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Social Taboo : Termite to Society
 Hitakshi buch  
 29 January 2019  

In today’s era when we talk about equality and stability with the help of technology, system, same time many things still prevailing as it is.We don’t see much changes in society from certain angle. There are people who still want to be with old notions and beliefs. As far as it doesn’t harm anyone’s feelings is ok. But sometimes situations occurs where either or things one has to choose and at that time practical approach is needed.Indeed many things is changing and that shows positive signs in society. Many ways women’s are equal to men. They also do the same which men do. Woman shown their shining side in all fields of life. Many ways they become true achiever. When we look back in to history lady like Rani Laxmibai shown her strength for nation. Same way Kalpna Chavla, Sunita Williams also proven themselves.As a responsible person of society we have to be proud of them. But irony is remain still there. One side women is becoming more and more powerful in all sectors, at the same they face social taboo like woman have to be good looking and physical feet.In today’s time every woman is becoming fashion trended. There is nothing wrong in this, but when it becomes social pressure then it’s wrong.In our society when girl become 13 or 14 years mothers start to give tips on different topics. As far as own hygiene is concern yes every one should but that doesn’t mean to spend long time in parlour. At the age of 15/16 with the body changes if girls have hair on legs or arms, mummy or friends will not see her with respect. In some case classmates will gossip about this.Why girls have to go for facial, body Hari Removing on regular bases. Why can’t they choose to take liberty on that. Yes from the hygiene aspect it’s good but that should not be possessive. Along with this now woman/girls are becoming conscious about their look also. There is a taboo that woman should look good and sexy. Practically speaking what the need to look sexy. It’s a wrong notion that make up makes woman more glamorous. In accent time without these all products woman were having lust and beauty. Mostly importantly woman themselves don’t want to talk about this. They feel embarrassed if hair growth is there or face is not looking good.Recently during discussion one of the friend said to her friend that how can you openly talk about physicality and physical intimacy. Don’t you think it’s wrong ?What’s wrong in this. Why can’t anyone talk openly about this ? Land who gave knowledge about “Kamasutra”, on that land now people are hesitant to talk about this. Yes but this the same land where day by day rap cases are increasing.In school we need to have sex education not just to have it but with serious concerns.I think still there is time to come out from this all and work upon our social taboo. Who can able to do this they can change life.As a woman we need to come out from this taboo and work towards our betterment.#Hitakshi

Free Classifieds In Chennai Will Help You In Finding Top Performing Arts Courses
 ravina patel  
 19 December 2019  

I can say this because I have experienced this personally. I had a fear of stage. Yes, I can't perform in front of so many people. If I remember correctly, once I have participated in a drama event in class 7, I think. I don't remember exactly which class I took participation. But, yes before going to stage, I was very threatened and as time passed, I got very nervous. It doesn't matter how nervous I was, I had made up my mind, and went to the stage. You know what, as the performance got over, we got a standing ovation. I was like, really? From that time, I am very thankful to my teacher as she has forced me to take part in the drama.And as time grew, my self-confidence also got increased. After seeing changes in my attitude, my parents also became carefree, and they have decided to put me in some art classes while doing studies. So, I was searching on the internet, and in one forum, someone talked about free classifieds in Chennai portal and told me that it has helped him in finding the best art classes at Anna Nagar in Chennai.I didn't take it seriously, as I haven't heard about it ever. I left that forum, and scroll down to the next page. But didn't feel like yes, I should go with this. Then I thought why not believe that boy? At least search the site, and then decide. Also, that boy stated that it is a free website so there is nothing wrong if at one place it provides me all schools or classes. I gave it a try and found out many ideas which have confused me in which field I needed to go.Seriously, free classifieds in Chennai portal has come up with the list of all performing arts classes. Like, they have listed acting school, dance academy, music classes, drama classes, theater school, and various art academy. Then I got confused that in which field I should try. I have taken advice from my parents and friends. They all have reminded me about the function in which I have participated in drama and suggested me to go for the same.After that, I have considered their advice and compared all the drama classes by browsing the site named – free classifieds in Chennai.Thus, I have found the best drama classes in Teynampet. And that was just a hobby but as time passed, I was enjoying myself and decided to pursue a degree in acting. My mentors and parents have also encouraged me but my parents were not supposed to send me outside Chennai. I tried to convince them, even my friends have also tried. But did not receive a positive response.Then I told my mentor that I won't go out of town to pursue a degree. He has decided to talk with my parents that's why he has called my parents to the academy but did not succeed in it. So, I have browsed the free classifieds in Chennai portal again to find the best acting school in chennai which provides a degree. And touch wood, I have found that and now enjoying acting while living with my parents!!

