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Your search for Indian culture
Everything you need to know about Bihari traditional dresses
 kk sharma  
 10 November 2020  

India is known for its diverse and wide culture all around the world. It is due to its immense cultural diversity, the traditional dressing style of different cities varies a lot from each other. Most of the traditional dressing styles are well-known across the country, but many are often overlooked by many is thetraditional dress of Bihar. Bihar, also known as the land of Buddha, is a place that is enriched with captivating history. Bihar is the birthplace of many intellectuals who have immensely contributed to enlighten the world. The cultural heritage and the traditions of this place are very much alive to this date, and nearly all of the state residents follow these traditions. The dress of Bihar, food, dance, etc. of these places greatly reflects its unique culture. The traditional Bihari dress consists of Saree for females and dhoti-kurta for men. But here you will get to see a unique blend of both eastern and western dressing style as many youngsters these days are highly influenced by western dressing style.The history of traditional Bihar clothing The handwoven textiles are the signature traditional dress of Bihar. What makes the Bihari dressing style stand out from others is the Tussar silk sarees. A saree is one of the most sensual and oldest attire of Indian women. The history of this type of clothing dates all the way back to this origin of the Indus valley civilization. Not too long ago, they recovered from the Indus valley that depicted women wearing a Saree.  As we have said above, the western dressing style is gaining immense popularity in Bihar, but still, you will find that people take pride in dressing up in their traditional attire. Women of Bihar usually wear sarees in simple aanchal style. Men are often seen wearing paag, which is a turban. Dresses for festivals and special occasions Stitched Kurta or sherwanis with pajamas are the first choices of men in Bihar when it comes to traditional attires. For women, it is heavy embroidered sarees that are often kept for occasional use. Both men and women often add-in accessories that complement their attire, such as unique jewelry or ornaments, as they are considered a sign of wealth and prosperity. Different varieties of traditional Bihari clothingWhen it comes to saree, one can find a huge collection of different styles, designs, colors, and fabrics. The choice is endless; one can get different types of sarees for normal wear or occasional wear. There are many different ways a saree can be worn since ancient times, and still, there are many individuals who invent new ways of wearing it by experimenting. So, besides picking the type of saree to wear, one also needs to pick which way to wear as each style will give a slightly different look than the other. So, these were some of the aspects of Bihar's traditional wear that we thought were worth noting. 

10 Best Gold Earrings Designs for Daily Use
 kk sharma  
 31 August 2020  

Earrings are a good way to glam up an outfit and elevate your confidence. You want something that is not too heavy and doesn’t interrupt your days’ work. Since gold in Indian culture hold much relevance and is a part of every Indian woman’s closet, we have curated a list of light and simple gold earring designs for daily use.1. Simple Stud Gold EarringSimple <a href="https://www.zerokaata.com/zerokaata-studio/gold-earrings-designs-for-daily-use/">gold earrings design for daily use</a> gives an effortlessly chic look. These earrings can pull together any outfit and goes with almost any occasion. You can also easily mix and match if you have several ear piercings.2. Gold Hoop EarringBold and sleek gold hoops are elegant and sharp. These gold hoops come in different styles and sizes, opt for the one that complements your face and features. Add different hoop gold earrings designs for daily use to get a fresh look every time.3. Boho Design Gold EarringsBoho designs come in various styles and patterns and it adds an aesthetic aura to any ensemble. If you are someone who likes to experiment with your look then shoulder brushing boho gold earrings are for you.4. Gold Teardrop EarringsIn the shape of a clove leave, teardrop earrings are light and simple. Therefore, they are perfect gold earrings design for daily use. Owing to its sober designs they go well with all outfits and is a must-have addition to your jewellery box.5. Gold love knot studsA classic love knot of sorts, this earring is very popular among women as love is something women love to show and this earring does exactly that. This lovely piece of gold earrings is ideal and every woman must try it out to get a chic feel.6. Diamond studded hoopsThey say “diamonds are a woman’s best friend” and looking at this piece of jewellery we know why it is so. Diamonds can add sparkle to almost any look and these diamond-studded gold earrings add extra beauty to a woman’s ensemble. If you too love diamonds then these gold earrings design for daily use is meant for you.7. Gold Jhumka EarringsEvery Indian woman’s personal favourite, Jhumkas earrings look good not only on traditional wear but also indo-western and western wear. It adds ethnicity to your look and if that is something you like then you need to immediately own a pair of jhumkas. Experiment with gold jhumkas to get some exceptional and unique looks.8. Gold Slip-onThese Gold cuff earrings are one of the most authentic gold earrings designs for daily use. They are so simple that they may go unnoticeable and if you want your earring to be subtle then you must opt for these gold earrings.9. Gold Dangling EarringsThese stunning gold earrings are crafted in teardrops but you can find them in man shapes and designs according to your taste. These earrings are ideal to complement any outfit you choose and that is why it makes it to our list of <a href="https://www.zerokaata.com/zerokaata-studio/gold-earrings-designs-for-daily-use/">gold earrings designs for daily use</a>.10. Heart-shape Gold HoopsThese heart-shaped gold hoops are cute and chic. They are stylish and casual, making it a good gold earring for daily use. They are also very versatile and you can style it with other accessories.Let us know which gold earring you liked the most in the comments section below.

 Gunika Grover  
 4 April 2018  

Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?Fairy tale to Fiction logue, all have been a proof of experiential thoughts to which a human mind can exercise imagination and bring it to reality.Out of many such virtually realistic ideas, how humans perceive themselves to be is a whole stream of consciousness. Especially when it comes to the subject of personalities, history is evident of humans going to unparalleled stretches to satisfy a set paradigm of looks, intelligence and emotions. One of the most staunch realities of people trying to fit in the ‘convention’ that they set for themselves, exist in the track record of how people perceive the image of their Bodies. The most fascinating fact is that unlike in situations where the question is “how is my dress today?”, in body image issues, the questions change to, “how am I today?”. And there in minutes to change words and thoughts, they start doubting not the material but their existence and what they represent to the outer world. This in turn portrays how they think of themselves as this constant representation of the Self leads to a situation of mirror surroundings and influence how they feel about themselves.Body image consciousness is a phenomenon which occurs mostly when there becomes a certain concern extra concern for the individual outside than the individual inside. Over due course of time people have encountered numerous methods of tackling these issues. Sometimes they stem from the standards set by the society, sometimes they rise up out of self expectation. Few industries, majorly Fashion and the cinema industry, have seen individuals going to lengths to deal with body image issues and how they want to be perceived in this industry. Because of the rise of show biz, it became important for people to feel good, show good and take care of their bodies. The industry itself has putten up standards and stereotypes on beauty, talent and style. Through which the stars gaining up to fame and being in the eyes of a larger audience was integral to their performance. Many of these stars had influences in the public so much so, that they wanted to adopt their lifestyle and profess their style of living and thinking.Some well known artists and celebrities in the Indian cinema industries have adopted various ideologies and they have different perceptions on this issue and here are few examples.SRIDEVIEVERGREEN BEAUTYThe late actress was said to always be in her glorified young years even after surpassing her young adult age and contributing decades of marvellous works to the film industry. Sri Devi hammered claims saying that ladies more than 40 should take care of themselves and do what makes them attractive. In spite of the fact that her fans view her as an evergreen delight since her flicks like Naagin and Mr. India , the on-screen character has had an extremely nose job and botox besides the face-lifting and body-tucking surgery done. KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN THE CULTURE  PULLS ME INThe performing artist, who brought the unattainable size zero fever in drift, has always been blessed with good looks and features. Even after following dietary restrictions and having strict workout regimes, Kapoor blames her Punjabi culture for being a foodie and her natural instinct towards north Indian delicacies.In an interview for a leading magazine she says, "I don’t know how the size-zero thing started—but I was only 27 and I wanted to do it for a role. It looked amazing, but that was then. I’ve been in the business for a long time since, and I’m more mature—now, it’s about being fit. I’m definitely comfortable in my skin right now” SHILPA SHETTYFIT IN FIFTYShe unquestionably is synonymous to wellness in our nation. After being Recognised as one of the top selling fitness freak actors, Shilpa with her faultless skin, slim midriff, idealize bends and thick hair make her a universal top choice. She claims that her idea of self fitness and hygiene is driven by the motivation of looking at her best at her 50.There have been many such perspectives from the other sides of the gender and industry spectrum, but these were few of the most influential ones. They set the trend for any new style by making it their own and producing a sense of aesthetic with it. Be it as a response to the media or social changes, One’s wellness should be the top priority, both physical and mental.In the end the question should be,Mirror on the wall, who’s the most themselves of them all?  

