Are you experiencing swelling, bump, and lesions in your vaginal area?

For the one who is experiencing the same can find out the self-treatment tips and other treatment methods provided below by Dr. Sunita Kothari.

All these swelling and lesions may be a sign of feminine vaginal sores. they will be itchy, quite painful, are sometimes tender and will conjointly turn out the discharge. The sores sometimes develop due to skin disorders. Most cases of genital sores are symptoms of some kind of sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Diagnosis of feminine genital sores

A physical examination is undertaken for locating out the exact reason for genital sores and swelling in ladies. A pelvic check may be administrated and you'll be needed to provide your doctor with your medical history reports. Blood tests, together with blood work and a culture of the sore also are used for diagnosing. 

A culture is referred to as the technique of taking a sample from your reproductive organ sore and testing it for the detection of bacteria. a perfect treatment technique is usually recommended by your doctor after correct identification.

Self Care Tips 

Based on the symptoms you experience and observe, you'll cure vaginal sores by using straightforward self-care ways before consulting a doctor. 

A sitz bath is effective for obtaining relief from pain and discomfort. you'll prepare a sitz bath at home by filling your bathing tub with warm water and adding a saline solution or baking soda to the water within the bathing tub.
 The water ought to be up to your hips after you get into the bath. you'll even purchase a small basin meant for a sitz bath, that is offered at all drug stores.

Treatment Of Vaginal Sores

There are varied ways of treating vaginal sores and also the actual treatment depends on the explanation for the sores.
Here is a list of the foremost common treatment methods:

-  Use certain oral and topical medicines for treating the sores and obtaining relief from pain.

- Try alternative medicines that embrace pain relievers, antibiotics, corticosteroids, antiviral medications, and sure anti-itch medicines for treating vaginal sores. 

- Some types of genital sores don't need treatment, however, you'll get rid of them if they're bothering you. A noncancerous cyst is such a type of sore. 

- The long-run outlook for vaginal sores depends on the cause. Sores accompanied by swelling occur because of chronic skin conditions, that are probably to have an effect on you once more in the future. you must get an existing STI treated for avoiding the repetition of vaginal sores. 

- The best way to prevent vaginal sores is to own safe sex using protection, like condoms. This can stop the infection from being transmitted to your sexual partners.