Rat Race of life

The sun had completed its tour for the day,dark mantle sweeping across the sky,strange darkness in city of heart,light of  moon filtering in through the gap of curtain and millions of bright stars,thinking a thought ,you know what! At night you can be anybody and no one care who you are!!

You can be a Flower which carry a different fragrance,color and beauty for the world.

Can be a Wind ,that exist but can't be seen or heard.somethings need to be felt.

Can be Sky ,no matter what storms are passing beyond the clouds.It is always blue. 

Can be  Pet which love unconditionally  without expectation. 

Can be a Butterfly which  grow, change and find color in .

Can be Bird who wants to fly up at the sky wants to touch the high. 

Can be a Night sky which is important  to appreciate, the light. 

Can be a tree that full of generosity. 

Can be a Child  who teach us to be happy for no reason, busy with something, carefree and living life fully. 

But when step out from imagination,we  are a person of cruel world which has lost it self in self. 

We are not living we are just surviving. We  don't want to change our life because we are afraid to change. 

We all are busy in rat race of life. We are comparing our accomplishments, our joys, our challenges, feeling, pain to others .I can be anybody but I don't  concern myself with Rat race!

Nature is our origin and the place where all our subtle needs for beauty, mystery, and adventure are met.

 And when  we feel empty inside and lifeless outside. Nothing seem colorfull then we notice blooming flowers,purple glow in the western horizon ,rain drops,The snow-capped mountains,blue sky,watered lakes,  rainbow ,that makes us  fall in love with Our self. 

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