Have you ever wanted to be anonymous? Or let me put it simply have you ever thought that you want to go at a place where nobody knows you?

So what is that amazingly queer thing which stimulates you to lose your present identity?You can have guesses like:society, stress, expectations, failure, etc.

But in reality the answer is a simple three letter word- "YOU". Yes you are completely responsible for your quest to anonymity.

So why does someone really want to loose their present identity?

The answer can be simple.
"People expect a lot out of me."So the problem is that you can't stand up to the expectations of OTHERS, but just think for a second, are those expectations really OTHER'S or YOURS?

So why are there any expectations? The answer is again quite simple "YOU." You try to convince people around you what you are not and the worst part is that they believe in you and then they start believing what you are not and to continuingly maintain that fake impression you get stressed out.Like a student in a class tries to convince her teacher that she is quit intelligent, but in the end she can't prove it and that makes her guilty.So it was originally you who expected yourself to be a perfect student.

What are those expectations? According to me people have expectations because every person is on a quest to find a perfect being.He who behaves, is punctual, is loyal, is hardworking and all the wanted features an ideal person should have. Here also I must mention that is it the PEOPLE who want you to be perfect, or YOU yourself want to be perfect.The ideal person with ideal qualities.

So finally it is YOU who is crushing yourself against the wall of reasons and blaming the PEOPLE for injury on your head!

Stop trying to prove yourself perfect, instead try to prove yourself to be YOU and only YOU.