Technology change

Technology development through R&D, of course, in every country aspires for the growth in all the sectors viz, science, aero- space, software, electronics & communication, agriculture, industry, education, banking & finance, culture, arts and what not.  In the process of this, manual working system is slowly evaporating as each country is vying for quick economic growth in all the fields. Slowly automation system with robotics way of working line is being established. In this aspect, the human services utility is reduced slowly to augment the output and end-result the automation working system, where output and turnovers are more than imagination. As is the case, many persons go for VRS or retrenchment or jobless and no further recruitments are foreseen. If this is the case bread earners will become bread beggars. But, who can stop R & D and other developments.  So, one has to wait, watch and see the progress. Who will do the agitations for stopping automation system? What one can do?