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Your search for The Darkness
Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.26
 Dhwani Shah  
 11 June 2019  

Self-Awareness Is Difficult - In Gita Verse 1.26 There Arjuna could see, within the midst of the armies of both parties, his fathers, grandfathers, teachers, maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, and also his fathers-in-law and well-wishers.As soon as Arjuna saw both the parties he was shattered. As in the verse says that Arjuna could see, in the midst of the armies of both parties, his fathers, grandfathers, teachers, maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, and also his fathers-in-law and well-wishers. This verse did not say he watched everyone and their positions. That indicates that he got into objective world and unable to turn towards himself in his subjectivity. Krishna had his own doubt how can Arjuna will be neutral when he will see whole Kuru family and their friends.To remain aware is difficult. To be unconscious is easy. If you are unconscious then you are part of the objective world and not as Individual, not settle in your subjectivity.In my blog Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.24, I have written that why Arjuna selected against the whole Narayani Sena Krishna, himself as charioteer on a condition, that he would neither fight nor hold any weapon, Arjuna knew that the whole purpose of this war is just not winning or losing or exhibition of their strength, but universe wants to deliver message to whole humanity that we can fight without enmity. Mahabharat war was not just an ordinary war it was war in which Pandava fought without enmity. Keeping this mindfulness of universe message he selected Krishna against whole Narayani sena. He gave priority to Universe and not his desire to win Indraprastha. Pandava did not want to win Hastinapur they wanted only their part of land and that is Indraprastha.The unconscious can be transformed only through awareness. It is difficult, but there is no other way. There are many methods for being aware, but awareness is necessary. You can use methods to be aware, but you will have to be aware.If someone asks whether there is any method to dispel darkness except by light, howsoever difficult it may be, that is the only way - because darkness is simply the absence of light. So you have to create the presence of light and then darkness is not there.Unconsciousness is nothing but an absence, the absence of consciousness. It is not something positive in itself, so you cannot do anything except be aware. If unconsciousness were something in its own right then it would be a different matter, but it is not. Unconsciousness doesn’t mean something; it only means not consciousness. It is just an absence. It has no existence in itself; in itself it is not. The word unconscious simply shows the absence of consciousness and nothing else. When we say ‘darkness’ the word is misleading, because the moment we say darkness, it appears that darkness is something that is there. It is not, so you cannot do anything with darkness directly - or can you?You may not have observed the fact, but with darkness you cannot do anything directly. Whatsoever you want to do with darkness you will have to do with light, not with darkness. If you want darkness, then put off light. If you don’t want darkness, then put on light. But you cannot do anything directly with darkness; you will have to go via light.Why? Why can you not go directly? You cannot go directly because there is nothing like darkness, so you cannot touch it directly. You have to do something with light, and then you have done something with darkness.If light is there, then darkness is not there. If light is not there, then darkness is there. You can bring light into this room, but you cannot bring darkness. You can take light out from this room, but you cannot take darkness out from this room. There exists no connection between you and darkness. Why? If darkness were there then man could be related somehow, but darkness is not there.By selecting Krishna, Arjuna brought light. Why in India there is lot of emphasize on living master/Guru?In the East, the blessing of a master is very very significant.A great receptivity is needed, a great feminine receptivity is needed to find the master. And if you are available and a living master is there, suddenly something clicks. There is nothing to do on your part – you simply be there. It is such a vital energy phenomenon that if you are available something simply clicks, you are caught. It is a love phenomenon. You cannot prove to anybody else, “I have found the master.” There is no proof. Don’t try that because anybody can bring proof against it. You have found it and you know it; you have tasted and you know it. This knowledge is of the heart, of the feeling.At the same time remember - Nobody can put you right except you yourself. The master simply teaches you to be a master of yourself — that is the true function of a master. He does not want you to depend on him. But the mind goes on playing these mischiefs. The mind wants you to depend. The mind is always in search of a father figure or a mother figure; you want somebody to hold your hand. You want somebody to guide, to lead. The master can only indicate. He is a finger pointing to the moon. But the mind plays a mischief: it clings to the finger — you may even start sucking the finger.Arjuna was well aware of his weaknesses. He also knew that only Krishna can help him to come out of his Unconsciousness.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.12
 Dhwani Shah  
 4 July 2020  

Evoking The Inner Light - In Gita Verse 11.12 If hundreds of thousands of suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form.To Arjuna Krishna has revealed his inner light. Which is equivalent to thousands of Suns.Many of our sages have seen their inner light which is equivalent to thousands of Suns.I will be sharing one of the techniques given in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - Evoking the Inner Light:By encountering our darkness, paradoxically we come to find the inner light.Imagine you are in darkness…When the eyes are closed and your face is relaxed, look as if everything has become dark. A deep darkness is around you. Imagine you are amidst darkness, in a deep, velvety darkness, surrounded by it, in a deep, dark night. Go on feeling this darkness. That will help your eyes to stop their movements. With nothing to be seen, the eyes will stop. Be in darkness.You can do it in a dark room. Open your eyes, look at the darkness, then close them and feel the darkness. Again open your eyes, feel the darkness; close your eyes, feel it inside. Darkness is deeply relaxing. Darkness is outside and inside you; everything is dead – dark and dead. Both are related. That is why we paint death as black, dark. All over the world death is painted as black, and people fear darkness.Love the darkness and feel you are going to die:While doing this method, feel darkness, love darkness, and feel inside that you are going to die. Darkness is all around, and you are dying. The eyes will stop. You will feel that they cannot move: they will have stopped. In that stopping, suddenly the energy will go up and start hammering the third eye. When it starts hammering, you will hear it, you will feel it. A warmth will come, a fire will flow – a liquid fire trying to find a new path.Allow the fire; become the fireDo not be afraid. Help it, cooperate with it, let it move, become it. And when the third eye opens for the first time, the darkness will disappear and there will be light – light without a source. You have seen light, but always with a source. Either it comes from the sun or from the stars or from the moon or from the lamp, but some source is there.When your energy moves through the third eye, you will come to know a light without source. It is not coming from any source; it is simply there, not coming from anywhere. That is why the Upanishads say that God is not like the sun or like a flame. He is source-less light. There is no source anywhere, simply light is there, just as if it is morning.The sun has not arisen, but the night has disappeared. In between there is the dawn – the pre-dawn. Or in the evening, the sun has set and the night has not yet come. Just in between there is the margin. The same will happen inside, light will be there without a source. Wait for it; do not imagine it.The night is just ending, the dawn is entering. The night is taking itself away. We cannot do anything to disperse it; it comes and goes on its own. But we can do one thing: even when the morning is there, already there, and the sun has risen, we may not open our eyes; then inside us the night still continues. And just the reverse is also true: if you open your eyes, really open your eyes in the deepest dark, the darkness disappears. So all depends on whether you open your eyes or not. To remain with closed eyes is to remain in the night, to open your eyes and start seeing is the beginning of the day, the beginning of light, and the beginning of the divine. The word ‘day’ comes from divine.So the night depends on each person’s resistance to light, their fear of light. One feels cosy with closed eyes. To open your eyes needs courage because you may have to see things that you never wanted to see in yourself, outside yourself. Your dreams may be shattered; they are bound to be shattered because they can exist only with closed eyes, they can exist only in sleep. They may be beautiful, sweet dreams, and one wants to cling to those dreams. People have become so addicted to dreams that they don’t open their eyes, they don’t see the light of the day.Go inside of you and you will find - hundreds of thousands of suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 9.22
 Dhwani Shah  
 2 May 2020  

Your Birthright - In Gita Verse 9.22 But those who always worship Me with exclusive devotion, meditating on My transcendental form – to them I carry what they lack, and I preserve what they have.Krishna is encouraging us to start our spiritual journey. He is saying there are two types of wanderer. One is ignorant and another is knowledgeable.It has been said that those who tread on the path of ignorance or false knowledge certainly wander in darkness, but those who walk on the path of knowledge wander in even deeper darkness.It is difficult to find another statement as bold as this in the whole history of mankind. It is difficult to find another statement parallel to this in the whole history of mankind that dares to say: “Of course the ignorant wander, but the wise wander in even greater darkness.” Whoever said this arrived at it from a very deep knowledge.That the ignorant wander in darkness is easily understood by us; there is no difficulty in it. The statement is straightforward and clear. The ignorant certainly wander – but the sage says: in darkness only, not in deep darkness, great darkness. The ignorant only wander in darkness. Then why do the wise wander in an ever greater darkness? And where then remains the possibility to be free from darkness, when the ignorant wander in darkness and the wise wander in even greater darkness?Why do the ignorant only wander in darkness and not in a very deep darkness? Because however much wandering ignorance may cause, it cannot be that immense. The thing that causes immense wandering is not ignorance but the ego. Mistakes may occur through ignorance, but ignorance is always eager to correct the mistakes, so there is little chance of straying far. Ignorance is always ready to make mistakes, but it is also always ready to correct them. Ignorance has its own humility – remember this. This is why children can learn quickly and the old cannot. Children are ignorant and eagerly ready to be corrected. When a mistake is pointed out to them they will correct it. But when old people are shown their mistakes they are annoyed and refuse to correct them. They will even try to prove that it is not a mistake in the first place. When children are shown mistakes they are ready to admit them and will soon correct them; hence they learn so quickly.The old cannot learn in years what children are able to learn in days. The capacity of the old to learn decreases. What is the cause? The capacity of the old to learn should increase. But no; he becomes wise. The child is merely ignorant. The old man falls into a deeper and greater darkness; he falls into the delusion that he knows something. The child knows he does not know anything, so he is willing to learn. He is happy to learn whatever you teach him. Thus children only wander in darkness; but the old wander in great darkness.The ignorant man is humble; and if he becomes conscious of his ignorance, he becomes very humble. If one can remember one’s ignorance, if one can remember that “I do not know, I am ignorant,” then there remains no ground for the ego to stand on. Then the ego can’t find a place to build its palace on. It is interesting to note that if the ignorant man becomes conscious of his ignorance, then his wandering starts coming to an end: mistakes begin to cease; the man begins to fall on the right track. But when the idea catches hold of a knowledgeable person that he is wise, that he is a man of knowing, he begins to enter great darkness.To commit mistakes is not wrong — commit as many mistakes as possible because that is the way you will be learning more. But don’t commit the same mistake again and again, because that makes you stupid.Krishna is not interested in telling you to drop your faults, to make yourself good, to improve your character — no, not at all. Krishna is not interested in your character at all; Krishna is interested only in your consciousness.Become more alert, more conscious. Just go deeper and deeper into yourself till you find the center of your being. You are living on the periphery, and on the periphery there is always turmoil. The deeper you go, the deeper the silence that prevails. And in those experiences of silence, light, joy, your life starts moving into a different dimension. The errors, the mistakes start disappearing.So don’t be worried about the errors and the mistakes and the faults. Be concerned about one single thing, one single phenomenon; put your total energy into one goal, and that is how to be more conscious, how to be more awakened. If you put your total energy into it, it is going to happen, it is inevitable. It is your birthright.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 10.8
 Dhwani Shah  
 21 May 2020  

One’s Own Light - In Gita Verse 10.8 I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.Who is wise according to Krishna. The person who is - light unto oneself.Let’s understand from this Hasidism story:You attend to your own growth - TO WALK WITH ONE’S OWN LIGHT:The young rabbi said: ’DURING THE HOURS WHEN I DEVOTE MYSELF TO MY STUDIES, I FEEL LIFE AND LIGHT, BUT THE MOMENT I STOP STUDYING, IT IS ALL GONE. WHAT SHALL I DO?’THE RABBI OF KIZHYN REPLIED: ’THAT IS JUST AS WHEN A MAN WALKS THROUGH THE WOODS ON A DARK NIGHT, AND FOR A TIME ANOTHER MAN ACCOMPANIES HIM WHO HAS A LAMP, BUT AT THE CROSSROADS THEY PART AND THE FIRST MUST GROPE HIS WAY ON ALONE. BUT IF A MAN CARRIES HIS OWN LIGHT WITH HIM, HE NEED NOT BE AFRAID OF ANY DARKNESS.’I meet you on the road; I have a lamp. Suddenly, you are no more in the dark. But the lamp is mine. Soon we will depart, because your way is your way and mine is mine. And each individual has an individual way to reach to his destiny. For a while you forget all about darkness. My light functions for me as well as for you. But soon the moment comes when we have to part. I follow my way; you go on your own. Now again you will have to grope in the darkness and the darkness will be darker than before.So don’t depend on another’s light. It is even better you grope in darkness – but let the darkness be yours! Somebody else’s light is not good; even one’s own darkness is better. At least it is one’s own, at least it is your reality. And if you live in your own darkness, even the darkness will become less and less dark. You will be able to grope. You will learn the art, you will not fall.Blind people don’t fall. Try walking with closed eyes; you will be in difficulty. Even a hundred feet you cannot walk but the blind man can walk the whole distance. The blindness is his. With closed eyes, you are borrowing blindness. It is not yours. Even darkness of one’s own;s good. One’s own errors are better than other people’s virtues, remember this – because the mind is always tempted to imitate, to borrow. But that which is significant cannot be borrowed. No, you cannot enter the kingdom of God with borrowed money; there is no way. You can't bribe the guards because thereare no guards and you can’t enter from a thief’s door because there are no doors.You have to walk and through walking create your path. Ready-made paths are not available. That’s what the false religion goes on teaching to people: ‘Come. Here is a super-highway. Be a Christian and you need not worry. Then we take all the burden, then WE are responsible.’Jesus says: ‘Be yourself.’ The Pope of the Vatican says: ‘Follow Christianity.’ All Christianity is against Christ, all churches are against religion. They are the citadels of anti-religion and anti-Christ, because those who have known have emphasized that you should be yourself. There is no other way of being. All else is false, dishonest, insincere, imitation, ugly. The only beauty possible is to be yourself, to be yourself in such purity and innocence that nothing foreign enters in you.Walk in your own darkness – because through walking, groping, by and by, you will find your own light also. When you have your darkness the light is not very far away. When the night is dark, the morning is close – just reaching.Once you become dependent on borrowed light, you are lost. Darkness is never so dangerous as borrowed light. Knowing is good, but knowledge is not good. Knowing is yours, knowledge is others.‘THAT IS JUST AS WHEN A MAN WALKS THROUGH THE WOODS ON A DARK NIGHT, AND FOR A TIME ANOTHER MAN ACCOMPANIES HIM WHO HAS A LAMP, BUT AT THE CROSSROADS THEY PART AND THE FIRST MUST GROPE HIS WAY ON ALONE.’Krishna says the person who knows himself is wise and the wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.

