Humanity is subjected tobirths and re- births according to the deeds commited

In  one’s consecutive lives. Only the enlightened souls followed the principles of

Dharma(righteousness) and ultimately attained moksha (spiritual liberation).

During the periodic transitory births, the humanity undergoes  untold misery,

difficulties at one handand prosperity, happyness at other hand due to the good

and bad deeds.As human beings, we  all have certain limitations of comprehension

pertaining to the realities of life.To guide us from darkness to light and to lead us

the right path, the great enlightened sages,saints,and many spiritual heads of

different religious faiths appeared on the terrestrial sphere from time immemorial.

Ever since evolution of life, entire mankind  is in utter dilemma not knowing the

genuine cause for the sufferings  depite of leading humble,pious and noble life.

Whereas the unwise and wicked  persons enjoy all the previleges and comforts

which made  humanityto ponder over the concept and the perspective of karma.

Let us all assume and aspire , if all the Gods and Godesses takes unanimous decision

and use their ingenuityin amending the concept of karma, it certainely clears human

dilemma.The bad deeds perpitrated in the previous birth should not be carried forward

instead,make to undergo punishment in the present birth itself to inculcate dicipline and

fear consciousness inthe minds of the people before commiting such heinous acts.Most of

the humanity do believeand aware of the cause and effects of karma. As rightly defined in

sansrit I,e.”ayumcha vithamcha karmacha vidhya nithanamevacha pachaithanihi

sajyantho garbasthaiva dhehinam.”means when  life gets seeded in moter’s womb, the

Life,,deeds everything is predetermined and nothing can be changed.

But still people resort to temples and other holy places praying different deity for

protection and prevention from sufferings as, not knowing what deeds have been

commited in previous birth. It is like making new born baby to undergo and suffer multiple

health complications, and if the divinity says,”it is due to the previous karma, how can

a tender  new born baby can redeem her unknown deeds commited in previous birth”.

Let us also assume and prevail upon Almighty to get rid off the cycles of births and deaths.

Aadhishankaracharya had written following verse in sansrit as

”punarapi jananam punarapi maranam, punarapi janane jathare shayanam

ehasamsaare bahu dhusthaarekrupaya paare pahi muraare.”

Means, this samsaara process, the cycles of births and deaths is very tough. Taking

birth from mother’s womb,facing death and again birth again death, oh Murari

have mercy on us and give us the spiritual liberation based on the merits we accumulate

in the present birth itself.

By Pondichery Krishna.