Why You Should Go and Get a Bamboo Duvet Cover Set
 Nadim Mia  
 9 October 2020  

Are you a germaphobic like myself? If you answered yes then this is a great article to read. Written especially for all those germaphobics. Yes, we germaphobics own every type of antibacterial products you can think of. I bet I can take a look in your purse and find a big bottle of hand sanitizer right now. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to protect yourself and love ones from getting sick, especially with that killer flu that has been going around. But imagine this, how would you like to have a little more protection from bacteria and germs. Protection in your bedroom. How about owning a bed set that is not only beautiful and soft, imagine it also being antibacterial. Yes, you have read right, antibacterial. I'm talking about best bamboo pillow getting yourself a Natural Organic Bamboo Duvet Cover Set. As many of us know, Duvet Covers Sets are one of the best bedding choices there is. Duvet covers work like pillowcases but instead of protecting pillows they protect comforters from getting damaged and the majority are machine washable. Duvet covers can be washed in the washer machine along with the rest of the sheets unlike comforters that have to be dry cleaned. They come in all different shapes and sizes but why a Bamboo Duvet Cover Set?There's many reasons why and here are some of the few:o 100 percent bamboo fabric has a 99.8 percent bacterial kill rate. Due to it's natural anifungal agent, they are rarely attacked by pests or infected by pathogen. It is very hard for bacterial to survive on it because of it's ability to dry faster then cotton or other fabrics.o Bamboo fibers are very soft, so bamboo cover sets have a nice silky feel to them and are not slippery at all.o Does not adhere human body even in the hottest conditions. Bamboo sheets are odor and damp free. They absorb sweet easily and make u feel nice and fresh. They can be used both summer and winter because they have the ability to insulate, so you and your family will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.o Can be easily washed and dried. Drying time is half the time that is for cotton or other fabrics and absorbs water 60% more compared to cotton.o Recycle process of bamboo materials does not pollute the environment. Bamboo are harvested every 3 to 5 years, verses 20 years like other trees.I myself have a Bamboo queen duvet cover set and the entire cover set is fully protected. I especially wanted a Bamboo set because my dog spends large amounts of times on my bed and I have an eight year old daughter that loves playing and sleeping on my bed so I need that extra protection. Even if you can't afford a Bamboo bedding because of it's cost, you can always purchase any other beautiful duvet cover set and be able to wash it again and again which is still good. But like I have always told everyone I know, spending a little more can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Plus, Bamboo is durable and long wearing fabric so your investment will last quite awhile.

Passing The CCNA and CCNP Exams: Setup Mode
 jake oliver  
 4 October 2019  

CCNA and CCNP up-and-comers need to thoroughly understand Arrangement Mode, why a switch goes into that mode, and as you'll see, how to escape that mode. Rehearsing Arrangement Mode at work is a decent method to get terminated, however, so you have to rehearse this on your CCNA/CCNP home lab or rack rental. In this article, we'll investigate a Cisco 2500 switch going into arrangement mode and a couple of tips that will enable you to breeze through the tests and exceed expectations at your specific employment.To start with, for what reason does a switch go into Arrangement Mode in any case? At the point when a Cisco switch boots up, the switch investigates Non-Unpredictable Slam (NVRAM) for the startup arrangement document. On the off chance that such a record isn't found, and the switch has not been customized to seek a TFTP server for this document, the switch enters arrangement mode.The most well-known purpose behind a switch not to have a startup design document is that the record's been eradicated. We will currently delete this record on our 2500 switch. As you'll see, the Cisco switch cautions us about eradicating NVRAM and settles on us affirm this decision, which it recognizes with the alright message.R1#write eradicateEradicating the nvram filesystem will evacuate all documents! Proceed? [confirm][OK]Eradicate of nvram: completeR1#The switch will presently be reloaded. There is a somewhat deceptive message shown during reboot:R1#reloadContinue with reload? [confirm]00:15:21: %SYS-5-RELOAD: Reload mentionedFramework Bootstrap, Adaptation 11.0(10c)XB1, Stage Explicit Discharge Programming (fc1)Copyright (c) 1986-1997 by cisco Frameworks2500 processor with 14336 Kbytes of primary memoryNotice: NVRAM invalid, conceivably due to compose delete.That notice doesn't mean the NVRAM is degenerate or unusable; this message methods the NVRAM doesn't have a startup design document.The switch will proceed for sure lastly present you with this brief:- Framework Setup Discourse -Okay prefer to enter the underlying setup exchange? [yes/no]:Pretty much every WAN specialist I know answers "no" to this inquiry, since Arrangement Mode is a long, ungainly approach to set up a switch (as I would see it). We will answer "yes" so as to see this mode in real life.- Framework Design Exchange -OK prefer to enter the underlying design discourse? [yes/no]: yAnytime you may enter a question mark '?' for assistance.Use ctrl-c to prematurely end design exchange at any brief.Default settings are in square sections '[]'.Essential administration arrangement designs just enough availabilityfor the executives of the framework, expanded arrangement will ask youto design every interface on the frameworkOkay prefer to enter essential administration arrangement? [yes/no]: yDesigning worldwide parameters:Enter host name [Router]: R1The empower mystery is a secret key used to secure access tospecial Executive and arrangement modes. This secret key, afterentered, moves toward becoming encoded in the arrangement.Enter empower mystery:% No defaulting permittedEnter empower mystery:As of now, there is something in particular about Arrangement Mode that you probably won't care for. This mode constrains you to set an empower secret key and an empower mystery secret key. As you proceed in this mode, you'll see this mode ask you inquiries about each and every interface on the switch, regardless of whether you're not wanting to utilize that interface. Utilizing Arrangement Mode truly gets very old sooner or later, again as I would see it.A most significant aspect concerning Arrangement Mode is realizing how to receive in return without sparing the design. One path is at the finish of this mode, where you can answer "no" to "Would you like to spare this arrangement?" I for one never make it that far! Rather than holding up until the finish of Arrangement Mode, we can utilize the CTRL-C key mix to prematurely end this mode and overlook the changes.Setup prematurely ended, no progressions made.Press Come back to begin!Arrangement Mode isn't a mode that CCNA and CCNP competitors get a lot of training with, however you will be tried on your insight about it both in the test room and at work. Furthermore, when you start arranging a switch with this mode, you'll be happy you realize how to receive in return!MOS-OXP exam cram640-875 Practice Test600-199.pdf cheat sheetASTQB braindumpsCMAA entrance exam1z0-468 fullversion pdf650-175 SMBAM SMB Specialization for Account Managers exam pass assurance300-560 Cisco Network Programmability Developer Specialist study guide70-673 exam vce pdf1z0-140 test prepC_HANAIMP_13 actual test pdfPR2F boot campTrending cheat sheetsMB2-706 prepawayHPE2-T33 HPE OneView Seo Audit sample testTawk brain dumps7230X.pdf new dumpsHPE0-S49 exam pdf answersC2090-600 IBM DB2 11.1 DBA for LUW online testMAC-16A free test onlineielts exam training test prepPass4sure test answersC9520-427 sample testBAS-013 bootcampC2180-273 test pdf answers