Heart of darkness essay topics
 Kelly Hegna  
 28 December 2020  

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Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.3
 Dhwani Shah  
 9 September 2019  

Sinless - In Gita Verse 3.3 The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: O sinless Arjuna, I have already explained that there are two classes of men who try to realize the self. Some are inclined to understand it by empirical, philosophical speculation, and others by devotional service.Krishna is saying there are two paths to realize your self, subjectivity. One is Gyan Yoga, and another is Bhakti Yoga.Both of them reaches to themselves.Gyan Yogi is one who adds meditation to thought. He links meditation to the world of thought. He begins to think meditatively. A new practice is added: whatever one does is done with awareness. When the state of thought plus meditation is established the journey towards witnessing begins.Meditation is a change of direction.Whatever meditation is joined to becomes a vehicle for moving towards witnessing.And the Bhakti Yoga – adding meditation to emotion, a deep joining of meditation and emotion, the whirlpool of meditation and feeling! While feeling become meditative.Before saying that there are two paths. He addresses Arjuna ‘SINLESS ARJUNA’ and gave a message to everyone of us that all of us are sinless.What Is Sin?To the Upanishads, it is not related to the doing at all. What you do is irrelevant; what you are is the point. It is not the doing but the being itself that is significant.So what will it mean to call a man a sinner? We mean that he is ignorant, unaware of his own self. Because of this ignorance, his acts become sins. The act can become a sin only because the doer is ignorant, unaware, unconscious, is living in a state of sleep. Ignorance is sin and awareness is virtue. Your acts are irrelevant because they are not central; in the center is your consciousness. If something is wrong with the consciousness, your acts will go wrong. If the consciousness is set right, your acts will follow.So just to go on changing your acts will not lead you anywhere. You can commit a sin, you can repent a sin, you can replace a sin by virtue, by a virtuous act – but it will not be of any meaning for the Upanishads if you remain the same. Unless you change, your consciousness changes, unless you attain a new plane of being, a new plenitude, just a change of your acts is useless.So the Upanishads do not think in terms of acts; they think in terms of your being. Alert, aware, conscious, you are virtuous. Why? – Because the more you are alert and conscious and aware, the less is the possibility of committing a sin. The basic requirement for committing a sin is to be unconscious.For example, you can be angry only if you forget yourself. If you are self-remembering, aware, anger is impossible. It cannot exist with awareness. No coexistence is possible. When you are aware, it is not that you control your anger, restrain your anger, suppress your anger – no! It simply cannot be there. In a fully aware person, anger cannot exist; just as in a fully lighted room darkness cannot exist. The coexistence is impossible.The moment you bring a lamp into the dark room, the darkness is no more there. With the light the darkness cannot exist. And the Upanishads say it is futile and foolish to fight with darkness because you cannot fight with darkness. If you fight you will be defeated. Howsoever strong you may be, you cannot fight darkness because darkness is only the absence of light. Bring the light and darkness disappears.The Upanishads say sin is darkness. Bring the light of consciousness and sin disappears. Do not fight with the sin; do not be concerned directly with the sin; do not think in terms of sin. Otherwise you will feel guilty and it will not be a spiritual growth; rather, it will be a fall.Krishna says to everyone either through Gyan Yoga or by Bhakti Yoga connect through meditation either your thinking or emotion and move towards witnessing.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.27
 Dhwani Shah  
 3 October 2019  

Self-Realization - In Gita Verse 3.27 The spirit soul bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks himself the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by the three modes of material nature.Krishna when says to Arjuna that how our Ego makes us unconscious. As conscious person like you also can become unconscious within no time.Everyone needs to be self-alert, self-conscious even in the sleep also. In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.69, I have wrote regarding Yoga Nidra.This question arises in our mind - What can we do from our side to surrender the ego, when this wanting to surrender it is, in itself, an intrinsic part?This question arises because we think that we are doer, karta.The ego is a puzzle. It is something like darkness – which you can see, which you can feel, which can obstruct your way but which does not exist. It has no positivity. It is simply an absence, an absence of light. The ego does not exist – how can you surrender it? The ego is only an absence of awareness.The room is full of darkness; you want the darkness to leave the room. You can do everything in your power – push it out, beat it out – but you are not going to succeed. Strangely enough, you will be defeated by something which does not exist. Exhausted, your mind will say the darkness is so powerful that it is not within your capacity to dispel it, to expel it. But that conclusion is not right. Just a small candle has to be brought in. You don’t have to expel the darkness. You don’t have to fight with it – that is sheer stupidity. Just bring in a small candle, and the darkness is not found anymore. Not that it goes out – it cannot go out, because in the first place it does not exist. Neither was it in, nor does it go out.To bring the candle we need our intelligence, we have to drop all our ideology, interpretations, judgements, then only we can become aware to bring the candle. Otherwise with our intellect and logic mind we will just go on fighting with darkness.The light comes in, the light goes out; it has positive existence. You can light a candle and there is no darkness; you can blow out the candle and there is darkness. To do anything with darkness, you will have to do something with light – very strange, very illogical, but what can you do? Such is the nature of things. You cannot surrender ego, because it does not exist. You can bring a little awareness, a little consciousness, a little light. Forget completely about the ego; concentrate totally on bringing alertness into your being. And the moment your consciousness has become a flame, concentrated, you will not be able to find the ego.So you cannot surrender when you are unaware and you cannot surrender when you are aware. The ignorant cannot surrender. And the wise man cannot even think of surrendering it, because it does not exist.Ego is a mirage – it only appears to be. And when you are fast asleep spiritually, it is tremendously strong; naturally it creates problems for you. Your whole misery is created by it, your tensions, your anxieties. Your ego brings the whole hell into your life. Naturally you want to surrender it. And there are religious priests, teachers all over the world telling you how to surrender it.Anybody who tells you how to surrender the ego is an idiot. He does not know anything about the nature of the ego, but he will look rational to you; he will be convincing. He will be appealing because he is speaking your own thinking aloud. He is your spokesman – this is what your mind says. He is more articulate than you are, and he brings all kinds of supportive arguments and proofs and quotations from scriptures, and they all say, “Unless you drop the ego you cannot attain to self-realization.” Naturally, nobody objects to such people. But the reality is just vice versa: it is not that you surrender the ego and the self-realization happens, no. The self-realization happens first, and then you cannot find the ego. That is its surrender.Krishna says it is very easy to fall and prey of ego, as many people will give you approval but to be self-alert you will be alone. Nobody can approve it. Only from your trust in yourself you can act through self-consciousness. Once from your realization if you act you will realize that you are not Karta but part of the whole. In your aloneness, and trust in yourself you will realize as you are past of you. As soon as this realization come all the misery which is result of unconsciousness will disappear.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.9
 Dhwani Shah  
 2 July 2020  

Divine Eyes - In Gita Verse 11.9 Sañjaya said: O King, having spoken thus, the Supreme Lord of all mystic power, the Personality of Godhead, displayed His universal form to Arjuna.Sanjay when saw through his divine eyes the mystic opulence form of Krishna he says to Dhritarashtra that now Krishna has revealed his mystic opulence to Arjuna.Dhritartashtra had the opportunity to have divine eyes. But he refused that offer given to him by sage Vyasa. If he had said yes then with Arjuna he would have seen Krishna’s mystic opulence. Not only that if he would have said yes then his whole life’s pain that he had not seen his own sons would also be relieved.In our life also we miss many things when we say No. We need to learn to say Yes wholeheartedly, in acceptance.Just Say Yes:Life cannot be lived through no, and those who try to live life through no simply go on missing life. One cannot make an abode out of no, because no is just empty. No is like darkness. Darkness has no real existence; it is simply the absence of light. That’s why you cannot do anything with darkness directly. You cannot push it out of the room, you cannot throw it into the neighbor’s house; you cannot bring more darkness into your house. Nothing can be done directly with darkness, because it is not. If you want to do something with the darkness, turn the light off; if you don’t want darkness, put the light on. But all that you have to do has to be done with light.In exactly the same way, yes is light, no is darkness. If you really want to do anything in your life, you have to learn the way of yes. And yes is tremendously beautiful; just to say it is so relaxing. Let it become your very lifestyle. Say yes to the trees and the birds and people, and you will be surprised: life becomes a blessing if you are there to say yes to it. Life becomes a great adventure.With this question will arise in us - WHY CAN'T I SAY YES TO MYSELF?I HAVE THE FEELING THAT ALL MY MISERY IS ROOTED IN THIS INCAPACITY.It is one of the greatest problems. Every human being has to face it, because the whole society up to now has been based on self-condemnation. All the religions, all the societies, all the cultures create a tremendous guilt in you that you are not what you should be. They give you perfectionist ideals to fulfill which are impossible. They simply drive you crazy.Perfectionism is the root cause of all neurosis. Nobody can be perfect - nobody NEED be perfect; life is beautiful because everything is imperfect. Perfection is death; imperfection is life. It is because of imperfection that growth is possible. If you are perfect then there is no growth, no movement.God is the most imperfect phenomenon because God is the most evolving factor in existence and evolution and perfection are against each other. It is because of this that all the religions have been against the idea of evolution.No religion has dared to declare that God is imperfect, but God is imperfect because imperfection means evolution, imperfection means life, imperfection means flow, growth. And God is infinitely imperfect; he will never become perfect. The moment he becomes perfect the whole existence will disappear into nonexistence.All of us immediately feel - WHY WE ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH OUR IMPERFECTION?Because you have been told you are all wrong, you are nothing but a sinner. Everything that you do is wrong, everything that you think is wrong, everything that you are is wrong - how can you say yes to yourself? You have been given ideas, great ideals, shoulds: “You should be like this, like that…”And you go on comparing yourself with those stupid ideals. Of course, you fall very short, and when you fall very short you start feeling a deep no to yourself you want to destroy yourself; you cannot love yourself.You have been told to love others, but you have never been told to love yourself. And you can love others only if you have loved yourself in the first place: if you don't love yourself you cannot love anybody else in the world. Loving yourself, you learn the art of love. And if you can love yourself with all your imperfections you will be able to love other human beings with all their imperfections.If you cannot love yourself with your imperfections, how are you going to love others with their imperfections? You will hate them! Perfection is not possible. You are imperfect, and there is nothing wrong in being imperfect; this is the only way to be. Once you accept your imperfection you have accepted your humanity, and in that acceptance the yes arises. And then you can love yourself and you can love others too, because they are as imperfect as you are.Only when you love yourself YES arises in you. Once you say YES to everything God will merge into you. Ocean will merge into drop.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.25
 Dhwani Shah  
 22 July 2019  

