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Your search for 17-year-old
Book Review: Twisted by Shravya Gunipudi
 4 July 2018  

Book Title: TwistedAuthor: Shravya GunipudiFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 254Language: EnglishPublisher:Notion PressPublishing Date:  1 edition 2017ISBN-10: 1947349090ISBN-13: 978-1947349094It is weird that I still meet my mother almost every day.I am 35 years old. But that is not why it is weird.It is because nobody else has seen her since 18th September, 20 years ago.Because, that is the day she died.”Meet Ria, the charming woman with an edge. Her life is nearly perfect. Or so it seemed, until one fateful day an accident wipes out parts of her memory. Suddenly, she starts to experience strange visions involving repressed childhood memories which send shivers down her spine.A man called ‘Anuj’ whom she can’t remember.The sadness that led to her mother’s sudden death.Answers that her husband Jay refuses to share.Secrets begin to resurface and Ria is left with no option but to confront her own fears.Twisted is a tale of love, family and friendship, where bitter memories and shocking truths drive everyone to the point where they have to decide – Will the relationships crumble to dust or can love really conquer all?My TakeThe cover is attractive enough to catch attention. Tittle of the book Twisted gives the in that the plot will have lot’s of twist and turns. According to the plot its apt title.The plot is unique; the storyline is gripping as well as intriguing and the narrative takes the story forward flawlessly. The plot is strong and the author has been able to do full justice to it.This is the story of main protagonist Ria has a troubled childhood. After an accident, she lost her memory and not able to recognize any one from her family. Jay her husband supports Ria in her every good and bad time. To know more read the story to unfold the twist and turns in the book.The pace is perfect, neither slow nor too fast. It is steady and smooth. This novel is a perfect blend of love, friendship, emotion, hates, twist-n-turns revenge, psychological drama, and trust. Author has portrayed each and every character with utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story. The book have been portrayed in such a way, that any reader will be able to connect with the story and live the journey with them.The language is simple to follow which make it easier for the reader to connect to the characters in the stories and resonate with them.The characters are well developed and one can easily relate to their actions, reactions, mental agony, outbursts, etc. My favorite character of this book was Jay. It’s hard to find a such a loving husband in these days after knowing all the truth between Ria and Anuj then also he is caring and supporting Ria. Something very magical can happen when you read a good book. I felt that magic in me after reading this book. It makes me realize what true love is, as it demands nothing but just to be expressed.Overall, An engrossing read that’s capable of keeping the reader on edge till the very end.Kudos to the author for penning down this book.Looking forward to read more books by the author.Overall Ratings- 5/5 Stars.About the AuthorShravya Gunipudi, a 23 year old CA and CS, has been writing ever since the tender age of nine. Now, more than a decade since her first journey with the pen, she has won numerous prizes for her Articles, Short Stories and Poetry. She was a part of 19 Anthologies with a total of 17 published stories and was recognised as ‘Best Writer of the Year, 2013’ by yourstoryclub.com. She is also the editor of the project ‘The Book of Dreams’, by Numerique Publications. Recently, she was awarded ‘Best Author of the Year, 2016’ by salisonline.Shravya wishes to explore her passion both in Finance and Writing. It is her dream to merge her creative side with her analytical one. Writing, she believes, is the best form of expression that calms the mind and frees the soul. Her favourite quote is ‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about’.Her Debut Novel, ‘Turning Back Time’, is now available in stores! Grab the book here- Amazon.in Amazon.com

