5 Things we should pledge to stop doing this Women's Day!

The world might be conspiring against you. But remember, we all have reached this far and together we can rise above it all. Today, let us celebrate this day for bringing equality and not limit this day to just one gender - but a gender-just day.

"let us melt into this world

and spread the colors of love

for hate needs to meet its end

and it is the power within us

which will lead the world to thrive."

This women's day should be marked as a step to break the barriers which are promoting gender-inequality. So, here are 5 dogmas which urgently need to be uprooted.

1) Be thankful but NOT OBLIGED

Being a woman in 2018 does give us some sense of pride lest we realize that the pride instilled in us is looked upon as mere obligation and not just our basic human right!

(How many dislikes for this?) 

To make it clear, ever heard any parents-daughter conversation? It has become an old age adage when they tell her about how lucky she is for being provided quality education and how they love her just like their son(Duh! What else do you need, right?) To be thankful that their condition is better than the girls in villages or those who belong to a conservative family(again, the never-ending rife between 'conservatism' and 'liberalism'). We should be grateful to the laws, government, and the families for always supporting us(no matter who is guilty!) and constitutionally, we are way beyond discrimination, isn't it? (because who cares about reality!). We should be happy and feel fortunate enough on the pretext of somebody else's ignorance! (Let us celebrate because someone else must be broke right now!).

To all of them for once and all, a big THANK YOU(a bit of sarcasm wouldn't hurt, right?). We all are really grateful to you but please DON'T MAKE US FEEL INDEBTED TO YOU.

"I don't fear you

I fear

the death of my will

I fear

The living dead

you want me to be."

2) Let's break 'GENDER stereotypes'( update your outdated perspective)

It is okay if you are not like how 'daughter/son of this/that culture' is supposed to be!

Imagine a world where all your life you have to pretend to be somebody else, mock your desires, kill your dreams, hide your blemishes. Oops! I think I just talked about reality!

(I have got a blurry vision, maybe). We are so busy in mourning, how unsuitable are we?

Or how unsuitable are we, we are so busy in mourning? Nothing is wrong with the beauty pageants, but what needs to be taught is that there is no harm in being what is 'not shown' to 'you'.

People, if you don't like makeup, it is okay, but you need not criticize those who do, because if your choice is alright to you, then they have a right to choose too. STOP using too-girly or girly as an insult because if you do that, just think who are you even trying to take down?

That's the right way to talk and walk! OMG! You are not lady-like! Or, dude, man-up!

Girls and women suck at math and science! Let them play with pink color and call it shitty!(Cannot handle so much shit?)

It's a plain goofy idea, that girls naturally gravitate to pink and boys to blue(Seriously? You believed that?) Don't you think it is because of your "unintentional molding" or as you call it "nurturing". For once stop this nonsense in the name of 'nature' and nobody wants your 'nurturing' if it is supposed to be this way(hate! hate!)


what do you mean by, 'don't cry'?

I am a human too and 

I know emotions other than, 

'to frown' and 'to smile'.

(try to understand the emotions of this human as a being and not just by your outdated thinking style.)

What needs to be realized is that you are no different, you are like other 'girls' and 'boys'. It is just that you don't fall into 'gender stereotypes'.(Smile! Yes, you are common!)


"Women don't have to be equal to men. They are already above them.'' You see, here the problem begins. On one side the minorities are demanding 'equality'. But for what possible reason could you fight when ideologically they have placed you above them? On the contrary, they continue throwing you downwards!

Dear majority(to whosoever it may concern) you are not being forgotten. You can never be thrown out or pulled down for that matter because evolution has always been at your side. You need not feel insecure and if it is so, then think, are you afraid of being outshined by the minority?(Obviously, no.) So, why not give them an equal chance? For once, stop propagating your patriarchal agenda as a weapon to destroy them and don't use their weapon 'feminism', as your weapon and call it a 'safeguard'! The fight is not about 'he for she' or 'there is no he without she' but for a gender-just world "he, she and others" are 'together', 'united', and 'equal'. Do you have anything to lose if they get what was not 'yours' but 'theirs'?(Obviously, power and authority which were never even yours! Get this inked in your mind!) Or, is it that you don't want to change yourselves? Ironically, you want to change this world. Think again, how is that even possible?

