perverted perpetrators are behind bars. She never relents, but ultimately laments, “I never thought that I would have to give up my life to remain alive.”ReviewsA very interesting book, especially for young girls to understand the danger that exists in this society with online predators ~ Alma Guzman, Executive Producer Hollywood.Sex, suspense, power, struggle, murder attempt and well developed characters. This book has all the masala to be the next blockbuster Bollywood flick. A must read for sure. ~ RJ Khurki, Zabardast Hit 95 FM Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. This gripping story based on true events will keep you hooked till the very last page. ~ Antil, ScoopwhoopMY TAKEStarting from the book cover the first impression is the best impression the foremost thing which I liked in the book is the beautiful cover and its little unusual title “The Wild Cat” it indeed developed the curiosity within me to know what author meant by it.   The lower half of a girl’s face and below it is the night view of a city with buildings in the middle of the cover title with sub title. The Wild Cat A deviant tale of a young woman, a banker and a conman who happen to meet on dating website. The Cover is beautiful and attractive. Title is also perfect for the plot.The story revolves around the line of protagonist Tanya aka Iron Angel, Dorothy, Adam, Mr. U W, Aaron aka Phantom or Alpha, Mrs. Martha, Sarah, Monica , Sam Baker aka call as Nick Baker or Cobra, Newguyintown,Notorious, Aunt Iris, Rookie, Venom, Rebel Queen, Rex, Mr. & Mrs. Baker, Stephanie Owens, Schmidt, Jeff Simpson, Dali, Frida.This is the story of female protagonist Tanya an art gallery owner inherited from her father. She lost her mother in her early age and her father had brought her up but later her father passed away in an accident. She was a alone and only have the support of her best friend Dorothy.  Dorothy is dating online through an app which matches with a person of similar interest and lets them talk in a group or one -one.Tanya also downloads the app iVoice once she learns that she has been using it to date this person who is the owner of a sexy voice according to her. iVoice is a dating app but the twist is that it’s not like any other dating app. It’s a dating app based on voices of different people. One can only connect with another person she is interested in by hearing his voice. No real names, no identities. Just voice. The application has a option to lock in the phone number and also has a voice changer option if any user feels not to reveal their own voice. Tanya, aka Iron Angel on iVoice comes across another user called Adam who invites her to a private chat. Adam apparently is married and is a father to three kids. He shows signs of perversion and voyeurism and have cybered (cyber sex) quite a few times but his wife doesn’t mind even when she knows about his addiction. I don’t know why. Even his therapist knows about it but takes no step to stop him from his adventures. Tanya and Adam end up talking about the colours of underwear they wear, whether they wash hands after peeing, whether they sleep in PJs or sleep naked. I mean, girl you are talking to a virtual stranger and you haven’t even seen his face and you are already talking about penises, panties and thongs!! Like, seriously. I was exasperated at her common sense. He could have turned out to be an old pimp who doesn’t think twice before killing innocent girls. Anyways, coming to the second user Phantom; he is the lead male protagonist in this book. Aaron aka Phantom turns out to be an investment banker and is pretty civil when they first engage in conversation. He isn’t a creep like the two other users she had interacted previously. They almost talk everyday. As days pass, Tanya becomes more addicted to this app and starts to feel “soft” for Aaron. It’s trap. There’s always some people lurking in the background to pounce on when they are presented with opportunities. There’s one such person in this iVoice app too. He gains a large sum of money by selling of phone numbers and private images of the girls who uses this app. When Tanya comes to know about this and learns that Aaron is also linked with this whole ploy, she plots a revenge against them. The rest of the story follows Tanya in her revenge and whether she finds success in her plan. This book ends with a cliffhanger mode. The rest of the story will be in next trilogy set of the book.Language is simple crisp and lucid and has the ability to bring live the events narrated in the book. The characters are well developed and one can easily relate to their actions, reactions, mental agony, outbursts, etc. The only character that left me a bit confused was that of Tanya. The best part is that even the supporting characters are well- developed and merge smoothly into the story. You can easily relate to most of their actions, reactions and inner turmoil. However I would have loved to get to know what happen after BANG. BANG. who had shoot for that i have to wait for next book. While the first half is erotic thriller with cyber crime, the second half which is revenge.  