I am 25 year old have 2 year experience as an SEO executive but for my family i M kid . But wait there's term my situation actually i had a boyfriend too handsome .

Agreed !!

Very caring


But why he all the time talk about non veg talk . I am not interested in such things then why all the time.bullshit talks. Sometimes i told him you find someone else i will manage but you know. He also don't want that.

I caught him as he was laying with me . Do what ever i don't stop even but please say true to me.

If i am loyal wih you than what the facking hell with you. I am really disappointing with his behaviour.

If i am not calling then i am not giving time and what he do all the time .

I never ask a single what are you doing and why you are out. And he if i am with my friends , you don't have time excuse me you have time to those.girls who are online at WhatsApp but don't with me because i am not active at social media

Fucking hell with such behaviour .

You know what care but don't head i am with my own responsibility and what if i am not at outing

Then he wants to do phone sex and all time and after that have my oral test 

What you like baby . What you don't like. I will do this.   Ohhhhhh fish why the hell i am in relationships

I really in the phase to quit just because of this lustiness i my bf.

Haviny 8 year relationship we speak most of the time talk about this . I am not involved i have to answer.

Seriously my term is to be real and loyal . No pressure at all. That's the reason he.used to do such kind of things with me.

You don't understand what i am used to say forget it.

And please support for Kerala as much you can