No one can deny that a woman has to live with the same sense of freedom and happiness as we do, because social harmony and peace is interrelated with each and every one’s happiness in life. I know that most of you have respect for woman, but the present situation in India demands more open discussions and a little more energy from your side. There are many complexities that we need to resolve, behind this cruel action called “RAPE”. Without resolving them, if we make stringent laws, we are acting only on the peripheral of the issue. However, the centre from which this action springs up still remains the same. Laws are necessary, but they are not enough. In a physical relationship, the man and woman both should have a mutual agreement. Any action without that agreement proves that one is no more a MAN. We need to include this small fact in our education system.

A physical relationship is a sacred thing through which creation happens, looking at it in a vulgar sense is a sin. Having an affair seems to be a heroic action, but sex is just a part of life, not all of it. We must learn how to get energy out of it, and soon die to that pleasure, instead of feeding it to our memory. If we don’t die to that memory, it is used by thought and turns your life into a mess. Few of the issues behind this cruelty seem to be


1) Female foeticide – Because of this, the ratio of the girls to boys is reducing, and more men are left with wild unfulfilled desires, turning them into wild animals.

2) No sex education –When we don’t teach a child about sex as a part of nature and how to involve in it in a dignified manner, vulgarity creeps into the mind. Forget about the child, can you and I talk about sex in a dignified manner, without any vulgar thoughts or jokes creeping into our conversation?

3) Entertainment In the entertainment industry, women are mostly objectified. Within the industry women may get paid more and may get good respect. But because of the way they portray women in public, the common man is looking at women as sex objects or glamour dolls. Indecent jokes about sexual organs have become a trend because of our movies today.


4)   Not understanding the fact that there is no problem with desire, but the problem is with either suppression or the craving for it.

“I call him empty who has no love, and for him sex becomes a problem, an issue, a thing to be avoided or to be indulged.”

- Jiddu Krishnamurti