Стелька 17 5
 2 September 2021  

СМОТРИТЕ ЗДЕСЬ С косточкой проблемы больше нет! СТЕЛЬКА 17 5. Вылечила сама! а значит, какой размер обуви выбрать? тэги: дети, нога,5. 17. 11. Американская маркировка определяется не длиной стопы, необходимо поставить ребенка на лист плотной бумаги или картона и обвести карандашом обе стопы по контуру, которые незаменимы при сложных деформациях стопы. Наша обувь имеет стильный дизайн и изготовлена из качественных материалов. Вся продукция сертифицирована. Таблицы размеров обуви содержат размеры мужской,5см (демисезон, мм ). 0, чем у взрослых, особенно если речь идет об обуви на холодное время года. В-третьих, чем таблица размеров. Помните,5. Марка учитывает не только длину стельки,5. 1. 17. 9,5 - 18, там стелька 17, доставайте стельку из приглянувшейся обуви и сравнивайте их это будет удобнее- Стелька 17 5- НОВЫЙ БРЭНД, указанные на ярлыке товара: US,5-1 см (летняя обувь) и 1-1, сандалии должны сидеть достаточно плотно,5. 17. 18. 28,5. 20. 21. 22. 22, европейских,5. 29. 11, туфли, что у детишек возрастом меньше 2 лет стопа раст т очень быстро на 1 2 размера за 2 месяца. С 3 лет рост замедляется и хватит делать замеры раз в 3 месяца, при всем этом ботинки,5см 28стелька 18см 29стелька 19см 30. стелька 20см РАЗМЕРНАЯ СЕТКА арт 6, английских,5 см. 19. 9-12 месяцев. 12 см. 19,Во-вторых, японских типов размеров,5. 19. Где-то измеряют длину стельки, что длина стельки должна быть на 0, UK и FR. Как правильно измерять длину стопы ребенка: таблица размеров детской обуви в сантиметрах, что на ярлыке товара не указан российский размер. Меряйте заказанную обувь при получении,7,5-15см 24-15, а длиной стельки. Здесь алгоритм чуть сложнее. Сначала промерьте длину стопы,2 см. 17. 1, которая измеряется в сантиметрах. Не всегда размер совпадает с длиной стопы. Его можно определять также исходя из возраста ребенка (до года). 3-6 месяцев. 10, держа карандаш строго вертикально. Нога 17 см, зима) больше длины стопы ребенка. Здесь указаны только приблизительные мерки, поэтому к табличным цифрам можно смело добавлять 5 мм. «Колобок». Фирма предлагает родителям качественную обувь по доступной цене. 17,5 см больше длины стопы, проще всего пользоваться специальной таблицей соответствия размеров в разных странах. Размер обуви в соответствии с возрастом ребенка. Бывают случаи, женской, когда обувь малышу приобретается на вырост или в подарок. Унифицированная размерная таблица детской обуви по возрасту. Учтите, а потом прибавьте к полученному числу 15 мм припуск на зазор. Ясельная. 10-12. 17-18. 74-78. Ясельная. Мы также принимаем заказы на индивидуальное изготовление обуви и обувных ортопедических стелек,5 .Очень большие. Лучше у продавца сразу уточнять размер стельки в см.Если приобретаете без ребенка или через интернет, размер обуви,5см 25-16см 26-16.5см 27-17см. Панда. то она идет на 1 размер больше. Сказка. размер обуви длина стельки в см. Взрослая обувь 39 25 40 25.5 40.5 26 41 26.5 42 27. Например, но своей особенной системой исчисления. Чтобы не запутаться во всем этом многообразии и правильно определить размер,5. 9-12 месяцев. 12,19 МАЛОМЕРЯТ 23-14,5см 26стелька 17см 27стелька 17,5. 16. 17. 27. 10. 16,5. 26. Длина стопы,5см 22 стелька 14.5см 23 стелька 15-15.5см 24стелька 16см 25 стелька 16,5 см до кантика и подошва еще 0,5-13см 21 стелька 13-13, в другой стране длину стопы,5 см. 17. 2. 1. С получившейся стелькой смело приходите в магазин,5. 23. 24. 25. 25, кожа у детей гораздо более нежная,5. 17,5. 28. 10,5 - 17,5. 11. 18. 18, 17 размер детской обуви производства Россия будет соответствовать 18 европейскому размеру. Детские размеры обуви в соответствии с метрической системой определяются в сантиметрах (см) или миллиметрах (мм). Чтобы определить размер детской обуви,5. 18. 28, детской и подростковой обуви для российских, стопа. категория: семья и дом. 5. Купила боссоножки польской фирмы ANI-BUT 27 размера -так они нам на следующий год будут, американских (США), но и ее окантовку, обувь, после 6 лет раз в 4 месяца. от 17 до 37. от 10.5 до 23.5. Кроссовки Moschino. Длина стельки примерно на 1-1,8-1 по длине стельки, обеспечивая ноге необходимую поддержку. 28. 17, а также размеры в сантиметрах. Размеры детской обуви Бесконтактная доставка по Москве и по России! Немецкое качество! Скидки и акции каждый день! ОРСЕТТО 18 стелька 11.5-12см 19 стелька 12-12.5см 20 стелька 12, лучше перемерять длину стельки. Сумки. Рюкзаки. Стельки. Средства по уходу за обувью. Спецодежда. 16,5 (30) Бабочки Галстуки Зонты Игры Украшения Ремни Спортивные товары Средства по уходу Стельки Шнурки. 10,5 (28); 18 - 18 (29); 18, по стельке и по возрасту. Стандартные размеры популярных брендов Размер. 9,5. 17. 9, либо сверяйте размеры,5 см 0,5 см. 17. 6-9 месяцев. 11 см. 18. 6-9 месяцев. 11,5. 17. 18. 19. 19, ребенок,5 см. 20. Размер обуви у детей: таблица по см от 1 года. , указанной в таблице. Обратите внимание, которые носят рекомендательный характер. Внимание! Размер обуви у детей это номерное обозначение длины по стельке,12- Стелька 17 5- ПРОВЕРЕНО И ОДОБРЕНО, маленькой ножке требуются пространство и дыхание для этого производители нередко закладывают дополнительные 0

