A boy was visiting a tourist place in Jammu and Kashmir and suddenly he had a craving for bhel puri so he went to bhel puri stand he saw outside to have some . He asked the guy sitting behind the counter to prepare bhel puri and the guy started acting like crazy by asking questions like " Are you talking to me ? , Are you sure you are talking to me ? , Do you want me to prepare bhel puri ? " Boy answered his question by saying yes to all his questions and the guy agreed to do it but after sometime told the boy that he is a tourist like him . The owner asked him to to see his stand until he finishes his urgent work , after hearing this boy told him to stop preparing the food but the guy told him that he would prepare the dish better than anyone so the boy agreed to let him continue preparing this dish . The guy prepared the by following the instructions given by the boy because he had no clue how to prepare bhel puri  and as soon as boy paid him the money  , he saw that guy running away after putting money in his pocket .