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Bhagavad Gita Verse 5.3
 8 December 2019  

Alchemist - In Gita Verse 5.3 One who neither hates nor desires the fruits of his activities is known to be always renounced. Such a person, free from all dualities, easily overcomes material bondage and is completely liberated, O mighty-armed Arjuna.Krishna in this verse explain us what is bondage? In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 4.12Blog I wrote what is bondage?Now we will take support of Upanishad to understand Bondage:Upanishad began with: What is bondage? What is liberation? These were the first questions. The sage has discussed things in such detail, entering deeply into the reality of life, that you could never have imagined that this would be the final reply which he gives. He should have said so in the very beginning!What the sage is now saying is that “When there is no bondage in the first place, how can there be any liberation? I am not something which can be bound, I cannot be bound; freedom is my nature, so who can put me in bondage? How can I be bound? How can any bondage stick to me? I do not have even this much existence that I can be bound. Where is the body which can be bound? Where is the form which can be imprisoned? Where are its outlines?” It is only after going beyond all the boundaries, having discussed freedom from all forms at length… Perhaps by now the seeker himself may have forgotten that his original inquiry was: What is bondage? What is liberation? That inquiry has receded so far into the distance that perhaps you did not remember it either! The query has been left so far behind, the discussions have gone so deep, to such profundities, that now the sage says: I am not a doer – how can there be bondage or liberation for me? “If bondage does not exist, then what meaning is there in liberation? If bondage is not possible for me, then where does the question of liberation arise?”Upanishad began with a question and it ends with a question. The sage says, “How can there be bondage? – and therefore how can there be liberation? Where I am, bondage and liberation cannot exist.” But if this were the answer, he could have said this at the very beginning!When Upanishad says that How can there be bondage? – and therefore how can there be liberation? Then from where the bondage came?Let’s understand how we have created bondage?Everybody is born in freedom, but dies in bondage. The beginning of life is totally loose and natural, but then the society enters; then rules and regulations enter, morality, discipline and many sorts of trainings. The looseness and the naturalness and the spontaneous being is lost. One starts to gather around oneself a sort of armor. One starts becoming more and more rigid. The inner softness is no longer apparent.On the boundary of one’s being, one creates a fortlike phenomenon in order to defend, not to be vulnerable – to react, for security, safety; and the freedom of being is lost. One starts looking at others’ eyes: their approvals, their denials, their condemnations. Appreciation becomes more and more valuable. The others become the criterion, and one starts to imitate and follow others because one has to live with others.A child is very soft, he can be molded in any way; and the society starts molding him – the parents, teachers, the school – and by and by he becomes a character not a being. He learns all the rules. He either becomes a conformist, that is bondage, or he becomes rebellious – that too is another sort of bondage. If he becomes a conformist, orthodox, square, that is one sort of bondage; he can react, can become a hippy, can move to the other extreme, but that is again a sort of bondage – because reaction depends on the same thing it reacts against. You may go to the farthest corner, but deep down in the mind you are rebelling against the same rules. Others are following them, you are reacting, but the focus remains on the same rules. Reactionaries and revolutionaries all travel in the same boat. They may be standing against each other, back to back, but the boat is the same.So Krishna tells Arjuna, because of our knowledge we have are following the discipline but not self-discipline. If from the same information and knowledge you use your own wisdom to act, then being into society you are not touched by society. We need all the information of the objective world but need to act from our wisdom. This is the key. If you can do this then you can understand what Krishnas says O mighty-armed Arjuna, One who neither hates nor desires the fruits of his activities is known to be always renounced. Such a person, free from all dualities, easily overcomes material bondage and is completely liberated.As the person who uses his own wisdom for the information of the objective world he is person who is alchemist of himself. He is not touched by objective world or subjective world.

