1) Even thinking of these four words is a crime so the first reason is a very basic one, ‘thinking’.

2) I don’t feel anyone with great understanding would do anything like this and the second reason is ‘Mentality’.

3) Many would disagree with this reason but it’s their ‘upbringing’ that allows people to do such a heinous crime.

4) Someone might be a Psycho who just doesn’t like girls to be in little attire.

5) Thought that men are dominant over women but it’s not true. Tell every man, they are alive because a girl gave them a life to live.

6) No always means No, be it about intercourse or about anything else, you just cannot force anyone for anything.

7) Society has to change its approach to society. Society has to stand together. It is the society where such acts are ignored and no action is taken.

8) Maybe there is not enough punishment for such act which purports an offender to do without worry.

9) If a girl posts anything uncensored on a social media platform, she has a right to do. One cannot judge or presume any ‘Yes’ from a girl’s side.

10) Even if she is a best friend, one cannot presume that they are friends with benefits. There is a thin line which actually has a bigger picture.

Sahil Mehta