Its you who can make you smile.

  Its you who can hold you tight and say yes life is easy.

  Only you can make your self bright.

We all have that same issue about life !
How to be happy , and no time to smile.

Its simple broh ! just have buddies. you look for a girlfriend ?? trust me that's a shitty idea these days. 

wake up with a smile even though you are not in mood but a fake smile can get you thousands of reason to get in to a good mood.

1. A reason-less smile should wake you up. 

You must have half-n-hr of time in your washroom. Because that is the real time you get to yourself. ;)

office / college / day-out  where ever you look forward, just breath your self and get a reason-less smile again before you step out your house.

2. Have long time in bath.

3. Get a good smile with no reason before starting day.

A human friend is awesome but trust me an animal is best. After your day you must go and look in to an animals eye. That love will erase all you headache of the day and will surely get you a reason to smile now. so this time you got a REASON broh !

4. Love animals and share you affection towards.

And while going back to bed ? you must must and must talk to your best friend oh sorry never restrict your self to one person that's why I wrote earlier that having girlfriend is a shitty Idea. Call your FRIENDS extract all the anger and frustration of you with a random

funny fight and then punch your friends with funny jokes , plan you weekend along and have some time for you and your friends. I know it;s hard to get some time but trust me i's not impossible either ! :) TRY ONCE