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Online Digital Marketing Certification Workshop | How does Google Remarketing Work?
 7 December 2019  

Online Digital Marketing Certification Workshop | How does Google Remarketing Work?Online Digital Marketing Certification Workshop |How does Google Remarketing Work?Mindcypress digital marketing training, Google ads remarketing mindcypress is the form of online marketing that enables the advertiser to show the advertisement of their website to the user who have visited their website. mindcypress The people will continually see the website advertisements while they browse the internet, watch videos or read news. digital marketing training,mindcypress Remarketing is also digital marketing trainingknown as Mindcypress retargeting ads and they are vital in increasing the revenue of the advertisers at the dramatic way. If you advertise on Google, then you need to add just a Google remarketing code so that visitors can get the advertisement followed on their browser time to time. If you are looking for any digital marketing training, then you have to be careful regarding the course content as it should contain the Google Remarketing because it is really important to gain every information regarding it. digital marketing training,Mindcypress Let’s explain this functionality with Mindcypress the help of an example. If you are an office supplies brand and you are running a remarketing advertisement on Google of your office chair and someone searches for the same digital marketing training product on Google which you are advertising. The person will be acquainted with your website after his search and when he will leave your website and do the simple surfing on the internet, the advertisement of your product or website will keep on following the visitor with the banner you have created along with the hyperlink of your website or product. Digital Marketing learning course is designed to enable the user to run the advertisements with the complete expertise and advancement.Mindcypress digital marketing training, According to Google, when you are starting your first campaign, you tend to target everyone who is visiting Mindcypress your website which increases your costs as your ads are being targeted to more clicks and your budget will keep on increasing as per the click. According to your need you can choose your users about the discount going on your website. digital marketing training,Why remarketing advertisements?Mindcypress digital marketing training, Google advertisement Mindcypress targeting is a powerful online marketing as it allows you to stay connected with your product even if you leave the website. Through this, you gain the brand exposure and your website becomes more SEO friendly. Digital Marketing learning certification is beneficial for those users who want to excel in the digital marketing platform and run the remarketing ads with full proficiency. You can avail the maximum benefit out of these courses as they are more user friendly and informative.Advantages of Remarketing AdvertisementsPersonalization of Preferences While personalizing your remarketing lists, you get endless possibilities to make the most out of your inputs. There are mainly two key factors you can use.An action carried out by a user and the time passed on the website2.    Targeting users with different interest at different moments of purchaseIncrease your reachMindcypress digital marketing training, Google display Mindcypress network can reach over 2 million websites and applications and through this other remarketing ad like Facebook ads and other social media ads are best to outreach, through this, you will be able to outreach your customers at the rapid rate with lesser investments. digital marketing training, MindcypressMaster Google Remarketing through Digital Marketing Learning CourseMindcypress Digital Marketing Training can be done through Digital Marketing learning course. Digital Marketing learning certification is done by the digital marketing professionals to achieve new heights in their career. digital marketing training, MindcypressDigital Marketing Training, Digital Marketing learning course, Digital Marketing learning certification, digital marketing professionalshttps://www.blog.mindcypress.com/how-does-google-remarketing-work/Digital Marketing Workshop from the Digital Marketing Professionals and TrainersDigital Marketing Experts are creating course for the Digital Marketing Workshops and Digital Marketing Trainings to clear the Digital Marketing Certification of the Digital Marketing aspirants who are looking for best Digital marketing trainings. Digital Marketing Experts, Digital Marketing Workshops, Digital Marketing Trainings, Digital Marketing Certification, Digital Marketing aspirants, Digital marketing trainings

Prepare Full Fledge SAA-C01 Dumps Dumps PDF & Real Exam Questions With Dumps4Download.us
 7 December 2019  

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New Slot Sites UK – Offer Fun Gaming Experience To Gamers
 7 December 2019  

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Enjoy the Beauty of Agra to the Fullest With Delhi Agra Same Day Tour Packages
 7 December 2019  