Complete Your Ethnic Look With 9 Conventional Earrings
 kk sharma  
 5 October 2019  

Every moment is a new moment and it deserves maximum celebration. You need to look good while in celebration mood. Jewellery helps you get the desired vibrancy and dynamism in your personality. You are good looking and impressive, you should, undoubtedly, add some jewellery to make it more expressive. It is a fact that you cannot wear your exquisite collection of precious jewellery all the time. You need much needed diversity and range in your jewellery collection for all types of occasions, especially for home, market, and office. Thankfully, the rich and diversified cultural heritage of India offers you the vast range of tribal jewellery to build your unique collection.Indian tribal jewellery gives you the much needed differentiator in social circle. It is not just the elegance, but the connection with the culture that makes you look different and make a bold statement of personality. It is simple and easy to use, with no worry of maintenance and safety. Thankfully, you have a variety of options, which you could use according to the need of the moment. The moment you wear it, you can feel the attention it gets you. Here are 9 trending conventional designer earrings that you can buy and use to make a bold statement:1.  JhumkaIt is an all time favorite style of Indian women. The dangle and swing of Jhumka adds exceptional value to your gait as it syncs well with your rhythm. The exceptional and delicate design of this silver tribal jhumkas makes it perfect for semi-formal get together. It goes well with all kinds of Indic and indo-western dresses. Just try to match it with your dress and flaunt.2.  Cluster earringsThis is an epitome of traditional Indian tribal jewellery. Inspired from the temple art, these earrings give you the classical look for normal family functions. It gives you the desired vibrancy and sparkle in the known circle. It is better to check the material and contrast just to match your facial features and hair style.3.  StudsYou simply cannot avoid this all time great, because of its universality and sobriety. Your jewellery collection is incomplete without studs. You have an option to choose material and gems to make it more sparkling. It goes well with your traditional as well as western outfit. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about your facial match as it goes well with all types of faces. 4.  Hoop earringsIf you are looking for contemporary and modern look this circular design with openness gives you the added vibrancy. It is currently the most popular in celebrity fashion circuit. It has all the ingredients to make you look elegant and classy. Depending on your feature and attire, you have the option of small hoop earrings and large hoop earrings. You can choose the traditional Indian tribal jewellery in this hoop trend as this give you an added edge of fashion with statement. The silver tribal jewellery with hoop will make you look complete.5.    Dangler earringsIf you want to add rhythm to your gait and make it visible then this dangling silver tribal jewellery is perfect for your ears. These slick and sizzling piece of Indian tribal jewellery will add vibrancy to your personality. It goes well with all types of facial features and attire.6.   Chandelier earringsWe all love the little sophistication. Stone studded tribal jewellery gives you the required shine and sophistication to stand out in a crowded space. It is known for its universal appeal as it goes well with all types of ethnic as well and indo-western outfits. However, you need to be a little careful about the weight as chandelier earrings are relatively heavier. So, choose earrings that are comfortable for your ears.7.  Drop earringsThis is all time great since time immemorial. Women of all ages love to wear this classical masterpiece. It is a perfect balance of design, style and charm. It is very simple to use and maintain. Of course you have several options of metals and gems, but do try silver tribal jewellery with some gems. It will make you stand out in your circle.8.   Huggie earringsIf you are averse to the traditional swinging and shining jewellery, this is perfect for you. It stays with your ears, giving it some filler. You will definitely love it when someone will come forward to say “it is great”. You can try the Indian tribal jewellery as this gives you an option to make a bold personality statement.9.   Ear cuffsIf you want your ear to do the talking in family function, ear cuffs are perfect jewellery for you. This covers your ear and sparkle to your personality. Those little swinging drops will make it more vibrant. The silver tribal jewellery design will make you stand out in the crowd with added elegance.Wear any tribal jewellery and you will feel the difference in response. You will love yourself and people around you will appreciate your choice. Build your collection of Indian tribal jewellery and flaunt it on all possible occasions. It’s your moment, make it great!

Essay culture of pakistan
 Mike Moser  
 10 January 2021  

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Traditional Dress and Jewellery of Goan Brides
 kk sharma  
 2 September 2020  

Goa, the smallest state of India has a diverse set of population and cultures.Owing to its diverse culture, Goa has a vast variety of jewellery. Bridal Goan jewellery along with the traditional dress of Goa is important for celebrating the auspicious wedding day.Scroll down to dive into the bridal attire and jewellery of Goans:Bridal Dress of Goa:The traditional dress of Goa for brides is a virgin- white gown. Costly gowns are worn by catholic women for their white wedding. On the other hand non- catholic brides wear traditional lehenga or a 9-yard sari also known as the Pano Bhaju for Indian-style weddings. Grooms wear a western-style suit for a catholic wedding and kurta for an Indian wedding.Bridal Jewellery of Goa:Pake:Traditional gold ear cuffs embellished with pearls, diamonds and precious gemstones in floral motifs, Pake is made in Konkani designs and patterns. This Goan jewellery is worn on festive occasions like poojas, wedding, family functions, etcNathaniNathini is a nose ring adorned by Goan women at weddings, religious ceremonies, and family functions.A traditional Gold Nathini consists of pearls and rubies, emerald or colourful stones in the centre.KasithaaliA goan mangalsutra that is an integral part of bridal jewellery of Goa. A traditional Kasithaali consists of a gold chain embellished with coral and/or gold beads and a pendant. The pendant is engraved with a religious figure such as Goddess Lakshmi.Galsiri:A coin necklace, traditional Galsiri consists of coral beads strung together with gold coinsAdorned with religious symbols and figures of Goan forest deities such as Kelbai, Bramhini mai, Vetal, Mahishasurmardini, a galsiri necklace is important Goan jewellery for weddings.BajubandhBajubandh is a gold armlet meant to be worn on the upper arm. This traditional Goan jewellery made of various stone patterns including peacock and floral motifs is a part of traditional bridal jewellery of Goan women. It is available in both simple and intricate designs.PatliPatli is simple gold bangles with slight designs. This bridal Goan jewellery is widely worn across wedding occasions in Goa and Maharashtra.It is the most simple and sleek traditional arm goan jewellery.Pichodi  Pichodi is a gold bangle in a unique crown shape. More elaborate Pichodi bangles are studded with pearls and other gemstones. These exquisite pieces of bangles are a must-have bridal ornament for anyone who wishes to own Goan jewellery.TodeThese gold bangles are worn by women across the Maharashtra and Goa region. Only expert Goldsmiths can carve such intricate designs on a bangle.Tode bangle comes with an adjustable screw that makes wearing them easy for all wrist size and popularly worn for weddings.Pidukachy Kakna BanglesPidukachya kana is a lightweight bangle made of golden beads with coloured beads in between. Since these bangles are lightweight, they can we be worn along with other Goan traditional banglesCoin bangles One of the most extravagant designs of goan jewellery. Coin bangles are wide gold bangles with coins have carvings of Goan deities like Vetal, Brahmini and Mahishasurmardini. Commonly worn by wealthy brides during weddings.The Bridal Goan jewellery is simple yet elegant whereas the traditional dress of Goa has a variety of cultural inheritance which makes them unique and exclusive.

