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Your search for happiness
 Mantri Pragada MARKANDEYULU  
 15 November 2018  

Happiness each one should have in each ones life.

@ Finding Happiness @
 Pallabi Das  
 1 July 2018  

Sometimes things don't go the way we want them to. Sometimes we feel disaster with challenges and difficulties of life. In reality, all of our problems arise from our own mind & from our own work. At that time we did not get the actual reason, but if we take the time to investigate deeply we will discover this truth for ourselves. We are responsible for what happens with us. So learn to forgive & forget. Don't think about yourself only, at the time you started thinking about yourself, then keep in your mind that you are entering into the depression. To irradiate those things -just do your job properly and don't lose in your worries. Take a look at your surrounding then you can understand your problems are nothing. There are lots of people who have more problems than you. Don't think all problem solution is money only. Sometimes your encouraging words and caring nature can be helpful more than money.Everything of Fairyland is lovely because it's according to our imagination but the real fact is it's only like a dream. The real world is different so believe in reality, not in fairyland. Walking on the road alone you can see the life of people. A question coming in my mind, why people have a different kind of lifestyles, why don't they have the same lifestyle? Someone going in shopping and spending as much as he/she can still he/she wants more but there is another one begging on the road for collecting single coins. Someone having a proper house but he wants more house for increasing his property but there is another one who doesn't have anything to save his head. Someone having lots of time to waste but there is another one who doesn't have time to do kinds of stuff, etc. If I go for writing those differences then it will not end.Satisfaction is necessary which comes through our work only. Dissatisfactory work always forces you to think.Remember those old days, when we all are in a childhood stage, how you make yourself satisfy in little things. How you jump in puddles and make yourself happy. How we use a single rupee coin for buying chocolate and when we started eating that we lost in melting that in our mouth and simultaneously we tried to feel the flavor of that chocolate. At that time we make ourselves satisfied so why not now! This is also same life with different taste, it depends upon us to taste in which way we want them to taste.It's the human tendency, we have enough kinds of stuff but our expectation is the main cause of our sadness. It depends upon us how to respond to our life in difficulties. When we can respond to life's difficulties with a positive and peaceful mind, they suddenly seem to melt away into nothing right before our eyes. If we think what is happening, this is only right then we don't see any difficulties, all problem will be like a happiness. Don't forget we can learn from the experiences so allow all problems in a positive manner.Try to do things or give your hands, only to needy people, because this world is full of fake people. Don't hate them because it's not their fault it's only their blindness and environment effect. If possible then handle them & try to be a brightness in their life and show the proper path otherwise leave them as they are. They will understand from their experience.I am always thinking why it is so hard to maintain a continuous happy and peaceful mind if we have all potential for peace and happiness within us? Now I get the answer that is because we habitually surrender to negative thoughts that consume our mind and destroy our inner peace. We only have the capacity to change it, if we adopt a negative state of mind in a positive way then we find the solution easily. At the last but not the least "happiness and Sadness only exist within the mind, so their origins cannot be found outside the mind. In order to really achieve permanent happiness and freedom from all suffering, we must first achieve a thorough understanding of the mind".

