Review of “Wheels of Wish” by Bibhu Datta Rout

Book - Wheels of Wish

Author - Bibhu Datta Rout

Genre - Mythological and crime fiction

My Ratings - 3.5 / 5 ⭐️

Review - 

This Crime Fiction novel by author Bibhu Datta Rout is both intriguing and refreshing. The story revolves around an incident that occurs in 2008, with the accused being Shashank, also happens to be in a romantic relationship with Roohani, the victim of the crime.

This leads to an interesting chain of investigations, a lot of courtroom drama and conspiracies of unheard, unimaginable circumstances and links to past as old as 13th century.

The story goes back to 1200 AD when the chain of mysteries has its roots linking historical and mythological figures which is an Essential dimension in the whole story

It’s a very short, descriptive and to the point novella, of about 200 pages. The good thing is that the author doesn’t seem intent on beating around the bush. But only at some places it feels a little rushed. The work of mythological facts and fiction is beautifully blended.

That being said, the language, narrative and editing could have been much better. Also the Direct translation of certain Hindu words into English is a bit of a let down. I would want more had it not been for some loose ends the book had left.

Other than that it’s a good book. Short and fast paced.
I’ll definitely recommend you to read this book, especially if you are a Mythological fiction fan.

The bookshire

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