Elaborative Introduction Of CBD Boxes
 jeneva jordan  
 1 April 2020  

The first thing that you should know before continue reading this article is that what actually CBD is. Yes! This is a plant that is in use in its different forms for different purposes. Like, you can use this plant in its stem, powder, oil, and some other forms. Here comes a question of what are its uses? This is a plant that has an extremely sharp essence that is used for different purposes, such as for drugs, medicines, cosmetics, food, and much more.Besides, its use was not legalized before few years, but now this is officially usable in different states of America. Furthermore, its use has been increased because of its unlimited benefits. As we all are known that if the demand for something gets a hype, then most of the people focus on starting the business of the specific product—same in the case of the CBD. There are so many businesspersons seen that are running the business of CBD. Additionally, all the businesspersons are in extreme competition with each other. All of them are trying to be more unique and exclusive, so that people prefer them as compared to the other ones.What is the most crucial thing that will convince consumers to go with your CBD brand? Without any doubt, it is the exclusive packaging of your CBD. Yes! The first interaction of the consumer is with the packaging. Therefore, you, as a CBD brand should work more on the packaging of your CBD.Helpful Guideline to Packaging:You should go with the following guideline while deciding CBD Boxes for your CBD. Additionally, this guideline will help you to learn a lot about the packaging, which means you will be able to decide what be the addition to the packaging of your CBD.The first thing is the safety concern of your CBD, which is directly affiliated with the material used for the making of boxes and the manufacturing styles of the boxes.The second thing is an alluring appearance of the boxes to grasp the attention of more and more customers towards your CBD brand. This is dependent on the noticeable add-on series.The third thing is not just for the sake of brand promotion but also for the ease and convenience of respected consumers. Yes! This is printing techniques that will help both the CBD brands and buyers.The fourth and foremost important thing is the optimum style option to give a convincing effect to the viewers.In the end, how can anyone neglect the affordability criteria?Material Effectiveness and the Unique Manufacturing Styles:Most of the material options of the packaging are carboard, Kraft, Rigid, and Corrugated. All of them have different usage for the different types the products. Additionally, they all have the same safety guaranteed properties.Furthermore, here if we discuss the thickness ratio of these materials, then it is as follow:Carboard has the thickness in points which is best between 12pt to 14ptAdditionally, the Kraft has a thickness in points the same as the cardboard, and it is best between 14pt to 22pt.Furthermore, the thickness of rigid material is in point, which is usable at 32pt. Moreover, this thickness considers as the stiffest one.Last but not least, the corrugated has a thickness in flutes. It has different flutes A, B, C, E, and flutes. The best of them are E and F ones.Not even material, but the manufacturing style also has a contribution to keep the CBD safe inWholesale CBD Packaging. Additionally, you have to check that the boxes which you are finalizing should have accurate manufacturing styles. Also, you will get the choice to select the manufacturing style as per your demand. The following are the manufacturing style that is most commonly in use for the manufacturing of any type of the boxes:Glueing StyleDie-cutting StyleThese two differentiate one another in such a way that the glueing method is consisting of different types of adhesives like glue, gum, and others, while the die-cutting is consisting of the cuts and creases.Like, the CBD boxes made up of glueing method, get together with the help of adhesives.Furthermore, the CBD Boxes made up of the die-cutting method has cuts and crease on the boxes to assemble them.Printing Techniques to Promote your Business:Following are the printing techniques that you can use to promote your business by making the use of CBD easy for consumers or by advertising your brand onto the boxes:Off-set printingDigital printingScreen PrintingBesides, these three techniques offer by the packaging companies because of the effectiveness of these three. Like, these three have different workings, but these printing techniques share amazing quality.Additionally, off-set printing considered an ancient printing technique. Moreover, this is the best option for the printing of Custom Printed CBD Boxes in bulk.Furthermore, if you don’t want to go with a technique that has a widespread working plan, then digital printing will go best for you. Yes! This technique is based on a printer for printing purposes. Its working is more like working of any office printer.Moreover, last but not least, the screen-printing option is quite like the off-set printing technique. Like, both techniques are the best of the best option for the printing of CBD Boxes at a massive level.In the end, firstly, check out your budget and later then decide the Wholesale CBD Packaging for your CBD. This precaution is direly needed to be secured from further future consequences. Thank you.

