I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind  -- Jorge Luis borges
There are people who love to watch heaps of books in their room while others love the smell of freshly printed books . And then there are those whose monthly budget includes expenditure on buying books.
Because of all these sphere games , the book reviews available on various website are really very helpful

I am giving you the review of book titled  THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL by Anne Frank also known as The diary of Anne Frank.

It's an autobiography
And the subject of this book is the world war 2 Nazi occupation of the Netherlands

Okay so this book is really captivating and brings you the real feel of living in a fascist regime like Nazi Germany without any civil liberties.It captures the horrors suffered by a young girl at one of the concentration camps while waiting to be gassed in one of the gas Chambers of Auchtwitz.The book seems realistic and gives bone-chilling accounts of the murders, rapes, crazy medical experiments and human rights abused that were so common in the Nazi era.

The protagonist of the story finally dies in one of the concentration camps and that is one of the strongest moments of the entire read.

This book is really good and deserve a corner in your book's castle .