Being a human and surviving in this world is equally difficult for all, then, why do you want to make it more challenging for others to survive?(Haven't you studied Ecology?)

What do you mean by, 'masculinity' or 'feminity'?

when the world, where we are living, actually needs



How difficult can it be to not judge people for their own life and let them be comfortable in their own skin? 

We do not owe anything to anyone in this world but,  what we owe is being 'us' for ourselves. And, nobody has the right to question it? (Unless, our actions are not harming other person's sentiments...not for going against their perspective!).

Slamming an educated woman because she chose to be ' just mother' instead of being a 'working mother'. To all those, why there is just 'dad' but 'mom' and 'working mom', why this classification?(why.Why?)

Slamming a guy because he wishes to celebrate his 'dad-hood'! Yes, it is his kid as well and he will babysit. he will shop for them. he will chef them and won't demand a salary because he is also a parent!( did it burn you?). They shall not be dictated by you or society at large. Who are you? Jesus? What is your contribution to the society other than disrupting the peace and harmony?

We can be 'queer', 'gay', 'ambitious', 'homely' or to any other community who wishes to be themselves but you do not want them to be themselves ! (does it really.really.really.really matter to you?)

SEXUALITY, GENDER IDENTITY, AND SEXUAL ORIENTATION are 3 different things and it is limited to each one of us differently (YOU have no role in that! did it trouble you? even if it did, unlike you, nobody cares!)


Freedom is our birthright. And there shall be no if's and but's to it.

The patriarchal propaganda is being promoted so aggressively as if equality is posing threat to the mankind!(or to 'you'?)and it is gaining impetus all in the name of cult culture. You do not have to teach us when, how and where we are 'culturally right'!

Stop blaming the western culture, food, western clothes.What else needs to be blamed?the trees, the fruits, the hills...everything except than 'you'.Right?

Getting rid of skirts in schools on the name of culture, why? shirt and pants were also never our culture!(We were ruled by the British.Remember?) but nobody has a problem with it!?! What minority chooses to wear is always under a question mark and are interrogated for no agendas but the majority can go and take away whatever they want and not be questioned!

Stop protecting yourself and your flawed and questionable mindset on the name of individuals 'safety'. They are not entitled to be indirectly your slaves. You are no one to 'allow' them for their 'freedom'.Walking down streets at any time accompanied by a man, being allowed to take decisions after marriage!(Did you just call it...FREEDOM?) shh..another obligation!?!(More power to you and start being aggressive as to why rape and harassment cases are not being settled).

Meanwhile, let's see what you are actually trying to say:


  " Wear this, wear that 

wear what makes you feel yourself but
    it should be of your our choice and

                                                         don't you dare tell us that

 'you' don't have any freedom!

 because this is what  you  'we'  call 'FREEDOM'."

What part of her makes her a 'whore' or makes him 'feminine' or a 'little-less of a man/woman'?(oops!) Disrespecting your cult culture? Since when, our respect and humanity were tied down to our bodies? Why are clothes a parameter to judge somebody's consent? Why, campaigns like #metoo and #equality for all, are being mocked while the winking of a girl becomes an overnight sensation?

THANKS TO SOCIETY'S ADVANCED PRE-CONCEPTIONS that even today mental illness such as AUTISM in females and PERSONALITY DISORDERS in males remain undiagnosed because being quiet and shy is to be 'lady-like' and aggression is to 'man-up'.(Happy? All pre-enlightened people!)


We celebrate it to remind ourselves that we are born hypocrites and live in a land of paradoxes. On one hand, goddesses, animals and different forms of gods are worshiped and on the other hand, a male child is honored because he is bound to take the lineage forward while anything other than a strong male, is a burden and is restricted to lead an underprivileged life. What else can explain the plight of being the 'other gender' than the dominant gender?

We all wish that someday, somebody will tell us that we are all normal and the same being. The only validation we need is from ourselves. We are a mess but isn't it so beautiful? If you wish this world to exist, be that somebody and don't wait for someday. Start it from today itself.

And well, Happy Women's Day! or, maybe not.