Mac MBOX to MSG Converter to Migrate MBOX files to Outlook Messages
 abhraham lincon  
 20 January 2020  

If you are looking for Mac MBOX to MSG converter. If yes, I'm explaining best appropriate solution to export MBOX to MSG for mac. So, you can read till the end.The software provided the best features for the MBOX file to MSG conversion. Also, there are many solutions to export .mbox into MSG. But, the challenge is to find the best one. Both technical and non-technical users can use this software. So, we have designed a simple method of convert MBOX to MSG format. This software gives 100% conversion of Mac MBOX to MSG format. Firstly we will know the steps to convert Mac MBOX to MSG.How to Move Mac MBOX to MSG – Stepwise Solution1. Download and install Mac MBOX to MSG tool.2. After that, click on Add Files/Folders to add Mac MBOX files.3. Go to saving options and select MSG file4. Select the required Destination path and Click on Export 5. Finally, The software will start the conversion process a few minutes. Know More about MBOX to MSG Converter for MacUsing this software, you don't have to install a supportive application to Convert MBOX files to MSG format. The software has been designed to export MBOX emails to MSG files with attachments. It has a single panel interface. The tool offers many unique features like:The software allows converting large MBOX files into single Outlook message files. The tool allows selecting a destination path to save output data.The software supports all Mac editions including Mac OS, 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High sierra, etc.The software gives the facility to browse the destination folder to save MBOX files.Users can easily convert MBOX files to MSG format in bulk.The tool simply converts Mac MBOX to MSG formats with all attachments.The utility supports MBOX files of multiple email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Google Takeout, Apple Mail. Solution to Convert MBOX to MSG for MacMany queries are coming on how to convert MBOX to MSG for mac. Mac MBOX to MSG conversion is possible using the automatic tool. It is one of the most trusted software. You can directly export MBOX files to MSG in bulk. Also, it supports export .mbox to MSG format along with attachments. For a completely safe and secure conversion, you can choose this tool. The tool allows multiple files naming conversion options. Frequently Asked QuestionsQues 1: What are the file limitation to save in the free demo version?Ans: You can easily convert 25 emails using the free demo version.Ques 2: Can I use various file naming options from the software?Ans: Yes, this tool provides multiple file naming options for MBOX to MSG format.Ques 3: Can I convert MBOX to MSG with all attachments without any data loss?Ans: Yes, you can easily convert MBOX files MSG format with all attachments. Benefits of MSG fileMSG file is an email message. And there are email documents created by Microsoft Outlook. Users can simply be dragging and be dropping a message, appointment, contacts, etc. from the Outlook folder to a folder in Windows Explorer. There is no file size limitation to save MSG file format. The MSG files users can view on File Viewer plus, Microsoft Outlook 2019, eM Client, Mozilla SeaMonkey, etc.ConclusionIn the above write-up, we have discussed the best way to export MBOX to MSG. We have suggested an efficient utility to directly upload MBOX files to MSG format. And the software is easy to use and understand. All types of users can easily convert MBOX files to MSG for Mac. You can experience the working of the tool by using the demo version. 

