So, here comes a new message from my side.

Well, we all feel we are growing getting modernised developing ourselves to reach higher peaks of success day by day, second by second in different fields and directions racing against time to wear the number one sash on our bodies. We are trying to fight gender inequality, working on more and more of women empowerment and have come long way in the course. Yes, I accept all of it. But I just have to say if you take a close look of all of this you will  understand what I am concerned about and trying to speak. So let's just look deep inside ourselves and answer few questions very honestly. Are we really modern enough to adapt anything and everything without even giving a single thought what the world has to say? Don't we think 100 times before doing anything and concerned about the society more, actually it's just about them irrespective of what the consequences we as individuals will face.? Every person out in this world calls himself/herself "MODERN", I think that's the trend I see. It makes the person become #cool in the eyes of this world of fools mostly that's the belief. We act, we pretend, we show off but deep inside the most harmful destructor of all the times, the thought " What will the society say " is entirely intact destroying every bit of our souls and bodies. Only if we realize it's only us that makes the society and a change in each one's thought will add up to the change in the perspective of society we will prosper. We need to understand, happiness and peace of one's own soul and the person's you love should be of concern because this "society" is just something we have created, something just virtual and imaginary. So don't kill your and your loved one's dreams and choices because of something that doesn't actually even exist.
I hope I have made some difference to your thoughts.
I have done my part.
It's your turn now.
Play your role and share now.
Come on, we don't want to tag ourselves anytime with murders of souls and dreams.
Happy writing !!
Good day ahead