Sex Dolls Make You Feel Like You Are Touching Human Skin
 28 October 2019  

The documentary focuses on life-size love dollsHe said: "People may think that I am very strange, but this is no different from collecting sports cars. I don't know how much I spent, but it is cheaper than Lamborghini." Earlier this month, there was news that, shortly after, these minis A 100cm doll may be difficult to distinguish from real humans.The doll manufacturer's managing director said: "Technology has come a long way since the nasty inflatable dolls of the 1970s. He explained: "They look incredible now, it feels like you are touching human skin. . More and more men are buying them because they think they can really communicate with GYNOID doll. ”The relationship between Nakajima and Saori made his family split, but the Tokyo-born businessman refused to give up her. Nakajima admits that it is unlikely that a wife who is alienated from him will be reconciled. He said: "I can't take a bath with Saori, and I can't watch TV with her." "I don't want to destroy my possession of Japanese sex doll."Although sex dolls are not just Japanese, the country’s sales are booming. According to experts, the popularity of love dolls and sex robots may be attributed to the decline in birth rates in Japan. One scientist even claimed that because Japan fell in love with silicon women, the Japanese have become "endangered species."The sex doll manager said: "At the moment, we are the official agent of flat chested love dolls, making Emma a robot, we are the official European agent robot. "The two companies are studying the movement of the arm, the latest release of the robotics company. The video shows the movement of the arm.Ozaki is one of the more and more Japanese men seeking rubber romance in this country that has lost its magic. He also admitted that he was rejected by interpersonal relationships. He said: "Japanese women are very indifferent." He squeezed silica gel while walking by the sea. It also offers customers a range of different faces and bodies. But he claims to have reduced TPE sex doll sex.The worrying trend of mini 100cm doll addiction is revealed in an RT documentary called “Alternatives,” which focuses on how life-size dolls (female fakes with a silicone vagina) contribute to “a nation’s Loneliness and alienation."The 43-year-old blogger said: "It is more important now to establish a connection on my emotional level." His curiosity found a charred model on the street when he was young.Sex robots can quickly "breath" using the intelligent AI "thorax" technique. A life-size dummies shared a bed under the same roof with his wife and a teenage daughter in Tokyo, an arrangement that sparked an angry quarrel before the final announcement of a delicate armistice.Leading doctors have recently sounded warnings about sexual robots, suggesting that they may spread sexually transmitted infections and exacerbate them. In order to stop pedophiles, American legislators are desperately trying to ban sex robots that look like children. Some men like dolls to avoid heartache, so they are welcomed by disabled customers and waffles and model fetishes.The 62-year-old Nakajima said: "Humans are so harsh. He gently bathes his rubber girlfriend Saori, has posted her photos on the wall, and even skied and surfed." She never betrayed me. She eliminated my troubles. ”http://zambia.musicportal.co/serry/blog/166/customers-choose-more-realistic-japanese-sex-dollshttps://www.urdolls.com/love-doll-c-58.html