Be Watcher - In Gita Verse 2.25 It is said that the soul is invisible, inconceivable and immutable. Knowing this, you should not grieve for the body.Now Krishna is saying about witnessing consciousness.Watching, witnessing, being aware seem to be small words to solve the whole complexity of mind. Millions of years of heritage, tradition, conditioning, prejudice – how will they disappear just by watching?But they do disappear, because as Gautam Buddha used to say, “If the lights of the house are on, thieves don’t come close to that house, knowing that the master is awake.” Because the light is showing from the windows, from the doors, you can see that the light is on and it is not the time to enter into the house. When the lights are off, thieves are attracted to the house. Darkness becomes an invitation. As Gautam Buddha used to say, the same is the situation about your thoughts, imaginations, dreams, anxieties, your whole mind.If the witness is there, the witness is almost like the light; these thieves start dispersing. And if these thieves find there is no witness, they start calling their brothers and cousins and everybody, “Come on.”It is as simple a phenomenon as the light. The moment you bring the light in, the darkness disappears. You don’t ask, “Is just light enough for darkness to disappear?” or, “When we have brought the light, will we have to do something more for the darkness to disappear?”No, just the presence of the light is the absence of the darkness, and the absence of the light is the presence of darkness. The presence of the witness is the absence of the mind, and the absence of the witness is the presence of the mind.So the moment you start watching, slowly, slowly as your watcher will become stronger your mind will become weaker. The moment it realizes that the watcher has come to maturity, the mind immediately submits as a beautiful servant. It is a mechanism. If the master has arrived, then the machine can be used. If the master is not there or is fast asleep, then the machine goes on working things, does whatsoever it can on its own. There is nobody to give orders, there is nobody to say, “No, stop. That should not to be done.”Then the mind becomes slowly convinced that it is the master itself. And for thousands of years it has remained your master, so when you try to be a witness it fights, because it has completely forgotten that it is only a servant. You have been so long absent that it does not recognize you. Hence the struggle between the witness and the thoughts.But final victory is going to be yours, because nature and existence both want you to be the master and the mind to be the servant. Then things are in harmony. Then the mind cannot go wrong. Then everything is existentially relaxed, silent, flowing towards its destiny.Remember, witnessing is not a technique, it is your nature. Watching is not a technique, because you are not imposing anything, so there is no possibility of creating an illusion; you are simply watching. Even if God comes in front of you, you are not supposed to fall on the ground and touch his feet: you have simply to watch. Watching is not a technique.A technique creates something; watching simply reveals that which is. It does not create anything; on the contrary, it may destroy a few illusions that were hanging around because you were not watchful enough, so you had never noticed that they were illusory phenomena.An illusion can be created so easily that mind always enjoys techniques. Who is going to use the technique? The mind will be the master of the technique.Watchfulness is beyond mind. Mind cannot watch. That is the only thing in existence that mind cannot do. That’s why mind cannot pollute it, mind cannot lead it astray.Krishna is not giving any information or technique, he is simply guiding Arjuna to Witness.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.25
 Dhwani Shah  
 17 July 2020  

Nothing Is Separate - In Gita Verse 11.25 O Lord of lords, O refuge of the worlds, please be gracious to me. I cannot keep my balance seeing thus Your blazing deathlike faces and awful teeth. In all directions I am bewildered.Arujuna now sees deathlike faces and awful teeth in Krishna. Here I will remind you all that Krishna is revealing his opulence form and not what Arjuna wants to see. Opulence form has everything in it as separate as form but with unity as consciousness. So death is not excluded but included. Why Krishna is showing everything as separate so that Arjuna can understand that even though everything looks separate but there is an organic unity in it. Nothing is separate.Whenever we also face certain unexpected situations and especially deathlike and awful at that time we are also bewildered. This is because at that time we are in touch with our aloneness but we interpret that as loneliness.Aloneness Means Completeness:Loneliness can feel gut-wrenchingly awful, as though something is missing. Aloneness feels like just the opposite – nothing is missing, no one is needed, we are complete.Loneliness is a negative state of mind. Aloneness is positive. How do we get from one to the other?It is something essential for everyone to understand, that there are a few fundamental things which cannot be changed. This is one of the fundamentals: you cannot fight with darkness directly, with loneliness directly, with the fear of isolation directly. The reason is that all these things do not exist; they are simply absences of something, just as darkness is the absence of light.Now what do you do when you want the room not to be dark? You don’t do anything directly with darkness – or do you? You cannot push it out.There is no possible way to make some arrangement so that the darkness disappears. You have to do something with light. Now that changes the whole situation, and that’s what one of the essentials, fundamentals. You don’t even touch the darkness, you don’t think about it. There is no point; it does not exist, it is simply an absence.So just bring in light and you will not find darkness at all, because it was the absence of light, simply the absence of light. It was not something material with its own being, not something that exists – simply because light was not there, you got a false feeling of the existence of darkness.You can go on fighting with this darkness your whole life and you will not succeed. And just a small candle is enough to dispel it.You have to work for the light because it is positive, existential; it exists on its own. And once light comes, anything that was its absence automatically disappears.Loneliness is similar to darkness. You don’t know your aloneness. You have not experienced your aloneness and its beauty, its tremendous power, its strength. In the dictionaries, loneliness and aloneness are synonymous, but existence does not follow your dictionaries – and yet nobody has ever tried to make an existential dictionary which will not be contradictory to existence.Loneliness is absence. Because you don’t know your aloneness, there is fear and you feel lonely, so you want to cling to something – to somebody, to some relationship – just to keep the illusion that you are not lonely.But you know you are, hence the pain.On the one hand you are clinging to something which is not real, which is just a temporary arrangement – a relationship, a friendship. And while you are in the relationship you can create a little illusion to forget your loneliness. But this is the problem: although you can forget your loneliness for a moment, just the next moment you suddenly become aware that the relationship or the friendship is nothing permanent. Yesterday you did not know this man or this woman, you were strangers. Today you are friends. Who knows about tomorrow? Tomorrow you may be strangers again, hence the pain.The illusion gives a certain solace, but it cannot create the reality so that all fear disappears. It represses the fear, so on the surface you feel good – at least you try to feel good. You pretend to feel good to yourself: how wonderful the relationship is, how wonderful the man or the woman is. But behind the illusion – and the illusion is so thin that you can see behind it – there is pain in the heart because the heart knows perfectly well that tomorrow things may not be the same. And they are not the same.Your whole life’s experience supports this – that things go on changing. Nothing remains stable; you cannot cling to anything in a changing world. You wanted to make your friendship something permanent but your wanting is against the law of change, and that law is not going to make exceptions. It simply goes on doing its own thing. It will change everything…Every effort that has been directed toward avoiding loneliness has failed, and will fail, because it is against the fundamentals of life. What is needed is not something in which you can forget your loneliness.What is needed is that you become aware of your aloneness, which is a reality. And it is so beautiful to experience it, to feel it, because it is your freedom from the crowd, from the other. It is your freedom from the fear of being lonely.Just the word lonely immediately reminds you that it is like a wound: something is needed to fill it. It is a gap and it hurts, something needs to be filled into it. Aloneness, the very word aloneness, does not have the same sense of a wound, of a gap that has to be filled. Aloneness simply means completeness. You are whole; there is no need of anybody else to complete you.So try to find your innermost center where you are always alone, have always been alone. In life, in death, wherever you are, you will be alone. But it is so full, it is not empty. It is so full and so complete and so overflowing with all the juices of life, with all the beauties and benedictions of existence, that once you have tasted your aloneness the pain in the heart will disappear. Instead, a new rhythm of tremendous sweetness, peace, joy, bliss, will be there.When Krishna has revealed his blazing deathlike faces and awful teeth, immediately Arjuna reaches to his own centre where everyone is alone but in organic unity. When Arjuna saw this unexpectedly he felt he is separate and lonely but in fact he is alone, in organic unity as a whole. Only little courage required with his Divine eyes to see Krishna’s opulence form with awareness.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 9.8
 Dhwani Shah  
 18 April 2020  

Mind Divides - In Gita Verse 9.8 The whole cosmic order is under Me. Under My will it is automatically manifested again and again, and under My will it is annihilated at the end.Krishna is in this verse clearly says that I am process. So do not create dichotomies.Our minds always think in terms of dichotomies. They cannot think without dividing. Whenever we go to think about something, we dissect it, we divide it into two. That is the methodology of the mind. Mind cannot think in terms of Unity, in terms of synthesis. Mind thinks in terms of analysis so everything passing through the prism of the mind becomes divided.Just like the light is one but through a prism it is divided into seven rays, so, too, the prism of the mind divides everything. That is why if you want to know and realize that which is undivided, you have to go beyond mind.Do not use your mind as the instrument. It cannot lead you beyond duality. If you use The mind, there will be a creator and that which has been created. This division is false and because of this false division you create false problems and false theologies. You create problems and then you think about the solutions. Because the problems are false, the solutions are bound to be false.In reality, there are no problems so there is no need of any answer. When you think, there are problems. When you do not think but you realize, there are no problems.So religion is a process to go beyond thinking: to achieve a point in your mind where there is no thinking at all. You are, but without thoughts. You are in a state of mind which can be said to be a state of no-mind, a state of no mental processes.A mind that is not thinking is a mind that is in meditation. That is the meaning of meditation.To meditate means to go beyond your thinking process. The moment you transcend the thinking process, you come to a realization, you come to feel that which is Philosophy cannot exist without thinking and religion cannot exist with thinking. Philosophy thinks. Religion knows.Thinking means a mind that does not know. A blind man can think about the light and go on thinking about it. But he cannot come to any conclusion because he cannot really Think about it. You can only think about something you have known, but when you have known it, there is nothing to think about. That is the dilemma, the predicament.That is the basic puzzle. A person who knows never thinks because there is no need to think. What you know, you know. There is no need to think about it. Only a person who does not know who is ignorant, thinks. But how can you think about what you don't know?A blind man goes on thinking about light, but he cannot really think about it. He cannot imagine it, he cannot dream about it, because he has not known it. Light is foreign to him. A blind man cannot even think about the darkness because, even to know darkness, eyes are needed. Without eyes you cannot know the darkness: a blind man knows neither the darkness nor the light.Ordinarily we think that a blind man lives in darkness. No, their is no darkness for a blind man.Darkness is as much a perception of the eyes as the light. You cannot say to a blind man that light is opposite to darkness because that, too, will be unintelligible to him. A blind man can know light only by becoming able to see. Thinking cannot become seeing.In reference to this, one thing must be said. In India we have called philosophy darshan. Darshan means seeing. We have not called philosophy 'thinking'; we have called it 'seeing'. In Europe the term ‘philosophy’ carries another connotation. ‘Philosophy’ means love of knowing, love of thinking.There is no parallel term in western languages for darshan.We cannot translate the word ‘philosophy’ into any Indian language. Our term is darshan. It means seeing. Not thinking, but seeing.Seeing comes not through the mind but at the moment the mind is annihilated, the moment the mind is not, the moment the mind ceases. Every type of seeing - either of science or of philosophy or of religion - is an outcome of the state of no-mind.We have known the example of Archimedes. He was thinking and thinking, and came to no conclusion. Then he was lying in his bathtub. Suddenly something was seen. He ran out of his house naked. He had seen something and he ran into the street crying, “Eureka, eureka! I've found it, I’ve found it! I’ve achieved!”If you ask an Einstein or a Picasso or a Hesse, they too will say that something has been seen.Whether in poetry or in painting or in scientific discovery, something is seen. And the moment of seeing is not the moment of brooding, the moment of seeing is not the moment of logical thinking.Logical thinking is held in abeyance. The logical mind is not working and suddenly something overpowers you. Something comes to you, or you go somewhere - somewhere beyond the human limits. Then you know; knowing is there.Krishna says - So do not create dichotomies. First you create dichotomies, then you create problems, then you go on solving them. And then of course, as a logical consequence, theologies are created and there are theologians, teachers, professors, gurus, and the whole nonsense, the whole nuisance. So to Krishna, there is no problem. The problem itself is false.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.8
 Dhwani Shah  
 1 July 2020  

Beautiful Vision - In Gita Verse 11.8 But you cannot see Me with your present eyes. Therefore I give you divine eyes. Behold My mystic opulence!Krishna says that - you cannot see Me with your present eyes. Therefore I give you divine eyes - he not only guides Arjuna but to us also. Unless we look at the potential within us. It will remain like a seed. The third eye has remained like a seed. We have never worked out the possibility to its actuality.In very simple words - Rather than having beautiful eyes, have a beautiful vision.Khabiro is a sufi name for God. It means: one who sees, the cognizant one, the seeing one.Once you see the one, not only Arjuna but you also can see what Krishna is going to show his mystic opulence!And it all depends on how you look at the world. It is your seeing that determines the world. We don’t live in the same world, because our ways of seeing are different. There are as many worlds as there are people, hence the clash. Hence the conflict in love, in friendship, because two ways of seeing can’t agree. They overlap, they collide, they try to manipulate each other, they try to dominate each other, but deep down the fact is that there are two kinds of seeing, and there is a great fight going on about who wins, whose eye proves to be the right eye.Religion is a way of seeing with closed eyes. Science observes with open eyes: it looks out. Religion observes with closed eyes. And when these two eyes are closed, absolutely closed, a third eye opens inside — that is ‘Khabiro.’ These two eyes create a duality, so whatsoever you see is always divided into two.For example: what you call love and hate is one energy; it is not two energies, it is one energy. There is no division in it. But when you see with two eyes, it looks as if there is love and hate. There is only love/hate, there is only darkness/light, not darkness and light. There is only cold/hot, not cold and hot. That ‘and’ is created by the two eyes. The whole reality becomes divided. These two eyes function like a prism in which the ray enters and becomes divided into seven colours. It was pure white. When it was one, undivided, it was pure white. When it is divided it is so many colours — it is no more white, it is no more one.Turning in, there is a third eye. These two eyes meet at a point deep within you. They will never meet outside; they can’t meet there. The farther away you look, the farther away they are; the closer you come, the closer they are. When you close your eyes they have become one. That is ‘Khabiro’, and that one eye can see the reality as it is. It is seeing without seeing. It is seeing without any medium. It is uncorrupted seeing. All those seven colours have fallen into one and become white again.People are very interested in having beautiful eyes. Rather, they should be interested more in having a beautiful way of looking at things. Rather than having beautiful eyes, have a beautiful vision. See beautifully. See the one, the undivided, the eternal - that’s what I mean when I say ‘See beautifully.’ And it is possible. It is within our grasp; it is just that we have never tried to attain it. We have never looked at the potential at all. We have never worked out the possibility to its actuality. It has remained like a seed. The third eye hai remained like a seed.Once your energy enters and falls on the third eye, it starts opening; it becomes a lotus, it blooms. And suddenly your whole life-pattern is changed. You are a different person. You are no more the same; you can never be the same again and the world can never be the same. Everything is the same and yet nothing will ever be the same again. You have attained to a single eye. Jesus says ‘Have the single eye and then you will know what God is.’This is going to be our work, our responsibility towards ourselves: meditate more and more with closed eyes, try more and more to see in. In the beginning it is difficult. It is very dark there, because we have forgotten even how to look in. It has been neglected, ignored. Slowly, slowly, the rocks of old habits will be broken and you will be able to feel, grasp, grope, and slowly slowly you will become adjusted and you will be able to see it.First it will be utter darkness. It is just as when you come in from outside where it was hot and sunny. You enter your room and it is dark and you cannot see for a few seconds; then the eyes get adjusted. Slowly slowly the room is not so dark; slowly slowly, it is full of light.The same is the case in the inner. For the time being everything will become dark, but if you persist — and persistence is meditation - if you are patient - and patience is meditation, if you go on digging and digging, one day you stumble upon the source of your energy. Suddenly darkness disappears and it is all light — and such a grandeur and such a splendour that one cannot even dream about it.Remember when Krishna is revealing his mystic opulence, he reveals his unity in which he holds all the separation, division. Once your energy enters and falls on the third eye, it starts opening; it becomes a lotus, it blooms, you see without seeing. In that all your darkness disappears and it is all light - in that moment you will be able to see mystic opulence!

