Life Quotes ....

Everyday we read quotes referring to life, love, happiness. We even get inspired and make temporary behavior  changes till the time we return to normal routine life. It’s a part of day to day life. Life is cycle which revolves around happy & sad moments, good and bad incidences, joyful & emotional feelings. Whenever I feel sad, I motivate myself seeing the conditions of thousand people with incomparable pain.

I want to share few real incidences which may help you as well. It will give wings to your thought and may try to overcome with your minute problems which you feel to be the worst. I am writing this not to reflect negativity, but to discover positives in our lives which we ignore.

Let us start with this,

A lady whose husband died of cancer and left 7 kids behind to struggle. Somehow she struggled and managed to survive. One usual night she went to sleep after all her kids slept. Midnight she woke up just to check her twin daughters who were suffering from flu. Unfortunately she found them dead, she rushed to other kids all were dead, except one who was struggling to breath and finally died. She was hardly 40.How she can smile?

Few years ago a plane hijacked, a newly wed couple were going to Kathmandu for  honeymoon just within one week of marriage. The unfortunate couple was traveling on the hijacked plane. The boy was killed by terrorists and wife went widow in a week.
How she can smile?

There was a 15 years old boy who went for a picnic with friends. While swimming in river he was flown away and he died on spot hitting a rock. He was the only son of his parents. Parents were in shock but the pain was inside their heart and they started living with it. After struggling one year the mother also left the world leaving her husband alone. Now this old man is living alone without his son and wife.
How he can smile?

Life is not simple. It is complicated. We have to live life carefully. We can smile quite often when we get time, when we are happy try to find out people around you who are not happy and try to make them happy helping them and sharing sorrows.

The core is that we read and get motivated by quotes when we are happy, but we don’t even think and dare to follow about these quotes when we are in problems.
So create your own quotes not in words in your acts.
Live a big life, make others happy you will be happy automatically.

Spread Happiness Alwayzzz….