Bhagavad Gita Verse 4.4
 Dhwani Shah  
 25 October 2019  

Logic - In Gita Verse 4.4 Arjuna said: The sun-god Vivasvān is senior by birth to You. How am I to understand that in the beginning You instructed this science to him?Arjuna this question is very logical - he says that “how can I understand that in the beginning You instructed this science to him” - this show his ignorance and not willing to practice what Krishna is saying him.Logic has created many misunderstandings. It goes on insisting on the duality of things without seeing the interconnecting link.Let’s understand this verse by Buddha’s story:One morning a man asked Gautam Buddha, "Do you believe in God?" And Buddha said, "God? God does not exist. The question of belief does not arise." And he said it so strongly.In the afternoon, another man came and he asked, "Does God exist?" And Buddha said, "Yes, absolutely yes. Without God, life would be just dead, unconscious. God is the intelligence of existence."And in the evening another man came and he said, "I don't know from where to begin. I am not a thinker; I don't know whether God exists or does not exist. I have not yet taken a partisan view. Would you help me to see the reality?"Gautam Buddha, listening to him, did not answer, but closed his eyes and went into deep meditation.The man, seeing the beauty and the grace of Buddha meditating, himself fell... You know that kind of experience: if you are sitting with a few people and one man goes on yawning, soon you start feeling sleepy also. We are not islands, we are connected, so things enter into each of us. And a man of the quality of Buddha, with such tremendous silence, created such an atmosphere that the man fell into that silence; he also closed his eyes.After one hour, Buddha shook him and asked him, "Have you received the answer?" The man touched Gautam Buddha's feet and he said, "I am grateful. There is no question and there is no answer. There is only pure silence in the inner being of man, and that silence goes on spreading into the innermost core of the universe. But there is no question, no answer. Life is very innocent. I am grateful that you showed me the way."Ananda, who remained always by Gautam Buddha's side to take care of him... he was very much puzzled because he had heard all three answers. In one God does not exist; in one God exists; in another, the question does not arise. When everybody had left, Ananda asked Gautam Buddha, "Don't disturb my sleep. I will not be able to sleep with such kinds of contradictory answers. One expects you to be consistent. If you say yes then go on saying yes, if you say no then that is your answer. But what kind of answer is this?"Buddha said, "Ananda, I have told you many times: those were not your questions and I was not answering you."Ananda said, "I know, I have also heard you saying to me all kinds of things. But one thing is certain, I have ears and they hear. I cannot close my ears when you are answering somebody. I have heard all the three answers and they are all contradictory."Gautam Buddha said, "Just for your sleep's sake... I would like to say to you, the first man who had come to me was an atheist - a confirmed atheist, well-known atheist. He wanted me to say something that supported him. He was not a seeker, he was not really on a quest. I had to shatter his ego. And the same was the case with the other man. He had come with a prejudice and he wanted to be supported in his prejudice. And that would be very unkind, to support anybody's prejudice. I destroyed his prejudice. You simply heard those answers, you did not see what was the undercurrent.The undercurrent was the same: to destroy the prejudice, to destroy the belief and to bring those people to real, authentic experience. That's why I did not answer the third man, because he had no prejudice. He was so innocent that to tell him something would have been a crime. So all that I could do was, I went into meditation, and around me in the deep silence of the night... And he was an innocent man; he also fell into silence. He experienced for the first time his own inner peace - no question, no answer. And he was grateful. He touched my feet, saying that I had solved his trouble."The work of a master is very complex because he is working with so many people of different prejudices, different conditionings - and he has to shatter them all and make people absolutely clean, just as they were born, knowing nothing. But that knowing nothing was such a beautiful flower in the child. It filled him with wonder.Knowledge kills wonder. Not knowing fills you with mysterious experience.Like Ananda Arjuan also could not understand what is undercurrent. So he raised this question How am I to understand that in the beginning You instructed this science to him?Logic is not the way to life - it leads away. The path that leads to life consists of a clarity just like that of a mirror: it reflects everything but holds on to nothing.

