The parents are keen to send their wards right from their birth. The first schooling starts from play school then pre-nursery, nursery etc. We find children uncomfortable with load they carry on tbeir shoulders. As soon as they leave for the school, the mood and happiness of children changes altogether. They have sometimes a feeling of a coolie carrying the load. They experience the first burden of life. There happiness return only when they reach home and they unload their heavy load of school bag. Some children frequently complain of back ache, shoulder pain. Happiness is important for imparting education to children which is possible by making school life comfortable and acceptable. 

The weight of school bag can be reduced by following ways:-

Instead of books for each subject

we should make four books only covering entire syllabus of all the subjects and each book should cover the syllabus for every three months.

The single book should contain chapters of each subjects which are meant to be taught as per the syllabus. This child has to carry single book only for every three months syllabus. Also for writing class work or home work one or two note books can be carried for writing corresponding to syllabus of each three imonths single book.

This way weight of school bag can be reduced considerably making happy school life for the children.