It was first day of new year 2019.I was stood near railway ticket was rush hour.many passengers were queued in ticket line.the line was like serpentine queue.there was no gap to move ants into it.

There was a retired ATVMs operator also roped into ATVMs machine to help passenger working as facilitator managing queue.

I was manoeuvred my eye toward a empty Atvms's deserted and crowdless seen.first I thought it  was out of service board tagged on machine.but it did not have error worked well.I checked all fuctioning well seemed.

So I forwarded toward function option.I opened "using map"option on screen.I clicked on showed 'select destination' I selected it .moves ahead one by one option flickering on option was change journey details and journey type.then last option popped up it was" pay button" Then clicked on it.Again I selected payment methods option.I choose coin option.machine showing,'remaining time 56 second 'seen on instructed  me insert 5 rupees coin in slot.I had 10 rupees coin.I did not have 5 rupees remaining time started showed 50 second only.I suddenly marched toward ticket counter window asked person tender change.but he hesitated said that" we often run out of change"please go outside station premises,don't eat my brain,

"Where I go to beg tender change except you, this premises under your authority so your responsibility arange me tender change" I retorted.

"Hey, Bhai ku disturb kr rhe ho? "Passenger said.

I requested counter but it failed my machine showing remaining time was 40S second only.I hurried toward newspaper stall.he given tender it five rupees old coin.i inserted old coin in machine rejected.not accepted, thrown out.I again run fast and begged again newspaper stall.he hesitated said me,'mai khairat batne nhi baithe hai,bhale ka jamana nhi!(I am not alms giver).  

Nobody given me tender change except one juice vendor who given me new 5 rupees coin.I hurried fast and blindly inserted coin into machine.coin fell into machine ,' a tuck!sound heard,in between remaining second was time out.

I  again went through repeat process.but suddenly a big shock got me..oops!!!error occurs on screen.!!!

Due to Internet  service failed.temporarily Atvms machine went on out of service .

I angrily struggled with ticket counter window.I shouted with irking sound.

'Why installed this machine,I you don't have tender change facility?"

Due to incovenience service,I blame all goverment service.

"If you don't have change option,where we beg for it"...outside.

Passenger looked upon me as crowd creator.but I am not crowd creator .I struggle for my rights my basic right.that nobody seen.into blind society it's difficult live with such negligence society.

due to your negligence we could not receive my tickets.I responsibled him for my ticket.had he given me tender change I would have ticket and til now reached on my destiny.

People only took role of sightseeing and viewer.nobody struggle for their rights.