With these passing days, I meet many others. There are few who are happy, gleaming and then those who could always only grieve. So I ask them, is the Almighty unfair to bundle up few with joy and others with sorrow. And very easily I commit that No, nothing or nobody is responsible for your happiness. Happiness is a choice, rather a gift for self.

When we could not control certain things all we could do is let it go. At times when our ability is restricted and solutions are unfound our inner being has to be settled down to let time take the command. We all have our own battles to deal with and this dealing sometimes drains us out so much that we surrender and then its time to learn that every single one has some fight and the one who could deal the sun and the rain with the same smile is the one who is content.

Life can not be merry all the while, we would have ups and downs but what is needed is to deal with them equally. When there are situations for which we are unprepared, our tension grows and to worsen certain answers are not found for the evolving questions, then it may be required to never think about the future and lets resolve the today.

Future is a mystery and let it be, try not to puzzle out the outcomes for not all the outcomes may be sweeter and what you may assume to be good may at times turn worse. So never imagine good or bad days , let it happen eventually. Overthinking may only cause your mind to move negatively and awaken negative thoughts which is delirious. Things that can not be sorted have to be healed on its own. Rightly said time becomes the healer then.

Finally happiness is a choice to make and not a chance. Decide to be happy whatsoever happens, when the Almighty has the keys to the locked door, he would definitely open one for you. Believe whatever happens is for a reason, all we have to do is to discover the reason. Life is a book that has a moral at the end of each lesson. Be bold to read and learn, so that your stronger and bolder by the end of it.