Bhagavad Gita Verse 10.2
 Dhwani Shah  
 16 May 2020  

Choose Happiness - In Gita Verse 10.2 Neither the hosts of demigods nor the great sages know My origin or opulences, for, in every respect, I am the source of the demigods and sages.Now Krishna is giving distinction between the unconscious person who follows demigods and sages. He says both of them don’t know my originality. Still I am source of the demigods and sages.He means that demigods who follows the cause and sages produced the effect. People who follows the cause is law of science. People who produce the effect is law of religion.In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 10.1, blog I wrote Religion says: Produce the effect and the cause follows.This will look magical; you can even call it “The Law of Magic.” The first is the law of science and the second is the law of magic. Religion is magic, and you can be the magician. That’s what Krishna teach you: to be the magician, to know the secret of magic.Try it! You have been trying the other your whole life – not only this but many other lives also. Now listen to Krishna! Try this magic formula, this mantra. Create the effect and see what happens; causes immediately surround you, they follow. Don’t wait for the causes; you have waited long enough. Choose happiness and you will be happy.What is the problem? Why can’t you choose? Why can’t you work on this law? Because your mind, the whole mind, which has been trained by scientific thinking, says that if you are not happy and you try to be happy, that happiness will be artificial. If you are not happy and you try to be happy that will be just acting, that will not be real. This is what scientific thinking says that, that will not be real, you will be just acting.But you don’t know: life energy has its own ways of working. If you can act totally it will become the real. The only thing is, the actor must not be there. Move totally in it, then there is no difference. If you are acting half-heartedly then it will remain artificial.If I say to you dance and sing and be blissful, and you try half-heartedly, just to see what happens, but you remain behind...and you go on thinking: This is just artificial. I am trying but this is not coming, this is not spontaneous – then it will remain acting, a waste of time.If you try, then try wholeheartedly. Don’t remain behind, move into it, become the acting – dissolve the actor into acting and then see what happens. It will become real and then you will feel it is spontaneous. You have not done it; you will know then that it has happened. But unless you are total this cannot happen. Create the effect, be in it completely, see and observe the results.Krishna can make you kings without kingdoms; you only have to act like kings, and act so totally that before you even a real king will appear as if he is just acting. And when the whole energy has moved into it, it becomes reality! Energy makes anything real. If you wait for kingdoms they never come.Even for a Napoleon, for an Alexander, who had big kingdoms, they never came. They remained miserable because they didn’t come to realize the second, more basic and primal law of life. Alexander was trying to create a bigger kingdom, to become a bigger king. His whole life was wasted in creating the kingdom, and then there was no time left for him to be king. He died before the kingdom was complete.This has happened to many. The kingdom can never be complete. The world is infinite; your kingdom is bound to remain partial. With a partial kingdom how can you be a total king? Your kingdom is bound to be limited and with a limited kingdom how can you be the emperor? It is impossible. But you can be the emperor. Just create the effect.Swami Ram, one of the mystics of this century, went to America. He used to call himself Badshah Ram, Emperor Ram. And he was a beggar! Somebody said to him: You are just a beggar, but you go on calling yourself the emperor. So Ram said: Don’t look at my things, look at me. And he was right, because if you look at things then everybody is a beggar...even an emperor. He may be a bigger beggar, that’s all. When Ram said: Look at me! In that moment, Ram was the emperor. If you looked, the emperor was there.Create the effect, become the emperor, be a magician... and from this very moment, because there is no need to wait. One has to wait if the kingdom has to come first. If the cause has to be created first, then one has to wait and wait and wait and postpone. There is no need to wait to create the effect. You can be the emperor this very moment.When Krishna says, Be! Just be the emperor and see: the kingdom follows.... I have known it through my experience. I am not talking to you about a theory or a doctrine. Be happy, and in that peak of happiness you will see the whole world is happy with you.There is an old saying: Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry, and you cry alone. Even the trees, the rocks, the sand, the clouds...if you can create the effect and be ecstatic, they will all dance with you; then the whole existence becomes a dance, a celebration.But it depends on you, if you can create the effect. And I say to you, you can create it. It is the easiest thing possible. It looks very difficult because you have not tried it yet. Give it a try!Krishna says that the sages who produce the effect they have not known my origin but they have known their own origin and they experience me. Demigod and his host follow the cause they also have not known my origin but they have not known their origin also. When they have not known their origin they have not experience me. So sages through their own experience know that I am their source but demigod and his host will not.

