Book Title: Such Is Her Life 
Author: Reecha Agarwal
Format: Paper Back 
Total Number of Pages: 184 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Publishing Date: 1 April 2018
ISBN-10: 938777953X
ISBN-13: 978-9387779532

You know her as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law.
But seldom as a woman . . .
And maybe never as a human.
Get ready . . . it’s time to unlearn and learn.
A collection of musings that will have you reeling in a wave of emotion long after you are done reading, this powerhouse of work will make you smile, cry, go red in anger, nod your head in agreement and grasp the finer nuances of what it means to be her in today’s world.

My Take

Starting from the cover is alluring the birds flying from a woman’s head represents the feeling of freedom that a women seeks. The title “Such Is Her Life” is different and interesting. As the title suggest it’s a collection of musings on women’s life.

The author has beautifully crafted all the life of a woman right from the time she is in her mothers womb till the time of her death. Musing are written day to day life of female goes through she is raped, rape, child abuse, sexually, mentally, physically, gender discrimination, acid attack, killing, and many others. The best part about these musings was that they were relatable, each and every girl can feel but never truly express herself to people and the things around us. You will feel the magic of words. How a bunch of few words will move you and you happen to close the book and think about rights of women.
Words. That they give voice to your inner most feelings.

The words were simple and the language is lucid which eased the reading. Perfectly portrayed the feelings and narration was intresting. The first thing I did was to check out if the pages were pink too and guess what yes few pages are pink and poetic verses. It’s simply adorable.

4.50 a.m.: She was born.

4.51 a.m.: She was handed over an invisible moral code of conduct!


Forgetting easily was a gift.

A gift she wasn’t blessed with.


Until yesterday, she was scared of ghosts.

Today she is terrified of people.


Life kept changing and she kept accepting it. Until the day she started questing. And that changed the game. Changed her life.


they found her strange and weird.

She found herself unconventional and unique.


While everyone else left, it was her dad who shielded her through all the earthquakes of her life.

Her dad, her only hero!


She was thrilled to bits on seeing her grandchildren play around her.

It was the first day of the month.

The day when they visited her-visited her at the old age home.

Looking forward to read more books by the author.

Overall Ratings 5/5 Stars

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About the Author

Reecha Agarwal Goyal holds an MBA in marketing and finance from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai. She has worked as a Wealth Manager in one of the reputed MNCs for six months before getting married in Delhi. Literature has always fascinated her and she has an undying passion for words. She believes that it is her kids, Aanya and Ayansh, who have brought out the writer in her. They make her see this world in a whole new light. Pink Musings is her first book and she desires to spend her entire life reading, writing and travelling.