" Loving ourselves works miracles in our Lives. "

- Louise L. Hay

Self Love is "Loving yourself", "Khud se Pyaar karna". Do we people nowadays love ourselves ?

Umm .. Nope! Out of 100 , only 10-15% people's are there who love themselves.

In today's time, people expect more from others. From happiness to joy to fun to love to sadness everything we shift on others.

If she is with me I'll be Happy.. If she is not with me I feel sad.. Someone compliment me I'm happy.. Someone insult me I feel sad..

Ohh today's trending portion , I post my picture on social media #ootd I got many likes and sweet comments I feel Happy.. But if my followers didn't like my post I feel sad somewhat we start doubting on ourselves that may be I'm not pretty or anything else ..

Can you see we are shifting our happiness on other people. That's why , we people not live our life Happily and peacefully. Because everything we do, not to impress ourselves but to impress others.

Somewhere we are lacking in Self Love. We are making every effort to love others ,to make them happy .. Log tumse kabhi Khush nahi hosakte ..

So , try to love yourself.

"Self Love is the foundation for the true Happiness in us."

Start loving yourself , you'll definitely see the change in yourself and in your lifestyle.

Always give priority to yourself first. Self Love is not selfish but this is indeed to live life peacefully.

Jab khud se Pyaar Karna seekh jaaoge toh dusro se expect karna chod doge.. and jab expectations nahi hogi to you'll never get hurt or disappointments.

So, promise yourself now that you 'll never forget to love yourself. No matter whatever the situation is.

Remember - Nothing is permanent in this world.

So why to worry about silly things. Live your life Happily and positively. Always appreciate yourself and make yourself feel Proud.


1) Whenever you feel bad, lonely or any negative vibe is disturbing you - Repeat these affirmations as many time as you can :

• I am Happy.

• I am strong.

• I am Beautiful.

• I am Healthy.

• I am a positive soul.

• God is with me.

2) Keep doing all those things which make you feel Happy.

3) Do Yoga and Meditation.

4) Listen your favourite song.

5) Give time to yourself more than to others.

Always Remember -

" ज़िन्दगी एक सफ़र है सुहाना

यहाँ कल क्या हो किसने जाना"