5 Great Ways to Find the Happiness and Energy for a Better Life
 Paisley Hansen  
 16 February 2020  

Everybody gets the blues from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay sad! It’s important to be proactive in your own quest for happiness. Not every solution works for every person, so consider trying several of the suggestions below to find the one or two that work for you.1.Exercise in the SunshineExercising outside gives you a double whammy of endorphins and serotonin. The endorphins from exercise make you feel calm and release stress from your body. The sunshine increases serotonin which makes you feel good. As a bonus, the vitamin D from the sun keeps your immune system working right. If you get your sunshine in the morning, you’ll also probably sleep better at night. Almost everybody feels happier on a good night’s sleep!2. Take supplementsSupplements are a great way to give you an energy boost, help you lose weight, or keep you mentally sharp. Integrated programs likeLe-Vel Thrive can help you do all three. Supplements can come in several forms such as pills, patches or shakes depending on what fits your lifestyle. Pills are obviously very convenient. Slow-release patches can give you a steady all-day boost, and shakes often replace meals or add calories depending on your weight-loss or weight-gain goals. Check to make sure any supplements you take are from a reputable company that uses natural ingredients.3. Laugh Out Loud It’s an old saying that laughter is the best medicine, and it’s often so true. Sometimes being happy just starts with a good laugh because just like exercise, laughter releases those feel-good endorphins. Even just smiling sometimes tricks the body into thinking that you are happy, which in turn tells your brain to release endorphins. If you’re smiling, chances are the people around you will smile too.  If you can’t think of anything to smile or laugh about, consider watching a couple of these top-rated comedy movies for a good chuckle. If all else fails, search the internet for funny animal videos.4. Learn Something NewWe often get energy when we’re excited about something new in our lives. Our brains like novelty. If you feel you need a boost, set your sights on a new project. Consider taking a class in something creative like painting, pottery or knitting. Check out your local library for clubs for adults that focus on teaching board games like Dungeons and Dragons or bridge or mahjong. It’s never too late to restart those piano lessons that you weaseled out of as a child. Be sure to pick something you think you will enjoy. Save the “I really should learn QuickBooks” for another day and focus on what will make you happy.5. Help Others There is no better feeling in the world than we help others. There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities in almost every city. Whether you man a hotline, weed a community garden, walk a dog in an animal shelter, visit the elderly in a nursing home, or read a book to school children, the happiness that comes from the grateful smiles and wagging tails is sure to boost your mood. Sometimes it’s difficult to come out of your comfort zone and go down to the food bank or homeless shelter, but helping those less fortunate is sure to leave you feeling energized and thinking about how else you can help. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out the “volunteers needed” section of your local newspaper or find a United Way in your area.Unless you were born with boundless energy and a 24/7 sunny disposition, there are probably going to be times in your life when you are going to have to take control of your own happiness. Luckily, there are many ways to add some pep to your step. Try a few of these ideas now and save a couple for the next time you need that energy boost. 

School time happiness time
 Kavitha Chandran  
 24 September 2020  

Going to school is the most pious time

Can money buy happiness essay
 Raymond Lynch  
 8 January 2021  

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 Rammohan Rao  
 24 July 2020  