Read for soul
 Sonali Sharma  
 17 December 2019  

Reading serves as a great tonic

Keep writing anyhow
 Sonali Sharma  
 17 January 2020  

Write bits by bits

Music Story
 Verus Ferreira  
 16 March 2018  

Harvey Leigh Cantwel aka HRVY  is the guy of every teenage girl’s dream. With sky blue eyes and a ruffled blonde hairdo, the 19 year old lad is a fountain of talent. Seated at the Bottomline Media office, in a pair of torn jeans and a dark blue kurta, with his management team all around, when we meet HRVY, he’s like your boy next door, casual and down to earth. His first ever live performance at Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai was sold out with many claiming his performance was truly astounding. He had the girls literally falling for him. His alluring face, million dollar smile and attractive looks, all go to make him a real charmer. HRVY is today one of the most searched singers with his video Personal clocking about 50 million views to date. His songs Phobia, Holiday and the latest single Personal are hot favourites with teens, with their lyrics, most stemming from HRVY’s personal life experiences. HRVY is a social media sensation on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter Before his fame on social media, HRVY was a presenter on BBC’s Friday Download. After that he took to social media and released his first EP, Holiday on 25th July, 2017. While his name is on every teens lips, we can’t but wonder, why the Londoner from Kent, chose HRVY and not his real name. We choose to find out this and lot more when The Teenager Today’s music columnist Verus Ferreira got exclusive access to the dashing youngster. Here are excerpts from that conversation:So everyone wants to know the reason for the change in name. Can you tell us where the ‘a’ and ‘e’ disappeared?My team thought we might take out the vowels ‘a’ and ‘e’, and see how it sounds and make my name sound a bit different. It just stuck What music did you listen to while you were growing up?I listened to U2, songs that my dad used to play in the car. I also like Justin Timberlake, he’s great, then there’s a singer Craig David from the UK and a lot of people who were on the charts while I was growing up. So when did the real love for music light up in you?Music got my fancy at a young age when I was like five or six when I first got to understand what music really was and really enjoyed listening to it. By the time I was 13, I decided that music was what I wanted to do. I had posted a cover of a song on Facebook called ‘Simply Amazing’ by American singer Trey Songz. I shared it around on Facebook and it got a lot of traction for me and it just reached a new high. Then my manager thought I should make a video of it with me singing in it and yeah that’s how it really clicked. So it was a Facebook video which appeared on YouTube. Do songs like Phobia, Holiday, or Personal, give out a message to all your fans? Well not really, I mean, we just write about how we feel which is a concept on how we all work. I like Holiday which is a bit of fun, while Phobia was like more of heart break song, and I know people would like that kind of stuff, it’s just got that romantic side to it. So do these songs stem from your real life experiences?Some of it kind of influenced it a bit, while some of it isn’t, and some is just made up. Well going back in time I liked this girl and so it comes from there. Well the songs are a little bit of my own experiences, and so like I said, like Personal has a line about my ex girlfriend, with a line... you used to flirt with your friends. And as I said I guess a lot is also made up. Every artist goes to a lot of obstacles to reach the top, you have succeeded quite easily. How did you do it?I feel like my career is only just started, and I am sure there will be some obstacles in the way in the future. I think for now it’s been pretty okay, I’ve been on the top, so I’m fine. Your EP ‘Talk with Ya’ has both the songs Phobia and Personal. Phobia is slow, while Holiday is a bit up tempo. How do the fans react to such songs?The fans really like Phobia because it’s much slower, while Personal is danceable, which is really good, so they get a chance to choose what they really like, they have both, songs that they can chill out to at a party and the other to just listen to. Besides singing do play any musical instruments?I really want to learn the piano; I think it’s a very beautiful instrument So in the future what songs would you like to make, slow or maybe a few dance numbers?I would like to release music that has everything, that has both slow and fast numbers.Coming to your first visit to Mumbai, when you knew you were coming to India, what is the first thought that came to your mind?I am really happy to be in India, even if it’s just 5 days. It’s amazing to see such a diverse culture out here. I love the people, they’re so friendly. Everyone who I met, asked me about how I liked the country. They were really very nice and kind to me. So have you heard or watched any Bollywood movies?I have heard a lot of Bollywood and there’s this actor that we have been talking about with my team, I think his name is Shah Rukh Khan and yes I want to watch his movies before I go or take some DVDs home with me. You also have a tour with The Vamps coming up soon, are you also planning a collaboration with them also?Yes I have a tour with them in March and about collaboration well who knows, we are all friends and it may happen. So for now, it’s just the tour with them and just have some fun and yes we want to come to India again. I love the country and will be here again soon. The Vamps are supposed to be on tour in India in June this year and I’m coming back with them. Do you plan on shooting any music videos in India, considering that there have been many artists like Coldplay who have also shot videos here? Now that I have been here I definitely want to shoot a video, and yes the next time we come to India, or maybe when we come in June and also at the end of the year, we may just decide on it. We would probably take in a bit of the Indian culture in it and yes wear something like this (points to his blue kurta). So what are your dreams and aspirations?To take over the world in a good way, musically have my music everywhere. What are your future plans?Just keep releasing songs and to release more music, travel around the world....... just to have fun.... really.What memories would you take from India?I take memories of the people, how they relate to me, the things I’ve seen on the streets, everything around me, the food. I want to try some street food, we haven’t really done that yet, we have kind of hotel food at the moment, so I want to try the dosa. So finally we come to a question many girls would want to know. Do you have a girlfriend?No (laughs). I don’t, I am singleAny message for your fans? I love you guys, thank you for being so supportive, Shukriya. Text and Photos by Verus Ferreira

How do I resolve this QuickBooks error 6000 82
 Julia Roberts  
 1 November 2019  

QuickBooks is one of that accounting software which is not free from software, hardware, and server glitches. One can confront all kinds of glitches while using this accounting software and one such error is QuickBooks Error 6000 82. However, this software error occurs when user is trying to open the company file in QuickBooks. When this error occurs, users are denied access to a company file on another computer. If you want to remove this multiple user environment errors to cause a disturbance in your work, then you need to take assistance from experts via quickbooks customer service numberthat is reachable 24*7.What are the causes that led to the QuickBooks Error 6000 82?If you are thinking about the reason, which is responsible for the occurrence of this error, then they are given below:●When the QuickBooks Company file is damaged.●If the company file is not there in the network of another computer.●If the source name of data is damaged.●When the QuickBooks software, which is installed, is encrypted or corrupted.How to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 82?One can solve this error quickly by using the troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below in this blog:Method 1: Remove spaces from Company Name●First sign-out from the QuickBooks account.●Now locate the folder in which company file is placed and open it.●Right-click on the company name and choose the option of Rename.●Try removing all the spaces that are there in the company name and even in the file extension.Now you can try to open or create the new QuickBooks company file.Method 2: Turn off the hosting from the location where QuickBooks is installed.For single user●Open files  and click on Utilities●Now choose the option of Stop Hosting Multiple User.●When the pop up appears, click Yes to stop hosting multiple users.●Another pop up will appear, make sure to click Yes only.For multiple users●On all computers where this error is displayed, go to window No Company Open.●Then select File > Utilities●You can see the option of Hosting Multiple User Access and then click on stop hosting Multiple User Access to turn off the hosting.●Now try to open a new company file.Even after applying the above, two methods if you are not able to fix this error entirely then you need the assistance of professionals. Moreover, one can reach the customer care team by calling quickbooks technical support where you will be provided with the prompt response.Read more:  quickbooks phone numberSource URL: How do I resolve this QuickBooks error 6000 82