For decades tourists and travelers from all over the world have been visiting the city of Agra for a lot of reasons. One of the most prominent reasons for their visit is the ancient Mughal monument and one of the Seven Wonders of the World Taj Mahal.This monument alone attracts more than 50% of the tourists of India, the reason being it’s amazing architectural style and the story behind it. It is extremely popular among couples because it was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memories of his favorite and most beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This monument was named after her and that is the reason why it is also called the symbol of love.For anyone who is visiting this beautiful city for the first time, we always recommend then to get a pre-plannedDelhi Agra day trip packages. Now, you might be wondering why Delhi is included in this tour package, right. Well, most of the tour packages start with Delhi as it is the destination that houses an international airport and it is located in close proximity from the ancient Mughal Capital Agra.So, this is the reason why it is called the Delhi Agra taj mahal day trip. Your same day Taj Mahal tour by car will kick start at the Delhi international airport and from there you will travel to the city of Agra that is located approximately 250Km away from it. It only takes around 4 hours to travel that distance through the car with Delhi-Agra express highway. You will get to enjoy a small road trip in such tour packages in which you will be able to enjoy the roadside Dhaba food along with some delicious tea.After arriving at the city of Agra you will be able to explore the beauty of the Taj Mahal. Besides the Taj Mahal, you will also be able to explore several other amazing monuments that this city has to offer.These are the monuments that you will get to explore in n your same day Agra tour besides Taj Mahal:Agra Fort:Agra Fort is a gigantic monument that is located at the proximity from the Taj Mahal, it was made by Akbar for housing an army but later it was enlarged and beautified to a great extent and now it is considered to be one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. If you want to feel the beauty of the Mughal Era at its peak then you should explore the insides of this fort.Fatehpur Sikri:It is another UNESCO world heritage site that is located on the outskirts of the Agra city, it is filled with many ancient buildings that are the prime example of long-forgotten architectural style. This city was the former Mughal capital that was abandoned due to lack of water so you can expect a pretty great monument from this place.With this, your Delhi Agra 1 night 2 days tour package will come to an end.

A Short-Cut Way To Confirm Success In Your IT Certification With SCS-C01 Dumps
 7 December 2019  

Many people fail in their IT exam just because of inadequate preparation without a study material or with an unreliable study material. Now this problem has been resolved and you can download SCS-C01 Dumps. Our experts have formed this compact PDF file with kid gloves. Accuracy of information provided in this stuff can be confirmed through free demo questions at Exam4Help.com. If are determined to get success in your IT exam with attractive grades then you can bring home the bacon by swallowing accurate details given in this guide. While going through SCS-C01 Questions And Answers, you will be immersed in the knowledge of your concerned filed. Plethora of real details about the exam topics will furnish you mind with requisite orientation. This short study guide comes with many other advantages.Imparting Knowledge SurprisinglySCS-C01 Study Material will instill a thorough understanding of the field by giving you introduction of every exam topic. Experts have gathered all the scattered required information from different valid sources and have put in this smart study guide. A very to the point details are deemed to be conveyed so the candidates don’t get confused. An ocean of knowledge has been packed in one drop to make it easy for you grasp exact information quickly.Free Quality ConfirmationYou have been given opportunity to dig into the demo question to ascertain the validity of SCS-C01 Practice Test. Out of the topic details have been obviated while discussing the exam concepts. All the questions and answers in this handy study guide are fully verified by our esteemed experts. This is why, you are given passing guarantee.Supportive And Directive StudyIf you have someone to overlook, you can boost your performance by correcting your faults. To save your time for quick preparation you need to be directed. We are providing you this help from the experts who are well experienced and qualified. All the study you will do from Amazon SCS-C01 Dumps will be under the supervision of experts. You will be provided every possible support by our experts. Once you sign with us you are going to get your definite success.Repetition Of SCS-C01 Questions And AnswersPractice will make your learning solid and you will be able to perform in the final with more confident. You will use online practice test for amending your mistakes that can be possibly committed. This test will be take after you complete your study from the provide stuff. Online practice test has also been conducted by our experts. You will learn a lot from this post-study stuff which will work as an exam simulator. Once you go through this test and start getting good marks in it then you will get enough knowledge to pass your IT exam easily by the first attempt.Secure Your PaymentWe give importance to everything our clients put for their preparation. Their money, time and dedication deserve just fruit. We are offering money back guarantee for SCS-C01 Dumps PDF. It will make it sure to return back your payment in case of unfavorable results. Our experts have formed the material very adroitly so there is no chance of failure. We are confident about your success if you follow the directions and guidance.Download The Stuff In Split SecondIt is not a lengthy process to download SCS-C01 Questions And Answers from Exam4Help.com. You can take it as a prescribed piece for success in your IT certification. If you want to do the best in your exam then don’t wait for your exam and start your preparation from now on. Visit our site to download free demo questions and the original PDF file. If you have any queries about the exam then you can contact us at Info@Exam4Help.com. You will find our team very cooperative and well-mannered. Get this opportunity and step forward towards your success.