The COVID-19 causing virus has created fear, anxiety, anger and other emotional disturbances in people across the globe like never before. We could either simmer in these emotions and get trapped into a downward spiral of mental unrest and disharmony or we could bring in contentment and happiness even while experiencing life’s difficulties. If we accept that there is a purpose behind this turbulent situation and cultivate acceptance and be contented, it will help usfind peace amid the coronavirus pandemic.In the Yoga philosophy, one of the five niyamas is santosha which means contentment or true happiness. In the present crisis people are looking for ways to bring that santosha in their lives and so not surprisingly santosha seems to be the most sought after "principle" in the world today. In Section 2 of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali-verse 42 explains the highest effects of santosha as Santoshat Anuttamah Sukha Labhah-“Through contentment, the highest happiness is attained”.  Edwin Bryant in his commentary explains santosha as “Whatever happiness there may be in enjoyment in this world, and whatever greater happiness there may be in the celestial world, they do not amount to one sixteenth of the happiness attained from the cessation of desire.” Your own test for santosha would be about whether  you can be calm while listening to your inner voice and not react to the opinions and changes coming from all directions.There are several ways of expressing santosha. One visible way of showing that you are happy and contented is through a SMILE. A smile whether it warm, beautiful, welcoming or heart melting lifts the spirits of others, brings happiness along and attracts more people. A person with a smile boosts up someone else's depressed state, even if it is for a fleeting moment. A smiling individual lightens up the room and people tend to trust individuals who sport a smile. What could someone possibly achieve by expressing santosha? Scientific studies suggest that people who sport a true smile are 1. Happier in their marriages, have better cognitive and interpersonal skills. 2. More optimistic, satisfied, hopeful and exhibit other positive emotions 3. Physically more stable due to optimal blood pressure levels and high immune response4. Add years to their life as they age gracefullyThus, a simple smile triggers several positive changes as it helps to boost the immune system which provides resistance against infections and many other diseases. Smiling triggers the release of endogenous neurochemicals that elicit changes at the level of emotions, moods, mind and body for the better all of which keeps the individual stable and calm under any circumstance. So despite being in the midst of a pandemic situation how about bringing that santosha in your own life? I am reminded of Bobby McFerrin’s popular hit song “Don't Worry, Be Happy” and especially the last two lines that sum up the need to cultivate santosha “Now listen to what I said, in your life expect some trouble, When you worry you make it double, But don't worry, be happy, be happy now”

Money can t buy happiness essay
 Rodney Raajan  
 4 January 2021  

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Bhagavad Gita Verse 5.1
 Dhwani Shah  
 6 December 2019  

Purification Through Austerity - In Gita Verse 5.1 Arjuna said: O Kṛṣṇa, first of all You ask me to renounce work, and then again You recommend work with devotion. Now will You kindly tell me definitely which of the two is more beneficial?Question of Arjuna clearly says that due to his unconsciousness he thinks that both renounce the work and work with devotion is different. But when one transcend the knowledge to knowing they understand both are the same, only path is different. When Krishna tells that “renounce the work”, he means as non doer, and when Krishna uses the word “work with devotion” he means by surrendering to whole. As from both the way you merge into the whole.Let’s understand what is non-doer. As by this question for Arjuna renounce work means work only for happiness. Otherwise why to renounce work. He doesn’t want to act. He is seeking approval from Krishna. Krishna has told that many ways we can purify our actions and become non-doer. When we are non-doer means we don’t have any desire to take any action from our side but if whole want us to act we will act in total surrender. In this verse I will be writing about how our austerity can be purified.It is the expectation of happiness and the fear of misery that makes one an extrovert, and it is the no-expectation of happiness and a fearlessness toward misery that turns one within. This is the difference between indulgence and purification through austerities.Purification through austerity means that “No, I have no desire for happiness. I have known many experiences of happiness and have seen them all turning into misery so many times. Now I have no desire for happiness anymore, nor is there any desire to avoid misery.” You have avoided misery again and again but it never ends, it only becomes more persistent and instead you experience more misery in trying to avoid it – it comes back with a vengeance. So you must neither avoid misery nor ask for happiness, now just accept whatsoever comes. Now the inner journey begins and the external struggle no longer exists. And it is this inner journey which can free you from the bondage of the body.A person who does something to create happiness or to avoid misery, the sage calls a doer. But the person to whom happiness and misery make no difference, who accepts every situation, does not continue to be a doer, he becomes a non-doer. And once you have become a non-doer, existence itself becomes the doer. This state gave birth to the precious concept of destiny.Destiny has nothing to do with astrology, it is concerned with spirituality; it has nothing to do with the lines of the palm, it is not related to the future, it has nothing to do with the street astrologer. The idea of destiny is born when you cease to be the doer and things begin to happen on their own. You remain a doer as long as you are doing something to attain happiness and to avoid misery; you are the doer as long as you continue to struggle. But when you cease to be the doer, accepting whatever comes – not bothering about the result, whether it be happiness or misery – slowly the differences disappear and it even becomes difficult to recognize happiness and misery as such. You become indifferent toward both.In this indifference the doer will disappear, because there is nothing left to do. And what was it that you had to do? There was only one thing – to work out how to obtain happiness and how to avoid misery. That was your only activity. Now no action is needed and still things will go on happening. When man is not the doer existence becomes the doer, and when existence is the doer this state is called destiny, fate.This is what happens when we are unconscious of ourselves. What Krishna, Buddha, our Vedas, Gita, or in that case any scriptures says, we will not be able to understand one thing that we have to act but the actions need to be as non-doer or in surrender. It’s not the case of Arjuna it’s ours. Remember that when we come up with such question like approvals, not able to see what are possibility instead of problems we are self-unconscious. Make it simple. As soon as you find yourself in such a mind state become aware of yourself and become self-conscious and look for the possibility. Your action will be as non-doer.