Open Docx Files without Word with Free DOCX File Viewer
 File Viewers  
 5 February 2020  

Are you looking for a solution that opens your DOCX file in the absence of MS Word? Do you want an instant solution to read the DOCX file? If your answer is Yes, you have reached the right place. This how-to guide helps users to open DOCX file without Word for all Windows machines. It also explains the simple procedure to open multiple DOCX files without Microsoft Word. With the recommended solution, the user can even open large DOCX files without an Office. Then let's get started.Save Time on Opening Multiple DOCX files without MS WordOne of the famous solution to open & read DOCX files without Word isDOCX file Viewer. It is free of cost solution that allows users to view DOCX file data without any program. It is designed for all the available platforms of Windows. One can open all the components from DOCX files such as text, image, layout and more. The software provides the instant preview of DOCX files with complete information. It provides the best user experience with a consistent and intuitive interface. Now, let’s take a look at the working of the DOCX file opener.Follow the Easy Steps to Open DOCX file without Word This step-by-step guide helps users to open and read all the DOCX file irrespective of size. Accomplish the process without MS Word installation on your machine.1. Download the DOCX Opener utility on Windows machine.2. Install and run the tool and go to the File menu 3. select Open to browse DOCX files.4. Click on the DOCX file to get the complete preview with accuracy.You’re done. Yes, it’s that much simple to open and read DOCX file without MS Word installed on your machine. The utility provides the preview of DOCX data in a large-sized preview panel so that the user gets the best experience.Read Some Notable Features of the DOCX file Opener Tool1. It comes with no limitations and capable to open unlimited DOCX files.2. Helps to open DOCX files without Word 2007, 2003, 2002, XP, and more.3. One can also read the content of DOCX file with all the components.4. The utility is capable to open a Corrupt DOCX file with total precision.5. Support DOCX file of different sizes and provide a complete preview.6. The user can view the original formatting a layout form the DOCX file.7. DOCX opener is an independent, reliable and efficient solution.8. The product maintains data integrity throughout the process.9. It is capable to open a bulk number of DOCX files without MS Word.10. Supports the available editions of MS Windows to read DOCX files.Open & Read DOCX file data without MS Word at OnceThe solution DOCX file Opener is designed with the latest algorithm and least technicalities. All types of users can access the utility to open DOCX files without Word. It is a simple, easy and quick solution that works for all Windows platforms. One can open multiple DOCX files and check the preview of all the information. It is a great utility for opening DOCX file data without MS Word.Some Frequently Asked Users Queries:1. How do I open DOCX files without Word?Ans. Opening DOCX files without Word is a simple process with DOCX Viewer. Follow the simple steps.Run the DOCX file opener on the Windows machine.Click on the File menu and select open to load .docx files.Select DOCX email and check complete preview in the interface.2. Can I open and edit the DOCX file without Word on Windows 7?Ans. The DOCX file opener utility is capable to view & read DOCX files on Windows 7. But, one cannot edit the DOCX file with the solution.3. Is it possible to open DOCX files without Microsoft Word?Ans. Yes, the tool is capable to open and read DOCX file without MS Word.The Closing WordThe above write-up explains the simplest solution to open DOCX file without Word. DOCX file opener is an easy-to-use program that opens & reads multiple DOCX files. The utility is capable to view DOCX file without any file size limitations. One will get the full preview of multiple DOCX files with all the components. All-in-all it is the best software to open bulk DOCX files without the installation of MS Word.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 6.15
 Dhwani Shah  
 14 January 2020  

