Finally! The time has arrived when I can start writing a blog which I can call my own :) 

Today, I just want to write how people don't really put forward their actual thoughts. Lets see people around us. How many of them are actually true like die hard friends? Don't they gossip about their bosses? Don't they just want to shout out in the middle of a shopping mall about the over priced items? Are they really listening to what we speak or just nodding their heads? 

Haven't any of us wondered this? And do the others think the same way we think about them? I have always wondered how people just can't speak what they really feel. Maybe few years back I was the very same, but I can proudly say that I have changed :) And trust me it feels better :) Just the feeling of not being fake, you know? Just stating our opinion rather than going along with others? That feeling, I can't express :) I am sure most of you are already at that stage of life, but some right there in this world who don't know whom to talk to and who don't really have anyone to talk to. For all of them both who are confident and those who are not : Life does get better! Though it only starts getting truly good when we really stop introspecting and over analyzing things and small issues. We are actually not answerable to anyone about the opinions we have. We have the right to have a difference of opinion even with a loved one. It may lead to a argument but wont that be better than keeping everything bottled up? YES! 

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I know all this is very easy to say and when I used to read all positive quotes I used to think the same!! Although it is much easier to implement. And do you know why ? Because you are the most important person! For whom you ask? For yourself!! You should be your own favorite person. No one is going to stand up for you. And most importantly don't allow anyone's attitude put you down! 

Will be back soon :)