One day, I saw a snake's skin near the window of my office room. I ran to my desk, sat keeping my legs up in the chair and started telling my teammates that i saw a snake's skin. They laughed at me and said these are very common here!!! Snakes are like our friends. Without telling anything, I kept quite and started working myself. Next day morning, i saw the infrastructure admin in my office room. I could not resist and started asking "Uncle, can my desk be shifted to Helix, which is near to the office gate?"

Admin: "Why Mam? Why do you want to shift?"
Myself: "No, I am scared!!!"
Admin: "Of what?
Myself: "Of snakes!!!"
Admin: "Dont worry mam. Snakes wont come inside your office room."
Myself: "what is the guarantee that they wont come inside?Many are roaming in the surrounding of office room!"
Admin:"I am assuring you that they will never come inside of this office room".
Myself:"How can you be so sure?"
Admin: "Because we don't provide access card to anyone who are not our employees and snakes are not our employees. They dont have access card, so they cannot come inside!!!"
Myself: "Yes, I agree. They can come inside when someone will open the door."
Admin: "Tailgating is prohibited in our organisation!"
Myself: "But, space-tailing is there! They can come inside through the 1" space gap between the floor and the door."
Admin: "Mam, you can use this snake repellent, while you are inside this room"
Myself: "OMG!!! where I came! I need to use snake repellent to work in the office!!!"