The Islamic mafia of Bollywood
 Surender Negi  
 18 March 2018  

On August 12,1997 a loud series of shots rang out outside the Jeeteswar Mahadev Mandir in Mumbai. They were just one in a sequence of warnings about the state of our nation, and yet just as before, we Hindus refuse to wake up and face the truth. The event that occurred outside the Mahadev Mandir in Mumbai that fateful day, was not particularly outstanding when seen in the context of the daily reinforcement of the fact that India is in the hands of Muslim terrorists. The victim on this particular day happened to be a plump, short media baron, known as Gulshan Kumar.Who was Gulshan Kumar, the Cassette King? He started out life as a humble fruit juice seller's son in Old Delhi. He wanted to make it big in Bombay and he did, by cooking up innovative ways to pirate popular music. Super Cassette Industries, his flagship company and its low price high volume strategy ushered in a musical revolution. Pretty soon he had the leader of the pack , HMV India itself, chomping at the bits in order to compete with him. Using all of his fortunes from his music production company in Noida, near Delhi to finance his film production business, Gulshan Kumar soon became the owner of a vast 400 crore rupee empire.. He was the highest tax payer for the financial year 1992-93.It was with his foray into the Indian film industry that Gulshan took his first step into the jaws of the Muslim Mafia network without which Bollywood simply can not exist. For decades the film industry has been the money-spinning machine and media arm of the Islamic Mafia. The Indian film industry serves a twofold purpose for the international Islamic Mafia which is headquartered in UAE and Pakistan . 1) With a turnover of over Rs. 7000 Crore, the Indian film industry has become one of the biggest money making operations for the Islamic Mafia. Although it is not as profitable as drug-trafficking, sale of illegal arms, prostitution rings or counterfeit money, it certainly does help to line the pockets and provides valuable interface to politicians and industrialists who are enamored of the glamour and glitter of Cinema magic. 2) But the real reason why the Indian film industry is so important to the Islamic Mafia, is the fact that it serves as the best possible propaganda tool in a country of over 950 million people. A blatant glorification of Islam and an utterly distorted insulting portrayal of Hinduism are the tools that it uses constantly to affect Indians' psyche and effectively utilize information warfare. Hindu culture is consistently given the mantle of a backward, intolerant, illogical culture, whereas Islamic concepts, ideas, and judgments are given the legitimacy of truth. One of the most successful byproducts of this psychological manipulation has been the corruption of Hindi, via the glorification of Arabicised Urdu words. In popular films and music, Urdu is always used in order to condition the Indian public. In other instances, terrorism which usually stems from Islamic quarters in India , is attributed to Hindu groups in movies! Islamic terrorists are portrayed as martyrs on screen. Islamic ideas are touted as progressive whereas Hindu ideals are dismissed as outdated and illiterate. Urdu is the language of "civilized" sophisticates, Hindi is the language of "Ganwaars" or village idiots. These are just a few examples of the objectives which the control of Bollywood provides to the Islamic Mafia. On August 12, 1997 , nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary as the familiar portly figure of Gulshan Kumar attired in white kurta stepped out of his car in front of the Jeeteswar Mahadev Mandir that fateful day. A simple Thali of offerings for worship of Lord Shiva swayed in his plump hands as he started walking towards the shrine. His devotion to the divine had been steadfast in its earnestness. A huge portion of his wealth had gone into beautifying and enhancing the pilgrimage experience of Vaishno Devi for pious devotees. It was his efforts which had rekindled the sound of early morning Bhajans in Indian households all over the country. Despite the allegations of piracy and fraud, he had focused all his energies into what he viewed as an offering to God. As the assassins pumped his frame with bullets, the last words heard by Gulshan Kumar were:"Bahut ho gayi teri puja, ab upar ja ke aur karo" (You have prayed enough to your idols down here, now go up there and do it.) A chilling reminder of the fact that Islam and the Islamic Mafia will do its best to eliminate any Hindu who dares to reaffirm his faith loud and clear in India . Who were Gulshan Kumar's enemies? What was his crime?The clues to the answer apparently lie with music director Nadeem Saifee. In 1997, Nadeem's solo album Hai Ajnabi bombed. He wanted Gulshan Kumar to finance his next private album. Gulshan Kumar wisely decided that Nadeem was not destined to be a chartbuster and refused outright. An enraged Nadeem who was obviously used to displaying arrogance in lieu of his Islamic godfather's protection started threatening Kumar saying "Have you got a call or not? My "Chahnewaale" (friends) will call you. You don't know who I am."By May 1997, Abdul Qayoom Ansari alias Abu Salem, a 29-year-old Dubai-based member of the Islamic Mafia, who is also known as one of the "arms" of kingpin Dawood Ibrahim, had called up Gulshan Kumar on his mobile and curtly told him to call back at a Dubai mobile number. When Gulshan called the number back, an amount to the tune of 10 Crore Rupees was quoted and Kumar was threatened with dire consequences if he failed to cough up the dough. Kumar, a man who had managed to survive in the Film Industry long enough without giving in to the Islamic Mafia of ISI's underworld dons, refused to pay outright. Even when Abu Salem sent his Mullah terrorists to Gulshan in person, the wary devotee refused to budge an inch.  Who is Abu Salem??He is accused number 87 in the Bombay bomb blast case. He was charged with procuring nine AK-56 rifles at the command of Dawood's brother Anees Ibrahim. Mumbai courts issued an arrest warrant against him in 1993 ``for conspiracy to cause explosions with intent to cause death and damage to property.'' If caught and convicted he faces the death penalty. In 1995, Interpol had issued a Red Corner alert for him. In 1997, the UAE government received extradition papers for Salem from the CBI upon request. The first ever trap (which is known as `fielding', in the underworld slang) was laid with the blessing of nadeem and his "godfather" Dawood . The trap for killing Gulshan Kumar was laid between July 15 and 20, while he was shooting for his forthcoming untitled film at the Jasdanwala Bungalow at Aqsa Beach , Malad. Two teams from the gang maintained a watch on his movements but failed to strike either because of the milling crowds around him, or for the fact that he was shielded by his Punjabi bodyguard. When Gulshan Kumar refused Abu Salem's threats of extortion, he was enraged at the "Kafir" Hindu's insolence and ordered the hit. Apart from Kumar's 250-crore annual turnover from Super Cassettes and Music Industries, his religiosity and lavish expenditure for devotional purposes including a `langar' at Vaishnodevi temple, where Rs 5 lakh was spent every month had become eyesores for the Islamic Mafia. Abu Salem had been chosen as the key operational head in Bombay by Dawood himself , due to his incredibly cruel and brutal nature. He was also given charge of handling extortions and hawala transactions on Dawood's behalf. In April, Abu Salem began by calling up top film producers asking them to pay up. About 20 top film personalities were personally contacted by Salem over the span of two months. The figures he quoted as extortion payments were in hundreds of crores. Over 95% of the Movie moguls simply paid and never informed the police. Salem 's men attacked producer-director Rajiv Rai at his Tardeo office, which led Rai to flee to London . He never returned since. Later that April an attempt was made on Subhash Ghai's life which was foiled by alert police. Salem himself had telephoned Subhash Ghai asking him to pay up. The Indian Film Industry was serving its purpose as the money making the machine which churned out Millions of Rupees in liquid assets for Dawood and ISI to create mayhem, death and destruction all over India. Not one moviemaker had the guts to resist, every single one of them was deeply involved in this deep-seated treachery and anti-national activity which killed Indian citizens every day. Was it simply because Gulshan Kumar did not give in to this nefarious plan, that his body lay riddled with bullets in front of the Temple steps in Mumbai that day? Hardly. As the details began trickling in, it became apparent that the plot to kill Gulshan Kumar had been hatched on June 12 at Dubai when a galaxy of Indian stars participated in the opening of a luxury hotel owned by Vivek Goswami a narcotics dealer linked to Chota Rajan another underworld non-resident Indian don. As investigations continued, more rivalries began surfing. Ramesh Taurani - owner of Tips another rival to Super Cassette, was identified as an associate of Dawood Ibrahim's gang. The investigation led the police to interview filmstars Pooja Bhat, Salman Khan and Shravan among others. Bollywood's links with Mumbai's underworld were always known. But the extent of its involvement with the Islamic Mafia became apparent only after Gulshan Kumar's death, a man who was murdered simply because he was a Hindu success story. "When the underworld approaches you, you cannot refuse.", these were the chilling words of Nadeem Saifee, the main accused in the Gulshan Kumar murder case. A month later a casual friend of Gulshan Kumar and writer-director Mukul Anand died unexpectedly of a "heart attack" in his sister's home in Mumbai. Anand had been in the process of making a movie on Kashmir which went against the Islamic Mafia's propaganda plans. The film was being shot in USA on the pretext that the environs resembled those of Kashmir . The reality was quite different. Anand had been threatened and he and several of his associates were frightened enough to go into hiding when they returned to India to raise more money for the movie. A relative of the executive producer was slain by a killer on a motorbike. And then all of a sudden Mukul Anand suffered a surprise "heart attack".What is even more shocking to discover is that EIGHT months before Abu Salem ordered the cold blooded of Gulshan Kumar , the CBI had requested his extradition from the UAE government. However, the request became just another of the 35 others pending with the Government of United Arab Emirates and like the other requests, this too was put on the backburner. The CBI is not too optimistic about getting back any of the members of the Dawood gang, hawala dealers and arms and drugs smugglers who are responsible for the most heinous crimes committed against India .The Arab provision of shelter to these hard core terrorists and criminals provides convincing evidence that the conspiracy to create chaos and panic in India stems from the Islamic world in general. Dawood Ibrahim follows and carries out the directives of Pakistan 's ISI and oil rich Arabs, who take pride in their Islamic fanaticism. It is he and his deputies who mastermind all of the major terrorist attacks and hardcore crimes which take place in India . As the disturbing facts about Gulshan Kumar's murder were unearthed, an incredible pattern of internally linked networks which are sustained by the Islamic Mafia become apparent. The crimes begin with low level extortions and proceed higher up the ladder with the all too willing Indian movie industry, as well as heads of major corporations in India and finally goes all the way up to the politicians who hold the highest positions in the land.The breadth and depth of this net of crime and the virulently anti Indian activities it breeds are spread unimaginably far. The extent of involvement is so deep, that the public knows not even one hundredth of the details of this story.Original Post : Islamic Mafia of Bollywood: Death of Gulshan Kumar#smblogcontest

Best Seasons for Foreigners to Visit India
 Alex Smith  
 7 February 2020  

Attributable to its geographical divergence, the best season to visit India depends on the part of the country you are planning to travel to. However, it is believed that the winter season makes your trip a little comfortable. Online Indian e-Visa is what you need to apply for, to experience such diversity in a single nation. The time between October and March is considered to be the peak season for tourism in India.At this point of time, one can explore the beauty of deserts in Rajasthan, Gir National Park in Gujarat, beaches in Kerala and Goa, nature power in Andaman & Nicobar Island and some other parts of India as well, as the climate conditions are very favorable not exceeding 25 degrees. Nevertheless, if you are a snow lover, then you can experience and enjoy great snowfall and snow sports in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling and some parts of Uttarakhand. Adventure lovers can experience trekking in Ladakh. Ladakh trekking is undoubtedly the best experience in the country, which no one can beat.  There are lots of events held in the winter season in different parts of India such as Kite festival in Gujarat, Camel Fair in Pushkar, New year eve in Goa and Jaisalmer and Republic Day celebrations in Delhi. The Magnetic Fields Festival in Rajasthan catches the maximum attention of tourists in December. Thousands of people gather here to enjoy different types of music and dance. This event is said to be the most exciting event of the year in India.However, if you want to experience wildlife adventures, then the summer season is the best time for you to visit India. the months of April, May, and June are the best time to go for a journey at national parks. Bengal Tigers and elephants can be easily sighted during this season as they roam in search of water. Hill stations are the key attractions for travelers in these months. Coastal areas should be avoided during summers in India as they become really humid. Monsoons make the southern part of India worth exploring as it enhances the grace of its greenery to manifolds. Kerala, Cherrapunji, Kodaikanal, Coorg, Orchha are some of the best to visit at the time of rains. Boat safaris in Periyar National Park, Kerala is one of the most desirable things one can enjoy during monsoons.  Ooty is the key attraction for tourists in the month of July and August. Heavy rains make its beauty so heart touching. Hill stations in these months are a big no to visit. Chances of landslides are more in these areas and it can lead to hazardous natural disasters.So, it largely depends on the climate that which part you can visit in India. Besides seasons, festivals also play an important role in deciding when to travel. If you are planning a trip to India, apply for an e-Tourist Visa India conveniently sitting at your home and plan your visit according to your favorite season. 