Restore your sensual abilities by getting hard with Tadalista 40
 7 December 2019  

Restore your sensual abilities by getting hard with Tadalista 40Tadalista 40 consists of tadalafil active ingredients. This is one of the best and most popular long-lasting effects other than other available medications in the market.Buy Tadalista 40mg online drug is taken a single dose per day. This medication is composed of a stable and efficient chemical compound also used in pulmonary arterial hypertension. This tablet takes 30 to 40 minutes to desire in erectile dysfunction.What Is Tadalista 40 Used For?Men all over the world have discovered that there are so many benefits to taking Tadalista 40 mg pill, and these include a harder erection and high strength. Plus, there is the cost-effectiveness that is connected with this medicine. When taking Generic Suhagra 100, men have been found to enjoy a great deal of freedom, and they have also recovered their lost self-confidence.Tadalista 40 mg how to work?The mechanism of action in Tadalista 40 mg is called tadalafil citrate, which is a compound that encourages better blood flow in your body. To get an erection to and then maintain it, you need to have hemoglobin coming to your penis so that your penis can get engorged. This compound helps with that aspect, and of course, it is the same one that is used in Caverta 100, so you know that it is strong and long-lasting as well.How to take Tadalista 40 mg tablets?Tadalista can be taken before or after making a meal. This medication usually is not affected by a person’s food intake before taking this medicine. Often, a single dose per day is prescribed to the patient, and in some cases, it may go higher than this. The doctor normally decides the treatment of the Erectile Dysfunction medicine after observing the severity of the condition and the compatibility of the medication with each patient.Avoid drinking alcohol while taking such medicines, as they can increase the side effects caused by this medicine. It is advisable to stay away from the drug while driving.Dosage:Missed DoseTake the missed dose as soon as you memorize. It can be skipped if it is nearly time for the next scheduled dose. Tadalafil applies to situations like Pulmonary Hypertension, where the dose regimen is fixed.OverdoseContact a doctor directly if an overdose is suspected. You might need serious medical attention if the overdose is severe.Side effects:Aurogra 100 medicines can result in some major as well as minor side effects. This is not an exhaustive listing of side effects. Please contact your doctor's immediate vision if you experience any adverse reaction to the medicine. A side effect of Tadalista that you may experience are:• Confusion and dizziness• Fainting, loss of hearing and chest pain• Pain or discomfort in the chest• Nausea accompanied by vomiting• Sweating and weakness• Pain in the stomach or neck• A headache, Back pain, muscle pain.These side effects go away with time. If they do persist, you should seek medical help.Storage:Store at room temperature.Store in a cool and dry place.Keep all medicine to a safe place, where they reach out of children and pets.Where can I buy the Tadalista 40mg Pills?You can buy this ED medication from the pharmacy store over the internet. Also, it is recommended to see the sexual health expert for buying the ED medication online. Since the doctor knows your medical history well, they can tell you how you could be benefitted from Suhagra? You can buy prescribed purple pill from our online pharmacy company EDPills at the most discounted price. Our online delivery service is discrete and 100% confidential. We are the supplier of top quality OTC medications and other healthcare products to the consumers worldwide.Visit our website www.himsedpills.com for more details or to buy Tadalista 40.

