What is positivity?

Everyone has a personal field of energy surrounding them, which protects them and controls the way an individual functions and perceives. The polarity of this energy makes a strong influence on our well-being and lives. Staying and thinking positive is an inner process of getting rid of bad habits and building positive ones. Positive thinking is the path one takes towards a brighter and colorful life.

Positive living means filling our thoughts and energy with happiness. It also means displaying a positive attitude, focusing on solutions, being content, improving your lifestyle, getting back up after failure, living in the present, and making the most of it. When we learn to let go of negative things that’s when we can start inculcating positivity inside us.

How to be positive in life?

Little changes in our conscious and unconscious behaviors can help us move forward on a path of positivity: 

  1. Observe your thoughts and try to identify the source of negative influence. Is it your work? Your relations with someone close? Or anxious about something important? Figuring out the reason behind negativities can help you understand and work on the problem you’re facing.
  2. Scan for positivity and let the negativities pass by. At the end of every day, focus on three positive things that happened to you. Even small things like someone smiling to you or complimenting you are sources of happiness and positivity.
  3. Indulge in helping other with their work or problems. This will create a positive atmosphere around you and boosts happiness.
  4. Do something that you love and make time for that. If you love reading novels, take extra half an hour at night to read your favorite novel. This will create a flow of love and happiness that helps you stay positive.
  5. Take care of your body and mind. Practicing Yoga daily can help influence positivity and make you feel alive. You can also join a Yoga retreat in Nepal to create a pool of positive energies around you.

Five key benefits of staying positive: 

             1.Cope faster and effectively with stress:

W hen subjected to stress, positive thinkers tend to focus on finding solutions rather than worrying about stress and sulking. A positive attitude helps you remain calm and think efficiently to overcome stress through smart solutions.

2. Better and improved health:

It is scientifically proven that positive thinkers have increased longevity. Positivity reflects on our health and emotions. Depression and anxiety give rise to sleep problems, low focus and self-esteem, sore muscles and the feeling of dissatisfaction. Removal of these toxins through positivity and happiness improves our bodily functions and health.Yoga courses in Nepal focus on removal of these toxins through mindful activities to make way for a healthy and active mind.

             3. Improved social life:

Our first impression makes a huge impact on our relationships with others and our social life. A positive vibe will easily let you make friends and get into a social circle. Positivity is an important element for an active social life. This is even true if you’re in search of a romantic partner. The opposite gender is attracted towards happy, vibrant and positive individuals.

             4. More successful in life:

Staying positive helps you look at your failures in a good way and finding ways to avoid them. An important trait of successful people is getting up even stronger after failures and this can happen only if you keep a positive attitude towards life.

             5. Boost confidence: 

Positivity helps your embrace your true self and makes you feel confident about who you are. It helps eliminate the need of pretending to be someone else and boosts self and inner confidence.


              Let optimism and positivity driven life make you a better and contended person.