Wedding Dresses And Party Wear
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 30 January 2021  

When you have set out your Wedding date and the plans are being made, the following stage is to pick what you will wear that implies what sort of Wedding dress will be picked for yourself. The Wedding Dress is the garment worn by a lady during a wedding service. The tone, style, and formal significance of the outfit can rely upon the religion and culture of the wedding members.For the individuals who head over to the marriage save to look in your wedding function outfit or outfit and shiver while you see the all-out sticker price, odds are you will truly have to uncover approaches to get modest wedding dresses, yet delightful Wedding dresses.For certain ladies, the inclination of the wedding function outfit may maybe be by a long shot the main a piece of considered one of by a long shot the main days of her way of life. Despite the fact that it truly is just worn for quickly, the memories pass a lifetime, doing the inclination of outfit one which can not be considered additionally completely.With this specific thought wedding service, the outfit is a most critical matter of marriage's way of life. Yet, the truth of the matter is typical that everybody ordinarily inspired by a low-evaluated wedding function outfit however certainly a great and alluring wedding service outfit, despite the fact that it is just worn for quickly, it affects keep being unwinding of her way of life. So it very well might be asserted pretty charming wedding function outfit is generally pivotal of marriage's way of life. Low-valued Destination wedding planner By plan and material there are really unmistakable styles of marriage outfits you find in various outlets.By configuration a ton of the like: A-line wedding function outfit, Strapless Destination wedding in Jaipur outfit, Mermaid wedding service outfit, Indian Weds wedding service outfit, Halter wedding function outfit, One specific shoulder wedding service outfit, Straps wedding service outfit, Empire wedding service outfit, Column wedding service outfit, Ball outfit wedding service outfit.

Vastu Shastra classes in Pune
 Surbhi Nahta  
 14 March 2020  

Vastu Shastra is a conventional Indian arrangement of technology beginning in India which really means"study of layout". Vastu Shastra combine traditional Hindu and now and Buddhist beliefs. The plans are suggested to coordinate design with character, the general elements of different pieces of the arrangement, and older convictions using geometric illustrations (yantra), equilibrium, and directional arrangements. These are works found on the Indian subcontinent that depict indicators of construction, place, estimations, floor organizing, distance game-plan, and spatial geometry. Vastu Shastra classes in Pune offers a moderate option compared to reestablished an excellent living area, for the most part within a day. By using your gathered effects costly or unassuming, new or old, with my strategy aptitude your home will prove to become utilitarian, adjusted and contemporary.Vastu Vidya information is an assortment of ideas and ideas, with or without the support of format charts that aren't inflexible. Or maybe, these ideas and thoughts are versions for the association of room and structure inside a structure or assortment of structures, in view of their abilities in relation to one another, their usage and to the overall feel of their Vastu. Old Vastu Shastra criteria include those for the structure of Mandir (Hindu sanctuaries), and the criteria for the plan and design of homes, towns, urban areas, gardens, streets, waterworks, shops, and other open areas.Terminology:Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit saying that signifies the"science of Vastu Shastra is popularly referred to as the yoga of structure and its own rules originate from the antiquated Indian information inside this"Vastu Vidya." Vastu: The Sanskrit term Vāstu suggests a house or home with a regarding plot of land. Vāstu-Śhastra (the really, research of staying) are antiquated Sanskrit guides of layout. These include Vastu-Vidya (truly, data on abiding).History:Vastu Shastra has been a bit of the Indian culture for a great many decades. Indeed, even now individuals counsel Vastu specialists before purchasing another property. Vastu Shastra has its starting point in Sthapatya Veda That's a piece of Atharva Veda.The ancient standards were drafted by the sun beams and their varying situations at different events of their day. In old occasions, this science was only kept to the partners, known as Sthapathis, and has been passed either verbally or through transcribed monographs. The criticalness of Vastu Shastra is built up by how in previous days, the engineering of sanctuaries and imperial residences was completely based on it. The plan of the town of Ayodhya appears to some extent such as the plans referenced at the Indian structural content Manasara. Setu connect functioned by Lord Ram depended on Vastu standards.In accordance with Indian folklore, Vastu is a Asur (Demon) who appealed to Bramhadev and got shelters. This, thus, prodded an unquenchable yearning in him. His ability developed to this level, that he attacked the Devas (Gods) attempting to expend their energies. The Devas at the point asked Bramhadev to aid them with disposing of the threat. Bramhadev asked the Devas wage a war with Vastu. During the struggle, Vastu was pushed back to Earth and he failed on his spine with this legs pointing towards Nirrtikon along with his head into the Eshankon. Bramhadev then asked that the Gods hop and sit on every organ of Vastu because this will be the most important way he can be executed. Bramhadev himself stumbled on the middle of Vastu, and vanquished and murdered Vastu. It's stated that'The Vastupurusan' still lies similarly situated with his hands laying on his chest. The arrangement at which the Devas sat on Vastu was used to draft a framework outline, which motivates Vastu specialists to choose positive bearings at a home.Considerably following a fantastic many years since its foundation, this analysis of course stays to be tremendously famous with individuals and many lodging firms like Tata Housing hold fast to it while simplifying their activities.Modern adaptations & usage:Vāstu Śhastra speaks to an assortment of outdated ideas and advice to numerous cutting edge planners, a principle however not a stiff code. The square-matrix mandala is regarded as a model of association, not as a ground plan. Sachdev and Tillotson express the mandala is a principle, and utilizing the mandala idea of Vāstu Śhastra doesn't mean each room or building has to be square. The vital issue is about center components of focal distance, fringe zones, class as for daylight, and relative elements of the spaces.So also, current day period undertakings, for example, the draftsman Charles Correa's structured Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya in Ahmedabad, Vidhan Bhavan in Bhopal, and Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, correct and apply ideas from the Vastu Shastra Vidya. In the design of Chandigarh town, Le Corbusier joined current engineering hypotheses with those of Vastu Shastra.During the provincial principle time of India, city organizing authorities of the British Raj did not believe Vastu Vidya, nevertheless typically joined Islamic Mughal time themes and strategies, as an example, vaults and bends on Victorian-period design structures with no and large connection design. This development, called Indo-Saracenic layout, is found in riotously distribute, however remotely fabulous constructions as of now utilized significant railroad channels, harbors, charge assortment structures, along with other pioneer offices in South Asia.Vāstu Śhastra Vidya was disregarded, during pioneer phase development, for several reasons. These writings were seen by nineteenth and mid twentieth century performers as antiquated, the writing was out of being in an old language not spoken or read by the modelers, and also the old writings accepted space to be immediately accessible. Conversely, open actions in the provincial period were constrained into swarmed distances and nearby structure imperatives, and the older Vastu shastra were seen with partiality as superstitious and unbending about a square matrix or conventional materials of evolution. Sachdev and Tillotson express that these preferences were defective, as an academic and complete perusing of the Vāstu Śhastra writing sufficiently urges the modeler is allowed to adjust the plans to new substances of development, neighborhood design constraints and into a non-square space. The arrangement and fruition of the next city of Jaipur in mid 1700s determined by Vāstu Śhastra writings, years before any frontier period open activities, was among many confirmations. Various models incorporate present-day open undertakings planned by Charles Correa, as an Example, Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, and Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Vastu Shastra remedies have likewise been applied by Khushdeep Bansal from 1997 into the Parliament complex of India, when he placated the library being worked along with the construction is accountable for political insecurity in the nation.German draftsman Klaus-Peter Gast says the criteria of Vāstu Śhastras is visiting a significant recovery and broad utilization in the arranging and strategy of individual houses, private buildings, mechanical and business grounds, and significant open ventures in India, together with the utilization of old iconography and legendary craftsmanship joined into the Vastu vidya designs.Also read -Software testing classes in PuneArtificial Intelligence Classes in PuneJava Classes in Pune

What Documents Do You Need For An Indian Visa?
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 29 July 2020  

