Corporal punishment means physical torture like caning,slapping,whipping or beating.This is a common feature in schools.This can impair a child for his whole life.It can cause a mental disbalance and can affect the growth and personality of a child.This was done in the early days but now a ban should be put on it.Advising and guiding a child patiently should be a teacher's job.

This form of punishment is common in India.

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The NCPCR has suggested a code of conduct of teachers in schools.A stand out feature of the code is total ban on corporal punishment.

Sometimes milder forms of punishment go unnoticed like physically and verbally intimidating children.Discipline in educational institutions is a must but it should not be done with corporal punishment.Nowadays we can't follow'spare the rod,and spoil the child.'Children are at an impressionable age and their psyche is affected by this sort of physical punishment.

Teaching is considered as a noble profession .So teachers should be friends,philosophers and guides for students and help them bloom instead of clipping their wings.Let them soar and become their beacon of light.