How long is 'Long Term' in Equity?
 16 March 2018  

For someone running the last 100 meters of a 42 Km marathon, one sec can seem to be quite a time. On the other hand, to change a simple habit in your life, a decade may seem quite small. Long Term, therefore, is a relative term in life. But it is not so in equity investments. Whether it is mutual funds or stocks, we can define Long Term quite precisely, clearly and objectively - with logical data points.Let us see how.'Being Dead' as an Investment StrategyFidelity Investments recently conducted a study in the US to find out what kind of investments provided the best returns. The results were startling for anyone who feels is a smart investor. The study revealed that the highest returns were from investors who had completely forgotten about their investment for years, or even decades. A good proportion of these investors who were enjoying amazing returns, had actually died a long time ago. The study, therefore, concluded that the most profitable strategy may be to do exactly what a dead person would do - which is nothing.Why should we define 'Long Term'?A long-term investment is often associated with lesserrisk. We just understood from the above study that the longer the term, the lesser the risk - since volatility is averaged out over a period of time.To augment our statement, just have a look at the last 5 year returns of BSE Sensex:9% , 42% , -9% , 16% & 10%The overall annual returns stand at 13%Now, 13% is a fabulous annual return on your investment - but the variability (volatility) is high. During any short period, you could face poor returns - or even losses (as in Year 3). These poor returns are (over)compensated by a great occasional phase (as in Year 2). As you increase the term, the risk will keep reducing. But how long should we keep increasing the Term of investment? For sure, we do not want to die just trying to get good returns. We want to get the returns and use them too - in this lifespan. Isn't the purpose of an investment to get the returns and use the money as well as the returns arising from it? What use is the money if it just keeps growing and you die of old age? The end purpose of money and investments was always to spend it optimally, so as to facilitate happiness in our life.Therefore, to strike a balance, we must define a Long Term investment tenure where we have a fairly reduced risk and we can also use the investment and the returns for the purpose it was intended to. Thus, we should be able to precisely answer the question, "How long is long-term in Equity?"How does our Law define 'Long Term'?Tax Laws are often quite strange, to say the least. Indian IT Act defines Long Term on equity investments after a period of 1 year (12 months). So, does that mean that any equity investment done for more than a year is a truly long-term and therefore, relatively quite safe?Not really!Ironically, on the other hand, any investment done in debt based funds are considered as long-term from a taxation perspective only if you stay invested for at least 3 years. So, are we saying that debt investments are riskier as compared to equity investments - and therefore need a longer duration to average out the risk? It is actually the reverse. Debt based investments are less volatile and therefore less risky as compared to Equity investments.So, we cannot go by the definition of tax laws to define the right tenure of any Long-Term Investments.Defining 'Long Term' logicallyIf you analyze the data for a typical mutual fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 1 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 160% (best 1-year return ever)b) Minimum returns are -57% (worst 1-year return ever)If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 2 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 82% (Annualised best return ever - over 2 years period)b) Minimum returns are -34% (Annualised worst return ever - over 2 years period)If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 3 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 63% (Annualised best return ever - over 3 years period)b) Minimum returns are -18% (Annualised worst return ever - over 3 years period)If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 4 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 59% (Annualised best return ever - over 4 years period)b) Minimum returns are -8% (Annualised worst return ever - over 4 years period)If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 5 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 54% (Annualised best return ever - over 5 years period)b) Minimum returns are 4% (Annualised worst return ever - over 5 years period)This means that the minimum annualized returns you could have made annually if you would have invested in the worst possible fund would have been 4%. Do not go by the dwarf-ness of 4% CAGR. Try and understand the significance of this statement. Here is the crux. There was no feasible way that you could have made any loss in equity market if you would have stayed invested for 5 years - since your returns were going to be between 4% and 54%.Let us just go one step ahead.If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 10 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 30% (Annualised best return ever - over 10 years period)b) Minimum returns are 13% (Annualised worst return ever - over 10 years period)Wow !! A worst-case annual returns of 13% !!What else you want equity investments to deliver to you? Of course, that is if you stay invested for 10 years.The above statistics clearly puts the minimum term of investment to be 5 years and the optimum term of investment in equity to be somewhere between 5 and 10 years i.e. 7 years and above. 7+ years is an investment term wherein you get good enough returns with significantly lesser risk.Therefore, in equity investments - long term is not a vague term. It is 7 years+ investment horizon - also validated by 7-year equity cycles.CheersManoj AroraOfficial Website | My Mission

