Life is journey of spreading love, happiness with other good people around us. By drinking every drop of tears inside the eyes of our dear ones. "When we are the reason for happiness on someone's face, that's the real reason for us to be happy".

Nevertheless getting our eyes numbed with tears is moment to be proud of. Though everyone cries because of unhappiness when unable to fulfill their own wishes and desires with others, but very few in this world cry for happiness of others.

The day your eyes get filled with tears of joy for someone who may be far away from you, just realise you can win hearts. The day after which you never ever weep for your own satisfaction, just realise that you have travelled beyond worldly pleasures. The day when you are standing at the top of mountain of happiness, and by seeing someone unhappy your eyes gets wet , just realise you have achieved something quiet remarkable in your life which only few people in this world would able to even think off.

God has given us ample chance to make others happy. We should not waste it by thinking and looking for our own happiness in things which we don't have. All good people around us are treasures of happiness. We just have to work for their happiness. One day they will surely weep for us. What can be bigger gift than Tears of happiness ?