Nano Story: Beautiful One!

My car screeched and came to an abrupt halt. With a jerk my purse perched on left seat too toppled and the mobile landed on the car floor. My car standstill, due to the traffic jam,timing it I  bent down to pick up the mobile. I was halfway up when I heard,’Hey beautiful lady, please give me something.”

I turned sideways and saw a Eunuch. A moon  faced one,with broad bindi and danglers , nicely decked up ,I heard her repeat,'Beautiful Madam,please give me with your generous heart.’clapping her hands she repeated the word  beautiful  again and again.

 I gazed at her for sometime...neatly dressed ,giving a broad smile. Her broad smile did all the talking with it's rippling effect.

I smiled in return,took out a 50 rupees note  and handed over to her. She took the note quietly and said again, ‘Beautiful one ,remain happy always.’

Clapping her hands and tucking  the note in her blouse,she moved forward on to her  next client. Traffic released  the car moved forward. I was smiling to myself with a happy feel. The the way she used the word beautiful had some catch in it.

Her strategy I guess...Yes it was a beautiful one at that!

Kiren Babal