"Story wallah” by Kumar Ganesan is a heartwarming collection of fourteen little tales.

The stories are beautifully crafted, each one inspired directly or indirectly from author’s real-life experiences.

The tales are written on wide variety of themes, some extremely strong and powerful, depicting hard – hitting, bitter truths of our society like ‘Make Up & Made Up’.
The tales are capable of catching the attention of readers and leading them to read each and every short, crisp and realistic tale with enthusiasm.
Moreover, a few stories aim at breaking down walls of ignorance and busting myths and notions formed in our society. ‘Real Men Cry’ is one such tale which I loved immensely for it’s emotional and powerful impact.
Also, some of the tales like ‘Pushpak Express’ happened to be eye – openers and the essence of all the stories deeply etched in minds of readers like me.
‘I, Me and Pemba’ was an inspiring tale and the author has penned down his fears, thoughts, and emotions in the story in a subtle way.
Other stories were interesting, thought-provoking and unique!
Memoirs like ‘Malligai Poo Maami’ portrayed author’s keen observations and detailed description.
Rest of the stories were equally well written, gripping and seemed to form a bond with the readers.

According to me, the most exciting part of the book was wonderful illustrations and sketches on each page. They enhanced my speed and enthusiasm to read the book manifold.
The stories also contained great quotations to inspire the readers.

The language and vocabulary were good enough and a lot of vernacular words, phrases and sentences, including Tamil and Hindi were used. It would have been better if the author provided a glossary of these words.
Narration was simplistic, natural and realistic, making the book an easy read.
Nevertheless, plenty of errors including spelling mistakes, typing or printing mistakes and grammatical errors disappointed me.
I found the cover too simple but the illustrations contained in the book balances that. Title is quirky and blurb talks about the book and stories briefly.

Overall, it’s a bunch of myriad stories on varied themes which are enthralling, inspiring and down-to-earth with little or no drama.