◾High Time to Think About The Ancient Caste System of India & The Way of Its Eradication From The Roots◾

The Indian society is divided into various sects and classes. This is because of the caste system which is prevalent in the country. The roots of the caste system goes back to the ancient Vedas dividing people on the basis of varna or occupation. It has brought many evils in the society. Our government is constantly trying to curb the chronic problems related to this diseased ritual & elevate the true equality among the people of our country.

The caste system which has divided our society into different sectoral classes & groups, is playing a predominant role in our society despite adequate growth of culture & civilization.The terms "Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe" (SC/ST) are the official terms used by the government to categorise the people under 'untouchables' , tribes & lower classes.The roots of the caste system are glorifying observed since ancient ages, while one view discriminates between the castes as upper and lower castes on the basis of their origin, another view traces the origin of the castes to varnas which classifies the caste system on the basis of their functions. Since then, it was found that undue advantage was taken by the section of people having an upper hand and a say in the community, leading to discrimination and exploitation of the weaker sections of community.

Some dangerous sides of this caste system are following:


  1. In India, there are many villages which are living in the beliefs of mass dividation on the basis of caste , classes & creeds. They are incessantly following the bullshit rules like the lower class people can't use the same water from the same wells which the upper classes are using or, drawing lines between their stay.

  2. Sometimes people from lower class or 'dalits' can't access to the better facilities of electricity or sanitation or water pumps from neighbourhoods whereas upper classes consume the betterment of electricity, sanitation or waterlines.

  3. Lower class people are literally deprived of better education, medical facility or housing whereas upper class takes all the advantages.

  4. 'Dalits' are trampled of from doing respectable jobs as they are restricted to some occupations like sanitation work, plantation work, leather works, cleaning streets, etc.

  5. They are subjected to exploitation in the name of debt, tradition, etc., to work as labourers or perform menial tasks for generations together.

  6. Gender based violence are common among the people belonging from lower class. Often, the woman from lower class are seen suffering from sexual assault, mob lynching, allegations of 'Dyaan' tags etc which are however not acceptable anyway.

Though the government has enacted several laws to protect these weaker class of society, but it hasn't showed any effectiveness in their regular life. One thing to be noticed that, if these people are facing problems from all spheres of life, there are still many taking the fruits of the laws enacted to save them just for the sake of our damaged administration. The advantage-takers who are consuming assendencies are following :

  1. Having an adequate amount of wealth & access to the betterment of primary needs, some clever lower classes still take the facility of their SC/ST quota whereas a needy general commoner can't avail such facilities as the high rate of expenses.

  2. People from lower class, creed or SC/ST are observed to take the advantages of better facility in case of education in spite of scoring low or taking the scholarships with a minimum of 45-50% score in any competitive exams or board exams & with a placement of high ranked school or colleges whereas people from general category securing proper scores or more than 80% face deprivation to avail educational institution for their quality.

  3. Then comes the "Cut-off" thing in every competitive exams or medical, engineering entrance of govt. Jobs where the cut-off marks usually range very low for the reserved people & range sky-high for the unreserved people. So, they easily get entered with scoring a little & general categorised are deprived to gather their seats on the basis of their merit.

  4. Unemployment is high on our country & then several rules are saving those so called reserved & people out of this secure zone are crying for a placement & suffering from inferiority complexes,depression & severe mental unhealthiness. The suicide rates have touched the huge figure of around 45,000 or 46,000 per year for the mass unemploymemt, that is causing an alarming situation today.

So, there are so many reasons why we shouldn't anymore bear the curse of caste system & regularise it in our daily life. Our main aim should be to create a society free of caste, creed , religion & social discrimination. We should look after the issues of racism, abolition of untouchability, abolition of reservation system in means of public access, govt jobs, school, colleges or private sectors etc, elimination of social discrimination in basis of caste-religion or varnas, establishment of complete right to equality for each citizen of our country & justice to the roles of humanity. This is our country, our society & our very own civilization, & to protect them from all the evil spirit, it is our responsibility to maintain sovereignty & bring reformation to the ancient stigmas & stereotypes. After all, we are the pathfinders of new revolution of our country & we should definitely work on this to recreate a healthy & wealthy society providing equality in all spheres of life.