I think almost every normal person of this beautiful planet love gift. Gift is not only a word it is a feeling, feelings of happiness, excitement and specialness. The word gift enhances the feeling of excitement and happiness in our heart. Well I'll be not wrong if I say 'Barter System' still exists in the form of gifts. Some people love to gift others and some love to accept the later. New Year, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Festivals, Birthdays, every special occasion are incomplete and prosaic without gifts. But almost everyone undergo a phase of chaos and confusion in their mind before gifting something to their loved ones. A book, a flower, a watch, a beautiful black suit or a gorgeous ring embedded with diamond which one is the best gift. Some says time is the best gift, for someone a letter or a hand crafted product is more adorable while for others materialistic gifts are the best one.

Well ever wondered gifting a

'Life' to someone!

Is there any other gift greater than Life?

I guess no.

But is it possible to gift life to someone practically?

Yes, it is possible.

Once in a year GIFT A PLANT to your loved ones. By doing this you are not only making someone special but also saving the MANKIND.