Bhagavad Gita Verse 7.7
 Dhwani Shah  
 19 February 2020  

Meet Invisible - In Gita Verse 7.7 O conqueror of wealth, there is no truth superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread.Krishna when says that - Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread - he means that I am invisible in all the visible. He says that I am hidden in you as invisible.There is a beautiful parable. The treasure is within you, in your own home. You need not go to Warsaw or to New Delhi or to Washington. Underneath your own consciousness, just within you, is the Kingdom of God. It has not to be searched for, because all search means searching outside. It needs only a coming inside. It is not a reaching, it is really a coming. It is not going anywhere; it is stopping all going so that suddenly you are there where you should be.“How did you reach,” asked Hassan, “your present heights of spiritual attainment?” Now, the heights are visible, but they depend on the depths – just like a tree. A tree rises high in the sky, one hundred feet high, talks to the clouds, whispers to the moon and the stars, plays with the sun rays, but that is not the real tree. The real tree is underneath, it is in the roots. The real source is in the roots. The heights depend on the depth.The roots can exist without the tree. You can cut the tree, but the roots will still exist, and another tree will be born. But if you cut the roots there will be no tree and there never will be again. So the essential tree is in the roots and the roots are in the depth. That which is visible above the ground is not the essential part of it. The foliage and the flowers and the fruit are nonessential parts. The essential part is hidden underneath the ground, underground. It is in the roots. There is the source of life. And there is the source of spirituality.If a man understands rightly he will ask about the depths, not about the heights. The heights don’t matter, the depths do. One has to go deep into oneself. Yes, when you go deep, great foliage and great flowers and great fruit arise. Your branches rise high into the sky, you have a great height.And that height is seen by everybody, it is visible. Always remember, the visible is not very real; the real always remains invisible. The real source is in the invisible, the roots. Why are the roots invisible? Because God is invisible. Why are the roots invisible? They have to be otherwise they will be destroyed, and once the source is destroyed there will be no possibility for the tree. The tree can afford to exist on the outside, the roots cannot. They are so precious that they have to remain hidden so nobody knows about them.You can see it everywhere. If you put a seed on the ground it will not grow, it cannot grow. Visible to everybody, exposed to everybody, it cannot grow. Growth needs darkness, depth. Put the seed deep underneath the ground and then it starts growing.A child grows in the womb of the mother – that’s why in the East we have always called the woman “the earth.” The child is the seed, goes deep into the woman, disappears into the woman. Even the woman cannot see it, what to say about others? Nobody can see it. It has disappeared deep into the depths. And from there it starts growing.God functions in privacy, in secrecy. And as it is true with the child in the womb, as it is true with the seed in the earth, so it is true with the ultimate growth of your essential nature, of spirituality. Darkness, not light, is needed for something to grow because privacy is needed.For any growth darkness is needed. So don’t get afraid to take step in unknown and unknowable. Because when we take step in unknown and unknowable for us it’s total darkness. But in the process we grow.Life can only be lived dangerously – there is no other way to live it. It is only through danger that life attains to maturity, growth. One needs to be an adventurer, always ready to risk the known for the unknown. And once one has tasted the joys of freedom and fearlessness one never repents because then one knows what it means to live at the optimum. Then one knows to burn your life’s torch from both ends together. And even a single moment of that intensity is more gratifying than the whole eternity of mediocre living.Once you are courageous to take risk the known means visible for unknown means invisible, you will meet the treasure within you that is Godliness, God or Yourself.Krishna says that risk your Known and meet to Unknown, risk the Visible and meet the Invisible.

Nature needs time
 Shweta Rastogi  
 19 May 2020  

Nature needs time...Standing in my balcony and watching the birds chirping and fluttering around ,I realised after how long I have noticed them. The clean blue sky, fresh pollution free cool breeze, birds sitting on some branch making love, a plethora of colorful flowers, new tender leaves in the spring are long forgotten. The splendorous Nature has got hidden in the hustle and bustle of our so called metros where we don't really live, rather we pass our lives. Having agonized seeing the neglect being done to His artistry, God crafted a plan that can make us sit home and hoped that we realize how lucky we are to have all this. We understand the importance of something when it is coveted.Since ages humans have been exploiting nature without being grateful. Here, I would like to draw your attention to Noah's story of the Bible. God being sad of the behavior of the people of those times decided to destroy the world and reestablish a new better one. And to realize his idea he spared Noah, who would follow the God's orders, and examples of all the world's animals from the world-engulfing flood. The Corona virus reminds me of the flood and only Noahs can survive this. Here, Noah means righteous, healthy and positive people. When we talk about being righteous, not only does it mean being good to people but also to the Nature. Having provided so much and getting nothing back has thwarted it.Nature needs time for a COME BACK. And it seems the results have started showing up. Some examples can be taken into consideration here, the waterbodies worldwide look clearer as Corona virus keeps the visitors away. Some nearly extinct animals and birds have started making their presence before us. In addition to this, the pollution index of cities has gone down. All that Nature needs is some time to reverberate and our respect. By being home we can definitely contribute to its motive.We visit different places and appreciate their beauty overlooking what is available around us. Of course, we need a break from our busy schedule, but if we start enjoying every little gift offered to us by Nature in our day to day life, we will definitely find ourselves more content. Nature has hidden pleasures and lessons too, all that we need is the ability to understand it. Every day we face the intimidating fiery sun without realizing that it plays such an important role in keeping the world as it is today. Suppose, one day the Sun decides not to rise. All night, gloom, pessimism! The sun gives us hope that he will come and dissipate all the darkness and sadness from our hearts. Every night we sleep keeping all our worries aside in the hope that tomorrow there will be a new day, and we will start afresh. The calm soothing moon teaches us resilience and says no matter how much darkness is there around I will keep shining, no outside situation can take away my happiness from me. The illuminated moon of the Full moon night conveys how his positivity helps him to overcome darkness. The resplendent bed of flowers along the path reminds us of the different varieties in beings, and how being together they make a beautiful world, etc. To understand these subtle messages we need to be in tandem with Nature as we two are complementary to each other, drifting away will bring about deadly consequences as we are witnessing presently. Better late than never, we still can compensate. Let it not be too late.....

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.31
 Dhwani Shah  
 22 July 2020  

Reality Is Indefinable - In Gita Verse 11.31 O Lord of lords, so fierce of form, please tell me who You are. I offer my obeisances unto You; please be gracious to me. You are the primal Lord. I want to know about You, for I do not know what Your mission is.Arjuna’s mind is not able to comprehend what Krishna is showing him.Mind has difficulty understanding the existence of “beginninglessness.”Reality is indefinable. Reality simply is; there is no way to say what it is. It is not a “what,” it is not even a “that,” it is this. It is thisness: you can experience it, but it cannot be explained.And reality is beginningless and endless. The mind has a beginning and an end, hence the mind and reality cannot meet. The mind cannot comprehend the eternal. The mind exists in time, in fact the mind is time: it exists in the past and the future. And remember, time consists of only two tenses, past and future. The present is not part of time, the present is part of eternity.Hence the mind is never found in the present. It is always wavering, either toward the past or toward the future. It moves into that which is not, or into that which is not yet. Its whole skill consists in dreaming. It is rooted in the non-existential, hence it cannot understand existence itself. It is like darkness. How can darkness comprehend light? How can death comprehend life? If death can comprehend life then death will have to be life. If darkness has to comprehend light then darkness will have to be light.And so is the case with the mind. If the mind wants to comprehend reality, it will have to come out of the past and the future. But coming out of the past and the future, it is no longer the mind at all. Hence the insistence of all the great masters of the world: The door to reality is no-mind.Slip out of the mind, and you will know what it is: the beginningless, the endless. Remain confined to the mind, and you will be puzzled; reality remains inconceivable.Krishna cannot explain it to you, because in explaining Krishna will have to use the mind. Trying to understand it, you will have to use the mind. Krishna can be silent with you and if you can also be silent with Krishna, then there is understanding.Understanding is not of the mind. Then there is great intelligence, great insight. Suddenly you know, and you know from a totally different center of your being; you know from the heart. Your knowing has the quality of love, not of knowledge. Your knowing has the quality of transcendence. It is no longer scientific knowledge, reducible to concepts. It is poetic vision, it is mystic experience.If you really want to understand, you will have to lose the mind. You will have to pay the price of losing the mind. But if you insist, “I have to understand through the mind,” then only one thing is possible. The mind will convince you, slowly, slowly, that there is nothing which is beginningless, nothing which is endless, nothing which is indefinable, nothing which is unknowable.The mind will reduce your experience to the measurable, the fathomable, the knowable – and the knowable is ordinary, mundane. The unknowable is sacred. And only with the unknowable does life become a benediction, only with the unknowable are you thrilled with the wonder of life and existence. Suddenly a song is born in your heart – a song that cannot be contained, a song that starts overflowing, a song that starts reaching others. A dance is born in you – a dance that has to be shared, a dance about which you cannot be miserly, a dance that makes you generous. A love is born in you – a love that is so infinite that it can fill the whole infinite existence. That is real understanding. But it happens only when the mind is dropped.Don’t try to do the impossible. Trying to understand reality through the mind is like pulling yourself up by your own shoestrings. Maybe you can hop a little bit, but that hopping is not going to help; you will be back on the ground again and again, and it will be very tiring. Just by pulling your own shoestrings you cannot fly into the sky; that is not going to give you wings.Slowly, slowly, learn the art of contacting reality without the mind interfering. Sometimes when the sun is setting, just sit there looking at the sun, not thinking about it – watching, not evaluating, not even saying, “How beautiful it is!” The moment you say something, the mind has come in.The mind consists of language. Don’t use language. Can’t you just see the sunset and its beauty? Can’t you be overwhelmed by its beauty? Can’t you be possessed by its grandeur? What is the point of bringing language in? Nobody is asking you to say anything. The sun does not understand your language, the clouds that have become so beautiful and luminous in the setting sun are unable to understand your language. Why bring it in? Put it aside; be in direct contact, be thrilled. If tears come to your eyes, good. If you start dancing, good. Or if you simply remain unmoving, stoned on the beauty of the sun, intoxicated, you will have gained a little experience – a little experience that goes very far, a little glimpse of no-mind.Arjuna and we all are facing similar difficulties. As we try to understand the eternity or beginningless and endless through our mind. Mind cannot comprehend reality.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 9.7
 Dhwani Shah  
 17 April 2020  

