Book name: It's Not right but it's okay

Author: Anuj Tiwari

It's not right but it's okay by Anuj Tiwari is a perfect blend of love, romance, relationship, friendship and life.

The story is about love and friendship with a rollercoaster rides of emotions. Their are the scene where you will cry but in a next scene you will be smiling.  You may find yourself some where in the story. To find that you need to grap the book.

The title is unique and eye catchy with a beautiful cover. The blurb is not upto the inside story. 

The language is simple readers will easily connect with the story. The author has done a remarkable work in narration part because the author has kept balance among emotions. He knows when to bring tears to eyes and when to make them blush, smile and laugh like an idiot while reading.

The author know very well that how to make readers glued till the end of story, their are so many suspense element till the end of the story. Their will be time you might hate a few characters but towards the end you will love them.

I just don't like blurb because the blurb is part where readers become curious about inside story and the inside story is just amazing and having much more than the blurb says.

Overall one of the best romantic thriller I have read after a long time. I would recommend to every book lover and even to non book lover because these book will hook you till the end. I will assure you these book will come out to be worth a read.


Title: 5/5

Cover: 4/5

Blurb: 3/5


Overall: 4.8/5

┬ęBaber Samira