We humans adorn many a faces...good bad ugly nasty humane etc...etc.

Our interactions with others form impressions about them.

Yesterday I had to meet a client morning 9.30. in Noida.Uber was booked for me.

The journey as a matter of fact was bumpy jerky and sometimes smooth too. It gave an impression that the driver may be an inexperienced one.At one point my purse toppled and everything fell out. I immediately put my things back. 

Reaching my destination I got down. Barely had I reached my client’s house that I got a call from the driver,”Ma’am apni chabian le jaiye.”

“My keys.. Oh my God,” and ran down again towards the gate.

I thanked the driver a hundred times for saving out of a fiasco that could have been without the keys.

It didn't come in my notice that the keys had fallen out of the bag.

 I marvelled at his honesty humanity and humility. Yes goodness prevails!

Kiren Babal