This is the time of  celebration in India.Its August and we have a lots of festivals lingering around . I realized it  when I looked at my calendar today that how important festivals and celebrations in our lives are.Obviously they are valuable as they are a part of our culture our reminiscent of antiquity , our identity and also the foundation stone of our ancient country.But drifting back and forth on the timeline one can easily notice the change that took over our heritage slowly but dangerously . Think of the time when the festival were occasion of pomp and show ,a sight of beauty with cities dressed up in eye catching lights and colors, a symbol of purity and brotherhood. This culture of ours is the string which is holding all the beads of moral values and ethics around India's neck.

But talking about the present scenario, we come across the fact that our culture is stabbed horrendously by western invasion. Its not the type of physical invasion like that of 70 years back but the invasion of thoughts and chauvinism . Our youth is most adversely affected by this brainwash.Its like loosing our individuality and aping the  materialism just to fit in.This has become a great problem majorly due to the loss of ethics in the country's progeny and now the issue is spreading its fangs wide enough to cover the so called wise adults also.The only solution for such an identity crisis is to respect one's own heritage . Its the duty of the elders of the society to pass on the heirlooms to the young ones as the have inherited from there ancestors. Also its the duty of the young generation to join the legacy and make our country and our founders  proud.