God Is A Process - In Gita Verse 9.7 O son of Kuntī, at the end of the millennium all material manifestations enter into My nature, and at the beginning of another millennium, by My potency, I create them again.Krishna in this verse answering our eternal question - Who has created the existence?So many things will have to be taken into account. Firstly, to think of God as the creator is to divide reality into two: the creator and the created. There is no division, no duality like this. The creator is the creation! The world and God are not two things: the creation is the creator. It is not like a painter. A painter creates a painting. The moment the painting is created, there are two things: the painter and the painting. The creation is more like a dancer: the dance and the dancer are one.When you think about God in terms of duality, God becomes a false God. There is no God who is separate, apart; sitting somewhere: presiding, engineering, administrating - beyond the world. The very world, the very being, is God.The term ‘God’ is anthropocentric; it is our creation. We have personified what is really a process.God is not a person but a process - constantly evolving, changing, constantly reaching beyond and beyond. God is a process. So to me God is the creative process not the creator.Man feels himself to be the center. We have thought that the earth is the center of the universe and man is the center of creation. These conceptions are false imaginations, dreams of the human ego.God has not created anybody in His own image because the whole is His image. The trees, the earth, the stars; the animals, men, women - everything that exists is His image, not just man.Then too, we have divided the world into good and evil. The world is not so divided: good and evil are our evaluations. If man did not exist on the earth there would be neither good nor bad. Things would exist, things would be there, but there would be no evaluation. The evaluation is man's: it is our imposition, it is our projection.We say that something is good or something is bad. But as far as creation (the creative process) is concerned, everything simply is. There is no good, there is no bad. The night is not bad, the day is not good. The darkness simply is, the light simply is. These are not two things distinct, apart and opposite - but rhythms of one thing. The darkness and the light are both waves of the same reality.For God, darkness is not evil. But for us it is evil, because our fearful minds have always been afraid of darkness.Nothing is bad. We say that life is good and death is bad, but how can that be? Death is the pinnacle of life, death is the peak of life, death is part and parcel of life. There can be no living process without the dying process. Death and life are not two things, but two poles of a single, unitary process.We are afraid to die so we say that death is evil. “If God has created the world then there must be life and no death.” But if that had been possible, it would have been the most boring existence.If there was only life and more life, and no death, then we would pray to God to give us death, because there is a moment to live and a moment to die. There is a moment to come up, and there is a moment to go down. There is no peak without the abyss, but we want only the peak and not the abyss. That is not possible.These are two aspects of one reality: the evil and the good. So do not impose your own feelings, your own evaluations, on the creative process. Rather, if you want to know the creator, the creative process, go beyond yourself, beyond these dualisms. Do not think in terms of duality. When you go deeply into something, when you go to its very depths, the evil changes into good and the good changes into evil. These are just two waves of the same reality, two different patterns of the same reality.If you go beyond yourself, beyond this dualisms, you will understand that what Krishna is saying manifested is enters into him means they become formless and again they will be manifested through him, and take birth, take form.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.17
 Dhwani Shah  
 9 July 2020  

Not Impossible - In Gita Verse 11.17 Your form is difficult to see because of its glaring effulgence, spreading on all sides, like blazing fire or the immeasurable radiance of the sun. Yet I see this glowing form everywhere, adorned with various crowns, clubs and discs.Arjuna through his Divine Eyes saw in Krishna - its glaring effulgence, spreading on all sides, like blazing fire or the immeasurable radiance of the sun.In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.12, blog I wrote - Go inside of you and you will find - hundreds of thousands of suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form.Why we are not able to go inside?It is part of human nature that we go on looking to the outside. We watch everybody except ourselves. Hence we know more about others than about ourselves; we know nothing about ourselves. We are not witnesses to our own functioning of the mind, we are not watchful inside.You need a hundred-and-eighty-degree turn - that’s what meditation is all about. You have to close your eyes and start watching. In the beginning you will find only darkness and nothing else. And many people become frightened and rush out because outside there is light. Yes, there is light outside but that light is not going to enlighten you, that light is not going to help you at all. You need inner light, a light which has its source in your very being, a light which cannot be extinguished even by death, a light which is eternal. And you have it, the potential is there! You are born with it, but you are keeping it behind you; you never look at it.And because for centuries, for many lives, you have looked outside, it has become a mechanical habit. Even when you are asleep you are looking at dreams. Dreams mean reflections of the outside. When you close your eyes you again start daydreaming or thinking; that means again you become interested in others. This has become such a chronic habit that there are not even small intervals, small windows into your own being from where you can have a glimpse of who you are.In the beginning it is a hard struggle, it is arduous, it is difficult - but not impossible. If you are decisive, if you are committed to inner exploration, then sooner or later it happens. You just have to go on digging, you have to go on struggling with the darkness. Soon you will pass the darkness and you will enter into the realm of light. And that light is true light, far truer than the light of the sun or the moon, because all the lights that are outside are temporal; they are only for the time being.Even the sun is going to die one day. Not only do small lamps exhaust their resources and die in the morning, even the sun with such an immense resource is dying every day. Sooner or later it will become a black hole; it will die and no light will come from it.Howsoever long it lives it is not eternal. The inner light is eternal; it has no beginning, no end. It is synonymous with God.And Krishna is not interested in telling you to drop your faults, to make yourself good, to improve your character - no, not at all. Krishna is not interested in your character at all; Krishna is interested only in your consciousness.Become more alert, more conscious. Just go deeper and deeper into yourself till you find the center of your being. You are living on the periphery, and on the periphery there is always turmoil. The deeper you go, the deeper the silence that prevails. And in those experiences of silence, light, joy, your life starts moving into a different dimension. The errors, the mistakes start disappearing.So don’t be worried about the errors and the mistakes and the faults. Be concerned about one single thing, one single phenomenon; put your total energy into one goal, and that is how to be more conscious, how to be more awakened. If you put your total energy into it, it is going to happen, it is inevitable. It is your birthright.All our sages, Krishna, enlightened people will guide us to go in, to grow in consciousness.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 6.10
 Dhwani Shah  
 11 January 2020  

The Unknowable - In Gita Verse 6.10 A transcendentalist should always engage his body, mind and self in relationship with the Supreme; he should live alone in a secluded place and should always carefully control his mind. He should be free from desires and feelings of possessiveness.When Krishna says - A transcendentalist should always engage his body, mind and self in relationship with the Supreme - means the secret of love and the secret of prayer and the secret of anything that can make you fulfilled is surrender – the capacity to be possessed.What is surrender? It is a mystery.The false knowledge demystifies existence; the true knowledge re-mystifies it. Knowing, if authentic, makes life more of a mystery than it has ever been before. Knowledge certainly covers your eyes with dark clouds, creates a wall of thick smoke, and you start feeling you know. In fact, you are going deeper into ignorance. To be knowledgeable is to be more ignorant than even the ignorant ones.The Upanishads have a tremendously significant statement. They say: The ignorant man is lost in darkness, but the knowledgeable is lost in deeper darkness than the ignorant – because the knowledgeable lives in an “as if” world. He thinks he knows, but he knows not. He only believes; he has not seen. He believes in God, he believes in love, he believes in surrender, but belief is always a cover-up. Your wound is covered, but it is not healed that way. In fact, the more you cover it, the less is the possibility of its ever being healed. Expose it to the sun, to the wind, to the rain – expose it to the healing forces that surround you.Mahavira standing naked under the sky is simply saying, making a silent statement: “Be naked! Drop all your clothes! Don’t hide! ” And we are not only wearing clothes on the body – they are not that important – we are wearing clothes and clothes, layers and layers of knowledge, which are really hiding our truth from ourselves.To be really naked before God is to know, but that knowing is totally different from knowledge. It is closer to feeling than to knowledge. It is closer to love than to logic. It is closer to experiencing than to believing. It is existential.The blind man believes in light; the man of eyes sees it. And when there is seeing, no question of believing arises only the blind believe; the seers have no need to believe – they know! But to know life is to know that it is unknowable. To know life is to know that it is an unfathomable mystery, immeasurable.The word “matter” means the measurable; it comes from ”measure.” Science is wrong because it thinks that life can be measured, fathomed, de-mystified. Knowledge believes that life can be divided into two departments: the known and the unknown. That which is known today was unknown yesterday; that which is unknown today, will become known tomorrow. The unknown will go on receding; the unknown will go on disappearing. The known will go on becoming bigger and bigger, and one day all will be known.The Buddhas, the awakened ones, have divided life into three planes: the known, the unknown and the unknowable. The known and the unknown are not different, not very different. They belong to the same category: they are measurable. That is the world of matter. The unknowable is the world of life, consciousness, love, light, truth, God.Surrender is the beginning of real knowing, when all life becomes a mystery, when you come to a state of not knowing at all – agnosia in the words of Dionysius…. Or remember the words of Socrates: I know only one thing, that I know nothing. Or the words of the Upanishads; the Upanishads say: The person who thinks he knows, knows not; the person who knows he knows not, knows.To enter into the unknowable is the greatest adventure, the greatest ecstasy, but one feels afraid; one feels that one is losing something. You can lose only that which you have not got. Let me repeat. You can lose only that which you have not got. You can never lose that which you have got; there is no way to lose it, that which you have got. If your knowledge has disappeared, that simply means it was not real knowing.Krishna says Surrender is the quantum leap from mind to no-mind, from ego to egolessness. And in a single step the whole journey is contained. It is not a long journey from you to God, it is a single-step journey. It is not a gradual phenomenon; it is not that slowly, slowly, gradually you come to the divine. It is a quantum leap! One moment you were in darkness and the next moment all is light. All that is needed is to put the ego aside.

 Rasmi Rekha Tripathy  
 30 January 2018  

I am inspired by every step of my life, every moments of nature and every natural object. Moreover, I am inspired by my failure. I think getting inspired at every moment is in the subconscious mind of everybody. When a child starts walking, he falls many times before its success. At the dawn I think ah! There is again another new hope after a dark night. The bright light of Sun ray and the calm beams of moon inspire me to be impartial to everybody. When I see the flying birds, the animals gazing in the field, I think they are having nothing with them. Still they do not deviate from their nature. So, why should I, where I have a roof on my head, a monthly salary to meet my basic needs? The same thing I think in my office (which is a small cabin, where there is no electricity). In the midsummer, when day to day life is disturbed due to excess heat, I do manage by a small hand fan to avoid sweating. But at the same time when I see the trolley pullers with load of vegetables or groceries or some other things, I get inspired. My situation looks negligible before them. When I do listen the song of calmness and sound of quietness in the darkness of night my heart fills with pleasure. I feel the beauty of night. The fragrance of scented flowers fills my heart with pleasure. If there is no darkness, how could these beauties of nature would have come? A red ant gathers food for the rainy season; small white ants could make an anthill. So, why can not I struggle?My parents inspired me in every step of my life. They always tell me to march forward, not to look behind. My siblings give the assurance of their presence at every step of my life. And the sentence, “I am with you” being told by my dear one gives me the feeling that I am not alone. There are so many inspiring hands with me.The flowing river tells me that I have a great aim ahead to meet. If there is power in the small wing of the birds to touch the sky, why not my strong legs could march forward? If the tiny droplets can make a large ocean, if the little sands help to make a big desert, why can not I helpful for the society?Last but not the least I am inspired by my failure. Because failure is the pillar stone of my success. My mother always tells that Bheemas (a character of Mahabharata, one among the Pandavas) are defeated in the first war. In my course of life, when I meet with failure at any time, the voice of my parents inspired me to march forward, in the hope of betterment in future.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.19
 Dhwani Shah  
 11 July 2020  

Divine vision - In Gita Verse 11.19 You are without origin, middle or end. Your glory is unlimited. You have numberless arms, and the sun and moon are Your eyes. I see You with blazing fire coming forth from Your mouth, burning this entire universe by Your own radiance.Arjuna can see all this because of Divine eyes and through Divine Eyes he can see Divine vision.In this verse let us get clarity regarding Divine Vision:For Divine Vision a right medium is equally necessary. Then you can see the face of the whole universe enclosed in a small fruit or flower. Here, the whole, the immense, is hidden in every atom. The whole of the ocean is ensconced in a single drop of water. If you can look deeply and totally into a drop, you will see the whole ocean hidden in it.Arjuna too, could see, because he is in such deep love with Krishna. It is a rare kind of friendship that exists between him and Krishna. It is no wonder that Arjuna, in a moment of deep intimacy with Krishna, sees the universal form of the divine in him.It is not that such a thing has happened only once, it has happened thousands of times. It always happens. It is a different thing that all of the instances have not been recorded.It is good to understand if the divine vision, once gifted, can be withdrawn. Divine vision, really, can neither be given as a gift nor withdrawn. It happens in some moments and it can be lost again. It is really happening. In some moments you touch the peak of your consciousness where everything is seen so clearly. But it is very arduous to live on that peak; it takes millions of lives to deserve it, to earn this blessing. Ordinarily one has to come down from that peak again and again. It is as if you jump off the ground. and for a moment, like a bird on the wing, you are out of the gravitational pull of the earth – but only for a moment. With the passing of the moment you are back on the ground again. But you have known how it is to fly like a bird on the wing for a moment.In the same way consciousness has its own field of gravitation, its magnetic pull which keeps it down. In a particular situation your consciousness is able to take such a high jump that, like a flash of lightning, you can have a glimpse of the immense, and then you return to the earth. For sure, now you are not the same person you were before you had the glimpse. You cannot be the same again, because even a momentary glimpse of the immense is enough to change you; you are now a different person. But the glimpse is again lost.It is as though I am walking on a dark night and there is a sudden flash of lightning which enables me to see clearly the flowers and the hills before me. With the lightning gone, the flowers and the hills are again enveloped in darkness. But now I am not the same person I was before the lightning occurred, although I am back in the same darkness. It is even worse. Before the lightning, I was not aware that there are hills and flowers and trees, but now I am aware that they are there. Although the darkness is as deep as before, now it cannot deprive me of my awareness of the hills and trees and flowers; now they have become parts of my being. Whether I see them again or not, I know in the depths of my being that they are there, that they exist. Now the fragrance of the flowers will reach me even in the dark, and the winds will bring me a message from the hills. Darkness can hide them from me, but it cannot erase my awareness that they exist.No one can give you the divine vision, but Krishna seems to be telling Arjuna that he will give it to him. This is what creates difficulty for you. Really, human language suffers from obscurity; it still lacks clarity of expression. We have to use words that don’t have the vitality to convey what one really means to say. One often says, “I gave so and so my love.” But love cannot be given, it is not a commodity. Love simply happens; it is neither given nor taken. But putting it into words, a mother says, “I give so much love to my son.” It is a wrong statement. Love has just happened between the mother and her son.It is the same linguistic clumsiness that has led to this question with regard to Krishna’s statement about divine vision. It is nothing more than that. Like love, it happens; it cannot be given or taken. And like love, it can also be lost. Heights are attained and lost; it is difficult to stay at great heights. Hillary and Tensing climbed Everest, hoisted a flag there, and then returned to the plains. It is hard to live on Everest, or on any great height for that matter. It is possible, however, that someday we will manage to live on Everest for a long period. But to live at the peak of consciousness is still more difficult, tremendously difficult. But it is not impossible. People like Krishna live there. People like Arjuna once in a while leap to it, see it and drop back to the earth.Divine vision happens; it is not a thing to be given or taken. But our language thinks in terms of give and take, and therefore this difficulty has arisen. It would be correct to say that divine vision happened between Krishna and Arjuna in that moment. Krishna was the instrument, the medium, and Arjuna was the one who took the jump. But in ordinary language we will say that Krishna gifted him with divine vision. As if someone with open and loving eyes looks at me sitting here, something will happen to him. But when it happens he will say that it is a gift from me. But who am I to gift it? – although I will say it the same way if I have to say it in words. But in reality I cannot gift it.Chemistry has a term known as catalytic agent, and it is significant. A catalytic agent is one whose very presence causes something to happen. It facilitates and accelerates the process of this happening, although it does not do anything in the matter and remains completely unaffected itself. For example, if we have to produce water by combining hydrogen and oxygen, then we will need the presence of electricity for this combination to take place. Without the presence of electricity hydrogen and oxygen will refuse to combine and turn into water.It is because of lightning in the sky that the elements of hydrogen and oxygen in the clouds combine and produce water and rain. Without the aid of lightning, clouds would not turn into rain. But no one can say that electricity does anything to affect this change; it does nothing. On its part electricity remains absolutely inactive and unaffected by this process of hydrogen and oxygen combining and turning into water. Its presence is enough to do the miracle.There are many catalytic agents like electricity known to the science of chemistry, and all investigations show that catalysts lose nothing in the process; neither do they lose or do anything.Krishna is such a catalytic agent.