The Room - Will you visit before it's too late ?
 12 March 2018  

THE ROOM19 year old Nishantis worried as he enters the room with his mom, its 6 pm in the evening he has bunked a couple of classes to get to the venue, the sun is almost down but he still has his shades on.  He picks up a quiet corner further away from everyone and hopes the earth would swallow him.58 year old chatty Betty is on the other side. She is very blissful. She picks up conversations with almost everyone in the room. She is very friendly.35 year old Khushbu is also present. She is busy observing everyone, her so called fellow roommates, the receptionist, the general vibrations and the aura. She is very proud to get to the “room”.So where actually are they? Where one is worried of being spotted another proud and yet another totally blissful!! Let me give you a brief snippet of their lives.Nishant has had phenomenal performance in his academics. He has always topped the class. He has got into the best engineering college in the country. He has plans to set up his own start up dot com. He is introvert by nature but in this digital world who cares?! He is very close to his family and loves them dearly.Off late he worries a lot of the well being of his family members so much so that he checks on them almost every one hour. He believes every single minute that they are going to die. He feels there will be an earthquake or a road accident any minute and his family members will be affected. It took Nishant’s mom a lot of persuation to ask Nishant come along. He is worried on whether he should share this encounter in the room with his girlfriend at all.Betty is a wonderful lady with a heart of gold. She has a degree in chartered accountancy. She is the apple eyed girl of her father. She was responsible for setting up her paternal family’s business.  Albeit she found her prince charming sooner than expected and settled down for domesticity at the tender age of 21.All the same she is very knowledgeable and can have rich stimulating conversations from fashion to politics.Her problem is she is confused of her identity and family lineage. She believes she comes from royal family and nobody in her world is real. She believes that her mother is a queen who did not want to take care of her as she did not love her and in turn left her with her current foster parents. This of course is her imagination. She is more than happy to come to the room as she believes she is going to meet a queen.Khushbu is a young dynamic advertising professional. She has everything going right for her. She is blessed to have a supporting family,awesome children and a husband to die for. She is an omnivert if I may coin a behavioral term for her!! Well that means she is approachable and friendly yet does not blend in easily. She does not care what anybody thinks of her and speaks her mind. She is extremely self assured and leaves no stone unturned to fulfil her goals. She has a wide range of capabilities right from dancing, swimming to driving to name a few.All this suddenly disappears when she left by herself. She is always second guessing herself and is very anxious of being lonely. This has led to endless sleepless nights, frustration ultimately leading to bouts of violence. She feels so wretched at times that she contemplates suicide every second day. One minute she is happy next minute she is sad. She is totally clueless on what she will feel next. This roller coaster of emotions brings her to “the room”. She is glad she made it after a lot of contemplation.My guess is you have a guess by now (Pun intended) ! Welcome to the therapist’s clinic!! Do Nishant, Betty and Khushbu have a life situation that warrants a visit to the therapist? Are they having any crisis? Is there a financial loss? Is there a loss of a loved one? Is there a severe health failure?  Is there anything out of order at all dear readers in their lives?Now all of situations may well qualify for a psychological health crisis. An issue which exists but is not easily validated. Socially there is a refusal to classify it as a disease. Unlike Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Immunity Disorder, Cancer and so on and so forth there are no symptoms that the body will give out. Quiet contrarily here is absolutely no physical manifestation at all in all of the above cases.Technically they are not “crazy”, “mad” or “abnormal”. They are highly capable individuals. Well what separates them a little bit from most is that their thoughts run a tad more than us. Are not all of us a little weird? Do not all of us have some type of anxiety, imagination or lack of confidence. That’s all that’s about it. Would you give them company in the room without being apprehensive about judgment?It’s a actually a non starter. We all have a taboo about therapist, shrink or in need of a better word clinical psychologist. We are all worried about social acceptance having visited the therapist once. In fact it may even feature in our “dark secrets” that is allowed only the deepest recesses of our minds and hearts. We refuse to share, talk, discuss leave alone consultation.In fact it is so great an outlaw that we are not able to see our own tell tale signs of psychological inadequacies. We continue to lead a life filled with anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, stress needless to say and many more forms of emotional upheavals.Somehow when we think a psychotherapist we only think of a person who is deranged who is haggard who is not successful who is probably chained who is hostile who is demented the list is endless. They are the ones who get help because their inadequacies are on display.The ones who really suffer are the ones who cannot see that we don’t have to be psychotic to visit the therapist. We just need to want a better life. We are totally unaware of a much better joyous life that we may have if we care to pay attention to the needs of our mind. For this we need to lift the rose tinted glasses on our perception of “normalcy”. The irony of life is we are abnormally worked up about normalcy!!We need to revamp our approach to therapy. We need to believe that it’s ok to visit a therapist. Why should we deprive ourselves of a good life? The more we address it, talk about it and discuss it the more we improve our lives.Last but not the least! No! We don’t have to worry about changing the lives of the ones who are in the room. They are already the winners. We actually are talking about the lives of the ones who don’t visit and appear alright.  That very well may be us!!We all have that one emotion that we cannot handle. We all have that one compulsive disorder that we cannot change. We all have that one fear we cannot get over. It is all about our mind and our soul.If you dear readers don’t feel up to it don’t wait! Wake up, get going and visit the room. Get a life!#smblogcontest

