Dear me,
I won't ask, 'How are you?'
Because I know when others ask you the same question you lie to them.
'I'm fine.'
I know it when you get fine and when you're not. You may hide yourself in thousands of colors but I know inside you're just black and white. White your nature - your true self and black - the pain, your fears, your flaws. Others have seen you smiling and laughing, doing crazy things and dance like a carefree man. But I have seen you crying before the God. I have seen you in love. I have been with you in your pain. I have awaken with you in all those sleepless-nights. I loved with you and I have cried with you. Behind those big black eyes I have seen thousands of dreams that you don't share with others. I know you're very brave and strong but equally very weak and meek by heart.
You want to fly high and touch the sky upto infinity. You want to roam all over the world, to watch all the wonders, to meet different kinds of people.
One day, you wish to propose your feelings to the lady of your dreams, I know all of this. Trust me, when you crave for someone's love - I'm there with you.
When you let die your wishes - I watch you. When you talk with your God as a six-year-old kid talks to his mother - I'm present there.
I'm your real friend - your own secret-sharer.
So, I have an advice for you.
Don't let die your dreams ever. Love yourself first. Work hard and achieve those dreams that are meant for you. And most importantly, never lose yourself, not even for the one you love. Be the real self always who you are. I'll be always there for you.
Your forever friend,
Myself ❣️