An Indian e-Visa orOnline Indian visa is a legal document or an electronic authorized document that allows the people to travel to the Indian subcontinent. This travel can be related to tourism, business, family obligations, medical-related trips, and much more. When you apply for the Indian e-Visa, it should be done legally and formally. This will require you to submit the legal documents that are mandatory to process the visa application. During the application online, everything will be electronically processed and all the steps are very simple.The e-Visa will be processed by the immigration authority of India before the applicants depart from their residing countries. During the immigration check, the visitors will have to show the visa to the immigration officers. The visa requirements for India should be fulfilled before you visit the country or you won’t be given permission to enter the country. To have a valid and legal stay in the country, a visa is a must. You will also have to have a passport, debit and credit cards, email address and other formalities should be completed.Indian e-Visa eligibilityThe visa for India will be available to all the citizens from the countries that are eligible for applying for Indian Visa. There are currently 169 countries worldwide that can apply for an Indian visa. All the travelers will be able to obtain the visa and have authorized entry in India. Because of the online visa system, it has become very easy for foreigners to apply for an Indian visa and visit India.For India, tourism is extremely important as it is a great source of revenue. Keeping this thought in mind, Indian authorities have made the processing of Visa applications very easy and less time-consuming.What documents do you need for an Indian visa?To obtain an Indian Visa, you will have to submit the details if the following documents-PassportYou should be a valid and original passport holder of the country you belong to. This passport should hold a minimum validity of at least six months. This starts from the submission date of your visa application. The last two pages of the passport should be blank for authorization purposes. You should also submit a Xerox of your passport.PhotographYou will have to submit one recent, colored passport size photograph. This photo must include your full face. The photo should be of a semi-matte finish, and you must not wear any headgear, scarf, or sunglasses in the photograph.Residence proofYou will have to give a copy of the residence proof such as electric bills, telephone bills, and water bills. This must include the full residential address and the location where you live.Profession proofYou should have a valid certificate of employment from your following employer. When it comes to the students visiting India for studies, they will have to give a copy of the identity card from their school or institution.Financial stability proofYou must have some kind of financial stability to your name and the endorsement of the foreign currency should be equivalent to $150 each application. You must also present your bank account statements and salary slips, if necessary. Your bank account must have enough funds so that it can show that you can support yourself during your stay in India.Indian eVisa/Visa Application FormThe immigration depart of India makes it necessary for all travelers to first film out and complete the visa application process. This will require people to fill out the Visa application form online. You can access the valid link for the India Visa on the internet.You will be required to fill in your details such as your full name, name of your parents, gender, date of birth, email address, contact number, house address, passport number, and other information. You will have to fill the details correctly if you want your visa application to get processed successfully. If you are unable to provide all the details in their correct form, your visa application will be rejected or delayed.The type of visa that you are applying for should match up with the details and documentation that you are providing. If you are visiting a friend or a family member, you should have a letter of invitation from them when you get your visa application processed. The photograph has to be signed by the applicant and the signature must match the signature on your valid passport.An email address if necessary for the visa application completion because the visa after the processing of the application will be directly mailed to you via email. If you have applied for the conventional visa, the visa will be shipped to you on the present address that you mentioned in your application. You should all read and go through the India visa guide when you apply through a visa consultancy.Letter Of InvitationWhen you are visiting a visa on a business trip or you, you will have to present a valid letter of invitation from the company you work with. This letter must include the letterhead of the company that will be sponsoring your stay in India. This letter should have the signature of the person who works in the company. This person could be HR, inviting contact, or an executive.This invitation letter should also explain the purpose of your visit and what kind of relationship the sponsor shares with the visa applicant. All the details and information that is provided in this invitation letter should be correct and match the information entered in the application form.Difference between evisa and traditional visaAll the visitors and tourists visiting India should present the visa at the airport when they land in India. This visa, whether traditional or evisa, is a necessary document. A conventional visa can be obtained by a simple application procedure that the travelers are to submit with the original, valid passport for the approval. However, this process is very time-consuming and you will have to take care if a lot of paperwork. This is why evisa is preferred by so many travelers these days.Eligible citizens from the respective countries can travel for leisure or work-related matters, or medical treatments can apply for evisa online. Indian evisa online is processed and also granted electronically. The visa that will be sent to your email will be stamped at the time of departure and arrival in India.How long is the Indian visa valid for?Th3 Indian visa and evisa are valid for one year from the day the visa is approved. The business and tourist Indian visa holders are allowed multiple entry and exits to the people. A person can stay in India for 90 days for tourists and 180 days for business visitors. Some people from certain nationalities can even stay for 180 days. You can check for eligibility before you apply for the visa.The medical Visas will be valid for 60 days. This starts from the day you enter India. For visa extension, you will have to fill out another application form and submit all the required documents to get approval.How to pay for a visa online?When you apply for a visa, you will also have to pay the visa fees. The online application allows people to make transactions online. The online payment process is encrypted and completely safe. After the visa fee is submitted, your application can be processed and you will receive a copy of your valid visa online on your email.When applying for evisa, people usually worry whether their personal and private details are secure online. The answer to this is, yes, the information that you submit at the time of the visa application process, the information is directly submitted to the Indian government. This information is accessed only at the time of confirmation and decisions that have to be regarding the visa application. Your personal information is not passed on to any third parties with your permission.If your visa application is rejected due to the errors in your application, you will not be refunded for the visa fees. Be very careful while applying. Check for errors and mistakes. Visa applications can take anywhere between one to two weeks to process. The Visa is then shared with your and the email is encrypted and highly secure.

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 11 September 2020  

Gambling is undoubtedly fun and exciting. It is one of the popular activities people get involved in for refreshment and enjoyment along with the desire to win some money. But this exciting activity can turn into something detrimental if it becomes a dangerous addiction. Whether you get obsessed with live casino games or sports betting, you have to be careful of your playing limit.We posted a blog about top success stories in gambling earlier. However, there are unheard stories of people degrading their life because of problem gambling. We, Betbarter Team, always support responsible gambling and we posted this blog to elucidate the importance of responsible gambling in India.What is Responsible Gambling?Responsible gambling simply means involving in gambling activities in a responsible manner whether online or offline. In other words, responsible gambling is an act of betting in a way that does not affect your personal life and life of your dear ones negatively.In responsible gambling, you only bet what you can afford to lose and you do not run after your losses. Make sure that you always play with proper strategy and don’t become the victim of your emotions. You should be able to control yourself and keep track of your gambling habits.Responsible Gambling in IndiaIndia has the second-largest population of online internet users and most of the online casinos are focusing on the huge Indian market. Many Indians are now playing various online casino games from the comfort of their mobile phones. There is a wide range of options available to Indian players when it comes to online gambling.Due to the increasing popularity of online casinos in India, the Indian online casino market is expected to grow further. So, responsible gambling in India is crucial. Many Indians are still new to online casinos and it will be much beneficial to them if they know about responsible gambling and its importance.If you are a gambling enthusiast from India, you need to choose trusted and licensed online casino sites in India. Make sure that such casino sites have the appropriate security and privacy policies, and encourage responsible gambling.Do not only look for attractive casino promotions but also give priority to the quality of the services offered by online casinos, the integrity of the operator, and the extent of oversight they practice.Whether you want to play online casino games or betgames live, you need to be fully aware of responsible gambling and exercise it while playing or betting. Play during free time and do not depend on your living on their outcomes. Control your behaviour and learn to stop when gambling is no more fun. Also learn to accept not just wins but losses too.If you think you are addicted to gambling and you are having problems because of it, then never feel shy to seek out help. You can talk to your family members and close friends or you can also meet the addiction counselor.There are also good online casinos that offer online support for responsible gambling. Besides, you can find numerous online forums in India such as Players Anonymous and Gaming Therapy which can help you. If gambling addiction is a serious problem for you, you could also consult a professional therapist or psychologist.Importance of Responsible GamblingResponsible gambling is a way to go if you want to enjoy gambling experience for a long period. If you gamble responsibly, you are likely to perform other activities of life responsibly.You will better understand the importance of responsible gambling if you understand the negative effects that can be caused by problem gambling. Problem gambling can affect your personal life, financial situation, relationships, and well-being. You might have to face serious anxiety and depression if you lose money that you can’t afford.But with responsible gambling, you can enjoy its benefits such as improvement in cognitive abilities and decision-making efficiency, enhancement in interpersonal skills, development of problem-solving skills, etc.Responsible gambling also emphasizes on positive attitude that helps you to deal with any unexpected situation in your life. Online casino gaming culture has lots of positive impacts if you engage in responsible gambling.Final ThoughtsIndia has seen massive growth in online casino players. Many Indians are still new to online casinos and they must be aware of responsible gambling. With responsible gambling, they can enjoy online gambling activities by being safe and secure.Never underestimate the importance of responsible gambling. If you play responsibly, you will be able to enjoy gambling and benefit from it. It is recommended that you set aside a budget for gambling and track your gambling activities. Apply the right strategies and techniques which help you to boost your chances of winnings. Use gambling as a fun way to win some money on the way. There is a myriad of online casino games available. You can select some games that suit your budget and playing abilities.We advise you to play smart and enjoy gambling to the fullest. Always play online casino and betting games on trusted and legitimate gambling or betting sites like Betbarter.Read More: Best Online Betting Tips

Tricks to Find the Right Bridal Jewelry for Your Wedding Dress
 Babosa sakhi  
 20 November 2019  

You found the perfect wedding lehenga/saree/gown. Trick!Now it’s time to choose the right Bridal jewelry. Adding perfect finishing touches to your wedding attire can create a whole new look and define your style on the big day. When it comes to wedding jewels and costumes, we are all for breaking the rules. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t tried-and-tested tips to help you look your best. If you are looking for a little guidance, read on below. Always Choose Your Wedding Dress FirstThe wedding dress should always be on top of your shopping list. Choose a wedding dress that makes you feel like a queen. Stay true to your style because you probably want to look different on your special day. Your dress should fit into your sense of fashion, it must be tailored to meet your desires, and suit your style. Whether it’s simple or elegant, ensure you love it, Choose the right dress for you then go for your bridal jewelry because once you choose the correct dress Then you can decide what you should wear with that for match color combination!Concentrate on AccessoriesTry to balance your attire and your look. When you choose your jewelry you need to keep the details in mind. Whether its Intricate designs, stonework, silk jari or embroidery, your jewelry should match your dress. Keep it minimalist if your wedding dress is rich and royal. It is fine to choose bolder and bigger jewelry for lehengas. Pay attention to the jewelry based on neckline, waist, wrist, rings, legs. It’s tricky but stay away from temptation and opt for sparklers only when it’s really necessary. There are just two tricks to pick the right jewelry for your wedding costume. The color and the style suitable for your neckline.Tip #1 Consider ColorIf you can’t decide between gold and diamond, go for artificial jewelry that is available in different colors.White or pastel shades – Choose silver, platinum or pearl jewelry.Gold/ cream – any jewelry in gold will enhance the wedding attire.Green/red/maroon – Antique jewelry or Kundan jewelry with shades of green, red, and white stones will give you the antique look.Shades of pink/peach/orange- Rose gold will coordinate the look of the dress. Tip #2 Neckline of the Wedding DressThe neckline of your wedding dress will frame your face. It will also help you decide the best jewelry for your big day. Follow the rules and get the best jewelry to be a glam doll on your big day.Strapless neckline – Consider a Thick Bridal choker, broad necklace, and bold designs are a perfect choice.V-neck blouses and dress – Simple pendant, delicate jewelry, choker, layered multi-string necklace, will look best.Halter dress – Try fashionable floral jewelry or collar necklace.Boat neck blouse – Buy layered necklace in contrast colors.Round neck dress – choose pearl or any simple to heavy jewelry of matching colors.  A Big ‘No’ to Several PiecesWhen you buy a piece of jewelry, handpick the pieces or buy them separation. If you get a set, you don’t have to wear anything on the list. Don’t clutter up the look with too many pieces. You can achieve the impact with just one statement jewelry. Complement your big flashy necklace with small studs or be bold to leave out your earrings. Go for fashionable pieces to complement your elegant dress. Get traditional jewelry for a traditional look that competes for attention. All eyes will be on the traditional jewelry and aren’t that the impact you want to create?Most important thing is, choose your favorite pieces and be yourself. Whether you are wearing big earrings, studs, or Bahubali jewelry, you need to feel happy and confident. Being yourself is the best accessories of all!