Daily Wear Diamond Necklaces
 7 December 2019  

Working women are the products of a new empowered society, and we couldn't be more proud of the millions of women juggling work and home with ease and confidence. They are the real superheroes of today, toiling for hours to chase their dreams, earn for the family, look after them as well and still keep it together. To celebrate the beautiful, bold women of today, what other gifts can they be showered with other thanjewellery! There is something about jewellery, however small or big, that fills ones’ heart with joy. Jewellery adds to the confidence of every woman, so don't just keep them for occasions, get your hands on some elegant pieces that you can flaunt every day and shine brighter than the diamond you adorn. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to everyday jewellery. The options are endless from simple gold chains to affordable fancy silver danglers or the fine shimmer of a diamond pendant.Diamonds on goldSpice up your dreary office wear with the shine of a diamond for that lasting glow, making a statement every day. Daily wear or office wear jewellery has to be notable, yet not in the face, minimal yet visible enough to show you mean business! Also, if you are a saree or salwar person, you can go for a little dressy and slightly larger designs. Trousers and shirts would ideally need more understated looks to flatter you. In trend are medium length chains with delicate diamond pendants that steal the show.You can choose a classic round pendant with diamonds studded all over or pick a solitaire necklace if you want to up your game. Find danglers that are a combination of diamonds and coloured precious stones of choice like rubies or emeralds for a more striking look. The more elegant you, can opt for a coloured stone piece, surrounded by oval diamonds, the epitome of chic. When choosing everyday diamonds, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:Look at the construction. You will need a secure setting for the diamond.Get your price point lowered by choosing a necklace with a couple of smaller diamonds than a solitaire.Careful not to choose too heavy or chunky designs as they can tire you out through the day and might not suit all your outfits.Ask for the latest or trending design to help you stay updated or even ahead of the game.Choices to go for:Simple chain with a striking pendant with several diamond highlights.For an extra glow, choose a neck-piece of unique style and design.Solitaire pendants on strands of gold.A diamond necklace with pearls or coloured stone combinations is a dream.For the complete look, get matching earrings and maybe a ring to finish off the look.Floral designs have made an enormous comeback currently, so catch up on flowers and foliage in your jewellery.Silver set glitterSilver is a perfect choice for daily wear jewellery. They are easy on the pocket, can be great additions to western outfits and add a bohemian vibe to the whole look. Silver also compliments diamonds beautifully, so chose a diamond pendant with an array of coloured stones, that can be mixed and matched to suit most outfits. Also, the traditional flower and heart set diamond pendants are always in style.Rose GoldIf you are a fashionista, this is indeed something you don't want to miss. The coppery rose-gold, which is a happening trend in the market currently is a perfect match to the Indian skin tone. Rose gold gives an out of the world, fashion-forward look, especially as beautiful spiral chains with diamond studded pendants. Match your rose gold necklace with easy casual solitaire studs to complete the look.Platinum threadsDo not miss out on platinum! Being a pretty expensive metal, most platinum designs are sleek, stylish and can easily be carried off with formal wear. Platinum is rarely seen without diamonds, so get that elegantly studded platinum necklace, pair them with small diamond studs and add to your glamour quotient. Show off your platinum necklace with a bangle of the same set to turn eyes every day. So don't shy away from diamond jewellery for everyday looks. Today, they are affordable and there is an enormous variety of designs available for you to choose from. Enjoy Shopping!

The Best Watches You Can Get From Cartier
 7 December 2019  

How do you define luxury exactly? There is no specific meaning, is there? Or is it something that we just make up as we go along? The term luxury is somewhat man made because as a civilization we have always focussed on essential things that aid our survival. However, somehow somewhere down the line, the concept of luxury was coined out and it became an integral part of our existence. The watchmaking industry utilises this concept of luxury quite well. Cartier would know that.Cartieris a superstar in the business and its watches are proof of that. It all started for the business in the 19th Century when the brand began as a jewellery making enterprise. In time it expanded to making watches. Today, Cartier watches are nothing short of spectacular and magnificent when it comes to quality, finesse, and functionality. Not many people know this but Cartier was the first one to make men’s wristwatches popular. It is also said that it made the first aviation timepiece, the Cartier Santos. Let us get a little deeper with present Cartier watches and understand what exactly makes them so good? Are they really great watches or is it just another marketing propaganda? So, shall we? Cartier Tank In the books of Cartier, the Tank casts probably the biggest shadow among all its other watches. The Tank’s origin dates back to the 1910s when its idea was conceived by Louis Cartier when he witnessed the tanks in the First World War. The battle machines did a good number on him as they made a long lasting impression. This resulted in a watch that resembled the outer shell of a tank but at the same time it was as elegant as any watch at the time could be. What made it even better was the watchmaker was willing to experiment which led to even better variants such as the Cartier Tank Solo, Anglaise, Francaise, and Americaine. Cartier Ballon Bleu The Cartier Ballon Bleu has gained quite the reputation in the recent years. This unprecedented rise in the popularity and demand for the timepiece was quite frankly no expected by anyone. The Ballon Bleu’s inspiration is rather abstract, unlike many of the others from the Parisian luxury goods maker. The timepiece is also one of the most exquisite and remarkable watch designs of this generation. The watchmaker will always be a huge name in the industry that is for sure. What remains to be seen is whether it can maintain this level of efficiency in the future. Well, only time will tell. 

