It has been quite some time now that I have been receptive of a lot of views on how being single is against the norms. I happened to read a post in HuffingtonPost India, titled: I have no regrets about choosing to be childfree. And it really got me thinking. Of what are my views in the perspective of the comments that I often receive from acquaintances, friends, colleagues, relatives, and even strangers. Yes, I am 34 and unmarried and I too contemplate often if I really want to be a mother. Let alone that! Do I really want a marriage or a relationship?

I feel the need to extrapolate the question posed in the Huffington Post India to marriage and relationships as well. I have been a happy loner and will continue to be one! My freedom is a conscious choice. Let society not decide. After all, I have to live with the decision. So, I better chose what I am comfortable with. Have lots of friends and acquaintances and lots of work to do. Consume yourself in yourself. There's so much to read and write and paint and say and learn and give and travel...and you don't need people or one person to be with you. You only need to feel passionate about what you want to do and things will happen your way. You are your best company. Unfortunately, our society wants to see everyone shackled in the said norms that most follow and if you happen to go against the flow you will be called stupid or your decisions will be questioned. Ahh...don't bother are answerable to only one person about what you do in life...That's you. Baaki sab background noise hain. Read books, lotsa them, travel places, enjoy your favorite cuisine and most importantly navigate your life in the direction you want to take it. You succumb to pressure once and you will do it always! People say better late than never. I say better never. Never, never, never ever compromise on your happiness! Our society is yet to understand that there is enough happiness in being alone and single and that the same should not be labeled with: the individual being too independent, too opinionated, confused or unable to adjust. Sometimes your character will also be questioned. But that is okay. There is something called as intellectual freedom that some individuals like me seek. And that's one thing that is most liberating. Maybe many cannot relate to it. But its best to accept it for yourself rather than criticizing the differences or expecting from anyone to accept you. Just flow. Flow with your life. And remember that you are not answerable to anyone. When you are on your death bed none of these people who criticize you now will come to help you. So, live life by your choice and not as pressure or compulsion that is put on you. Let people laugh. You be happy that you gave them happiness. And maybe... ask them for some compensational treat later! Be a woman, a strong one, of great ambition, good character, and noble deeds. Try to seek the larger spiritual good for yourself without indulging in materialistic profit loss equations. And trust me, that is enough goal for a lifetime!