The nine gemstones have a powerful effect on your body and mind. The stones have the power to reduce problems of career, business, marital life, education, health, and other areas of life. Wearing a stone that suits you can bring great happiness and prosperity in your life. It is best to wear a gemstone only after consulting an astrologer.

Wearing a gemstone is an astrological remedy for the problems in your life but you must know the astrology gemstones effect before you decide to wear a ring made of precious stone on your fingers. Gemstones have the power to heal your body and mind. They reduce the ills and problems in life. If a person is facing difficulties in life or undergoing a bad phase, he must consult an astrologer and get the horoscope checked for suggesting the best gemstone that will reduce their problems.

Each gemstone is for a certain planet. Wearing a gemstone of a specific planet helps in pleasing and pacifying that planet. As a result, difficulties caused by malefic planets reduce in life and the positive planets start showing good results when you a gemstone that suits you. It is possible to make the weak planets strong and favorable for you by wearing a gemstone. A gemstone can bring luck in your life and increase your fortune. Marital problems reduce in life and you get happiness in married life by wearing a suitable stone. 

People who are facing career problems can try a gemstone for career progress and success at the workplace. Gemstones help in reducing problems in business, career, and education. They have the power to cure diseases some of which are difficult to diagnose and treat.

Yellow Sapphire is the stone of Jupiter and it is good for spiritual progress and bestowing a happy family life to you. Wear the stone if you want prosperity especially economic progress. Yellow sapphire helps in begetting children. It increases spirituality in the mind.

Wearing a Ruby pacifies sun and helps in career growth. The stone has the power to heal your heart. The stone removes sins done by you and makes your life stable and prosperous. It gives prestige, honor, and social esteem. Ruby improves your eyesight and cures eye diseases. The stone is used for good health and preventing serious illnesses. 

Pearl is a stone that is meant for the moon. It gives mental peace and happiness to the wearer. The stone can reduce tension, stress, and mental problems. It heals stomach diseases. Pearl gives self-confidence and marital happiness. It improves your mental powers. 

Coral is the best gemstone that astrologers recommend for Mars. It puts an impact on your mind and pacifies the planet Mars. The stone can cure tropical fevers and fistula. It has the power to heal chicken pox, anemia, body pain, pneumonia, jaundice, allergy, weakness, and bronchitis.

Emerald is a gemstone of the planet Mercury. It makes your mind strong. The stone increases creativity and mental happiness. Writers, publishers, owners of enterprises and business, and people who work in professions governed by mercury must wear the stone for progress in their career. 

Blue sapphire pacifies Saturn. You should wear the stone only if Saturn is favorable for you in the horoscope. Wearing Blue sapphire can be harmful if Saturn is malefic or weak in your kundli.

Diamond is for Venus and it gives you a lot of confidence and wealth. The stone improves health and makes you courageous and spiritual. It has the power to bring fruitful and meaningful relationships in your life and solve relationship problems with your loved ones. The gemstone bestows financial prosperity in your life. You become more confident and happy when you wear a diamond in your fingers. 

Hessonite stone reduces the malefic effects of Rahu in your kundli. It reduces wind and acidity in the body. The stone gives financial prosperity and improved health. It is beneficial for health and career. Hessonite helps in defeating enemies and winning court cases. 

Cat’s eye gemstone makes you fortunate and pacifies the planet Ketu. It helps in preventing witchcraft from affecting you. This is the best stone for politicians. The astrology gemstones effect of Cat’s eye includes protection from scandals and rivalries.