Bhagavad Gita Verse 5.2
 7 December 2019  

Devotion - In Gita Verse 5.2 The Personality of Godhead replied: The renunciation of work and work in devotion are both good for liberation. But, of the two, work in devotional service is better than renunciation of work.Krishna says to Arjuna that from both the path you will be liberated from your knowledge. But for Krishna work in devotional service is better. In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.28, blog I wrote - Devotion means that you are beginning to experience the divine in matter, that you are beginning to perceive the unmanifest in the manifest, that the formless has begun to be glimpsed shimmering in form.Let’s understand this verse of Kirishna by verse of Daya:The glory of your name is infinite, as even a tiny spark of fire burns the greatest forest. “If even a small spark falls onto me, O Lord, I will burn like the forest and turn to ash.” The moment the devotee is burned to ash, to nothingness, the moment he has been erased, he becomes the divine. The death of the devotee is the birth of the divine within him. The death of the devotee is the coming of godliness. Devotion is a lesson in death, because love is a lesson in death. Only those who are able to die ever know love, and only those who are determined to die the great death ever know devotion.Be determined: it can happen. And until it does, you will remain the same orphan that you are now. It can happen, it is very close to you. If you open your doors and windows even a little the divine will come inside; just as the rays of the sun and the fresh air enter as soon as you open the doors of your house. Don’t sit with your doors shut. Sway, dance, sing, give thanks to life. If you can thank life, you will know that whatever you have already received, even that is enough. What you have is enough. If you can give thanks for that, you will receive more and more. Your gratefulness will bring more and more. The greater your gratitude, the more will come onto your side of the scales. The more your gratitude, the more you will be worthy and the more you will be filled with the blessings of the divine.The path of devotion is the path of the heart. Only the mad succeed there, only those who can laugh and cry with their whole heart, those who are not afraid to drink the wine of the divine – because when you drink that wine you will lose all your senses, you will lose all control over your life. Then you will walk when he makes you walk, you will stand when he makes you stand. Even though it is he who is making you walk, he who is making you stand up, your life goes on very beautifully, very blissfully. Right now, your life is nothing but sorrow: then your life will be nothing but bliss. But this happens only when your life is not under your control. And that is the fear.The only thing that stops you from moving toward devotion is this fear that you will lose control and no longer remain your own master. If you want the divine to be your master, you cannot remain the master yourself. Lord…this is forever my request. If the divine is to be your lord, you must give up your lordship over yourself. If you want the divine to be your master, you must get off the throne. Get off the throne! As soon as you do, you will find that he has always been sitting there. You couldn’t see him because you were sitting there. Get down and bow in front of the throne and you will find that his boundless radiance, his infinite light, his grace has filled you from all sides.Ramakrishna used to say: “You are unnecessarily rowing. Unfurl your sails, put down your oars. His winds are blowing. He will take your boat to the other shore.”Devotion is sailing with the wind, the path of knowledge is working the oars. In rowing, naturally it is you who will work. But when the sails fill with the winds of God and the boat takes off, you don’t have to do anything. Surrender, unfurl your sails! Nothing done on your own has succeeded so far. Stop relying on yourself. Walk with his feet, see with his eyes, live according to him. Let your heart beat with his heart.These verses of Daya are unique. They can bring a revolution into your life.For Krishna devotion is better as devotion is not a path. You don’t have to travel it. Devotion is a way of merging and melting into existence. It is not a pilgrimage; it is simply losing all the boundaries that divide you from existence – it is a love affair.Love is not a path. Love is a merger with an individual, a deep intimacy of two hearts – so deep that the two hearts start dancing in the same harmony. Although the hearts are two, the harmony is one, the music is one, the dance is one.What love is between individuals, devotion is between one rebel and the whole existence. He dances in the waves of the ocean, he dances in the dancing trees in the sun, he dances with the stars. His heart responds to the fragrance of the flowers, to the songs of the birds, to the silence of the night.Devotion is not a path. Devotion is the death of the personality. That which is mortal in you, you drop of your own accord; only the immortal remains, the eternal remains, the deathless remains. And naturally the deathless cannot be separate from existence – which is deathless, which is always ongoing, knows no beginning, no end.Devotion is the highest form of love.It is possible you may love one person, and love becomes so deep that slowly, slowly the very quality of love changes into devotion. Then that person becomes only a window for you to take a jump into existence. That is the situation of the master, as far as the rebel is concerned.Devotion is not a path. Devotion is only a love affair, purified to its ultimate state. Then whomsoever you love becomes a door, a bridge to the universal organic unity, the experience of your small identity dissolving in the ocean just like a dewdrop slipping from a lotus leaf.