Will Motley Crue Cancel The Stadium Tour: The Official Announcement Has Been Made!
 Alisa Smith  
 21 April 2020  

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Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.30
 Dhwani Shah  
 21 July 2020  

Let It Be - In Gita Verse 11.30 O Viṣṇu, I see You devouring all people from all sides with Your flaming mouths. Covering all the universe with Your effulgence, You are manifest with terrible, scorching rays.We all need to remember that what Arjuna right now is seeing is through his Divine Eyes. What Krishna could not explain to him through words he is showing him. What Krishna conveys by revealing his opulence form is only one thing - you are not doer. Everything is already decided. Everything will return to its original source. Let everything happen don’t interfere. Let It Be!If we want to understand what is returning back to source then we need to practice Let It Be!The cyclone has gone and you will now be centered, centered as you never were before. And once you know the art of letting things be, you will know one of the master keys that opens all the inner doors. Then whatsoever the case is, let it be; don’t avoid it.If just for three months you can be in total solitude, in total silence, not fighting with anything, allowing everything to be, whatsoever it is, within three months the old will be gone and the new will be there. But the secret is allowing it to be...howsoever fearful and painful, howsoever apparently dangerous and deathlike.Arjuna is going through very fearful and dangerous situation. In that Krishna tried to explain to him through the words but when it was difficult for Arjuna to put it into action he revealed his originality. In which everything was coming to this world and now going back.Many moments will come when you will feel as if you will go mad if you don’t do something and involuntarily you will start to do something. You may know that nothing can be done, but you will not be in control and you will start to do something.It is just as if you are moving through a dark street in the night, at midnight, and you feel fear because there is no one around and the night is dark and the street is unknown – so you start whistling. What can whistling do? You know it can do nothing. Then you start singing a song. You know nothing can be done by singing a song – the darkness cannot be dispelled, you will remain alone – but still it diverts the mind. If you start whistling, just by whistling you gain confidence and you forget the darkness. Your mind moves into whistling and you start feeling good.Nothing has happened. The street is the same, the darkness is the same, the danger, if there is any, is there, but now you feel more protected. All is the same, but now you are doing something. You can start chanting a name, a mantra: that will be a sort of whistling. It will give you strength but that strength is dangerous, that strength will again become a problem, because that strength is going to be your old ego. You are reviving it.Remain a witness and allow whatsoever happens to happen.Fear has to be faced to go beyond it.Anguish has to be faced to transcend it. And the more authentic the encounter, the more looking at it face to face, the more looking at things as they are, the sooner the happening will be there.It takes time only because your authenticity is not intense.So you may take three days, three months or three lives; it depends on the intensity. Really, three minutes can also do, three seconds can also do. But then you will have to pass through a tremendous hell with such intensity that you may not be able to bear it, to tolerate it. If one can face whatsoever is hidden in oneself, it passes, and when it has gone you are different because all that has left you was part of you before and now it is no longer a part.So don’t ask what to do. There is no need to do anything. Non-doing, witnessing, effortlessly facing whatsoever is, not even making a slight effort, just allowing it to be....Remain passive and let it pass. It always passes. When you do something, that is the undoing because then you interfere.And who will interfere? Who is afraid? The same that the disease will interfere. The same ego that has to be left behind will interfere. The ego is part of society. You left the society but you don’t want to leave the part that society has given to you. It is rooted in society; it cannot live without society. So either you have to leave it or you have to create a new society in which it can live.To be solitary means not to create an alternative society. Just move out of society, and then whatsoever society has given you will leave you. You will have to drop it. It will be painful because you are so adjusted to it, everything is so arranged. It has become such a comfort to be adjusted, where everything is convenient.When you change and move alone, you are leaving all comforts, all conveniences, all that society can give – and when society gives something to you, it also takes something from you: your liberty, your soul. So it is an exchange – and when you are trying to get to your soul in its purity you have to stop the bargaining.It will be painful, but if you can pass through it, the highest bliss is just near. Society is not as painful as loneliness. Society is tranquilizing, society is convenient and comfortable but it gives you a sort of sleep. If you move out of it inconvenience is bound to be there. All types of inconveniences will be there. Those inconveniences have to be suffered with the understanding that they are part of solitude and part of regaining yourself.You will come out of it new, with a new glory and dignity, a new purity and innocence.The way in which Arjuna is passing through all his pain we will also pass through everything. In that realization will come what we see as destruction is actually going back to the original source.

The Righteous Brother Bill Medley Continues To Tour At 78 Years Old
 Micheal Zero  
 4 June 2020  

Bill Medley has been on tour for 55 years and has no plans to slow down anytime soon. He is the last living member of the gang The Righteous Brothers.His original singer partner Bobby Hatfield died in 2003. Medley continued to tour and sing as a solo artist but was inspired to resuscitate the group when he saw Bucky Heard perform during a concert a few years ago. The just scrambled brothers went on stage in 2016 with all their classic tunes.Are you also The Righteous Brothers fan and looking for Cheap The Righteous Brothers 2020 Tickets? Ticket2concert has all that you need, Discount The Righteous Brothers Tickets, Concert Location, and Concert Schedules.Heard shared the stage with legends like Andy Williams and Glen Campbell. He has also been honored as "Male Singer of the Year" by entertainment publications."You can't replace Bobby Hatfield, he was unique, but he knew Bucky could replace Bobby very well." Good, "said Medley of his new singing partner.During his career, Medley won a Grammy, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, an American Music Award, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Have you always dream of seeing your favorite artist perform live? Do you always miss out on getting The Righteous Brothers Concert Tickets? Then visit us, Ticket2concert has something for everyone from Cheapest The Righteous Brothers Tickets to all about the artist’s schedule and concert dates.Supposedly, "You've Lost That Lovin’ Feelin "is the most listened song in American radio history. Beat the Beatles song "Yesterday". In the late 1980s, The Righteous Brothers' again dominated the charts with songs like "The Time of My Life" and "Unchained Melody".These songs have been made popular by film classics "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost".“Having these hit songs in these hit movies was just remarkable. You couldn't even wish for this. It was amazing and our career has been bigger than ever, "said Medley. City Lights host Lois Reitzes spoke to Medley before the Righteous Brothers concert from September 15 to November 12, at Harrah's Showroom At Harrah's Las Vegas Nevada at 7:30 p.m.The Righteous Brothers will soon be arriving at your town and one way to make sure that you get a spot in their concert is booking The Righteous Brothers Concert Tickets beforehand. Ticket2concert is a well-known The Righteous Brothers Concert Tickets Discount Coupon and best selling site with amazing deals.

Celebrate Wedding In Corbett The Baagh: A Tale Of Two Worlds
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 16 December 2020  

Just imagine standing right in front of the love of your life, well-dressed, amidst the beautifully decorated surroundings, and cheery guests. Does it sound like a dream? We are here to fulfil this dream wedding for you. Corbett The Baagh is one such destination, which can fulfil all your desires and meet your every requirement to make your day the best day of your life.Marriage is a fusion of not just two people but two worlds altogether. Marriage is a nuptial ceremony, which is being celebrated as one of the holiest institutions all over the world. However, adding the word “luxury” before marriage brings an entirely new flavor to this whole ritual. It is a once in a lifetime occasion so why not to celebrate it like this only. While destination weddings are not that uncommon nowadays, personalization and uniqueness still matter for the couples who are taking their vows of being with each other till death “does them apart.” That being said, Corbett resorts are nowadays the most preferred by couples who want to marry in style.At Corbett The Baagh, a secluded and serene haven with its flowing elegance and charm. The exquisiteness of the resort comes from being surrounded by lush green hills and forests, you can imagine a picture-perfect wedding for yourself. Romanticism will be at its peak while you plan your destination wedding at this wonderful resort in the heart of Jim Corbett. In addition to being romantic, if you are an adventure enthusiast couple then this would be the right choice of a destination wedding to celebrate your big day on a grand note.How we cater to your needs?Every couple is unique in their own way and we understand that your requirements are going to be different. You have every chance to pour your thoughts out on a silver platter for us to understand your needs better. Personalization is the key to a fabulous wedding and no stone is left unturned by Corbett The Baagh. We provide meticulously crafted packages and facilities to our guests. We help in rendering a wedding that is not just special and fulfilling for the two beings involved but also for their families, friends, and guests. Weddings in Corbett resortensures that your guests leave with a bucket full of cherished memories.While your guests are busy admiring the natural landscape and breathing in the aura of the serenity of this place, the nitty-gritty of your much-desired destination wedding is tackled by the resort with the utmost care and precision. Right from a beautiful and spacious banquet hall and vast property spread, Corbett The Baagh has the capacity to hold even a multitude of guests and fulfil their requirements.Planning of the wedding at corbett the baaghIndian weddings are not just about one event and that’s all. It is a fusion of so many different celebrations including pre-wedding function, Mehandi function, ring ceremony, wedding, and post-wedding events which are equally important as you step into a new life. The good news is that at Corbett, every event of yours right from the Engagement ceremony, Sangeet, and Mehendi to your main Wedding and Reception functions would be conducted in an outrageously glamorous way at the Corbett The Baagh. With our tailor-made facilities, we leave no room for regrets for our guests! Yes, this Jim Corbett resort, which almost acts as a one-stop solution to all your wedding requirements.Where are the decor and what are our services?No wedding is complete without decoration which, undoubtedly, is the crucial part of the ceremony. With services that are easily available and right on time, we deliver an exceptional experience to the bride and groom as well as to their families. Some of our prominent services include decoration, wedding cakes, make-up artists, food and catering, transport services, valet parking, photography and videography, wedding planners, and much more. With all these on standby, you will never have to worry about anything going wrong or missing on your D-day.Having provided a ground for many weddings to take place flawlessly, Corbett The Baagh Spa and Resort has retained the faith of so many guests. We continue to attract a lot of visitors who come to take their vows here under the beautiful sky.Source URL: Celebrate Wedding In Corbett The Baagh: A Tale Of Two Worlds 