Paschimottanasana-Sanskar Yogashala Yoga School in Rishikesh India
 sanskar yogainrishikesh  
 5 March 2020  

PaschimottanasanaThe Paschimottanasana is an advanced posture which the yogic practitioners frequently practice as it is believed and visualized that it helps and aids incomplete realization of the third chakra ( navel chakra). The posture needs to be done only when the practitioner has advanced to a good level of flexibility. Let us see the steps of practicing the intense dorsal stretch.Step-by-Step InstructionsStep 1. Start from the sit-up seated position( i.e. your legs stretched out rest on the ground while your upper body sits up making an angle of 90 degrees).Step 2. With both your ankles together and feet joined stretch out your arms straight and then move forward with your upper body to reach for the feet.Step 3. With both your arms you must reach and grasp both the soles of your feet completely. Doing so the upper body has now moved completely parallel to the resting stretched out legs.Step 4. Now finally once the legs have been grasped completely move your upper body including your head straight down so that the upper body now completely relaxes on the stretched-out legs.Step 5. Your face finds it’s placed within the folds of your legs somewhere near both the knees while the stretched out palms grasping the feet completely embrace the feet and your spine is completely stretched out while your upper body has moved 90 degrees complete to now lie down with your legs.Step 6. Stay in this posture for a few breathing cycles and then slowly and steadily come out of it. Coming back to the same position from where you started. Relax.Health Benefits of Paschimottanasana:1. A complete cleansing posture for your stomach and intestine. This posture has been aimed at realizing the navel chakra ( MANIPUR) which is related to digestive fire and intestinal organs.2. For anyone suffering from or facing VAAT(gaseous) problems of the stomach and intestine, this posture acts as an immediate reliever.3. Cleanses and stretches your urinary system as a whole. An important detoxification posture.4. With improvised practice moves your kundalini up from the third chakra and so on.5. Makes the back and the legs very flexible over a period of time.6. It is good for diabetic patients.Precautions:1. Make sure the movements and motions are fluid. Any mal-practice can cause muscular problems of the abdomen.2. Don’t attempt this posture if you lack the core strength and flexibility of the upper torso and spine.3. Attempt the posture under the guidance of a teacher. Once perfected can practice on your own.4. In the case of lower back problems or even jitteriness and weakness of body first practice beginners postures.YOGA TTC IN RISHIKESHSanskar Yogashala is one of the Traditional  Yoga School in Rishikesh India which masters in certified courses of 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India, 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India and 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India.Sanskar Yogashala offers certified Traditional Hatha Yoga TTC in Rishikesh India, Ashtanga Yoga TTC in Rishikesh and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India.Join Best Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India.YOGA TEACHER TRAINING IN RISHIKESH INDIA The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India at our school to become an RYT - 200 (registered yoga teacher) with Yogic food and accommodation is the best yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh for those who has done the beginner's course or basic practices. More than this, the course can be only started when you are enthusiastic about becoming a yoga teacher, full with the techniques of meditation and yoga.The major question, if the great Indian sages learned Yoga and Meditation after the tenacity of several years along with very rigorous work (Karma) so how can we learn it in just 24 days or 200 hours? The simple answer, you can not learn it but you can learn how to learn it. Simply means, you will learn the techniques and the way to learn to live yogic life. During the teacher training course you will be feeling an inartificial environment that helps you to connect the nature and inspire you from inside.The course will give you opportunities to feel the Indian culture, nature and tradition with experienced and amicable yoga teachers/masters. Come and join our life changing program that includes yoga and traditional Indian meditation sessions without editing it and give a break to your heady life.Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India at your selected yoga school (gurukul) Sanskar Yoga Shala is internationally certified from Yoga Alliance, USA and will be your amazing and genuine experience. With the feel of natural beauty of mother river Ganges, you will learn Indian traditional yoga and meditation stride techniques that become you an RYT in 200 hours yoga.YOGA SCHOOL IN RISHIKESH A prominent , yoga school in Rishikesh, Sanskar Yogashala Welcome all the yoga aspirants from every corner of the earth to the land of yoga, "Rishikesh"! The ancient city brings out the true yoga in India! Sanskar Yogashala wishes to share the divine knowledge of yoga and so is offering Best Traditional Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, located at the foothills of the Himalayas and Bank of Holy River Ganga. Our yoga teaching system is much more similar to the Ancient Gurukula system of Education.The Yoga Teachers at Sanskar Yogashala offering the Residential Yoga Courses in Rishikesh India are a team of dedicated and committed teachers with having years of professional experience. They have been sharing their profound knowledge of yoga for more than 14 years.Join Our Upcoming Traditional Yoga Courses in Rishikesh IndiaYoga TTC in Rishikesh IndiaYoga School in Rishikesh IndiaYoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh IndiaKundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh IndiaFor Queries:Visit: https://sanskaryogashala.comEmail: sanskaryogshala@gmail.comCall/WhatsApp : +91-9736746496#sanskaryogashala#yogainrishikesh#yogawithnaveen#ashramlife#traditionalyoga

Tips for visiting for shopping in Indian Markets for the first time
 Neeraj Panchal  
 31 August 2020  

Visiting an Indian market for the first time can be overwhelming. Yes, bazaars in India is unlike any other in the world. Bustling with vendors amusing selling techniques, crowded with people, encapsulated with a vast variety of items, everywhere you look, you will find something intriguing. From antique artifacts to handicrafts, ornaments, jewelry, clothing, art, decor, utensils, electronics and more, markets in India provide a shopping experience like no other. As amazing as these markets are, there are some very crucial aspects that a first-time visitor needs to understand before venturing into them.If you are not careful, you will most possibly find yourself in a puddle buying yourself a fake item, losing money upon something that really isn't that expensive, or if bad luck strikes even losing what you own. So, here are some points that will help you make the best out of your trip to any of the bazaars in India.1. Don't Take Vendors For Their WordWhile shoppers and local vendors in any Indian market can be very helpful towards tourists, they are also very passionate about their business. They will narrate legends and tales of the product. Be it a candle or an ornament they sell, they will encapsulate you in their grasping selling techniques and give you strong reasons why their jewelry, cloth, or a home decor item can bring an abundance of happiness, pleasure, and positivity in your life. Ultimately, you will find yourself trapped in their carefully knitted web. So, don't go by their story, look at the product, see how it feels, and only if you like it buy it, else move on. 2. Move OnIf you are an emotional person, bazaars in India can get into your veins. Either you will be angry, or you will tear up but eventually buy whatever they are selling. In other words, if you look at something and skip it, someone from the store may follow you for a distance just to convince you to buy the product, some even start walking with you just so that in the end, you will surrender and buy. If something like this happens with you, ask them politely to stop following, tell them you don't want the product, and if they start following you tell them you feel uncomfortable and that even if they chase you throughout the market, you won't buy their product. Don't be intimidated or emotional vendors in the local markets of Indian are very passionate. 3. Forgot your way, don't worryChain of shops all filled to the brim with customers, small gullies leading everywhere, and on top of everything, the noisy vendors, it is without a doubt a fact that you will find yourself lost in Indian Market. If something like this happens, don't rely on Google Maps or a phone call, approach the person next to you or a shop and ask them where you want to go, they will guide you. If they find that you are troubled, they might even walk with you up till that place or take their vehicles out and drop you if it's too far. Don't be scared if something like this happens to you. Just say Thank you and move on.  4. Know What You WantWalking the Indian markets with an open mind is a good thing, but not always. If you are looking for something valuable, something that's unique, you might not just find it right away. Knowing what you want is an excellent way to start your shopping experience. Look for the product, enquire with not one but several vendors, take pictures, learn as much as you can about the product from the vendors, and then finally make a decision. Don't let any vendor overshadow you. Choose what you want from where you feel is the best. 5 You Have Got To BargainIf you don't know how to bargain, Indian markets will be tough on you. A pen for you can go in thousands while the next customer would win it for a few hundred. Most of the shops quote up to double what they would sell. So, if some vendor quotes a dramatic figure don't hesitate to give them back with an incredibly low number. They come down, you go a little up and finally you meet midway. That's how it's done. Now, it's your chance to shine. Pack your bags and venture into an experience like never before, visit Indian markets. Whatever the outdone, doesn't matter if you buy something or nothing, you will have a lot of fun. Again, don't get trapped in words, bargain, and take care of your belongings. Happy Shopping!Read More: https://indiarag.com/2020/08/12/10-traditional-dishes-of-assamese-food-to-try/