Wish - An Aspiration
 Rita Dobriyaal  
 17 July 2018  

Life, happiness, love...

Being with you
 Lipsa Acharya  
 29 May 2020  

Happiness like

Bhagavad Gita Verse 10.31
 Dhwani Shah  
 12 June 2020  

Ultimate Freedom - In Gita Verse 10.31 Of purifiers I am the wind, of the wielders of weapons I am Rāma, of fishes I am the shark, and of flowing rivers I am the Ganges.Krishna’s this verse says that freedom is only religion. Ultimate religion.The Prophet is a unique book by Kahlil Gibran. In it a person asks, “Speak to us of love.” And the hero of this book, Almustafa, answers, “Love each other, but don’t possess each other. Be near each other, but not too near. You should be like the pillars of a temple which hold up the same roof and yet remain far from each other. If the pillars of the temple come nearer, then the roof will fall down. Keep a little distance from your lover so that there can be some free space between you two. If this empty space is completely lost then you will be trespassing on each other, attacking each other.”But all these things are written in books. In real life we take away all the freedom from the person we love because we are afraid that his love may turn somewhere else: “Somebody else may become the possessor of my love.” We are always afraid of losing whatever we have. If we have money, then we are afraid of losing money. If we have love, then we are afraid of losing love. Because of this fear, freedom becomes impossible.The flower of freedom blossoms only in a state of fearlessness. The only yearning one has is for freedom. Everyone’s inner search is for liberation.Wherever you get this freedom, you will be overjoyed. Whenever you feel bondage, you will become sad. If you are sad, then the reason is very clear: you wanted freedom but got chains; you wanted the sky but ended up in a prison; you wanted wings for flying but even your feet were cut off; you wanted ultimate freedom and you staked and lost everything you had for it. There is no chance of getting what you hoped for. That is why you are sad.The meaning of the word God can only be moksha. That is why the great enlightened people have not used the word God. Mahavira talks about moksha and not about God because there are many illusions connected to the word God, and even the word itself has created prisons. Buddha also talks about nirvana and not about God because even the word God has created new bondages – of being a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian. A Hindu is tied down to being a Hindu, a Mohammedan is tied down to being a Mohammedan. Somebody is tied to a temple and somebody is tied to a mosque.Religion is the ultimate freedom. That is why there cannot be any temple or mosque of religion. The day you become really religious, you will see the divine in the temple as well as in the mosque. Then sometimes you will pray in the temple and sometimes in the mosque. Actually, there will be no need for you to go to the temple or the mosque; you will be able to see the divine in your own house, you will see it everywhere.You can understand this last sutra of Shankara only if you keep in mind that religion is the ultimate freedom.Dropping sex, anger, greed and attachment, meditate upon yourself.Sex, anger, greed and attachment, these are the four bondages which keep your moksha, your freedom, suppressed. The base of all these four is sex. Because sex creates attachment, attachment creates greed, and anger is born toward the person who creates an obstacle to the greed. The basic disease is sex.You must understand the meaning of sex. The meaning of sex is the hope of getting happiness from the other. Sex means “my happiness is outside myself.” And meditation means “my happiness is within me.”Krishna says - The journey will become very easy if you understand these two definitions properly. The meaning of sex is: “My happiness is outside of me, in someone else; if the other gives, then I can get it. I cannot find happiness alone. It is miserable to be alone, and it is a pleasure to be in the company of the other.” That is why you don’t want to be alone. You are afraid to be alone. You feel uncomfortable when you are alone even for a short time. As soon as you are alone you start throwing all types of garbage into yourself. You start reading the newspaper all over again – you don’t mind if you have read the same paper three or four times! Or you switch on the radio so that there can be some noise to save you from being alone. Or you play cards or you run to a hotel or a club – anywhere, anyhow.But only the person who has tasted meditation can sit idle.The person who knows and lives as his happiness is within him, he has experienced ultimate freedom.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 5.21
 Dhwani Shah  
 25 December 2019  

