What is Happiness all about!
The word sounds small, but to acquire it we go from pillar to post. We find happiness in material gains which is never lasting.
The quench for happiness is never ending, we fail to understand the true essence of ‘Happiness’.
We have so many ‘If’s’ in everything we do, that we miss to enjoy the moment. If I get this, I’ll be happy, if you do that, I’ll be happy n so on…the list goes on. But we are never happy in spite of all this, or its just short lived. When we accomplish something, we are happy about it for a few days. Once we are out of that frame, we set our target on something else. This cycle goes on-n-on and yet we are never content with life.
So, what do we do about it? We need to redefine happiness. Happiness is within us. The worlds riches can never make us happy. Of course! they can fulfill all our wants, give us the best in life, but not happiness.
Ask a rich man, who has no friends, who is deprived of love, no family….will he be happy? No… by the end of the day, he’s just another human being.
So, we start by counting our blessings. When you wake up to a beautiful morning, be thankful about it. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, your loving family etc, express gratitude. These small things add up to our happiness. We will realize it, the day we are deprived of all this.
Some people find happiness in helping others, few others in reading a good book or watching a movie. Happiness is different for different people. Live in the moment. Feel happy in whatever you do. If you can’t, bring change in the situation or else make peace with it.
We all go through ups-n-downs in life. We need to understand that nothing is constant, in life, it’s just a passing phase. But our attitude towards it does matter. Unless we don’t go through problems, how do we experience happiness.
Jim Carrey once said “Everyone should become rich and famous and do everything they dreamed of just to see that it’s not the answer.” He meant that we need to search happiness within ourselves and not outside.
Happy people focus on what they have, whereas unhappy people focus on what’s missing.
A person who is happy has a radiant smile and his aura is very strong enough to light up others around him. We enjoy company of such people than a grumpy one.
We need to understand, what makes us happy. Happiness is all in the mind. Our mind registers happiness by the people and circumstances around us. Stop outsourcing our happiness.
If our mind is agitated, we will never be happy in spite of the good things surrounding us. Tap into your own potential for a peaceful state of mind. A peaceful mind is a happy mind.