Make the Status of Your Candle in the Occasion via Jar Candle Box Printing
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Candle plays an important role in your lives so maintain the beauty and value of your candle by pack it into theJar Candle Boxes. It provides extra protection to the candle and increases the worth of it. Reasons to Use the Candle Boxes!There are a lot of benefits you can get by using the candle boxes that are given below. Decoration of the EventIf you want to use the candle in the event for the decoration of the refreshment table, you need to first store and pack your candle accurately in the candle boxes. While using the candle, it will melt so melting material will remain in the candle boxes so your refreshment table remains neat and clean throughout the event and you can easily enjoy the beauty of burning candle. Attractive The best way to make the candle attractive and good-looking by packing it into the jar boxes as you can design the jar boxes by printing on it by getting the help of the designers. They will give you the best suggestion that which important info you need to print onto the jar boxes. You can print the theme of your event as well as the name of the famous personalities who will come to your event place. UniqueAlthough, the candle is used for decoration purposes in the various event so you can make the candle unique at every occasion by printing the candle jar. Display For display purposes, you need to pack the items properly into the packaging boxes to increase the access of the buyer towards your product. At this moment, you need to insert a window onto the packing boxes that will make the display of the product easier for the business owner. How to Pack the Candle into the Jar Boxesv For packing the candle, you need to first select the Best Quality of the Candle Boxes. Check the material, size, shape, and durability of the boxes.v Try to purchase the boxes that will fit the candle properly into it. Otherwise, if the space into the boxes is greater, the candle will continuously be moved into the bottles while shipping so chances to the damages of the candle will become more and affect its shape.v You need to select the boxes that match the design and shape of the candle and place the candle into it in such a way that it should not be tilted into the boxes while displaying and shipping.v After selecting the best boxes, keep the candle into it and make your candle boxes high-quality, branded, and valuable by decorating it.v You can print the vital description of the candle onto the candle boxes to make it high-quality.Get the Help of the DesignersIf you have not skilled in packing the candle as well as printing the candle boxes, do not do the packaging of the candle yourself. It is beneficial for you to consult with the designers to save your time and money as they will carry out Jar Candle Box Printing according to the satisfaction of the customers. Thus, you will feel happy that your money has not been wasted by getting the help of the designers. Click here:- https://www.thequantumprint.com

Conscient The Habitat Sector 99A Gurgaon Affordable Housing
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 17 January 2021  

Conscient The Habitat, 99A is bringing 2 luxury apartments for all of you with elegant structure and facilities. Carpet Area (Sq.ft) 448 Sq.ft. By HUDA, this project is taking your difference, it is a very affordable price and less in Budget.Because Conscient is very well known, the builder has brought a project named The Habitat, located in Sector 99, Gurgaon. There is a presence of 816 apartments and is spread over 5.96 acres of land. 13 floors are being provided with 3 towers. Conscient The Habitat 99A is providing a lot of facilities here. Will make your life shine.  Its inside layout is very beautifully designed. One of the best affordable housing project. Conscient The Habitat, 99A eye-catching landscape has been given to attract you and give you peace.Unit Type 2 BHK Total Area      484 Sq. Ft.      Carpet Area (sq.ft.) 448 Sq. Ft.    Balcony Area       36 sq. Ft. It is so close to Rajiv Chowk. Close your eyes and open your eyes and you will be seen standing at Rajiv Chowk. Conscient The Habitat is very close to Honda Chowk and Sohna Chowk Amenities: Our objective is to give a clubhouse so that you do not go away from your family friends, enjoy your family, and enjoy a party in your own society. Along with crèche is also being given. Is for your children. The children’s play area is being prepared in a very good way. Some things will be made for children that your children will learn a lot.There is a very peaceful place to meditate. Here you will feel peace. 3 automatic lifts are being provided, 1 service is for bringing and carrying goods. Visitors parking play area CCTV security Key features Firefighting system Earthquake resistance sewage disposal system

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.15
 Dhwani Shah  
 21 September 2019  

Sacrifice Self-Consciousness - In Gita Verse 3.15 Regulated activities are prescribed in the Vedas, and the Vedas are directly manifested from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Consequently the all-pervading Transcendence is eternally situated in acts of sacrifice.Krishna when use the word Vedas, he means wisdom, which is always moving, flow, dynamic, it is not static, and such work is born from Vedas. Which is created by God. he is not saying Vedas means scriptures.Krishna by saying this he says to Arjuna there is two way you can perform your act, one is self-unconsciously, another is self-consciously. When you act from your self-consciousness your act will be act of Sacrifice. When you act from self-unconsciously your act is not align with universe, it is not Sacrifice. It cannot transcend you. The purpose of Human birth is to transcend, to become self-alert. Because of this everyone goes through different circumstances. As you cannot imitate others for your self-alertness. Only you will know how you can become self-alert. So never wait any circumstances to repeat in your life. Don’t wait that when Anguliman will come I will act like Buddha very compassionate. That day will never come.Krishna tells to Arjuna to become self-alert, transcend your all the energy into compassion. Even if that circumstances is war. Use the war to become self-alert and secome self-alert from that act that will be your sacrifice to the Universe. In my blog Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.14, I wrote about the five elements how they manifested from one to other. Same way through the body we have to transcend our self-unconsciousness to self-consciousness. That is possible only if we respond to the present moment without getting affected by past or future. Just respond to present moment.There is only one sacrifice is needed is self-unconsciousness. It looks paradox but you cannot sacrifice self-unconsciousness. Because it is nothing but darkness. What you can do is bring light of self-consciousness and immediately self-unconsciousness will be no more. This can happen only in utter relaxation. Be relaxed but there is one more danger is when you are relax you tend to move towards your self-unconsciousness. Be alert at time time.That’s what meditation is all about — to become more alert. Live the same life, just change your alertness — make it more intense. Eat the same food, walk the same path, live in the same house, be with the same woman and the children, but be totally different from your inside. Be alert! Walk the same path, but with awareness. If you become aware, suddenly the path is no more the same, because you are no more the same. If you are aware, the same food is not the same, because you are not the same, the same woman is not the same, because you are not the same. Everything changes with your inner change.If somebody changes his within, the without changes totally. My definition of the world is this — you must be living in a deep inner darkness, hence the world. If you light your inner lamp, suddenly the world disappears, and there is only God. The world and the God are not two things but two perceptions of the same energy. If you are unaware, the energy appears to you to be as the world, the sansara; if you are alert, the same energy appears as God. The whole thing depends on your inner awareness or unawareness. That is the only change, the only transformation, the only revolution, that has to be made.If you practice awareness in your routine life, suddenly you will find that you are becoming self-conscious. Your respond to present moment will be from alertness. Then any circumstances will become for you opportunity to transcend self-unconsciousness.Krishna tells Arjuna don’t take vedas word as static word then you will not be transcend your self-unconsciousness to self-consciousness. Veda is your wisdom, your life flow, it’s dynamic force in you. This present moment of yours demands that you transcend self-unconsciousness to self-consciousness through war. Sacrifice everything to respond to this present moment.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 7.13
 Dhwani Shah  
 25 February 2020  

Inexhaustible In You - In Gita Verse 7.13 Deluded by the three modes [goodness, passion and ignorance], the whole world does not know Me, who am above the modes and inexhaustible.Krishna says that all manifested are so much involved in the Three Gunas that they are unable to know me.As I wrote in my Bhagavad Gita Verse 7.11, blog I wrote regarding where our focus is. If we change our focus everything changes.We need to change our focus from others to ourselves. This is the only reminder we need to give to ourselves. If we change our focus from others to ourselves in the very moment we will find change in us, transformation in us.Think of the moment from your own life, when your focus changes what you don’t have to what you have how much freedom and relaxation you find in yourself. Just shift in your focus and everything changes.Same way when you shift your focus from Three Gunas to Meditation immediately you find inexhaustible in you. Vastness in you.Meditation is the source, compassion is the overflow of that source. The non-meditative man has no energy for love, for compassion, for celebration. The non-meditative person is disconnected from his own source of energy; he is not in contact with the ocean. He has a little bit of energy that is created by food, by air, by matter – he lives on physical energy.Physical energy has limitations. It is born at a certain moment in time, and it dies at another moment in time. Between birth and death it exists. It is like a lamp that burns because of the oil in it – once the oil is exhausted, the flame goes out.The meditative person comes to know something of the infinite, becomes bridged with the inexhaustible source of energy. His flame goes on and on, his flame knows no cessation. It cannot disappear, because in the first place it never appears. It cannot die, because it is unborn.How to bridge oneself with this inexhaustible source of life, abundance, richness? You can call that inexhaustible source existence, or you can call it truth or anything that you wish to call it. But one thing is absolutely certain: that man is a wave of something infinite.If the wave looks inward it will find the infinite. If it goes on looking outward it remains disconnected – disconnected from its own kingdom, disconnected from its own nature. Jesus calls this nature the kingdom of God. He again and again says, “The kingdom of God is within you. Go within.”Meditation is nothing but a bridge to go within. Once meditation has happened, the only thing that remains to happen is compassion.Buddha, the original master in Atisha’s line, said don’t remain contented with meditation unless compassion happens. You have gone only halfway, you have yet to go a little further. Meditation, if it is true, is bound to overflow into compassion. Just as when a lamp is lit it immediately starts radiating light, it immediately starts dispersing darkness; once the inner light is lit, compassion is its radiation.Compassion is the proof that meditation has happened. Love is the fragrance that proves that the one-thousand-petaled lotus in the innermost core of your being has bloomed, that the spring has come – that you are no longer the same person you used to be, that, that personality has ceased and individuality is born, that you are not living any longer in darkness, that you are light.Krishna says that the only way to know me is only through your own wisdom. Wisdom is knowing. And when you know, you need not guess. You are not guessing that this is morning and the birds are singing and the trees are bathed in sunlight. You are not guessing it, you are not thinking that it is so. If somebody is guessing it, then he must be blind or at least drunk. It is an experience, and every experience is self-validating.Once you know that you are wave and you need your focus inside of you which is connected with the ocean. In that moment you will know the infinite connection of yours, your Godliness.

 Ishaani kaushik  
 18 November 2020  

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on Earth, but it can be planned to make it the most memorable one. Everybody dreams to make their special day the most unique and unforgettable. Destination wedding makes that dream come true with its customized options and destinations. It is a fairy tale affair with divine stories to cherish all through the lifetime.In recent times, destination weddings are preferred more, mainly as it offers fewer frills, unlike the conventional one which with all its planning that takes a toll, leaving little enthusiasm for the big day. It is a hassle-free arrangement with guaranteed services.Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort near to the Jim Corbett National Park is ‘the’ a destination that welcomes you to celebrate this special day in an empyreal setting amidst nature’s lap amongst your loved ones. Jim Corbett resorts for marriage is a place where one can relish the chirping of the birds, the humming of the village folk, the occasional growls of the tiger from the nearby dense forests of Jim Corbett National Park while relishing the whiff of fresh air lazing around the huge expanses of the resort.An iconic architecture nestled in a 17 acres luxurious offering a breathtaking view of a lush green panorama, manicured green garden. It provides a king-size banquet hall of 1800 sq ft large enough to take care of the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding events. This resort arranges large size receptions and all kinds of functions like engagement/ring ceremony, Mehndi night, Sangeet, cocktail night etc. amidst a wedding with extensive care and sophistication.A dream venue for destination weddings bestowing a magical touch on your special day with poolside parties, music and exotic food. A courteous arrangement of every dream to be true and every memory to be mesmerized. Luxurious villas/rooms to pamper your stay, an iconic spa to nourish your mind and make you feel relaxed is the goal of the resort. It furnishes world-class immaculate services like wedding planners, make-up artists, food and catering, photographers/videographers, etc. to make your day picture perfect. Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort can provide assorted arrangements as per your specification and can develop into your choice of theme.This is the perfect wedding destination for your special day with various kinds of luxurious accommodation, rooms and suites to quench your thirst. The resort offers a wedding of your theme and dream. The prenuptial ceremonies can be tailored according to one’s whim and fancies.Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort has a world-class spa service called Artha, the spa. One can unwind at the spa which boasts of first-class services to nourish their mind and soul. This destination is one of the best jungle resort and spa of its kind.This jungle resort is a perfect destination to surprise your guests with many soul-satisfying activities. To make your destination wedding the most memorable it offers jungle walk, trekking, river rafting, nature trail, cycling etc. One can explore the nearby places of Jim Corbett like Corbett waterfall, Garjia Devi Temple, Corbett Museum, Sitabani Temple etc. The added advantage of Safaris and nature walks near Jim Corbett National Park makes it an ideal place for nature enthusiasts.The resort is 245 km from Delhi which is approximately 6 hours’ drive by road. The nearest Railway Station is Ram Nagar, which is 26 km away. It is an hour-long drive. The nearest airport is Pant Nagar which is 75 km away.Your dream destination for the perfect wedding cannot be more alluring, thrilling and memorable than celebrating at Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort. Your quintessential destination wedding is just a click away.Source URL:BEST JIM CORBETT RESORTS FOR MARRIAGE – CORBETT THE BAAGH 

 Dhwani Shah  
 7 February 2019  

Dewdrop, let me cleansein your briefsweet waters . . .These dark hands of life.The moment person realizes his emptiness, means he has emptied his unconsciousness, become fresh and young like dewdrop.You are the master of your destiny. You can change every act, you can change every habit. You can change what you think has become your second nature and you can create a totally new individuality, fresh and young, with more awareness, with more understanding, with more blissfulness, with a great ecstasy.Only someone who is perfect creates no karma in this life and receives no reward.Who is perfect? The only person who is perfect is one whose consciousness has dispelled all unconsciousness from his being.The perfect man is one whose whole being are absolutely conscious and full of light. There is no darkness in his heart. In the very depths and silences of his heart there is nothing but peace, silence, light, joy. Such a man is perfect and such a man can do anything. Nothing is binding on him. He creates no karma, he creates no chains, he creates no new life. He has come to the very end of the road.A perfect man, an awakened man, is not born again. What happens to his consciousness? It becomes part of the universe, just like a dewdrop slipping from a lotus leaf into the ocean. Either the dewdrop becomes the ocean, or the ocean becomes the dewdrop. You can say it either way. But this is the goal of all religiousness, the dropping of the dewdrop into the ocean.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 8.14
 Dhwani Shah  
 27 March 2020  