Own Immortality - In Gita Verse 5.21 Such a liberated person is not attracted to material sense pleasure but is always in trance, enjoying the pleasure within. In this way the self-realized person enjoys unlimited happiness, for he concentrates on the Supreme.Krishna tells in this verse that - the person is not attracted to material sense pleasure but is always in trance, enjoying the pleasure within. - he says that whose focus is not on the fruits of the material worlds but whose focus is how to act my action by which I can grow.Recollect from your life incidence when your focus was what are the possibility to act. In that moment you will find peace within and direction to grow. In that moment you will take your action in such a way that you will be able to grow in maturity. What exactly is happening when you are focusing on the possibility - you are not rejecting any thing but accepting the objective world’s circumstances and using your own intelligence to act. This allows you to grow. This allows you to flow. In that your focus is in the present moment. This will be very easy for you to understand when you are driving the car and you decide to increase the speed just for the fun at that time your focus is not on the destination but how to drive fast without any accident. You are self-alert, looking all the possibility to find a way by which without reducing the speed you can drive the car. When you reach the destination that time due to self-alertness while driving the car, unknowingly you were connected to your subjectivity. You were connected with yourself. So when you reach the destination you are full of joy and not happy. It may look like happiness but it's joy.Similarly you will find many times when your focus is not on the end result but on your actions and in that moment your thinking is how and what you can give more, what are the other possibilities are, immediately you will find something is different for you, you feel lightness from within, you will feel unburden from many things. At that time suddenly something will become your driving force to act. It will not be repetition of past but very fresh and new respond to this moment. This will give a similar kind of feeling which we call it happiness, but it’s bliss. This bliss is because of your self-consciousness. Your happiness is the result of self-unconsciousness. After the happiness you will find that you are stuck again at some destination, end result. While in the bliss you will find there is always kind of flow which allows you to remain in this present moment, to grow in consciousness.We can grow in consciousness if we put our energy into ourselves.As your fear is driving you toward being special but that will not change the situation. The only way the fear can be dropped is, rather than putting your energy into being special, put your whole energy into being yourself. Just find yourself, because in trying to be special you are running further and further away from yourself. That you are clearly aware of it is good: the further away you go from yourself, the further away you are from knowing the truth that you are immortal, that there is no death.Once you recognize your immortality, death disappears. And with death, all fears evaporate into the air. But not by becoming someone special.In the religious instruction lesson, the teacher asked the class, “Who wants to go to heaven?” All the children put their hands up, except for little Hymie. The teacher asked him why he did not want to go to heaven. “Well,” little Hymie said, “my father keeps saying, ‘Business has gone to hell’ and I want to be where the business is! What should I do in heaven?”You will go on running further and further away from yourself in search of something that can take away your fear, your paranoia, your death. But the further away you are, the more will be the fear, the more will be the paranoia, the more overwhelming will be the death. It is better to go inward and find your real being.This is a simple logic, a simple arithmetic: before searching anywhere else, please search within yourself. The world is vast, you will be lost in the search…so first look within yourself; maybe what you are looking for is already there. And all the great enlightened people of the world are absolutely in agreement that it is there, without any exception.This is the only scientific truth that has no exception – which has remained unchanged as far back as you can go. You will find it has always been declared by those who have known themselves, “We are immortal; we are deathless. Life knows no end.”So first, go in.Krishna says to Arjuna just a glimpse of your own immortality, and it is as if one has awakened from a nightmare. All the fear disappears, and instead of fear there is nothing but pure bliss, pure joy – just flowers showering eternally with the fragrance of eternity.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 5.20
 Dhwani Shah  
 24 December 2019  