New Insight - In Gita Verse 6.15 Thus practicing constant control of the body, mind and activities, the mystic transcendentalist, his mind regulated, attains to the kingdom of God by cessation of material existence.In this verse the word constant control only means constant awareness. Kishna is saying that person who is transcendentalist, lives in middle. As LIFE CONSISTS OF EXTREMES. Life is a tension between the opposites. To be exactly in the middle for ever means to be dead. The middle is only a theoretical possibility; only once in a while are you in the middle, as a passing phase. It is like walking on a tightrope: you can never be exactly in the middle for any length of time. If you try, you will fall.To be in the middle is not a static state, it is a dynamic phenomenon. Balance is not a noun, it is a verb; it is BALANCING. The tightrope-walker continuously moves from the left to the right, from right to left. When he feels he has moved too much to the left and there is fear of falling, he immediately balances himself by moving to the opposite, to the right. Passing from the left to the right, yes, there is a moment when he is in the middle. And again when he has moved too much to the right, there is fear of falling, he is losing balance, he starts moving towards the left. Passing from the right to the left, again he moves through the middle for a moment.This is what Krishna means when he says, balance is not a noun but a verb - it is balancing, it is a dynamic process. You cannot be in the middle. You can go on moving from left to right and right to left; this is the only way to remain in the middle.Don't avoid extremes, and don't choose any one extreme. Remain available to both polarities - that is the art, the secret of balancing. Yes, sometimes be utterly happy, and sometimes be utterly sad - both have their own beauties.Our mind is a chooser; that's why the problem arises. Remain choiceless. And whatsoever happens and wherever you are, right or left, in the middle or not in the middle, enjoy the moment in its totality. While happy, dance, sing, play music - be happy! And when sadness comes, which is bound to come, which is coming, which has to come, which is inevitable, you cannot avoid it... if you try to avoid it you will have to destroy the very possibility of happiness. The day cannot be without the night, and the summer cannot be without the winter, and life cannot be without death.Let this polarity sink deep in your being - there is no way to avoid it. The only way is to become more and more dead. Only the dead person can be in a static middle. The alive person will be constantly moving - from anger to compassion, from compassion to anger. And he accepts both! And he is not identified with either. He remains aloof and yet involved. He remains distant yet committed. He enjoys and yet he remains like a lotus flower in water - in water, and yet the water cannot touch it.Gregg Johnson, your very effort to be in the middle, and to be in the middle forever and always, is creating an unnecessary anxiety for you. In fact, to desire to be in the middle for ever is another extreme, the worst kind of extreme, because it is the impossible kind. It cannot be fulfilled.Just think of an old clock: if you hold the pendulum exactly in the middle, the clock will stop. The clock continues only because the pendulum goes on moving from left to right, from right to left. Yes, each time it passes through the middle, and there is a moment of that middleness, but only a moment. And it is beautiful! When you pass from happiness to sadness, and from sadness to happiness, there is a moment of utter silence exactly in the middle - enjoy that too.Life has to be lived in all its dimensions, only then is life rich. The leftist is poor, the rightist is poor, and the middlist is dead! The alive person is neither rightist nor leftist nor middlist - he is a constant movement, he is a flow.Why do we want to be in the middle in the first place? We are afraid of the dark side of life; we don't want to be sad, we don't want to be in a state of agony. But that is possible only if you are also ready to drop the possibility of being in ecstasy. There are a few who have chosen it - that is the way of the monk. For centuries that has been the way of the monk. He is ready to sacrifice all possibilities of ecstasy just to avoid agony. He is ready to destroy all rose flowers just to avoid the thorns. But then his life is just flat... a long long boredom, stale, stagnant. He does not really live. He is afraid to live!Life contains both: it brings great pain, it also brings great pleasure. Pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin. If you leave one, you have to leave the other too. This has been one of the most fundamental misunderstandings down the ages, that you can leave pain and save pleasure, that you can avoid hell to have heaven, that you can avoid the negative and can have only the positive. This is a great fallacy. It is not possible in the very nature of things. The positive and negative ARE together, inevitably together, indivisibly together. They are two aspects of the same energy.Krishna tells Arjuna that those who understand me, have to accept both. I am giving you a totally new insight: Be all! And when you are on the left, don't miss anything - enjoy! Being on the left has its own beauty; you will not find it when you are on the right. It will be a different scene. And, yes, to be in the middle has its own silence, peace, and you will not find it on any extreme. So enjoy all! Go on enriching your life.

Are teenagers really a 'mess'?
 Diksha Yadav  
 20 April 2018  

Taking a little hiatus to their lives. We never forget what a mess we were at 16! A big group of friends or no friends at all, being a bully or getting bullied, a friendly person or an introvert who were never in love with their voice. Maybe? Faking smiles or laughing all day long, Dried eyes or dove eyes, racing with the wind at the speed of light, classmates who were irritating before, started residung in the hearts! trying to cover acne, carefree yet insecure about themselves, shot up hormones, distancing themselves from parents, intriguing or rather, questions at every step, looking at the world through a different lens. Undoubtedly, teenage life is the most confusing phase of one's life. How desperatelywe wished to relive those years and change them or live them again? That chapter of life, we all agree was no cake walk but surviving it and living it creating memories seems to be a victory in itself. It looks like a crucial step in the evolution of man which made us strong was this silly age. It seems to shape our present and that is quite a generalized statement. Isn't it?Teens question everything. Yes, even if they have google! It doesn't matter. They will always be in denial. They keep oscillating and floundering in their likes and dislikes. All in all, most of the Indian adults don't know how to bait their rebellious kids. They keep lecturing them which is usually right but the young ignited mind feels the anguish, hatred and obviously, the feeling of being misunderstood.It is okay, teens! you all are hastily running towards your dream, expecting a rise while nature awaits for your great fall!Yes, you will hit the wall just when you were expecting a door!Integrity without even getting noticed will turn you into a cruel satirist! wait for it! until your next fall which will again turn you into a humble person, or, maybe not? Rise- fall- Rise. We all learn from these years. Lots of Food and strange FolksRegular laughing at our own jokes. Fake friends, real friends, BFFs, bf, gf, mum, paa, and teacher with some funny nicknames. The depth of relations is measured by the length of the abbreviations. Validation of the outside world becomes supreme, often influencing your own decisions? Every day looks like the next moment of Insidious! Disappearing dreams, nightmares becoming reality perfectly blending with the virtual world. Basically, several old frames chuckling up to enter the world of transitions. MESS is one word and Embracing it becomes a necessity.  You wish to pull the strings all along but instead gets pulled up by the world!?! Till then you figure out yourself, let me leave you wondering about HAPPY ADULTING!?!