Leh Ladakh Festival

Ladakh offers magnificent sights that have mesmerized tourists, adventure lovers, trekkers and hikers over many years. The fairs and festivals here present an opportunity to the people to celebrate, interact with each other, form new bonds of relationships and renew the old ones. It is interesting that most of the fairs and festivals in Ladakh take place during the time of winter.

The festival is celebrated in Leh Ladakh every year with an inauguration ceremony on a very large scale. It remains for a week with celebrations on all the 7 days in various villages. The festival starts with a long procession where the spotlight is thrown on several cultural troupes and village groups which include local leaders, school kids and dancers. They perform dance on the tunes played by orchestra. The celebration of Leh Ladakh Festival includes masked dances, archery, polo, cultural dance by the villagers. Troupes from different regions of Leh are processed which travels through the Leh market.

This festival is organized by Jammu- Kashmir Tourism in association with local communities and district administration. It provides an opportunity to the tourists to experience the lifestyle, tradition and culture of Ladakh.  Main aim of Ladakh festival is to revitalize and bestow a spectacle of Ladakh deep rooted culture, heritage, and tradition for the world to admire.


Ladakh Festival:

One of the biggest festival of Ladakh, Ladakh Festival – held in the month of the September. Music, theater, polo, archery, mask and folk dances of the local arts and crafts etc, are the main highlights of this festival. The main aim behind this festival is to revive and promote the rich culture, traditions and folk heritage of Ladakh.

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About Ladakh Festival

Festival brings about festive ambiance which is a sport and cultural party full of immense warmth and joy. It is a call for over hundreds of tourists throughout the world where you get exhilarated about every highlight of the festival from wild lion and yak dancing to music presentations to art n craft exhibition, yummy dining and tasting intoxicating barley beer During this time, the local boys and women wear attractive dresses to take your attention.




This traditional festival promotes Ladakh regions’ performing arts. Here you can easily understand the folk heritage and other prominent traditions of the place. As a result, when the whole procession stops at the polo ground of Leh, some refreshing folk and dance performances are performed.


Some non-stop shows like a fortnight of musical concerts, lama dances and folk ceremonies are also organized to entertain the tourists. The most amazing acts which surely attract everyone’s heart are the archery events arranged at Skara near Leh. Come here to purify your soul. Also get pleasures of some adventurous activities like white-water rafting, trekking and polo matches that are arranged here to make your tour a successful and the best one.

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