So, we all know it's February, the month of celebrating one of the most extraordinarily magnificent feeling and emotion out there in this world.
Can you guess it!?
Yes obviously, it's LOVE.
I guess almost everyone can.
Afterall, they all go crazy as they believe they have only got just one week to express the love to their lovers.
However, for now you all must have understood that I am clearly talking about the Valentine week; a celebration of love for all the lovers by the lovers, time for roses, hugs, chocolates, kisses, teddies, some promises and proposals.
Henceforth, lets just quickly get to the main motto behind all of these sayings to cut short the lesson.
Please listen carefully.
Love is timeless endless limitless.
We all don't need set dates and weeks to express and impress our love.
It's not something that gets altered due to changing situations or any other factors, and if sometime it does it's simply not love. Accept it gracefully, let it go smoothly and walk away simply.
And you know it might just take a minute and a very little effort or maybe nothing at times to make promises and commit to someone but it takes much more to actually handle and maintain it as long as you people live & love.
Such stupid weeks and days don't count to be honest.
Every moment every second is a celebration if the love is true & real.
Expensive materialistic gifts and ideas don't play a powerful role,
Just to see love in their eyes and soul is simply above all.
Start today.
Protect & Spread true love.

Happy writing !!
Good day ahead