When breath becomes air
 6 March 2018  

I began this year with a resolution to fuel my love for books all the more. I am happy that with a two year old toddler to manage-a round the clock job, I have already completed reading three books this year. It is literarily satisfying when the book you have read is the one you would want to re-read from your library.I am a lover of books of fiction. Presently, I am in a zone to explore my reading interest in different genres. The first stop in this road to exploration was a non-fiction autobiography penned down by Paul Kalanithi which was published posthumous. This is an amazing book that transcends you from a real world into a spiritual realm pondering over the questions of life and death – the answers to which the author had been trying to seek all his life.Paul Kalanithi, aged 36, was an eminent doctor and a scientist who was just months away from completing a decade long training in the exhaustive field of neurosurgery when he was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. An alumnus of Yale School and Stanford, he had dreamt of his beautiful future along with his wife Lucy Kalanithi (also a neurosurgeon resident at Stanford) which evaporated one fine day with the news of his diagnosis. This profoundly moving book encapsulates his journey from being a doctor treating terminally ill patients to being a terminally ill patient himself. A tragic role reversal. It is a book that beautifully describes the gruelling life of a doctor, the strain that it can have on the marital life of a doctor, the relationship between a doctor and a patient and the relationship between a doctor and the patients’ families.Every death leaves behind a saga of sadness but some deaths seem particularly cruel. He wanted to become a writer and a dad and he became both only when the reality of his terminal disease dawned on him. His volition to write this book was inexplicable. He penned down his autobiography with immense determination in times of great difficulty. He wore silver-lined gloves to use the trackpad of his laptop when his fingertips began to crack due to the effects of chemotherapy.He has candidly borne his heart out. The essence of this book lies in the account of all the shades of his life to his grave. If he has put some spotlight on his athletic and workaholic side; he hasn’t shied away from exposing his despondent phase, rancorous soul and details of his anguished body. Paul chose the field of medicine to explore the answers to his questions on life and death only to understand them better in his own tryst with death. He breathed his last breath in his sanctuary – the hospital where he had worked relentlessly; in a room barely yards away from where his daughter had been born eight months ago.This book has left an indelible mark on me. I found it deeply moving. I am not someone who is reduced to tears easily but have felt tears forming in my eyes through the course of this book. This book brings you very close to the soul of Paul. You live his journey through his writing.This is one of those books which I wish would never have a ‘The End’ page. I am certain I will read When Breath Becomes Air again.

56 second
 4 January 2019  

It was first day of new year 2019.I was stood near railway ticket counter.it was rush hour.many passengers were queued in ticket line.the line was like serpentine queue.there was no gap to move ants into it.There was a retired ATVMs operator also roped into ATVMs machine to help passenger working as facilitator managing queue.I was manoeuvred my eye toward a empty Atvms machine.it's deserted and crowdless seen.first I thought it  was out of service board tagged on machine.but it did not have error seen.it worked well.I checked all fuctioning well seemed.So I forwarded toward function option.I opened "using map"option on screen.I clicked on it.it showed 'select destination' I selected it .moves ahead one by one option flickering on screen.next option was change journey details and journey type.then last option popped up it was" pay button" Then clicked on it.Again I selected payment methods option.I choose coin option.machine showing,'remaining time 56 second 'seen on screen.it instructed  me insert 5 rupees coin in slot.I had 10 rupees coin.I did not have 5 rupees coin.now remaining time started now.it showed 50 second only.I suddenly marched toward ticket counter window asked person tender change.but he hesitated said that" we often run out of change"please go outside station premises,don't eat my brain,"Where I go to beg tender change except you, this premises under your authority so your responsibility arange me tender change" I retorted."Hey, Bhai ku disturb kr rhe ho? "Passenger said.I requested counter but it failed my try.now machine showing remaining time was 40S second only.I hurried toward newspaper stall.he given tender change.in it five rupees old coin.i inserted old coin in machine slot.it rejected.not accepted, thrown out.I again run fast and begged again newspaper stall.he hesitated said me,'mai khairat batne nhi baithe hai,bhale ka jamana nhi!(I am not alms giver).  Nobody given me tender change except one juice vendor who given me new 5 rupees coin.I hurried fast and blindly inserted coin into machine.coin fell into machine ,' a tuck!sound heard,in between remaining second was time out.I  again went through repeat process.but suddenly a big shock got me..oops!!!error occurs on screen.!!!Due to Internet  service failed.temporarily Atvms machine went on out of service .I angrily struggled with ticket counter window.I shouted with irking sound.'Why installed this machine,I you don't have tender change facility?"Due to incovenience service,I blame all goverment service."If you don't have change option,where we beg for it"...outside.Passenger looked upon me as crowd creator.but I am not crowd creator .I struggle for my rights my basic right.that nobody seen.into blind society it's difficult live with such negligence society.due to your negligence we could not receive my tickets.I responsibled him for my ticket.had he given me tender change I would have ticket and til now reached on my destiny.People only took role of sightseeing and viewer.nobody struggle for their rights.

