Book Title: Lessons For Step Mothers
Author: Geeta Maheshwari

About The Book:
The word ‘ Mother ‘ is a very precious one in the world. The word ‘ Mother ‘ itself is a whole world. It’s very hard to describe in reality to define the  word ‘ Mother ‘.

As the book starts with a beautiful paragraph – ‘ Nobody ever gets married with the intent of getting a divorce. Most people think theor marriage will last forever. Somewhere along the way, some us get divorced or widowed. Remarriages happen and if there are children involved, step families are created. Everyone in the new family needs help to adjust to their roleswho needs it the most is the step mother. Her role unquestionably is the most challenging role in the step family ‘, the reader can see the author’s trial in explaining the world’s most difficult word – ‘ Step Mother ‘ though it has the most beautiful word ‘ Mother ‘.

Yes, indeed the role of a step mother is the most challenging one.
For some wicked reason, most of the times in many of the families under strange circumstances, the word step mother is misled and misused. Though this topic comes with many taboos that are deep rooted internally, the author has made her best efforts to bring out a  a positive outllook towards the role of a step mother.

Inside The Book:
The author has divided the book into 16 chapters in chronological order, in sync with the issues a step mother generally faces. Each chapter explains about the mental baggage she carries from the previous marriage, the behaviour of the new family members with the new relationship, how to face the negativity around with more self-confidence, to get prepared for new challenges and get adjusted with self expectations, bonding with the kids and dealing with the his ex-wife, managing money intelligently so that the kids donot feel out of the home, celebrating the important days of life and most importantly to maintain a good frequency in a step mother - step daughter relationship.