It was a showery night. Watery diamonds were shinning on the damped streetlights and headlights of vehicles. Yellow colour mingled with the darkness of the night, was giving the view of the inclement weather. Sitting on a chair, on the balcony with an agonised heart, I looked up at the unilluminated sky for solace. It seemed as if it was talking to me, "O! Wretched soul, doleful heart. Are you seeking consolation from me? Don't you see, I,  myself is in a woebegone state? I'm in a crestfallen state. Look at me carefully! I'm clouded by forlorn smokes. I'm shedding tears. Look! My tears have damped the entire environment. How can I give you solace?" I looked all around. Rain had increased its speed or it might be the dark, endless sky, whoomping loudly, determined to end all its tears that day. I looked down to have a view of the brindled ground which had viridescent patches at some parts of it. It was compassionately drinking and seeping the tears of the sky. I wonder, "It is the ground who is consoling the sky. But no one in this sombre society can console me."

It is difficult to lead a life in a society which is always ready to judge you and criticise you, no matter where you reach, no matter how much you achieve. The fact is that, this so called structured and well constructed society impose its own rules and regulations and laws on the individual. And we as individuals unconsciously follow these rules and regulations. Our dreams, our aspirations, our ambitions are nothing but dust particles that are being scattered with just a single blow by the society. The individual's life are not controlled by individual himself but by the society. If you do not know to read and write, there is no place for you in the society, if you do not have jobs, you lose your right for survival, if you do not mingle with people around you, you are given the tag of anti -social, if you do not know to tackle the household works, whether a boy or a girl, you are not eligible for marriage, even you are not eligible to lead your own life the way you want. The fact is that society doesn't allow the individual to lead his/her own life the way he/she wants. Even if you achieve everything, you are still  an individual who is not fit for the society, for society wants a perfectionist, and no one in this world has so far been a perfect person! In this era of rat race, everyone is busy in achieving everything that the society wants, so that they can be praised and be given the right to live in a "well constructed, morale society." Everyone is leading a life for the contentment of the society and the self contentment has taken a back seat. "Follow the trend, not your will" ,has become the slogan of the society. You have to behave the way society wants, you have to dress yourself the way society wants, you are ought to seat, stand, walk, speak and smile, not the way you want but the way, the society wants. You are forced to live the way the society wants. From the day, a child is borne, till his last breath, he lives for the society not for his soul.

That is what I felt that day. No matter where I reach, how politely I behave, I'm imperfect in the eyes of the society. Yeah I'm imperfect, but society is not perfect too! Society has many flaws, the most important one is that it smashes the individual under its feet. Flawless characteristic of an individual is impossible, so flawless society is impossible too. With every individual, the society grows. I realised this when the rosy sun rays bathed my face thereby making my soul shimmer with golden glitters. Nature itself embraced my flaws, and encouraged me to carry on my life.

No one knows better than nature. If you are flawless on one hand, you are full of flaws on the other. If society doesn't understand this, stop making it understand any more. Instead, embrace yourself, embrace you soul, embrace your heart. Self contentment is important. Chase your dreams, take a deep breath, close your eyes, feel the nature and live the way you want. And then suddenly, life in a sombre society is easy, graceful and beautiful. 

- Ankita Panda 

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