Narration is done well. The author’s strongest point is plot with unique theme and warn the women of online world. One of the most important things that I noticed is how with few words, the author could not only just portrayed  the hazards of online world, the pain, joy and sorrows of the characters but she even manages to bring that out from the readers. Most victims of these crimes were teenage girls and women. There was a nefarious attempt to trap young girls to indulge in wrongdoing. The increase in number of mobile phones had also led to more number of cyber crimes. Crimes were also reported by misusing social networking websites on the internet. The writer’s words has the capacity to hold the reader till the last page. The book has been written well in accordance to real-life examples with realistic point of view.This is the debut novel of author but we don’t seriously feel as if we are reading a book written by a debut author. Overall a fantastic fantasy packed with action and tinged with suspicion and suspense. I personally would like recommend this book to every women out there and to all the book worms it’s a must read.Overall Ratings 4/5 StarsAbout the AuthorTaanya Sarma is an author, poet and an entrepreneur. An ambivert true to form, the depth and duality of Taanya’s personality are evident throughout her writing.The genesis of The Wildcat trilogy stems from her desire to warn naive young women about the pitfalls of the online dating world.Taanya’s goal is to see her series of novels published and available in multiple languages as far reaching as countries like India, China, UK, NZ, SA, Australia – and, of course, in her home country the United States.When she’s not writing, Taanya is most likely thinking about writing – or spending time with her adopted dog, playing the guitar and piano, sketching, biking, snorkeling or participating in some extreme sports like parasailing, skydiving, or bungee jumping.For a more in-depth look into the life and creative mind of Taanya Sarma, follow her at @taanya.sarma or check out her website at http://www.taanyasarma.com

Book Review: My True Angel by Irshad Thalakala
 Ayushi A Nair  
 7 July 2018  

Book Title: My True Angel Author: Irshad Thalakala  Format: Paper Back  Total Number of Pages: 216  Language: English  Publisher: Invincible Publishers  Publishing Date: 16 January 2018  ISBN-10: 9387328201  ISBN-13: 978-9387328204This is a sweet tale of finding true love.Iqbal who works in an IT company Bangalore, meets the beautiful Rubina.Iqbal's love is unfortunately not reciprocated by Rubina.When he is trying to overcome from Rubina, he finds his true love from Payal.Were these meant to be together?Whether they could able to crack the religion barrier?Does destiny has other plans for Iqbal and Payal?My TakeThe title of the My True Angel gives a hint of love story and the cover of the book is simple and beautiful.  The plot is a blend of emotions, love, friendship, affection, loneliness, humor,  religion, and most importantly family values.This is the story of the protagonist Iqbal  software engineer from Kerala and moves to Bangalore for a job hunt and with the dream of finding an angel. Iqbal joins a software company and meets Rubina a Muslim girl from Delhi falls in love with her but Rubina rejects the the proposal and also complains the higher authorities of the company about harassing her because of it Iqbal was fired out. Then he joins new company and there he meets Payal. Payal was the first angel of his life who loves unconditionally without any expectation. Payal is Hindu and Iqbal is from Muslim orthodox family where chances of getting married with to other religion is strictly prohibited. Payal father was supporting to the marriage for the sake of his daughter's happiness but on the other hand Iqbal's family were not supporting to the relationship. Payal and Iqbal breakups there relationship for the parents happiness and try to move on in life with other proposal and promise to keep in touch. Later Iqbal gets engaged with third angel of his life Nazriya. After engagement he was back to Bangalore and meets his first angel of his life Rubina. Rubina apologize him for what she had done with him. Rubina and Iqbal becomes friends and Rubina asks whether his love for her still remains in heart. Iqbal met with accident. What happens to Iqbal and his angels to know more read the book.The author has portrayed each and every character with utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story. Narration of the book is done well.Language is simple and lucid to read and connect with the story and being engaged throughout the story. All in all, a good easy book to read, a book which won’t require the use of a dictionary, a book which even an amateur reader would love to get indulged in. Pace is slow. The story flows like a movie. The book have been portrayed in such a way, that any reader will be able to connect with the story and live the journey with them.She was the true angel that God had sent with a healing touch. When I was low and depressed in life, she was the one who inspire me to live and not give up on loving people.I recommend this book to the readers who are seeking for a quick read or a light-heated romantic novel.Overall Ratings 4.5/5 StarsGrab the book here Amazon.in Amazon.comAbout the AuthorIrshad Thalakala, presently works as Technical Teach in IBM Bangalore. In the past he worked with Tech Mahindra, Tata Technologies and DRDO.  He is a serious writer and frequent writer of blogs and small stories. His latest novel “My True Angel” getting good response and appreciation from all over.He is from Thalakala, which is a town in the northern part of Kerala, situated in the lap of Western Ghats. He finished his primary education from Kasaragod, Kerala and his higher education from Mangalore, Karnataka. Other than writing he likes to explore different varieties of food. He also likes to travel.Here are some of links via you can contact Irshad- Facebook |Instagram