6 Must-Do Things In Goa
 kk sharma  
 20 July 2020  

Goa is a blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures and is famous for its beautiful beaches, nightlife party, carnival, water sports, seafood, and spirituality. The people of Goa are friendly and full of life. Goa’s cultural richness is reflected through Goans folk dances and songs. Music is an integral part of Goan culture. The costume of Goans is according to the tropical climate, generally, they wear cotton clothes. Local women are seen wearing the traditional dress of goa Nav-Vari, Pano Bhaju and Kashti (sarees draped uniquely). There are limitless opportunities for entertainment and fun in Goa for people of all ages. Here are six must-do things in Goa so that you don’t miss out on anything:• Beaches: Beaches in Goa are the first to catch the eye. There are many of them to choose from the North and South of Goa. You cannot possibly visit them all unless you plan a visit for a week or so. North Goa beaches are busier with a lot more activities, parties, and shopping. The beaches in the south are more serene and peaceful. Arossim Beach and Utorda Beach near the town of Majorda are the best South Goa beaches. For North, Baga, Calangute and Anjuna will be a good choice. Water sports on these beaches include jet-skiing, parasailing, scuba-diving and a lot more.• Sight-seeing:Visiting the Spice Plantation in the Ponda area called Sahakari spice plantation is a treat. This largest spice farm of the region lets you pluck and taste pepper, bite a Peri Peri and bathe through an ‘elephant shower’ and feast on a traditional Goan lunch cooked with farm spices. The churches of South Goa, the Basilica of Bom Jesus church known for its architectural magnificence and Sé de Santa Catarina, the largest church in Old Goa are the most visited ones.A dolphin cruise in Goa is a thrilling experience to watch Dolphins pepping out of the sea around your boat in a graceful motion is the best shot on camera. The dolphin cruise trip takes you in a day-long tour of Grand Island which is an ideal place for a picnic.•  Adventurous sports: Goa is undoubtedly one of the best places if you are looking for some adventure and excitement that can give you an adrenaline rush. You can try whitewater rafting at Valpoi River, Mhadei River, and the Mandovi River, or head to Grande island near Vasco da Gama for swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving. Snorkelling is also available at Bogmalo Beach in South Goa. Other sports that you can go for are parasailing, windsurfing, speed boat and banana boat rides, waterskiing, water scooters, boogie boarding, dinghy sailing, and more. You can also try deep-sea fishing in Goa.• Food: Goan cuisine is a spicy and exciting blend of Indian & Portuguese cuisine. Rice, seafood, coconut, vegetables, meat, pork and local spices are some of the main ingredients in Goan cuisine. The staple food of the people of Goa is rice and fish curry while Pork Vindaloo, Ambot Tik, Sorpotel, Bebinca, Chicken Cafreal, Xacuti are some of the mouthwatering dishes that are finger-licking good and worth a try. Goan sausages and seafood are also among the popular dishes. Not to forget Goan Feni (local alcoholic drink) is also worth a try.• Shopping: Shopping in Goa is one of the most exciting activities to indulge in. From shell and bamboo work to terracotta and brassware, from hippie clothing to junk jewellery and gothic accessories, from feni and bebinca to cashew nuts and Goan sausages, you will find it all in Goa. You can shop for antiques, textiles, traditional handicrafts, Goan jewellery, Goan pottery, spices, fruits, homemade pickles, sausages and more. Mapusa Market, Anjuna Flea market, Calangute Market Square, and Arpora Saturday Night Bazar are some of the famous market places where you can find some cool artefacts, clothes and Goa jewellery. You can shop beaded long necklaces, coral necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, armlets, jewellery made from shells and colourful stones. The Goa jewellery sold in these stalls is mostly junk, boho and hippie styled jewellery pieces.• Party on the Beach: When in Goa, you have to party on the beach. In North Goa, choose from Anjuna, Baga, Calangute and Candolim. You can enjoy the glorious sunsets and live music at various cafes in Anjuna. In the South, Cavelossim and Palolem are hot party destinations.Once you visit Goa, you’ll surely fall in love with this place and you'll revisit this mini paradise again and again.

World poetry championship award ceremony 2019
 saurabh pant  
 1 April 2020  

It was a cool windy morning on 28th of September when honorary writers and poets from all across the world had gathered for this prestigious world poetry championship award ceremony this time in 2019 taking place in the administrative capital of Romania that has to be bucharest and the place has been chosen as Hotel Formenerg which is known for it's delights and professional scenes all across the range, thus it was going to be a great celebration.The ceremony has to begin officially from 10 30 Am in the morning and to make it more great some European guests were also invited from creative, media and other fields who were certainly going to make it a great fun.Although the historic moment of award distribution would take place in the evening, there was lot more in the ceremony to happen and to witness this great momentum, Mr. pant along side other had once again taken a cab seated along side Asian participants and here at the official venue it was going to be a cracker in it's own variety for sure.Once the official formalities has begun, the testing of mikes and presence of all the international affiliates has been counted, and multiple processions were confirmed; it was certainly going to be a great delight to proceed and with announcements taking place from all six podiums it was now only matter of few minutes when the official proceedings would begun and after the entry of the officials with huge applauses it has kicked off in it's own great style and grace.There were two separate parts of the inauguration session to take place in which The first inauguration session was of one hour and after that there was one more formal session of book launches of two hours to entertain and have great joy.In that firstly official hour pamplates, memos and other official documents including creative reports and presentations were launched by the officials with huge cracker burst and applauses and delight of all showing their value was infectious in it's own standards.In the two hour session of book launches next the festival anthology, cultural responses and books from certain authors including one from Indian poetess was also on show and that happened with asking them to come on stage and present a short presentation with introduction to the books which was a great delight in it's own ways.Thus the early two official proceedings were of great fun and they really showed their impressive galore in their own prestige ways as they ticked off and the happy time continued to make smiles cross in Mr. pant's face as well seated inside the 1st podium which was great mood at large.After those two cracking sessions of the introductory prestige, the announcement of the lunch had taken place and with help of Trisha madam and other volunteers Mr. pant enjoyed it a lot while waiting for the moment that was not far now, and hence the moment was made more precious by the volunteers requesting him to go to the third stage where the Community honours were distributed by certain communities who recite in Romania and hence Mr. Pant was firstly falicitated with a short momento and a brief check for promoting Indian culture and empowerment of Indians in Bucharest for which he was delightful and shaking hands with the officials he requested the volunteers to take him back to the official place which was great fun.Here the announcement of seating with alphabets was already announce and Trisha madam helped him be seated in row of Alphabet 'P' as the alphabetical order goes on with the sirnames and with two other scholars from same were seated around him, he shook hands with them and enjoyed the procession.As the award distribution started, the time ticked by and Mr. pant enjoyed himself moving his fingers along side the tunes of Keyboard that was great sound and hence around 6 in the evening his name was finally announced.In the process of receiving a check, award with Romanian symbol, and speech of 1 minute by the author/poet that was included, he said about value of 'time' in his words and gratified all and with huge applauses he came back to his seat enjoying the award and bliss of it which was a great feeling for him.Yet once the award ceremony came to close, it was not over yet and the festivities had just begun, and Mr. pant has requested to put one Indian song himself in the carnival that would take place afterwards the award distribution, and hence after having the agreement of the officials and meeting with the local visually impaired Band who was also performing he was on the moon to have more joy coming soon.Hence he had very short supper of vegetarian coffee and cheese burger, smiled to those who he had met till now and after being helped by the cab driver and Trisha madam for the location of the carnival inside the Hotel, had easily entered to make it a great mood, and listening out the music and tapping his feet he was ready to have great joy.Here he met more people including some local one from Bucharest, talked them through for the musical performances and joyful atmosphere and rhythms of poetry and short drama shows were also on so he was changing his position by help of volunteer every fifteen minutes and when turned came he sang his own written song 'chaha bhi yu hy manga bhy sahi' which was enjoyed by all with huge cheer and noise.And hence after 2 hour of great carnival entertainment it was over and time to go to next country was coming close, Thus With some happy smiles, photo sessions and shaking hands with the director and the officials he went towards his quarters and pllans to leave Bucharest, and travel to Auckland next early morning started and for him it was all over with some great joy here in Romania which he would remember for long in his heart at large...

History of Gothic Clothing Fashion
 Nadim Mia  
 30 August 2020  

Before even getting started with the history of gothic fashion one must know what gothic culture is and how it started the current gothic fashion which is admired on such extent. Gothic culture is indeed moiety groups or division of several kind of Gothgroup of culture constituted in early days of England. Believe it or not this all fashion sense is related partly with the name of Goths East Germanic tribes in 3rd and 4th centuries which followed and adopted Arianism. Arianism is a form of Christianity originated in late centuries of history. There was even a Gotland and the population living up there were called as Gotlanders. This culture of fashion originated in the antecedent of 80's of punk rock bands and groups. Evanescence American rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 and The Cure originated English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex, in 1976 are among of top rock bands which promoted and popularized Gothic fashion in most of the 70's & 80's.Notable post-punk groups that presaged that genre are Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division and Bauhaus.Gothic Clothing for Women fashion history is considered as a mysterious, dark and full of soul induced wearing. Majority of people takes it as the dark and evil genre of lifestyle which follows up with a cons related to the people bearing this kind of culture and fashion causing criticisms sometimes. But whatever the reason it intends to attract people several basis of fashion. From getting promoted by rock punk bands to top designers generating and stitching their own lines of Gothic clothing which not only created a base for the people which loves to follow and worship this culture in much sensible and presentable form to the world. Gothics in the early days was considered as the part of those people who have a deep interest in dark lifestyle of living whether it's black magic or evil worshipers and even the colour black and red were hugely followed up in their fashion. But whatever the factors were music was big time considered and related to gothic fashion influencer and promoter. Mostly rock music bands were taken as their influencer maybe s because of their dark and mysterious lifestyle and wearing on stage which later considered as a symbol of gothic fashion.People used to wear this as to depict and symbolize the medieval, to live up the fascinated world of Victorian and Edwardian part of history. The passion for Gothic Clothing for Women included unusual kind of hairstyles along with pale skin or dark lipsticks and a lot of piercings in body, from top to bottom getting all pierced is still considered to being worshiping Gothic culture as through fashion.This new era of Gothic culture fashion followers also consist and have several divisions of followers categorized into different sections of follow ups. Like Mopey, Fetish, Romantic, Raver, even Goth Geeks, Vampire Goths and Ren faire Goths. There's also part of people who follow ups rock and punk musical bands categorized with names like Death Rockers, Metal Heads, Rivet Heads, Weekenders.Goths are taken as a subject of taboo in many societies because of relation of the Goth culture and fashion followers with black magic, death and mysticism along with relating them with religion which causes many complex situations in past days a lot. The history of Goth culture is a lot more filled with stereotypes and rumours. So the person following the fashion of Goth culture had to bear these kinds of hate and stereotypical situations. As the follower of Gothic fashion the Goths are expressed to be Dark, Morbid and Eroticized Fashion bearer along with mysterious inclinations in the History of Gothic Clothing for Women.Gothic fashion vogue follows up dark clothing and light colour makeup, tattoos, piercings and even changing the colouring the skin into pale and white paint. Its History in Gothic Clothing Line has been a dark and mysterious culture and Passion for this clothing line in Women is taken as a kind of fashion which been criticized and loved as well so the history of Gothic fashion had been all kind of greatness and strong holding of aspects and views. A fashion which depicts its culture so much on higher point is what attracts people. This is the reason people wore this kind of clothing and admire this all aspect as this helps them to show their emotions and thoughts through their fashion.If you are searching for Satanist Clothing, follow the site https://www.menacedefinition.com