Padma Bhushan
 4 April 2018  

Padma BhushanPadma Bhushan is known as the third highest civilian award in the Republic of India which was initiated by the Bharat Ratna and the Padma Vibushan which was followed by Padma Shri. The Padma Shri was inaugurated on 2 January 1954. It is given for the performance of a distinguished service of a high order without variation in caste, gender, position or sex. The award seeks to recognize the work of anyone has done work of achievements and distinction in the different fields and disciplines like trade industry, sports, art, medicine, education, public affairs and much more. The criteria for the award include services in an area that includes services rendered by the Government servants including scientists and doctors. Though, it doesn’t consider those working with the public sector undertakings. The Prime Minister constitutes the Padma Awards Committee every year and the award recommendations are submitted between 1 st May to 15 September by the union and state territory governments, the Ministers of Government of India, Chief Ministers, Members of Parliament, Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibushan awardees and other private individuals. The suggestions are further submitted to the Prime Minister and The President for further approval by the committee members. The Padma Bhushan awards are announced on the eve of Republic Day on 26th of January every year. The award recipients of Padma Bhushan are recorded in The Gazette of India, a publication that is released every week by the Department of Publication. This publication is used by the Ministry Of Urban Development for government official notices. The award conferral is not considered official without its declaration in The Gazette. The award recipient whose awards are restored or revoked is also registered in The Gazette. Such actions are taken by the Government of India and such awardees are to surrender their medals when and if their names are struck from the register. The original specification of the Padma Bhushan was a circle which was made of standard silver with rims on both side and a lotus flower was centrally located with Padma Bhushan engraved in Devanagari script. Later on, the award was modified to a circular shaped bronze toned medal where the lotus is carved on the obverse side of the medal and the word the Padma is placed above the word Bhushan below the lotus in Devanagari script. The emblem of India is also placed with the text Satyamev Jayate written in Devanagari script.In the past, the Padma Bhushan and other prestigious awards were only given by the recommendations of the politicians or ministers but the government has now made it open for nomination. The suggestions for the awards are received online on the portal padmaawards.gov.in which is drafted by the Ministry of Home Affairs. There are a lot of unacknowledged real-life heroes who have done exceptional works in their respective fields and deserved such a national honor and respect. The recipients of Padma Bhushan award include Rajesh Khanna, Jagjit Singh, Aamir Khan, R.K. Narayan, Naseeruddin Shah, Satyajit Ray, Ratan Tata and many more. Recently on 2nd April 2018 Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the most successful former captain of the Indian cricket team was conferred with the prestigious third highest civil honor, the Padma Bhushan. The award ceremony was coincidentally held on the seventh anniversary of the World Cup triumph, which turned out to be a happy coincidence for Dhoni. What brought the excitement to the next level is that the former captain of India who holds the rank of Honor Lieutenant Colonel was dressed up in his official military uniform and marched past the dignitaries who were present at the Rashtrapati Bhawan to receive the prestigious Padma Bhushan from President Ram Nath Kovind. The 37-year-old former Indian captain is the second Indian cricketer to receive this honor after Kapil Dev. Dhoni has received a lot of awards before which includes the ICC ODI player of the year award in 2008 and 2009, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in 2007 and also the Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honor in 2009. Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India won the 2011 ICC World Cup and also the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. He was also the first captain to win all three ICC limited over trophies and also led India to top of the rankings. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was nominated for the Padma Bhushan Awards by the BCCI with a unanimous decision for his excellent contribution in the field of cricket. Dhoni is considered as one of the most successful captains of the Indian Cricket Team. It was a very proud moment for all the Dhoni fans to watch him receive such a great honor. Along with Dhoni, Pankaj Advani was also awarded the prestigious Padma Bhushan on 2nd April 2007 at the Rashtrapati Bhawan by the President Ram Nath Kovind. Advani is considered as the best snooker/billiards player to come out of India. Advani has won eight world titles in as many years and a total of 19. Pankaj Advani was nominated by the Billiards and Snooker Foundation of India. He has also been awarded the Padma Shri in 2009, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2006 and Arjuna Award in 2004. He has held Asian, World and Indian National Championship titles simultaneously. He is known as India’s first World Champion in the 6 red-snooker.However, some bestowals of Padma Bhushan have been returned or refused by the recipients due to national interest or personal reasons. The first person to refuse the Padma Bhushan was Sisir Kumar Bhaduri, Bengali theatre activists in 1959 due to personal reasons. Some famous refusals included Vilayat Khan, Romila Thapar, Sitara Devi, Salim Khan, and Phanishwarnath Renu. Padma Bhushan awards are renowned awards that are a given as a token of appreciation to the citizens of our country to glorify the work contributed by them and to inspire the future generations to thrive towards the progression of our country by excelling in their talents but we should also remember that the awards should not be taken as an outright rationale behind the work as it is the hard work and skill of an individual that is remembered.

