Resisting the urge to intellectualize and suppress primal emotions and conditions may resolve long-lived human dilemmas, especially when baser advantages are identified.

In our life, we overthink the hardships and humiliations we face. It’s time to think something else by excluding our intellect and through self-appraisal. Of course, pardon me for any blunders on the article. 

As per the English meaning, madness is the state of being extremely foolish or in a state of mental illness. But I would say, madness is a fix for mental illness and it’s a kind-of “neutral feeling” that will fill up the void or act as a replacement for the unwanted feelings of being a living being. I generalize it as “living being,” since it doesn’t involve only the humans. You can understand it in detail by adopting a person who has realized madness as a magic feeling and by placing them into situations which are almost certain to cause mental ills like humiliation, depression, deprivation, and finally relationship ills.

Madness as a fix for humiliation:

A person who is poor in the areas of skin color or money, senses opportunities, as compared to those who are not poor in this way. Folks who are surrounded by others who have no sense of appreciation and humanity etc. are likely to face humiliations at the highest level. This is not about pointing fingers at anybody. But, when we are all under the same roof of this humiliation, try to just go crazy in your mind, to do something everyone feels is too crazy to do. It can be eating more than you want, so you burst your stomach like a panda, but believe me, your madness will dilute your humiliation and this will make you stronger. Then you will be able to stand up to face all sort of humiliations on your way.

Madness as a fix for depression:

Are you depressed now?

Want to shout out and show your anger to the idiots who pushed you to this depression hell?  

Is your mind is filled with anger, and does it feel unstable and ready to burst like a nuclear bomb? Come on! Don’t let your mind curse you because it has been suppressed by you. When bursting out our anger, we need not to show sadness as a mask; we need not to scream literally, using words like F***, SH**, etc. So, then what we can do? To follow the ancient ways, I don’t talk like that to the kid; this will make you feel lighter. Get to know the child’s three favorite cartoon shows and just watch them instead.

Madness as a fix for deprivations:

“Ideally, humans are born with 100 percent of deprivations on all aspects.”

Ideally, Humans are born with 100 percent of deprivations on all aspects. They are supposed to work hard and consume their needs to reduce the level of deprivations. But we are always in a supposition of deprivation on what we want and need. Few things, we like to think we deserve, but actually we do not, and if we think that way then that thing won’t deserve you. Here comes the real deprivation of life.

Einstein said that deprivations are the best educators and purifiers. Well said! Deprivations will help us to understand our level of competency and also educate us on what we are lacking. So, we must understand and instruct ourselves to overcome deprivations through self-improvement. But how do we do this? Here comes the picture of madness. We must work for something that feels good, no matter how hard or how new to you. Go mad on trying new things; let it be funny at the beginning, practice it when it is dark, so no one will know. I believe there is nothing called inborn talent; we will be what we are made of.

Madness as a fix for relationship ills:

“When madness kills and bores, us then we are in danger of destroying our relationship.”

My humble belief is this: when madness kills and bores us, then we are in danger of destroying our relationship. Relationships last during times of mad love and when we make mistakes. We are humans; we love; we hate; we shout; we lie; we blunder; we dislike; we hurt; we mess up; we do everything. We are not here to treat our relationships like business, since business needs only positive action. Then how must a relationship stay alive? When we are holding the madness throughout our relationships it will be as alive as a pleasant colorful flower with an elegant fragrance. After, he/she enter into the love commitment, both people need to continue doing the mad and crazy things like making time just to say, “hi” and “good night,” like teasing each other with a look, giving chocolates and roses, telling/texting “I love you” and “I miss you,” walking miles of kilometers just to see her/him or to hear their voices. Keep thinking about them like you are addicted to his/her voice even though it may sound horrible; and understand that he/she are also doing these things for their partners. Nowadays, people are so professional and they deploy that professional behavior into their life, so, that madness will kill them first and next their relationship.

Go mad, Go crazy…. Have fun! Be happy. ☺… Thanks for reading.