Asifa Rape case And Indian Political Opportunism
 Surender Negi  
 14 April 2018  

Original Blog#ASIFA was young 8 years native girl raped and killed in Jammu khathava district by people belongs to dogara community (another minor community) over beating case early this year.She was abducted by people on 10 January and her body found around 17 January in Forest in devasted condition. She belongs to bakarwala nomadic community. Her captive has been get JK police protection as one of the rapist was JK police member. Her case been systematically delayed and justice been denied. JK police SP started to framing Hindu Ekta much (a Kashmiri pundit organization which protest against KPs Exodus) because he is known for his pro-Pakistan slangs in JK.JKBC (Jammu Kashmir Bar console) and HEM (Hindu ekata munch) protest over illegal framing of people rather than real culprits of dogara community and demand (read again) for CBI probe for this case. As Soon as protest move, Indian Media (which usually keep their silence on Assam rape case and other cases which has a less Political orientation) surge the news by framing that protest as Hindu protest for saving culprits. The #Sickular media highlighted the details that “Rape done in Temple ” (like nothing ever happened ever other than temple ). In same case Unnnav, 16 years girl been rape and her father beats up by BJP MLA brother to death. This case was different, few dickhead members of BJO might have changed #JaiSreeRam during the protest in Unnah (not Kathava).But Indian Media slurring this news has started to report these two case in same articles which confused people that #JaiShreeRam was told by JKBC and HinduEktaMunch.BJP MLA captures by CBI early this morning and Asifa culprit is capture by JK police later on.POLITICAL OPPORTUNISMParty like Congress and Opposition, irrespective of condemning such rape cases started to use as Political opportunism (Trust me , if this would be Congress govt at center, BJP might be doing open pant protest than Congress). Rahul Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh who had been silent during Nirbhaya Rape Case. Started to act sensitive (after Dalit protest was over) about these rape cases. It’s good, I personally appreciate his gesture but My problem starts with that when addressing this rape culture of India they started to shoot govt by using rape case.Rahul Gandhi and BJP must understand that Rape, Murders crimes are not blaming and accusing of each other or setting benchmarks for each other rule failure. These are the serious problem of our society.The second odd thing which I found that #SelectiveOutrage. This is the most serious thing which is pumping right wings into power. Our Intellectual class and celebrity class live in different India. There selective outrage over only minorities Atrocities been noticed by Millions of people (especially Hindus ) who think that these gatekeepers of democracy is failed to understand their problems.From Kashmiri pundits, 1984 Sikhs riots, Assam rape case to Bengal riots, RSS people killing in Kerala… no justice has been served to them. They have been waiting that someone should also cry for that. But Intellectual class (might be funded by US think tank) maintaining their silence over Hindu Atrocities of the subcontinent.Many of us even don’t know that Mina (8 years Dalit Pakistani Hindu ) been gang rape and killed in similar fashion in Pakistan on March 21. But no Dalit and intellectual class ready to see Hindu atrocities. This making sure that Hindus been grouped like other community and rage case been raised because social justice hasn’t served equally to them.What about Assam rape case Victim- Why media is silence on Assam Rape case?POINT TO PONDER1. Political opportunism must be ended and “what about this ” kind of attitude must end. All Political parties and all intellectual must stand together for #AsifaBakkaerwal and #Mina. If you left #MinaBody I don’t think so ever #AsifaSoul get justice.2. Social justice must be given to all people irrespective of their majority and minorities population. Till the time this social justice would be imbalance and intellectual wouldn’t cry for Hindus also. I don’t think so this kind of crime will be tackled by fist iron.3. I would like to say all my communal and secular friends … Stop using fucking Temple and God into such rape case. You are creating Hinduphobia which is equal to Islamophobia. People killed in real life because of this kind of phobias. Might be asifa also the victim of such phobia cared by Ultra left.8 Years Girl has been Raped in PakistanPS : I think today not only Hindus but Muslims, Sikhs, Christen, Parsis should hang their head on shame irrespective of their country because it’s happening in every country. Our women and daughter are not saved and their atrocities used for Vote bank diversions by Political and Intellectual class.Justice for Asifa and Justice For Mina

 Suraj Kumar  
 1 April 2018  

Indian ElectionElections is basically a decision which is taken by the public to choose an individual to run a district, state or a country. Elections not only help in forming a government but it also helps in private organizations.The election came in practice from the Vedic period. The king used to elect another king from their sons. At that time there was no role of the public in elections. When the country did not get free and there was British rule in India, elections were held at that time also. But when India got independent, Indian public also got an opportunity to participate in the electoral process and to vote his/her choice of an individual. The process of vote transactions is called the election which is used to maintain the status of democracy.  These political programs began to establish in the year 1950 and were established in the form of the non-lateral program. In 70’s election were held after every 5 years. The election commission is the main functioning body which conducts and regulates the election. The schedule is also prepared by the election commission. This commission is a constitutional body. It prepares the electoral rolls, voter id cards and makes an election booth where the public can come and vote for their individual. This body keeps an eye on everything happening in a booth so that no discrepancy should occur. It also appoints staff for supervising the election. The commission issues some code of conduct and all the party have to strictly follow certain codes. These code of conduct are basically some guidelines which need to be followed by political parties and candidates. On the day of the election, people used to visit the booth and vote for their candidate either through ballot paper method or electronic method. The voting is done area wise and once the process voting is completed the counting of votes are done in the presence of candidates. The one who gets the largest number of votes is declared elected by the district magistrate.The scenario of Indian election- In India, a person above the age of 18 has the right to vote and play a prominent role in forming a government. The preparation of election starts in advance. Every party finds a way to convince people to vote them by making banners, poster or organizing rallies and meeting people and giving a speech to convince them. Some also try to convince people by going door to door for votes. There is a chief officer is assigned to each and every polling booth who supervise all the arrangements and ensures that voting is done fairly and smoothly.  The voting begins in the morning and ends at 5pm. But there are some parties who use unfair means of getting votes. These parties give money to poor people and many more things just for getting votes.  They create a political atmosphere. Just because of these guys India is not able to grow. Today everyone wants to be an engineer or a doctor but no one wants to be a politician. In fact, everyone just ignores the politics happening in front of them just by thinking why to dip our hands in this. In my point of view a sweeper is much better than these politicians, at least he dumps in sewage and cleans the dirt of the city.After 70 years of independence also India is said to be a backward country and the reason is public. We are the one encourages corruption and for some money, we give a vote to the wrong party who does not deserve to be elected. We are the one who thinks of ourselves and not about our country and just say that politics has ruined our country. Its neither politics nor corruption it's we who have destroyed our country.In India, there are many ways through which unfair polling is done. Either the politicians bribe the public or they give them warning to give them vote or else they will hurt them or their respective family members. Even these politicians bribe the officials to change the counting of the vote. No one knows how they did but they did it.    Constitution of India is the supreme law and this law is been copied by other countries law. Our constitution is a compilation of many countries law and this shows why India is still a developing country. India is a democratic country, we are secular and we must have a separate constitution. If this change is done it might change our country.Apart from this India is captured by reservation also. Even in elections reservation quota is there in which some Lok Sabha seats are allocated to reserved category. In India’s Parliament, there are 543 seats and out of which 84 are reserved for another category. This reservation is now misused by the politicians for their vote bank. The politicians have an added advantage over this category for their vote bank. They support a reserved category to get some votes. This nuisance is supported by them just for a vote. Reservation is a painkiller. Instead of killing the problem, nipping it in the bud, they hide the symptom and harm the body in the long run. Reservations by design, cannot help those who are genuinely oppressed, but only those who are incompetent.Importance of voting-Voting is important because it gives the right to a common person to choose his or her ruler. The public gets an indirect control over the functioning of government and they also have the power to raise a voice against unfair meansVoting is our right and we all should actively participate in the election and only then we’ll have good governance.Today India is also on his knees and it needs someone to who can run this country properly.If we all can come together and fight for GST then we all can also fight for corruption. First, we need to change ourselves then only we can change the world. Instead of promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan first we should look inside ourselves and become a Swachh person then only India can become Swachh.