Two Sides of Life Coin

Early morning, Annonymous posted a question on Quora that  Where can we find real happiness and peace? I saw all answers their most of them were telling -Happiness is in your control only, Some were telling about inner peace, there is happiness in Bhakti or devotion to God, I am curious about god from childhood as I spend most of the time with my granny who was a devotional lady. She has faith in God But she doesn't believe superstitious things that is the best nature of her. What I learned from her is, Being Religious is the good thing but humanity and kindness is the main moto, I believe her that's why I give respect to her. Now I am reminding her death day, that day I reached late after her death,  I found that place full of rush. Not only my village 3/4 village people were there. All people used to call her mama as they treated her like a mother. she never saw any cast and color whenever she saw anyone needed help she helped them,  so many people are crying for her. I was just stuck there I was sitting in her bed near to her head as I always used to kiss her face I started kissing her, but there is no return kiss from her, then I realize she is no more I will not get that affection anymore. I didn't saw any God crying for her, only she was sleeping peacefully their. That day I realized all things are people's creation only but the prestige she got from others that is the best part of her life.  What things she did for her family and others that are the achievements of her life.
I asked the same questions so many times to my parents, my father says happiness is when you become an independent girl and when you get over all your inferiority but my mother says happiness is making someone aware of about health and soul, making someone cure. As she is a deep researcher she studied all mythology as Gita, Bhagabat, Ramayan, Sundarakand, some basic knowledge of Bible & Kuran she found the monks who wrote about God and all our holy books they give their first priority to soul and spirit. so what we are doing for our soul? nothing. We all believe in so many superstitions and so many rules and regulations.  I realize they both are correct in their own way and my happiness is obeying both of them and making smile every moment in there face.
After experiencing so much in life, I  find happiness in every small thing. Whenever I start thinking all bad memories I feel depressed and crying but at the same time I found someone telling inside me hey stop your all nonsense things always you have better things waiting for you that's why that supreme spirit eradicate all bad things form your life, just accept this truth. It might hard for me but I started closing my eyes and thinking all good memories of my life, then I find how lucky I am so I accept the truth and I stopped thinking and welcoming all positive things. I found Happiness within me only. 

So start looking inside instead of looking outside.  

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