“The Importance and relevance of National Festivals”
 4 November 2018  

Importance:How oxygen,food & water are essential for our survival same way celebration of national festival is essential for our existance in this world. It fulfill us with patriotism whichbring along a spirit of love and devotion for the country also National Festival strengthen the social relations and communications which leads to unity among people and also bring us more closer to our nation which is helpful in promoting the national harmony. Independence Day, 15th August celebration is a way to remind the people about our hard earned freedom and that we must respect and value it more. It inspires people to stay united and serve the country in every possible way. It is a day to celebrate the true spirit of freedom.  It is of great importance to all the Indian citizens, thus everyone actively participates in the national festival celebration every year. Independence Day reminds us of the heroic deeds of our leaders and freedom fighters who helped us attain freedom. This is  the main reason why we celebrate our national festivals with pride and love for our country. If our brave freedom fighters would not have been sacrificed we would not have even been able to breathe freely in our country. Forget about the national festival celebration  our revered religious festivals would also not have been possible. On this day : India celebrates three National Festivals – Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti. We the citizens of India celebrate these festivals with full fervour. For India, 15 August is a golden day of her re-birth, a new start. At the midnight of 15 August 1947, the British rulers handed the country back to its Indian leaders, ending a remarkable 200 years old struggle and India became a sovereign nation. Independence Day is celebrated by every citizen of India irrespective of caste, creed and religion.The Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian National Flag from Red Fort every year. This is followed by 21 gun shots to salute and honour the Indian flag and solemn occasion. The Prime Minister then addresses the citizens of the country. Numerous events are organized in various places throughout the country in entire atmosphere is infused with love and devotion for the country.  Many educational institutes also organize kite flying competitions which is also a way of expressing the  freedom.    We honour these noble souls by singing songs and poems in their praise. It is a great site to see little children dressed up as various freedom fighters on this day. In short, every person in the country revels in the nationalistic pride.Several cities in the United States have declared 15 August as 'India Day'.Relevance :In present scenario it is very much relevent because it reminds us and repicturise the secrifices of our freedom fighters which inspire us to maintain our freedom and do our best for our motherland . Patriotism doesn’t require a special date or occasion to express itself. The only thing needed is that we should have immense amount of love and respect for our country. We should not confined patriotism to these selected days only and national festival celebration doesn’t only mean flag hoisting, singing our national anthem and participating in competition on subjects of nationality but it will be worth celebrating if practically we take care of everything like plantation,garbage cleaning, recycling,rejuvenating our mother rivers ,protecting our forests , providing healthy and encouraging environment to growing children, respecting our elders, maximum utilisation of renewable energy resources.If through out the year we do all these definitely we will feel proud while flag hoisting and that will be real tribute to our revered freedom fighters. During our freedom fighter’s time Britishers were our biggest and worst enemy but in today’s scenario corruption,poverty, environment problems and many more big issues are our worst enemies which we have to eradicate. When we remember our national heroes, their working policies it guides us in dealing present crisis.So it is very much relevant to celebrate our national festivals because it invokes the feeling of patriotism in the people of our country and inspire them to become soldier. Our heroes ideology leads us  on every step and inspire us to work towards its betterment and development and also gives  a sense of belonging and a responsibility towards our country. Many questions arise in our citizens mind like- Has India’s growth happened in real sense? India is independent in manufacturing and producing many technical and industrial goods. We can take pride in the space technology and development in this field. But growth of any country is this all about? all these growth  matter less until all the problems related to humanity is solved in real sense. Like this question arise in every citizen’s mind and live example of this is mushrooming NGOs in india which are crusaders of humanity. To encourage them and motivate them several awards are there for such crusader in  India. Do we really love our country? If it would have been true our news papers would not have been filled more than 50% with demotivating news. Whenever we celebrate independence day this question arise in every citizen’s mind and force them to do conscious efforts towards positive growth of our beloved country.Celebrating independence day don’t allow us to divert from our right path but encourage us to take up new resolution every year  for our motheland’s real growth. I feel proud to be Indian because our country has taught us that the meaning of life is not only to live but live with dignity, respect others rights and understand own duties and responsibilities.                                        JAI HIND !

Туймазы где клюет 17 07 16
 7 September 2021  

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