The Climax - In Gita Verse 8.14 For one who always remembers Me without deviation, I am easy to obtain, O son of Pṛthā, because of his constant engagement in devotional service.It will be very easy to understand what Krishna says if we look in our own life.In the objective world how we are connected with each other. Definitely not by theory or doctrine but through our work. For example, if you have more than one child, you love everyone equally. But you will remember only that child who remembers you in all his activity. Who is interested in giving something through his act to everyone, rather than receiving only. Child joy is in giving and not only giving but with keeping you in his memory. Observe this child, he will be very soft, loving and joyful.Now in your routine life for any of your work you alone cannot do but whoever is helping you if he keeps you in his or her memory and participate in your work then you know how smoothly and in harmony your work can be completed. I have used the word participate and not do his assignment or duty. Because when a person is participating he is not fixing his mind to fix assignments only but responsible for the whole work from starting till end whatever comes up he is ready to act as a participant. He is not after any fruits or acknowledgements. He is joining in your work to for his own joy, for his own being.Same with the universe, existence, even though it is intangible, it is present everywhere and created this whole universe, including us. If in our mind we remember the universe while doing any act, then we can participate with the whole, what feeling we experience when someone is participating in our work, same feeling universe will have for us.Difference between participating and duty:When you act for your duty your heart is not involved in the actions, you are a robot and your action needs recognizations, rewards. You will not be joyful in your action. Your action will be serious and requires a lot of effort. It is not responding to the present moments demands. In that assignment if something unexpected comes up you will be very much upset and try to resign for that assignments, work. Right now if you will see Arjuna he has not expected that all his attachments and desire to show his bravery will surface. He was looking at the war as an assignment to win their part of land. So he is miserable and wants to run away from the war.When you act not for your duty but participate then your action will have certain aliveness and enthusiasm in it. You will find that each moment of your action gives you joy. You will be in gratitude as you have not expected that this joy you will get from your action. If anything unexpected comes up in that moment you will be overflowing with joy and welcome that as new challenge to act.Krishna’s whole effort is to see that Arjuna can participate in the war and not just do his duty. If he participates in the war he will find that this war is the assignment of the universe and not only for that piece of the land which he thinks it’s their. He will see challenge to drop the desire to exhibit his bravery. Beautiful opportunity to drop the desire. As soon as he will see opportunity instead of duty he will be joyful not because he has achieve any target but because in this moment has blessed him and gave him an opportunity to drop the desire, unloadhimself, empty out his mind.Krishna simply says that in any circumstances if you participate you will find joy which is not given by anyone but joy of being in this moment. In that you become whole, it is not that in your mind you will be remembering me but in gratitude towards universe that it has given you the opportunity to drop your desires you act as a participant. It’s not that you remember the whole, it will be whole remembers you.This is the climax of the sumiran as it will be through Being: When devotion starts happening through your entire being or one is totally dissolved in Sumiran then it is the climax.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 7.28
 Dhwani Shah  
 11 March 2020  

The Crescendo - In Gita Verse 7.28 Persons who have acted piously in previous lives and in this life and whose sinful actions are completely eradicated are freed from the dualities of delusion, and they engage themselves in My service with determination.Krishna says that those who have known that life recurs again and again, that one is born and then dies countless numbers of times, that the chain of arrivals and departures is almost endless. They realize that to come out of the vicious circle of life and death we need to understand death not life. Once they understand the death they take jump into eternal life.Once the person has known the death he becomes non-dual. As he has experienced death and life is not separate. It is just process.What is the Zen attitude towards death?Laughter. Yes, laughter is the Zen attitude towards death and towards life too, because life and death are not separate. Whatsoever is your attitude towards life will be your attitude towards death, because death comes as the ultimate flowering of life. Life exists for death. Life exists through death. Without death there will be no life at all. Death is not the end but the culmination, the crescendo. Death is not the enemy it is the friend. It makes life possible.So the Zen attitude about death is exactly the same as is the Zen attitude towards life – that of laughter, joy, celebration. And if you can laugh at death, in death, you are free from all. Then you are freedom. If you cannot laugh at death you will not be able to laugh in life either because death is always coming. Each act in life, each move in life, brings death closer. Each moment that you live you get closer to death. If you cannot laugh with death, how can you laugh with life and in life?But there is a difference between the Zen Buddhists and other religions. Other religions are not that deep: other religions also say that there is no need to fear death because the soul is immortal. But in the very idea of the immortality of the soul, your mind is seeking eternity and nothing else. In the very idea of immortality you are denying death, you are saying there is no death. You are saying, “So why be afraid? There is no death. I am going to live – if not as this body, still I am going to live as this soul. My essential being will continue. So why fear death? Death will not be destroying me. I will remain, I will persist, I will continue.” The other religions compromise with your desire to remain forever, they give you a consolation. They say, “Don’t be worried. You will be in some other body, in some other form, but you will continue.” This seems to be clinging.But the Zen approach towards death is utterly different, immensely profound. Other religions say death is not to be worried about, not to be feared, because the soul is eternal. Zen says: There cannot be any death because you are not. There is nobody to die. See the difference – there is nobody to die. The self exists not, so death cannot take anything away from you. Life cannot give you anything and death cannot take anything away. There is no purpose in life and no purpose in death. There is nobody to die. Other religions say you will not die so don’t be worried about death. Zen says: You exist not – for whom are you worrying? There is nobody in life and there will be nobody in death; you are pure emptiness. Nothing has ever happened there.Man’s journey to nothingness:Man is a crossroads, where four ways meet. The first way is that of matter. The atheist takes that road, the scientist takes that road: “Man is nothing but matter.”The second road defines man as a duality between matter and mind. Most of the philosophers of the world have chosen that definition because it seems completely rational.The third possibility, which has been accepted by all religions, is that man is not just a matter or just mind; he is also a soul. Matter is his outer expression, soul is his inner expression, and mind functions as a bridge between the two. On the third path there is a possibility of a life beyond death. The people who have accepted it have created on this foundation the idea of reincarnation: birth after birth, one changes houses but the essential soul remains.Zen has a fourth standpoint. Man is not matter, although he is covered with matter. He is not mind, although he is covered with mind. Nor is he an individual soul. He is a pure nothingness. Man, from this fourth standpoint, which is the standpoint of Zen, is almost like an onion. You go on peeling it, one layer after another layer, hoping that you are going to find something. Finally, when you have peeled all the layers off, your hands are full of emptiness; nothing is left. The onion was only layers and layers and layers and layers. Behind those layers was emptiness, nothingness, which will not be visible to the eyes, which will not be tangible to the hands.Zen has taken the ultimate standpoint about man, you cannot go beyond that. Here ends the whole journey, the pilgrimage of the seeker.Krishna says - You touch this nothingness when you are deep in your being, because that being is already rooted in this nothingness. You are driving your life, moment to moment, from that nothingness. then you engages in My service with determination.

Why Signature Global The Millennia Phase 3 Sector 37D Gurgaon is the best?
 abbasi faisal  
 9 December 2020  

If we talk about the best affordable houses providing group, then the first name that strikes our mind is Signature Global. It is one of the best leading groups in the real estate industry. They are coming up with its new affordable housing projectSignature Global The Millennia Phase 3 Sector 37D Gurgaon. The project follows the new affordable housing policy 2013 of HUDA. Sector 37D is a prime place in Gurgaon and also adjacent to many prime places. The builder is providing lots of amenities and features at a very reasonable price. Some basic information about the project:- Expanded around 10 acres of prime land.Have 11 high-rise towers. 1322 total flats available in the tower. Offers 2 BHK flats with various types of floor plans. Approved by RERASome of the best amenities and features:- Zero maintenance for 5 years. Gated communityHigh security by guards for 24*7 hours CCTV and Dog surveillance. Private vehicle parking for each flat.A separate area for kids and senior citizens. A swimming pool, basketball ground, playgrounds, and much more. Special creche area for kidsSome of the best locational advantages:- Wide roads approachClose to the Dwarka ExpresswayNear to the commercial beltNear to the prime places of GurgaonClose to another project, The Millennia Sector 37D Gurgaon.Near to the proposed metro station. A bit far away from IGI and domestic airport. The booking amount of the flat is 5% of its total cost. You can also get a home loan up to 90% through any bank. The prices are fixed as per the new affordable housing policy of HUDA. You can also get a subsidy of ₹2.67lacs through the PMAY(Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna). Book your dream house as soon as possible to grab more exciting offers. Bookings are open.   

Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.32-35
 Dhwani Shah  
 17 June 2019  

Self-Alert - In Gita Verse 1.32-35 O Govinda, of what avail to us are a kingdom, happiness or even life itself when all those for whom we may desire them are now arrayed on this battlefield? O Madhusūdana, when teachers, fathers, sons, grandfathers, maternal uncles, fathers-in-law, grandsons, brothers-in-law and other relatives are ready to give up their lives and properties and are standing before me, why should I wish to kill them, even though they might otherwise kill me? O maintainer of all living entities, I am not prepared to fight with them even in exchange for the three worlds, let alone this earth. What pleasure will we derive from killing the sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra?Not only for Arjuna and Pandavas but for each one of us whenever we try to avoid disputes through mutual understanding for everyone and fail, that pain is unbearable, unhealable.This was the prime reason why Arjuna chose Krishna as charioteer. He knew his limitations as a human being and with this limitation delivering the assignment of Universe was possible only if his charioteer is Krishna.To be focused on your role in this Universe and delivering your assignment is the purpose of this body.Body is the vehicle of god to deliver his assignment. Everyone of us knows that if we work in any organization or own the organization or as a family member also we have certain assignments, so that the family or organization can run smoothly and grow together.Universe has given certain assignment to Pandavas. With their maturity and limitation Pandavas took that assignment.When Pandavas were managing their resources they were aware of their limitations and they were converting their limitations into their strength so that they could deliver their assignment. This was one of the reasons why Arjuna was not tempted by Narayani Sena and chose Krishna, without his weapon - because of his awareness of his assignment. His focus was on the universe’s assignment and not on his desire.Whenever we are faced with temptation or greed just give a wake up call to yourself as in that moment you are unconscious of yourself. When we are unconscious of ourself we will not be able to deliver our assignments. Forget about universe assignment but the assignment of family, society and organization too.What is the real meaning of mistake? Look into your life whenever we made a mistake we were unconscious at that time and forgot what is our assignment.Only by remaining self-alert, we will not repeat the same mistake again. If you are self-alert and taking decision you will find that you will not make any mistake but also you will not be in the trap of greed, temptation or desire.There is no rocket science involved in not making any mistake or repeating the mistake. It’s just to be self-alert.You can bridge the gap by being more alert, that’s why there is so much emphasis on being alert, awareness witnessing, watchful. Why? Because the more you become alert, the more the unconscious becomes conscious. That is the only way. If you remain more alert, if you walk with awareness, if you talk, listen with awareness, if you eat, take your bath, with awareness, not like a robot, not walking in sleep and doing things, or doing things and thinking about other things - that too is a type of sleep, if consciously, mindfully, you do your work chunks of the unconscious are being transformed into consciousness, and gradually more and more of your iceberg comes out of the water of darkness, out of the ocean.When the whole of you is out of darkness, this is samadhi, this is enlightenment, this is the state of a Buddha, or an arhat: one who has no longer any unconsciousness in him, one who has no longer any dark corners within his being. The whole house is lighted. Now, you have attained unity - on a higher plane. So Buddha is pure like an animal, simple like an animal. The animal has its innocence because of ignorance, and Buddha has his innocence because of his enlightened awareness. The cause has changed.All the Pandavas preparation and managing their resources were from self-alertness, so in this utter despair of mind Arjuna turned to Krishna not for his desire but to bring him back to his self-alertness.

Rocket League is a sport about jet-fueled warfare cars
 worldofwarcraft lee  
 19 December 2020  

You can flip a toggle if you’d only want to Rocket League Credits play towards other players at the Switch, of course, but why might you? The device already does a great process of matching you with players of comparable talent, and the player pool is deep sufficient to make that an effective alternative. The Switch version even offers offline neighborhood play if you appear to be in a situation with lots of Switch systems and copies of the sport.And the Switch model of the game suggests how powerful a weapon move-platform play may be for every person worried. The PC and Xbox One communities get an inflow of new skills, even as Switch players get to leap into a scene that is already strong and aggressive.The light-up toy automobiles will characteristic LEDs for the cars’ headlights, as you'll count on. But considering Rocket League is a sport about jet-fueled warfare cars, these toys will even remove darkness from on the back — with a “cloud” of rocket exhaust. Zag Toys plans to release the light-up automobiles this summer season, after the spring debut of the pull-returned racers.For both lines of toys, the initial rollout of LOLGA cars will simply be a begin. While Zag wouldn’t allow us to take snap shots at Toy Fair because the automobiles were pre-manufacturing prototypes, the non-very last retail box for the toys featured a “Series 1” banner. Max Lux, director of licensing for Zag Toys, told Polygon that in addition to operating with Zag at the toy automobiles themselves, Rocket League developer Psyonix helped layout the packaging.