Wisdom And Blissful - In Gita Verse 5.20 A person who neither rejoices upon achieving something pleasant nor laments upon obtaining something unpleasant, who is self-intelligent, who is unbewildered, and who knows the science of God is already situated in transcendence.Krishna is saying that the person who is self realized only can live blissfully. They are not happy or unhappy they are just blissful. Wisdom is significant only when it is blissful, and blissfulness is meaningful only when it has wisdom in it. Both can exist separately but then they are not meaningful.Bliss is not even happiness. What we call happiness is psychological. Whenever you find a certain moment of elation your ego is fulfilled, you feel happy. You have become the president of a country, you feel happy - but only for the time being, because your ego is fulfilled. You have defeated all other competitors, you have arrived; where others have failed, you have succeeded . . . or you have much money, power, prestige, fame. But soon one becomes tired of it all.A person can be very happy and foolish – maybe happy because he is foolish, maybe happy because he cannot understand the complexity of life, because he is below understanding so he is not aware that misery is implied in life. He is happy because he is ignorant… just like children or like animals.Idiots are happy; there is no worry, there is no problem because they don’t have yet the mind to worry. To worry one needs intelligence. Animals don’t worry and don’t go crazy and don’t need the psychiatrist’s help; for that intelligence is needed. So a fool can be happy but his happiness is not of much worth.On the other polarity is a so-called wise man – very knowledgeable, very serious, very intellectual, even intelligent, but not happy. Then what is the point of being wise? The whole point misses! Then your wisdom is far worse than the foolishness; at least the foolish are happy! What can one gain out of knowledge if there is no bliss in it? And this is what happens almost always.To create a synthesis: one should be wise and happy and blissful, wise and dancing, wise and singing, wise and celebrating. Only then does one arrive home and can on feel real life, the fragrance of life… one can detect the presence of god.Two things – happiness and wisdom – are needed to detect the presence of god. These two things balance each other.By practicing self-awareness you are putting this in your consciousness: on the one hand try to become more and more alert, aware, more intelligent, more sensitive, so wisdom arises; on the other hand become more and more relaxed, more dancing, more playful, so blissfulness arises. And always keep balance….It is very easy for the mind to move in one extreme direction; the mind is an extremist. When the mind has to choose between two polarities it is very ready to choose one. Never choose one: either don’t choose or choose both together. And that is how one goes beyond the mind – because that is very difficult for the mind to manage; it cannot manage. In the very nature of things it is impossible for the mind to manage two extremes together.So Buddha has given one of the greatest methods of meditation – what he calls ‘the middle way’. Always keep in the middle: whenever there are two extremes keep in the middle, keep balanced, and you will go beyond the mind, because the mind exists only in extremity.This polarity – anand and wisdom, bliss and wisdom. And you have to be just in the middle, just the gap between the two, the empty space between the two. On one hand is blissfulness, on the one hand is wisdom, and you have to be just in the middle.In the beginning it will be difficult but soon you will have the taste of it… and even a glimpse is a tremendous insight. When you are wise in any moment and yet blissful, you will suddenly see the beauty of it.Krishna says - Remember only one thing: whatsoever feels good is good, whatsoever feels beautiful is beautiful, and whatsoever makes you joyful, gay, delighted, is truth. Let that be your only criterion. Don’t be bothered by others opinions. Let this be your only touchstone – whatsoever makes you happy is bound to be true. Ananda, bliss, is the only criterion of truth, transcendence.