Women are treated as objects, while men are valued as human beings. Isn't it odd how men made laws such as, “freedom to pursue their happiness,” but at home everything revolve around the man as if he is king. No one except the man is free to pursue happiness at home. Have you seen a man changing surnames for woman or man taking care of babies and allowing their wives to work? Or women being the head of the family? The very fact that most women take the man's last names when they marry, and almost no men take the woman's last name, is proof that we still live in a patriarchal society. One of the definitions of a patriarchy is that "descent is traced through the male line." Even when a woman keeps her last name, the child still almost always takes the father's last name. How is that not a patriarchy? Then throw in that women are not paid as much as men for the same work even when they are equally qualified, that women are much more likely to be raped than men, and that men hold far more positions of power than women.